Polk Audio Atrium 45 All-Weather Speakers (Pair, White)
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Product Description

frequency response 75-20,000 Hz (-3dB) * sensitivity 89 dB * 8-ohm impedance * handles up to 80 watts * gold-plated 5-way binding posts * all hardware is rust-proof brass or stainless steel * speaker grille and mounting brackets are rust-proof aluminum * mounting brackets included * 9-1/2"H x 6-1/4"W x 7-3/4"D (with bracket) * warranty: 2 years

Tired of leaving the door open to hear your music on the deck? It's time for a pair of high-quality outdoor speakers like the Atrium 45 from Polk Audio. The speakers each feature all-stainless-steel and brass hardware for years of rustproof reliability and a rustproof aluminum bracket that permits multiple mounting options and full 90 degree rotation: you can aim them to deliver the best possible sound in a variety of positions.

The Atrium 45 speakers have a wide dispersion pattern, and they're very efficient, operating on as little as 10 watts per channel. They're designed to deliver good sound quality across a large listening area, but Polk recommends multiple-pair setups if you want high sound levels in an outdoor setting, as sound tends to dissipate more quickly outdoors than in.

The speakers' white finish is paintable to match your decor or trim color--you can even paint them green to blend with foliage. Their sculpted front baffle and rounded enclosures minimize diffraction (sound reflecting off of hard edges) for more open and lifelike imaging, and their rustproof aluminum grilles offer 55 percent open area for better high-frequency response than speakers with denser grilles.

Sealed-enclosure (acoustic suspension) cabinets result in taut bass, and the speakers' 2-way design incorporates a 4.5-inch long-throw polymer cone driver with butyl-rubber suspension and a .75-inch dome tweeter with a neodymium magnet to broadly distribute high frequencies. Gold-plated, 5-way binding post terminals will never corrode. The plugs also allow hookups in a range of methods, including convenient banana-plug-terminated speaker cable.

The Atrium 45 meets or exceeds ASTM D5894-UV Salt Fog, Mil standard 810 Immersion and Mil standard 883 Method 1009 8 for salt and corrosion tests.

What's in the Box
Two speakers (each with detachable metal grille and built-in mounting bracket) a user's manual, and warranty information.

  • Pair of all weather speakers with mounting brackets
  • 4.5-inch long-throw polymer cone driver with butyl rubber suspension
  • Built-in bracket allows multiple mounting options and full 90-degree rotation
  • Handles up to 80 watts per channel
  • Gold plated 5-way binding post speaker-level inputs

Customer Reviews:

  • Speaker life
    these speakers have a great sound, but my experience is they don't last in the weather, I had to replace both speakers over a period of 2 years...more info
  • Great Outdoor Speaker
    I bought these after listening to a neighbors pair that he had out around his unenclosed pool deck. They had been there for a year and looked brand new. He had another pair on his porch that were three years old and looked almost as good.
    The bass response on these babies, despite their size, has to be heard to be believed. The outside enviroment is murder on bass, but these speakers sound great! For the price and size, you can't beat them. ...more info
  • Polk Atrium 45
    I have heard nothing but good things about polk speakers. I have had these for a couple of weeks and they live up to their reputation. They sound good and were a breeze to install. ...more info
  • Polk rocks!
    Have Polk audio speakers for home theater, and purchased a pair of these for the courtyard previously. Liked them so much, I bought a secong pair! Bass response is unbelievable for a speaker of this size. ...more info
  • Good deal, good price, great sound
    Not my first set of outdoor speakers, but much better than the BOSE outdoors I had previously. Price was almost half of retail, and sound is great. My friends, the birds, the bears and the other animal in the neighborhood all seem to enjoy my smooth jazz CD's on the outdoor speakers....more info
  • Polk 45 Atrium Speakers
    Installed a pair of these speakers at our patio. I'm very happy with the results, I'm by no means an "audiophile" but these speakers sound great and were very easy to install. I have a neighbor who has 3 pair of these same speakers, 2 pair on his deck and another at his garage and after listening to his speakers I was sold on buying these. Very good quality materials too, and they are paintable....more info
  • Great product for the price
    These speakers sound great for the price. I've only had them for a little over a month so i have no idea how long they will hold up or if they will make it through the winter....more info
  • Great sound, irritating grills
    Beautiful sound throughout the range. Awesome power. But those grills keep falling off; hyper-irritating. Had to affix them with duct tape. Would have been a 5-star without this issue....more info
  • Polk Atrium 45 - OUTSTANDING outdoor speakers for a low price
    I purchased these speakers to mount outdoors, under my permanently camped 31' travel trailer. I am very pleased with the sound quality and am surprised at how good the bass response is. Don't get me wrong, you won't mistake these speakers for a 15" subwoofer, but they sound very full and solid for small speakers with 4.5" woofers that I paid only ~$120 a pair for.

    I am driving them with an Aiwa CDC-X504MP car stereo that puts out ~20 watts/channel into 4 ohms. Since the Atriums are 8 ohm speakers, I get less than 20 watts/channel. If I were buying an amp, I'd buy one with more power, but I had the Aiwa lying around. My setup easily fills my 30'x20' camper lot with quality sound, however, this setup will not provide ear splitting sound levels.

    I was very impressed with the weight of each speaker; I was also impressed with the build quality of the enclosure and the gold plated 5-way connectors.

