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Fellowes Powershred Lubricant Cutter Oil for Confetti-Cut Shredders (35250)
List Price: $16.74

Our Price: $4.88

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Product Description

Fellowes 35250 Cutter Oil for Confetti Cutter Shredders helps maintain the performance of your personal or commercial paper shredding device. If you own a paper shredder, you are well aware of how important this device is. It assures absolute security from anyone reading your personal documents or usurping valuable information from bills and statements.

  • Helps keep confetti-cut machines working at their peak
  • Industrial-grade lubricant
  • Convenient 12-fluid ounce squeeze bottle
  • Extension nozzle to ensure complete coverage
  • Ideal for home or business shredders

Customer Reviews:

  • Enhanced Performance!
    I spoke with Fellowes, they say it's OK to use regular cooking vegetable oil (canola, etc.) in their machines, but only temporarily, not in the long run, because regular vegetable oil may become sticky and start smelling rancid. I'll stick with the dedicated oil and give it just 4 stars since there exists an alternative. I will, however, give Fellowes 5 stars for their candor. Also, be careful not to cut too big a chunk in the nozzle, so you won't waste the oil when oiling your machine....more info
  • Fellows Powershred Lube
    I have previously just used 3-in-1 oil. This seems to work much better. I also purchased a Fellows Shredder and am impressed with it, although it does work very hard to shred 6-8 at a time as advertised....more info
  • Only need a noozle bottle
    Instructions for the shredder merely state lubricate with veg oil, but must use a bottle with a tapered nozzle. So what you are buying is a rather expensive bottle (price plus shipping). But it was convenient to get shredder and bottle at the same time, since shredder instructions say lubricate before using. And lubricate often....more info
  • Enhanced Performance!
    I spoke with Fellowes, they say it's OK to use regular cooking vegetable oil (canola, etc.) in their machines, but only temporarily, not in the long run, because regular vegetable oil may become sticky and start smelling rancid. I'll stick with the dedicated oil and give it just 4 stars since there exists an alternative. I will, however, give Fellowes 5 stars for their candor. Also, as others have pointed out, be careful not to cut too big a chunk of the dispenser nozzle's tip, so you won't waste oil when oiling your machine....more info
  • To lube or not to lube?
    It's difficult to rate a product if you have had no comparisons.So, with this in mind,Ihave used this lubricant on the cutters of my shredder since it's first use,and I have had no problems with the operations of the shredder,which seems to run smoothly and quietly.Needless to say,I am not going to sop using the oil just for comparison purposes....more info
  • Good Lubricant
    Keeps my paper cutter working very well. Application is as simple as it could possibly be....more info
  • Works great
    I have tried various lubricants for OTHER shredders in the past with mixed success so when I found this lubricant for the shredder I jumped on the purchase. Very satisfied....more info
  • Does The Job But So Does Vegetable Oil For Less
    My last shredder died because I used 3 in 1 oil instead of the correct type of oil. I thought I'd play it safe by buying the one recommended for my new Fellowes Powershredder. I was a little disappointed to find out that vegetable oil will work just as well. It even says so in the shredder documentation. I think the bottle could have been designed a little better to control the amount of oil you use and to not be as messy but it does the job and my shredder is running beautifully....more info
  • Big bottle
    The oil is needed to keep your shredder working properly. Trust me, I messed one up by not oiling it.

    This bottle will last a lifetime.

