Audio-Technica ATR-35S Lavalier Microphone
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Lavaliere microphone Sensitivity - -54 dBm Weight -. 2 oz. without cable

  • High-quality condenser in a miniature lavalier microphone
  • Ideal aerobics/dance/sports-instructors
  • Great for video use, this newscaster style microphone is practically invisible
  • Integrated 20ft. cable terminated with a 3.5 mm mini plug for use with most cameras and home recording system s
  • On/off switch for convenient operation

Customer Reviews:

  • inexpensive and function well
    I chose this one because of its long wire which gave us more freedom to set up the camera further during interview. ...more info
  • Bad static when wiggled
    I purchased this because it seemed like everyone said this microphone had great sound quality, and it did. Until I moved around the belt clip On/Off switch, then suddenly there was static in the microphone. I'm assuming it's because of how the cord is built, very thin and cheap. I would not recommend this if your going to use it for video recording. I'd spend a little more money and get a quality product....more info
  • Professional Quality at a fraction of the cost!!
    I've been a professional television reporter/producer for four years, and I was astounded by the sound quality of this mic.

    I bought it for a trip to Ethiopia to use with my personal camcorder, a 3CCD Panasonic. I was going for work, with a crew, but I wanted to shoot some travel videos of my own. On my last trip to South Africa I did the same, but the camera mic sounded lousy, especially compared to the pro-audio I was getting with the stories themselves.

    That totally changed with this trip. The sound quality I have on my travel video standups with this $26 microphone is about 95% the quality I get from our professional gear. That runs $300 for a mic, $300 for the wireless transmitter, and $300 for the receiver. So $26 compared to $900+ is a fantastic deal.

    The 20 feet of mic wire does get a bit tangled from time to time if you're using the mic on the run. But for the quality sound you get back from it, hassling with the wire is very much worth your while. And it's ideal if you're going to be doing sit down interviews or something where you have a stationary subject who isn't going anywhere. Keep in mind also, that the $900 wireless setup would involve strapping a receiver to my camcorder, which would be a bigger, bulkier hassle than the 20 foot cord.

    My one and only issue is that there's no battery light. My camcorder does not allow me to monitor sound in the field, so if my battery dies or the mic is not turned on, I'd get no sound at all. If you can, record a mic check, play it back, and you're good to go. And keep an extra battery or two on hand. That way if the mic is accidentally left on and stored, you have an immediate backup....more info
  • AUDIO TECHNICA ATR-35S Lavalier Microphone
    My first one arrived and did not work. I tried everything, knowing I was doing something wrong. Nothing I tried woorked so I contacted Amazon. I dreaded the whole prospect. It took me over two months to get my money back from Nuance on their PDF Pro. I should have contacted Amazon. They gave me my money back instantly and sent me a new one which arrived in a couple of days. Then they recharged me for the new one.
    The mic works fine. I am no audio specialist so I just want things to work as they are supposed to. The mic works fine, but Amazon! Wow! We have a Best Buy, Circuit City, Comp USA and a Fry's, but unless it is something I really need 'now' or on sale, I like Amazon....more info
  • Strong sound quality, affordable microphone
    This affordable microphone was the perfect complement to my Olympus WS-300 digital audio recorder. I took it with me on an overseas reporting trip, and it functioned very well. I used it in settings both crowded and noisy, and quiet and solitary. The mike handled everything well.

    The clip is sturdy and never caused problems during my two-week journey, in which I used the device nearly every day for several hours a day. The wind guard (small round styrofoam-type covering) worked well in dampening extraneous noise. And it picked up the primary speaker's voice easily. When I worked with a translator, I clipped the mike to his lapel and it was able to clearly record his voice. The interview subject was more difficult to hear, but that's to be expected.

    The extremely long cord is a positive for people using video equipment who want to stand a long distance away from the subject. Otherwise, I suggest you keep the wire tied up with a rubber band or with the provided twisty-ties.

