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LRI PWK Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light, White Beam
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Product Description

While space shuttle astronauts have reportedly used Laughing Rabbit photon LED lights in their endeavors, the average consumer will quickly find that there's no need to go into orbit to find uses for one of these. The amount of illumination you get from this extremely compact and lightweight light is truly surprising-and it fits on your keychain. Weighing a mere 5-1/2 grams and small enough to disappear under a quarter, the Photon II gives you enough light for almost any task. The LED bulb is virtually unbreakable, yet is nonetheless covered by a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. The replaceable lithium battery (included) gives you a total of about 12 to 14 hours of use. In addition, the Photon II comes with a slider on/off switch, which means you don't have to apply continuous pressure to the squeeze button to receive a continuous beam (unlike the original Photon Micro-Light). This is really a nifty little tool that you are guaranteed to appreciate the next time you find yourself in the dark.--Josh Dettweiler

What's in the Box
Keychain light, quick release ring, lithium battery

While space shuttle astronauts have reportedly used Laughing Rabbit photon LED lights in their endeavors, the average consumer will quickly find that there's no need to go into orbit to find uses for one of these. Extremely compact and lightweight but with a powerful beam, the Photon II white-light keychain is a terrific all-purpose minilight. Weighing a mere 5-1/2 grams and small enough to disappear under a quarter, the Photon II blazes a light trail bright enough to aid in almost any task. The LED bulb inside is covered by a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee, while the included CR2016 lithium batteries run for 12 to 14 hours of constant use. In addition, the Photon II comes with a slider on/off switch, which means the user doesn't need to apply continuous pressure to the squeeze button to receive a continuous beam. Laugh along with Laughing Rabbit as you blaze a trail under the cover of darkness. --Rivers Janssen

  • Multi-function on/off switch
  • Replaceable Lithium battery
  • Unbreakable high intensity LED
  • Quick release ring
  • 24 K gold plated contacts

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Stuff
    This little light delivered all they said it would. The switch is small but workable. Will definitely buy another if the need is to arise....more info
  • Best keychain light I've ever seen
    My son asked for a keychain light for Christmas, so I decided to get him the Cadillac of keychain lights. At first I thought it was a bit expensive for such an item (though there are others I noticed that cost even more), but he and I are both pleased with it. It's worth the money. It is SUPER bright - as bright as some full-sized flashlights, and seems sturdy and well designed. Definitely WAY better than a $5 to $9 light that will break easily or have a weak light....more info
  • it's all green to me.
    excessively bright and just what I wanted. It can illuminate an entire room. I got the night vision green beam because I tend to lose too many things in the dark. It's as advertised. Just a little greener....more info
  • big bang for the buck!
    i could not believe the amount of light this thing produces when i first put it on. it's really impressive. turn dark places into day! i am very happy with it...more info
  • nice light output and small size
    The Photon II is a small light that you can keep on your keychain. The light case is a little bigger than a nickel, and it uses watch-size replaceable batteries. The light output is similar to a 2AA MAG flashlight, which is enough to find your way around in a dark parking garage and up or down steps. It's also enough to find the correct key on your keychain and to see the locks on your car, house, etc....more info
  • Bright but other problems with design exist.
    In the bright side (put intended) this is one of the brightest LED keychains I've seen.

    Simply put though, the momentary switch requires so little pressure that the slightest press on the switch flashes the light. This includes other keys or pocket items pressing against the switch and lighting in your pocket. It's probably amusing to onlookers and yes, it's accidentally activated in my pocket! Hopefully nobody was around.

    I thought that the off-on switch would disable this feature but it is just in parallel with the momentary switch and does not provide a full Off capability.

    My opinion is that this design is similar to one I had over five years ago and many manufacturers probably discontinued that design due to these problems (Which I saw then)resulting in poor battery life. I would recommend steering away from this design and try one first at your local store before purchasing to make sure that the switch provides enough resistance to accidental activation.

