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Polk Audio Atrium 55 All-Weather Speakers (Pair, Black)
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Product Description

The Polk Atrium 55 might well be the last word in Indoor / Outdoor loudspeaker flexibility, reliability, and sound quality. Now you can enjoy high performance sound anywhere you want, from kitchen to bedroom, bathroom to backyard barbecue pit! Many so-called outdoor speakers are suitable only for sheltered locations. The Atrium 55 meets or exceeds stringent industry & military specs for full exposure to the elements. Count on years of reliable, quality sound anywhere in or around your home. Frequency Response - 60Hz - 20kHz Nominal Impedance - 8 ohms Recommended Power - 10-100 w/channel Size - 10-3/4H x 7-1/2W x 9-3/8D Speaker wire required Two speakers included per package Finish - Black

Want to take great Polk Audio speaker sound outdoors? Check out the indoor/outdoor 100-watt Atrium 55s. The all stainless steel and brass hardware is completely rustproof, as are the aluminum brackets that allow multiple mounting options and full 90-degree rotation: aim them to deliver the best possible sound in a variety of locations. The rustproof aluminum grilles have 55 percent open area for superior sound quality. Most importantly, the Atrium 55s rugged, weatherproof, design meets or exceeds several military specifications for water, wind, salt, and corrosion.

Inside the completely sealed enclosure is a 5.25-inch Dynamic Balance mineral-filled polymer driver with butyl rubber suspension for pumping out amazing bass, while its 1-inch soft dome tweeter with neodymium magnet broadly distributes high frequencies to cover a large area with high fidelity sound. Polk's Dynamic Balance technology produces flat frequency response, sharp detail, transparency and an ability to play program material with wide dynamic range at life-like volume levels without a hint of strain. The sound is always clean, clear, and effortless. The sculpted front baffle and rounded enclosure minimizes diffraction (sound reflecting off of hard edges) for more open and lifelike imaging.

Connect them to an amplifier or receiver using the set's gold-plated five-way speaker-level binding posts. The Atrium 55s are also voice-matched to Polk's RTi speakers, and therefore make great surrounds in a complete Polk home theater system with the ability to handle up to 100 watts per channel.

What's in the Box
Pair, Atrium 55 speakers (black), mounting brackets, manual, 2-year parts and labor warranty.

  • Pair of all weather speakers with mounting brackets
  • 5.25-inch long-throw polymer cone driver with butyl rubber suspension
  • Rustproof aluminum bracket allows multiple mounting options and full 90-degree rotation
  • Handles up to 100 watts per channel
  • Gold plated 5-way binding post speaker-level inputs

Customer Reviews:

  • good speakers for price
    No mounting hardward, but I knew that. I listen to sports and music and both seem good. ...more info
  • Polk Atrium 45
    I have heard nothing but good things about polk speakers. I have had these for a couple of weeks and they live up to their reputation. They sound good and were a breeze to install. ...more info
  • Reasonable price and on time.
    These speakers are great! They were easy to install and sound great!
    I would use these people again....more info
  • Surprisingly good
    After looking at several outdoor speakers such as Yamaha and these, I bought the Polk's for installation on my patio deck. I don't claim to be an audiophile, but I like to think I'm fairly discerning. I've owned several systems over the last 35 years of buying audio equipment. These Polk speakers have a much better sound and clarity than I expected for the price. And it's added a lot to the enjoyment of sitting outside on the deck with a few friends and cold beverages. Mounting and installation was a breeze....more info
  • Awesome Speakers
    Installed on the outside of our barn to project sound to our riding ring. Crystal clear across 150 Feet! We'll see how well they weather the winter... because once you get them, the manual tells you to not have them outside despite the fact that they are 'all weather.'...more info
  • Great product for the price
    These speakers sound great for the price. I've only had them for a little over a month so i have no idea how long they will hold up or if they will make it through the winter....more info
  • Terrific buy
    These speakers were exactly what I had hoped for. In fact, they are a bit more than I needed for my backyard patio. The bass response is so pronounced that it rattles the siding of the overhang under which I mounted them, so I turn the bass down lower than I normally would. I purchased these at an amazingly low price - I think they retailed for close to $300 and I only paid $82, I think because they are discontinued. If you can get them for the lower price, don't hesitate. They are well worth it. Easy to install, versatile - you can mount them horizontally or vertically, and they will swivel once mounted. Great sound, easy installation, great price....more info
  • Good deal, good price, great sound
    Not my first set of outdoor speakers, but much better than the BOSE outdoors I had previously. Price was almost half of retail, and sound is great. My friends, the birds, the bears and the other animal in the neighborhood all seem to enjoy my smooth jazz CD's on the outdoor speakers....more info
  • Polk rocks!
    Have Polk audio speakers for home theater, and purchased a pair of these for the courtyard previously. Liked them so much, I bought a secong pair! Bass response is unbelievable for a speaker of this size. ...more info
  • Great Clarity but no Boom
    I've had them now for over 3 weeks and I must say they sound great. The clarity of the highs and mids is impressive if kept at a reasonable volume. They are however lacking in bass and start to sound distorted at higher volumes. They were mounted in the corners of my deck which is 9 feet above ground. A second set may be needed for the ground level when I have a party or cookout....more info
  • Great Speakers
    These are perfect. I have them set up on my patio off the back of my house. They have great bass and sound very good....more info
  • Well built and easy to install
    I bought these Polks to extend my audio outside while entertaining. They supplement 3 pairs of RC60is that I have in my kitchen/bar/dining room. I'm using a Monster ss-4 speaker selector to connect all four pairs. The Atriums were easy to install with solid mounts, although I would have liked the mounts to rotate on more than one axis so I could "toe-in" the speakers and angle them down. If mounted vertically you can toe-in, if mounted horizontally you can angle down, but you can't do both. My main gripe is they don't seem as loud as the indoor speakers so I can't just set a comfortable volume for all four pair simultaneously. To be fair my outdoor space is noisy so I might be cranking them up to compensate. I plan to add a volume control to attenuate the indoor speakers to solve that problem....more info
  • Great Speakers
    These are great speakers for the money. I would recommend these to anyone looking to enhance their backyard with some tunes. ...more info
  • Relatively speaking...
    Folks, let's not get overheated here. The reviews salivating over this product are a bit long on hyperbole and bit short on perspective. For some perspective, let me say that I ran my white Polk 45s on the B channel of an NAD receiver, with a pair of nice (but by no means extravagant) Wharfedale Diamond 9.1s on the A channel. No comparison. Absolutely no comparison. The full audio range was better represented on the Diamonds. Put bluntly, running these guys against a set of true speakers made the Polk's deficiencies far more apparent. The mids are muddled, the highs a bit too tinny. I was impressed by the bass for speakers of this size, but ultimately found the sound to be comparable to a decent set of computer desktop speakers with attached subwoofer.