    Overall - The Polk Atrium 45s are an outstanding value. I would highly recommend them....more info
  • An Inconvenient Truth
    The product is not the problem - just dealing with the vendor. Any necessary returns are difficult. Shipping was inflated at $15 UPS, but it cost me $9.00 UPS to return. After a restocking fee of 20%, a $100 purchase cost $65. in just handling and shipping, and the vendor will re-sell the item. Futhermore it may take six weeks for them to credit the return?? MY ADVICE BUY LOCAL - where a return is handled as good will and much, much simplier....more info
  • Nice Performers
    I like the sound from these speakers, however you may want to look at the less expensive Polk offerings if you just want to have them serve to provide background music on your patio....more info
    One word sums it up: SUPERB. Superb sound, heavy duty, and tremendous bass response EVEN OUTDOORS. Get this: my WIFE couldnt believe how great they sounded and compared them to my indoor audiophile (speakers) system. For a little over a $100.00, these cannot be beat. I have very sensative hearing and cannot put up with distortion, crackling, or muffling. They sound great with HM, pop, rock, classical, & jazz. These Polk 45's are crisp and can handle the power. The bass response, outdoors, still blows my mind. Look no further and make the decision; BUY THEM....more info
  • Great Speakers
    These are great speakers for the money. I would recommend these to anyone looking to enhance their backyard with some tunes. ...more info
  • Great Clarity but no Boom
    I've had them now for over 3 weeks and I must say they sound great. The clarity of the highs and mids is impressive if kept at a reasonable volume. They are however lacking in bass and start to sound distorted at higher volumes. They were mounted in the corners of my deck which is 9 feet above ground. A second set may be needed for the ground level when I have a party or cookout....more info
  • Well built and easy to install
    I bought these Polks to extend my audio outside while entertaining. They supplement 3 pairs of RC60is that I have in my kitchen/bar/dining room. I'm using a Monster ss-4 speaker selector to connect all four pairs. The Atriums were easy to install with solid mounts, although I would have liked the mounts to rotate on more than one axis so I could "toe-in" the speakers and angle them down. If mounted vertically you can toe-in, if mounted horizontally you can angle down, but you can't do both. My main gripe is they don't seem as loud as the indoor speakers so I can't just set a comfortable volume for all four pair simultaneously. To be fair my outdoor space is noisy so I might be cranking them up to compensate. I plan to add a volume control to attenuate the indoor speakers to solve that problem....more info
  • Great Speakers
    These are perfect. I have them set up on my patio off the back of my house. They have great bass and sound very good....more info
  • good speakers for price
    No mounting hardward, but I knew that. I listen to sports and music and both seem good. ...more info
  • outdoor speakers
    Great sound, multiple mounting options. Not a stereophile, but they work for me. Enough to provide sound for a 12 x 24 deck without including the rest of the neighborhood....more info
  • Excellent speakers...somewhat directional
    Excellent speakers, a lot of quality for the price. They are quite directional, so you have to be aware of the listening positions when mounting. Able to handle robust sound level and a fair amount of bass boost. ...more info
  • These Little speakers ROCK !
    I was hesitant to purchase but these Rock. They sound the best when listening to classical. Nice crisp sound. The bracket is somewhat integrated into the speaker which hides it alittle to make a nice install.
    You should never have to remove the grills but you will need a screwdriver or something 'cause the grills are on tight. That's not big enough for a negative. Just mount and wire & so sweet sounding....more info
  • Awesome Speakers
    Installed on the outside of our barn to project sound to our riding ring. Crystal clear across 150 Feet! We'll see how well they weather the winter... because once you get them, the manual tells you to not have them outside despite the fact that they are 'all weather.'...more info
  • Relatively speaking...
    Folks, let's not get overheated here. The reviews salivating over this product are a bit long on hyperbole and bit short on perspective. For some perspective, let me say that I ran my white Polk 45s on the B channel of an NAD receiver, with a pair of nice (but by no means extravagant) Wharfedale Diamond 9.1s on the A channel. No comparison. Absolutely no comparison. The full audio range was better represented on the Diamonds. Put bluntly, running these guys against a set of true speakers made the Polk's deficiencies far more apparent. The mids are muddled, the highs a bit too tinny. I was impressed by the bass for speakers of this size, but ultimately found the sound to be comparable to a decent set of computer desktop speakers with attached subwoofer.

    Now, for a bit more perspective, one does need to consider how these speakers are to be used. If you intend to use these outdoors, they may be perfect for you. They seem incredibly solidly built with good engineering all around. They are visually attractive and just the right size to produce decent sound while remaining relatively inconspicuous. The brackets and grills are stout. Given that an outdoor environment comes with its own background symphony of noise, my quibbles with the quality of the sound may be taken with a grain of salt. I am sure we will be happy using these guys outdoors on our patio. But given the limitation in sound quality, that's precisely where they will stay. ...more info
  • Great little speakers
    These are great little speakers. They appear very well made and were easy to install. Sound quality is excellent although as noted by some other reviewers they might be a little bright for certain tastes. I did not want thumping bass outside, just good clear vocals. These speakers certainly deliver....more info
  • Great outdoor speakers, awesome sound for the price!
    I bought 5 pairs of these for various outdoor areas around my rambling house; the sound is just terrific, no complaints, and I'm pretty picky. Clear and crisp, even at a high volume. The design is nice, simple, quality; great connectors, sturdy brackets; was easy to attach them and wiring was a breeze.

    I have read comments from others that the grilles come off too easily...owning 10 of these speakers, not a single one has had this problem; they fit securely if you put them on properly, so I guess maybe they were careless in not pushing them in firmly enough? Anyhow, I haven't experienced any problems with them.

    Other than the good reviews on performance, I selected these because I could paint them to match my house. I painted all 10 speakers an oregano (dull green) color, using satin finish spray paint, and they blend in great with my house color now, and don't stand out like they would if they were white or black, which is terrific. The painting is a bit of a pain in the butt, because of needing to take things apart to do a professional job, but it was worth the trouble; they look great....more info
  • another great speaker via Polk
    Own several Polk speakers and love them all.

    Mounting bracket is sturdy and well designed to hold speaker in any position. Good job Polk!...more info