    I can't comment on the battery life of the small watch-type battery that's included. I also purchased a cheaper lavalier mike (no wind protection, short wire) but I recommend paying a little extra for this higher-quality gear. It's well worth your money, and the sound quality is very noticeable compared to my built-in Olympus mike. (Keep in mind that this is a monaural mike, so you don't get stereo sound.)...more info
  • Good Little Mic
    Bought for amplifying a fiddle, haven't tried it in a gig yet. May have to stay with my pickup.
    Seems decent enough for the price....more info
  • Excellent performance for the price
    I got this mic to record a series of interviews using a Sony HDR-SR1 camera. The alternative I considered was Sony's Bluetooth mic Sony ECMHW1 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone for DVR-DVD405, 505, HDR-SR1, UX1 & DCR-SR60, SR80, SR100 Camcorders and, at $23 vs $133, I decided the Audio Technica would have to be good enough.

    The sound quality is excellent and far better than using the camera's built in mic to record interviews. I did have a problem with a couple of people who were soft-spoken; the camera adjusted volume automatically so it added hiss to these interviews. I would have preferred to manually control the volume but that has to be done from the camera, will try to figure that out for next time. (There is a "MICREF" setting and it looks like if you set it to "LOW" the camera will not auto compensate.)

    For one person's interview there was a sort of ticking in the background when we started. Turned out I was picking up interference from the Blackberry in his pocket. He removed it and we were fine.

    I liked the fact that it uses standard LR44 batteries, which are in many small video toys. I brought a couple with me just in case and used my ipod earbuds to monitor the sound.

    One thing, a couple of reviewers pointed out that this mic records in just one channel on a stereo camera and advised buying a stero-to-monitor adapter jack. An option to this, if you are on the Mac and doing editing work in QuickTime Pro, is simply to choose "mono" as an option when you export the movie....more info
  • Great when you use it right....
    I almost returned this item. Due to "user error", it made a terrible recording. It sounded like it was recording through a soup can with aweful dynamic range (distant). I boxed it up and got an RMA to return it. The next morning it dawned on me that the battery may have been old so before shipping it back I bought a new battery and as I went to stick it into the battery compartment I discovered that I had stuck the original battery in upside down. When you have the battery in wrong the sound sucks but put it in right and holy-wah! Great Mic!!!!! I'm a dummy sometimes....more info
  • Incredibly clear pure sound.
    I ordered this after reading the glowing reviews here, and I'm extremely glad I listened. This thing is awesome. I hooked it up immediately, fired up Audacity, and did the "Testing, testing, one two three four" thing--then listened to the playback.
    The playback has no fuzz, no background hum, no flaws whatsoever. The clarity is astounding--it sounds like I was in a professional recording studio instead of hunched over my laptop. This is one excellent microphone. I don't know how to describe it; it's like the audio equivalent of HDTV.

    What can I say? This thing is a jewel. If you ever think you'll need a microphone, even one to just play around with, get it. Get one before they're all gone! ...more info
  • very happy with this mic
    The task was to capture the audio of the vows for a wedding shoot. I used this mic with an Olympus DS-2 Digital Voice Recorder. I clipped the mic to the groom's lapel, partially hidden by his boutonni¨¨re, and placed the recorder in his inside jacket pocket. I had been concerned about the 20-ft cord, but it was light-weight enough that I could coil it up and slip it in his pocket beside the recorder. My primary camcorder was a Canon HV-30, with two SD camcorders as backups. The recorded audio exceeded my expectations, sounding as good as anything I've heard on TV. Since it was recording during the entire service, it also picked up whispered interchanges between the bride and groom, and even improved the audio from the priest when he was nearby. The HV-30 had a DM-30 shotgun mic, so I mixed its audio with the audio from this mic for better coverage. I edited in Final Cut Express, and used this mic's audio as the master source to sync the channels from the three camcorders. Worked like a charm. I agree with other reviewers that the wind screen is easy to lose - I keep it in a small zip-lock bag so I can keep track of it....more info
  • Great Little Mic
    I have used the ATR-35s for over ten years. At first I assumed that this mic would not hold up to the sound quality I needed but because I was filming in very bad weather I did not want to take the chance of ruining my more expensive mics. After reviewing my footage I decided to get a couple to use as spares and I am still buying them to this day.