    Now, for a bit more perspective, one does need to consider how these speakers are to be used. If you intend to use these outdoors, they may be perfect for you. They seem incredibly solidly built with good engineering all around. They are visually attractive and just the right size to produce decent sound while remaining relatively inconspicuous. The brackets and grills are stout. Given that an outdoor environment comes with its own background symphony of noise, my quibbles with the quality of the sound may be taken with a grain of salt. I am sure we will be happy using these guys outdoors on our patio. But given the limitation in sound quality, that's precisely where they will stay. ...more info
  • Never Disappointed With Polk
    I own many Polk speakers including models dating back to the mid 80's (10's, 5's, and 4.6 series just to name a few). These Atrium 45's are my newest addition. Because of our current budget, I seriously considered spending less and therefore looked at some of the other models in the top ten sellers list. But, I am very devoted to Polk. Why? Because they sound great. If you are debating whether or not to spend the extra cash for these (like I was), I promise you will not be sorry with the sound quality and the overall quality of this speaker system. I am very happy that I purchased these speakers. One more note worthy of mention: the bass output from these tiny speakers is very impressive....more info
  • Great DEAL
    I have never ordered from Amazon before, but will do it again. This was the cheapest anywhere I could find these speakers. They arrived on time and were brand new. I paid just about half price for them. I m considering ordering a second pair to give sound the whole back yard....more info
  • Great Outdoor Speaker
    I bought these after listening to a neighbors pair that he had out around his unenclosed pool deck. They had been there for a year and looked brand new. He had another pair on his porch that were three years old and looked almost as good.
    The bass response on these babies, despite their size, has to be heard to be believed. The outside enviroment is murder on bass, but these speakers sound great! For the price and size, you can't beat them. ...more info
  • These Little speakers ROCK !
    I was hesitant to purchase but these Rock. They sound the best when listening to classical. Nice crisp sound. The bracket is somewhat integrated into the speaker which hides it alittle to make a nice install.
    You should never have to remove the grills but you will need a screwdriver or something 'cause the grills are on tight. That's not big enough for a negative. Just mount and wire & so sweet sounding....more info
  • Great sound, irritating grills
    Beautiful sound throughout the range. Awesome power. But those grills keep falling off; hyper-irritating. Had to affix them with duct tape. Would have been a 5-star without this issue....more info
  • They met my expectations.
    I purchased the Polk Atrium 45 outdoor speakers about a month ago, and for $113, I am pleased with their performance. Some of the reviews I read criticized their bass performance, and they are a bit lacking in bass, but given their size limitations,they do OK. They are bookshelf-type speakers, for crying out loud, and I don't have an outdoor subwoofer. I mounted my speakers on 4x4 posts on my deck inside (believe it or not) foam coolers that are slightly larger than the speakers. This affords me complete weatherproofing, as the lid seals the speaker in when not in use. I used washers on either side of the foam when mounting them. The bass really livened up with the white foam surrounding them. And no, it doesn't look tacky. The overall sound of this set is better than the Polk speakers they replaced, and with the addition of another set, I will be quite happy. I live in the country, and can crank them up as loud as I wish.

    With outdoor speakers, most people are forced to listen to one mode unless they wish to run inside and change CDs or stations on the sattelite radio. For years I have used the X-10 Powermid and can listen to anything I wish -- this is an infrared remote control extender that looks like pyramids. I have one inside (with infrared sensors placed close to my equipment) and one outside. I use my Logitech Harmony remote outside and can access anything that I can inside, including TV sound, sattelite radio, audio DVD, over the air radio, and CD. The Harmony remote automatically changes from one mode to another and controls the volume. I have had the Powermids for years and assume they are still manufactured. There's no wiring, just plug both small (3"x4") units into AC outlets.
    But back to the Polks, for the money I paid, I have no criticisms. I just ordered another pair to augment the first two. ...more info