    ...more info
  • It's oil, and it does its job
    No packaging (except the bottle) to prevent spilling, and yet it did not spill or burst and ruin my books. It oils the shredder as advertised. I recommend the product....more info
  • Convenient
    This package provides a neat and efficient way to apply lubricant directly to the cutters through a long, thin spout....more info
  • Shredder Oil
    So far it seems to help by cuttig down some of the noise, and the shredding seems better too...more info
  • Great for your shredder, here's why...!
    I have owned several Fellowes shredders over the years. The old ones used to be lubricated with light machine oil, petroleum-based. But the newer ones have nylon and plastic gears/parts that petroleum-based oils damage and cause to disintegrate, ruining your shredder. Mineral oil, 3-in-1 oil, etc. are petroleum-based and SHOULD NOT be used in Fellowes shredders anymore. Regular vegetable oil can be used, I have, BUT eventually, it will forever leave a rancid smell in and around your shredder, which will only get worse with time. This Fellowes oil is supposed to be more refined, with preservatives, according to Fellowes, thus no smell. I have used it, exclusively, on our newest shredder and while, I too, find the price objectionable and the bottle somewhat leaky and messy to use, I will continue to use it. With weekly use, the bottle has lasted almost a year and our shredder is running like new. A small price to pay compared to the ever-rising price of a new shredder! Hope you find this helpful....more info
  • Overpriced and awkward, buy a container and vegetable oil!
    I purchased this with my shredder, a Fellowes 32177 Powershred PS-77Cs. The bottle is kind of unwieldy, as the nozzle hole is quite big for oil (and it will just spill out). The bottle is pretty big, about 8-10 inches tall so I will have this for a long time, even after using this every time the bag has been changed (recommended by Fellowes).

    Since this is just pre-packaged and labeled vegetable oil I will use that in the future in an empty old-style ketchup bottle. I would recommend buying a container for vegetable oil and using that instead. Be a smart consumer and save your money!...more info
  • Worked like a charm
    I thought my shredder was a goner until I lubed it up with this stuff. Now it works like new....more info
  • A great buy to keep my shredder in tip-top shape!
    I bought this together with my Fellowes shredder, and it has kept my shredder working in perfect condition. No complaints so far!...more info
  • Bought this to hopefully improve performance of shredder
    Not sure if it is actually helping anything yet... probably have to wait a year or more to see if it is helping. There are not much instructions except "apply oil across entry"....more info
  • Really Makes A Difference
    I purchased this oil with the Fellowes Powershred PS-77Cs 12 sheet Confetti Cut Shredder, and throw some in every other week or so ... it really works! Assuming it extends the shredder life (as is claimed), it's well worth the extra $6....more info
  • Impressive
    I have a Staples 15-sheet shredder for which I purchased the Fellowes lubricant oil. After a single thorough application, the shredder gradually returned to its optimum performance. I used the generic office store brand oil before, and it seems that Fellowes lubricant delivers a difference you can hear....more info
  • You Don't Need This
    My fellowes powershredder says clearly in the instructions that you can use vegetable oil, a much cheaper alternative, to oil the shredder. Save your money!...more info
  • Great!
    Makes my shredder last and hasn't failed yet. I use it after every full basket and my shredder keeps going and going! This is essential!...more info
  • Fellowes Powershred Lubricant Cutter Oil
    I've been using the same Fellowes Powershred shredder at home for several years now. It's in use every day as most of my mail goes there. Maybe I should be commenting instead on my Fellows shredder. It runs even more smoothly now than when first purchased and I attribute that to my regular use of Fellowes Phowershred Oil.
    I oil the shredder every few weeks or so; the 12oz size oil may last the life of the shredder. I didn't use any oil for the first year and I noticed that I had to regularily clean out clumps of confetti cuttings that would stick to the blades - that might have been caused by shredding gummed items, envelopes, and labels, etc.
    Since using the special Fellows Oil, that is specially formulated for these crosscut shredders, those problem have completely disappeared; the shredder works more efficiently and cleanly now than ever. I know that I will get the maximum life out of my shredder by continuing to use Fellows Powershred Oil....more info
  • Shredder
    Replaced a broken shredder with this one - a tiny upgrade. It works great, especially with the shredder oil. ...more info
  • No problem!
    Simple review-received what I ordered, earlier than expected. Great product, great service. Thank you,
    J....more info
  • Fellows Powershred Oil
    I have a Fellows confetti cut shredder, totally believe in their products. Purchased their Fellows Powershred Oil to lubricate the cutters, to hopefully keep this shredder in operation for several years to come. ...more info