    Teaching Video Productions at a local college I recommend this mic as a starter to all of my students. It has a very professional look to it and the battery compartment, which clips to you belt and has an on / off switch is made of metal.

    Very good mic for the price....more info
  • Meh....
    The cord was TOO long, it eventually got quiet and stopped working properly for recording lectures. Thought the problem might have been with a part bent in the long cord, so I fixed that up- didnt work, still incredibly quiet. All audio settings on my computer are all the way up. ...more info
  • Great mic, plenty of cable!
    This mic is nice and small, easy to conceal. Has a convenient on/off switch and the bonus for me was the extra long cable, so if you need to be further away from your subject this is the mic for you. I've only used it one project so far, but the sound was teriffic....more info
  • Works well with the H2
    This product works very well with the H2 recorder. I have used it in outside field conditions and inside. This mic works well in both locations. Not to mention the great price! Go ahead buy it now, you know you want to....more info
  • Godd lav mic for the price!
    I use the mic for interviews to go in web commercials. The cord is long enough but is a little hard to wrangle if subject moves around. But a wireless lav system would cost more. If your subject is stationary, this mic will suit you well. It is a very good, low cost lav mic. There audio is clear with very little hiss. Be sure to place the small watch battery that powers the mic or you will get a lot of hiss and low sensitivity....more info
  • Economy Lavalier mic with better than average performance. Good value for price.
    This mic was purchased for use with a Canon HV-20 camcorder. Primary purpose is for videotaping interviews with people who are sitting (not moving around). It comes with a 20' cable, which is more than enough for use in any room in the average size home.
    Build quality: better than I expected for the price, the battery and pre-amp holder feel more like aluminum than plastic (it's hard to tell under the black paint). The mic element itself is tiny, and comes with a lapel clip and foam wind screen. The wind screen, like the mic element itself, is tiny and pretty easy to pull off, so keep an eye on it that it doesn't become lost. The battery is one of the "button" types, rather than a "AA" (which I would have preferred). One battery is supplied - I have no idea of how long it might last, so better have a spare. The mike is a condenser type, so it will not work at all if the battery is dead.

    Performance: Very good! The sound quality is better than I had expected for the price of this product. Frequency response seems perfectly adequate for picking up voices - which is why you use a lavalier mike in the first place - and signal-to-noise ratio is excellent at the standard gain setting on the HV-20 camcorder. The frequency response in the user manual is 70 to 18,000 hz. This mic has an impedance of 1000 ohms, which places it a step down in performance from more expensive, professional mics which generally have 600ohm impedance (you get a better s/n ratio). I am very pleased with the results from this mic. The captured sound of a person's voice is as clear as it could be, with very little perceptible static. Using this lavalier mic also has the benefit of completely eliminating internal motor noise from the camera's tape mechanism.

    SUMMARY: You can spend $200~$500 and get a wireless lavalier mic, or if you live with the 20' cable, get this one for $35. It's certainly good enough for most people's home videos, and the sound quality (for human voice) is excellent. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    NOTE: The ATR-35 is a monaural microphone: when connected to a Stereo mic input jack on a camcorder like the Canon HV-20, it will produce a signal only on the left audio channel. If this is a problem for you, an inexpensive Mono-to-Stereo adapter is available from Radio Shack (p/n 274-374, $3.99) that duplicates the output from the ATR-35 to both the left and right channels (this sounds better, at least to my ears)....more info
  • AUDIO TECHNICA ATR-35S Lavalier Microphone
    This is real value for the money. I bought 4 and am buying 4 more. They have WAY better response then I ever expected....more info
  • Gread audio mic for home movies, interviews
    I am new to film-making but the few videos I have shot have yielded excellent sound... They were close range interview/short film type videos. This sounded better than the built in mikes on camcorders I have had in the past.