    This one will be returned due to the design issues....more info
  • Keychain light
    Incredible little keyfob that gives off big light. It's like carrying a miniature flashlight....more info
  • Amazing Power and Fantastic Size
    I purchased this light mainly for the size and weight. However, I was floored at the power exhibited by the LED. I'm not saying it will light up the great outdoors at night, but taking into account the size of this light and that it has only one LED, it is an amazing amount of light produced.

    The switch may be a little on the small side for some people. I find it easy to use with just a flick of a thumbnail. If the switch proves to be a bother you can always give the unit a quick squeeze, even with gloves on, producing a satisfying beam of light.

    As for the construction, it is extremely light-weight and tiny, but very tough. It has a solid feel, with no rattles or creaking. I carry it attached to my keys in my front pocket along with coins and so far I see no scratches and the light remains super bright. No complaints there.

    Changing the battery requires removing 4 tiny screws, but I don't suspect that will be too much of an effort, nor something you will find yourself doing often. The battery shelf-life is 10 years according to the package.

    There are far cheaper lights out there, but take it from me, I've bought several and they have all disappointed by either breaking in a very short time or just being way too low powered. Spend the extra 5 or 6 bucks and you'll be quite happy with the end result. If I had purchased this light first I would have saved more than ten dollars by not having wasted money on the cheaper lights!

    ...more info
  • Look at Inova instead

    This review is really about a better alternative to the Photon-II - the Inova Microlight. I purchased the Inova at CompUSA after doing some quick research on the net. The Inova is just as small as the Photon-II and in my opinion is a better design.

    1) the case is screw-less; no micro screw-driver required for a battery change.
    2) the Inova's small slide switch is easier to operate
    3) the Inova's LED is recessed into the case and not exposed
    4) the Inova's quick-clip is easier to attach than a split-ring.

    All this at a price that is 2/3's the price of the Photo-II. (icing on the cake).

    ...more info

  • Overpriced
    Works well, but similar product can be found for much lower prices....more info
  • Photon with switch
    This is not my first Photon light. But it is the first with the little switch to keep it on. I did think about it going on by accident (because of that switch) and wearing down the light. There is more in life to be concerned about than this, so I purchased the product. The light is just as good as the other Photons I own - which is excellent for it's purpose. The switch is not a problem at all. It requires just enough pressure to engage than would, most likely, happen by accident. It's a great little light to have on your keychain, glove compartment, pocket or purse. It was most appreciated when visiting a friends house in a rural neighborhood in Maine and arriving after dark. Highly recommended....more info
  • Every keyring's friend
    Always have a light when you need it--attach it to your keys and you'll appreciate it many times over. Bright, easy to use, solidly made and convenient....more info
  • Key Chain Light
    I LOVE this product. I purchased a similar one for my daughter for Christmas but returned it and ordered this one on line. The "imitations" just are NOT the same....more info
  • Tough to beat (literally)
    I've used this light for over two years, without any problems. It's lightweight, clips easily to my keychain, and provides a steady beam of light (thanks to the small toggle switch) when I need it. What most impresses me is its unexpected durability: it still works even after (accidentally) going through an entire washer and dryer cycle. ...more info
  • Great light, but newer model is better
    The Photon Micro-Light II is very small, hangs easily on a keychain, and shines brightly for a light smaller than your thumb. The light illuminates when you push a button with your thumb. While I like the light a lot and it works very well, there are a couple significant downsides to this particular model. First, to keep the light on when you remove your thumb, you must slide a tiny, tiny switch -- something that people with limited mobility will find difficult if not impossible to do. Second, changing the batteries requires you to remove four tiny screws with an extremely small philips head screwdriver (similar in size to a screwdriver for the screws in eyeglasses).

    I would suggest considering a more recent model by the same manufacturer, the Photon Freedom Micro Light [Tools: Flashlights], which addresses my complaints about the Photon II. Changing the batteries on the Photon Freedom does not require removing screws, the brightness can be adjusted, and the thumb button controls a number of lighting options without the stiff, ridiculously small sliding switch. Many color beams (including UV, IR) are available for both the Photon II and the Photon Freedom (you choose one color beam to purchase--you don't get several colors out of the same flashlight), and the newest version of the Photon Freedom with white beam boasts a new LED twice as bright as earlier models.

    In sum, Photon II is a great little light, but the newer Photon Freedom is easier to use and maintain and boasts more features....more info
  • Great!
    I bought this for my girlfriend to use when she comes home late and the outside light isn't on.It works great to find the keyhole and the light is bright enough for plenty of other uses.It's suprising how many times i just grab her keys when i need light for things like hooking up wire behind the tv and stuff.I would recommend this to everyone.It's great!...more info
  • Great Keychain with Powerful Light
    Really liked this product. It's quite small, very powerful, has a great hinge mechanism so adding or removing keys is painless yet totally secure. And you have the ability to either turn the light on and off by pressing on the center of the keychain, or else, by pushing a small lever, you can keep the light on without having to maintain the pressure. Overall, it was a few bucks more than some of the other light keychains, but in terms of size, strength and ease of use, worth it in my opinion....more info
  • Good and bright, but...
    While this key chain led light is good and bright (better than any other key chain light I have owned), the small button that locks the light on is somewhat difficult (especially with cold hands during the winter) to push backwards into the lock position. Otherwise this is an excellent and handy light....more info
  • Makes my life easier
    I have extremely poor vision that gets worse in darkened conditions. I found that this little LED "flashlight" is powerful and extremely useful. It always stays within reach on my key chain, and I use it every night.
    The Lithium batteries lasted me for a more than a year of hard daily use before needing to be replaced. It is very useful in when trying to see a menu in dimly lit restaurants, but remember to cover about 75% of the LED, as to not disturb others. People like myself who absolutely need to see in these settings (i.e. diabetics who need to check glucose levels at meal time) it becomes indispensable. The light is extremely useful when I navigate for my wife in the car. The light does not disturb her like the dome light.

    I purchased one for a friend who is a pilot, since the red light does not effect his night vision; he now keeps an extra one on hand, just in case.
    Other uses:
    The red light emitted from the LED, can not be seen by deer, which makes useful for hunters in their stands while waiting for light or as backup for a flashlight.

    Auto, boat, camping / hiking emergency or survival kit. The LED can be seen for some distance in the dark if looking directly at the source. If you point the light downward, the illumination is not noticeable.

    The only con is that the red light does not give much contrast. I have a green light that provides more contrast, but it's hard on the eyes....more info

  • Mini-Flashlight
    I purchased four of these for my house and car key rings. They are very bright for their small size. I like the quick disconnect spring clip feature, it makes it easier to use if you just need the light without a bundle of keys attached. The slide switch is also a great feature and clicks to a constant on position, some of the others I looked at had to be pressed constantly to stay on. They are also great for a ladies purse and can be attached to one of the inside zipper pull rings....more info
  • Versatile and packable
    As a Scout Leader, I have searched for the handiest light source available. The Photon II, although pricey comes awful close to perfect. It's small, much brighter than you'd expect, and you can take it anywhere.
    It is especially effective inside the tent---I tied mine to the loop at the top and it filled the tent with enough light for conversation. It makes a great reading light, if you don't mind holding it in your mouth, and it is especially helpful late at night when nature calls.
    Good feature is the snap on/off switch--so you don't have to keep applying pressure to the switch.
    Bad feature is also the snap on/off switch. If you put it in your pocket on a keychain, sometimes it gets switched on and that runs down the batteries.
    A powerful flashlight is the tool of choice for nighttime trail walking, but in a pinch you could use this little guy.
    It's also handy around the house or in the car---anywhere you need a dependable source of light....more info
  • Great for Videographers!
    This keychain light is perfect for when I'm shooting video in dark rooms. I often travel when I'm recording videos, so I want to keep my gear as light as possible.

    This light fits the bill.

    Plus, the red light doesn't destroy your night vision. You can walk through a dark room, check a setting on your camera, and scuttle off in another direction ... without waiting for your eyes to re-adjust.

    I'll probably take this with me on my next camping trip!

    Highly recommended....more info