    The only bad part? There is a tiny on/off switch that I forgot to shut off the first time I used it to film, since we were filming for a long period. This obviously drained the battery and even though its not expensive to replace, I would get a few back ups just in case....more info
  • Not a bad little microphone
    I've now used this mic several times. It picks up sound very well and makes vocals sound far better than they really should. When used at close range it picks up "pops" in "p" letters, though, and it could use an LED to indicate when it's on. ...more info
  • Great for the Price
    For the price of this mic it can't be beat. Some of the posts on here about it being very quite I agreed with at first... until I realized I had the batteries in backwards. I've already used this microphone on a number of interviews and it's worked much better then expected every time. I'm tempted to buy a couple more just to have as back up...more info
  • Perfect Upgrade Mic For Consumer Grade Video
    I purchased the ATR35s as a replacement for the lapel mic that came with my Nady Wireless transmitter. It sounds much better and is about half the size of the Nady mic - though for me the long cord is a bit of a nuisance.

    It has excellent frequency response and sounded good plugged directly into my Sony PC105 camera and into a Zoom H2 portable recorder. It has more noise than a fully balanced mic like the AT897 Shotgun Mic but then it's less than 1/10th the price.

    For home video, YouTube even a corporate presentation, you really can't go wrong with this mic. It's not exactly broadcast quality, but it will get you better audio from a person speaking and cut out a lot of room and background noise....more info
  • For the price - perfect
    It may not be broadcast quality, but using it for recording video for online training, it is perfect. Good quality audio, the cord is the right length, and very easy to use.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Very Good for the money
    I was shocked with the audio quality of this mic... I was not expecting much because of the cost, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is nicely constructed (metal) and comes with a nice clip. The only slight downside is that there was some noise in audio, that I think was caused by the long cord picking up interference with my lights or something else. All and all, a very good mic....more info
  • Great Inexpensive Lavalier
    Great lavalier, and good price, like the fact that it has 20 ft cord and that the sound is decent for relatively inexpensive lavalier. Good Brand and received quick from Amazon. If you need a decent lavalier for small video shoots this is the one for you....more info
  • Little Mic - Great Sound
    Don't let the size fool you - I don't know much about audio - yet - but I can tell you the sound recorded from this mic is WAYYYY better than the USB Microphone Headset I was using. Much crisper with out all the fuzziness. And I didn't spend nearly as much as the Online Gurus were recommending. I am sure the $600 mic is great - but this is doing every thing I need. ...more info
  • This is a great inexpensive lavalier microphone!
    For less than 30 bucks, and with a battery (LR44) that is widely available and pretty cheap, this is a great deal, seriously. It's an omnidirectional condenser mic with a 20-ft cord and a wind guard. I've bought 4 of them (one is still in the box, in case AT ever stops making them), and use them for interviews with a Sony consumer-grade DV cam. The sound is great, too. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Same lemon?
    I do wonder if I just got the same item that has been rated low and returned by others. I plugged it into the microphone jack and nothing happened. I asked a friend who had worked with the same product before, and he thought it should have been plug and play. I returned it and got a Griffin mic instead.
    ...more info
  • Great product, quick arrival
    I'm very happy with my purchase! The sound is very good....more info
  • Good for the price
    The microphone is good for the price and works well except it picks up a hum from fluorescent lights....more info
  • Good value for money
    I bought the Audio Technica mics to use while filming video biographies and so sound plays a very important part in what I do - and these mics work great. I would definitely recommend them i.e. if anyone needs more convincing after they see the price tag. ...more info