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Macally USB Slim Keyboard - ICEKEY
List Price: $39.99

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Product Description

MacAlly IceKey Keyboard for Macintosh - With its curved two tone translucent design, the IceKey is designed to match the iMac Snow colored models but can easily complement any of the new iMacs. A statement of trendsetting yet individual fashion, this keyboard is geared for performance and ease. Requires G3/G4, iMac or PowerBook with a built-in USB port or any PowerPC with 3rd party USB adapter installed Dimensions - (W) 18.4,(L) 7.4,(H) 1.6 Lifetime warranty

  • 108 key ultra slim USB keyboard
  • Enhanced Scissor-Key-Switches for thin keycaps with sensitive and responsive touch
  • Built-in USB ports on both sides of the keyboard
  • Easy to store inside keyboard drawer
  • Ice white finish to complement your Mac

Customer Reviews:

  • 4th Icekey over almost 6 years.. nuff Said
    I just purchased my 4th Icekey (in black) to replace my second one that I was using w/ a docking station on my laptop. My first icekey met it's demise when it got wet (the circuit is printed on acetate and will run if it gets wet; bye-bye keyboard), but I was undeterred and got a second one. I bought a 3rd one when I lost a key after moving. I originally got the icekey right when it came out because I loved the ibook keyboard so much and I have never looked back. There is not a better keyboard on the market. I looked at apple's newest keyboards and found that they offered too much resistance (the only Apple keyboards I liked were the original macintosh/Apple IIGS keyboards and the Apple Adjustable Keyboard).

    I encourage you to go to a store and try this keyboard. A+++...more info
  • Fastest typing keyboard I've ever used
    I bought this keyboard to use in replacement of the slow and frustrating one that came with my mac. Suffice it to say that this keyboard is easily the best one I've ever used; it allows me to type about 25% faster than previously with fewer errors. The tactile feel of the keyboard is fantastic. Each key feels very well supported and the low profile keys allow me to transition from key to key with remarkable quickness.

    The design is very minimalistic with very few thrills. The top of the keyboard is rounded, and the only real complaint I have is that it is a bit too glossy and reflects some light that I can pick up in my peripheral vision. This only happens when there is a lot of light coming in from the window beside my desk. It's been easily fixed by using some white tape over the top of the keyboard.

    I've experienced none of the driver issues that others have reported. Leopard recognizes all of the keys, including the volume up/down keys.

    Overall, and especially for the cost, this is a FANTASTIC keyboard that I cannot recommend highly enough. ...more info
  • Works Great
    I've only had this keyboard for a couple days, but it is working great. I have a G5 running OS 10.4 so I downloaded the driver from the Macally Web site because I wanted to use the volume and eject keys. You don't need the driver if you don't want to use those keys.

    I installed the driver and the keys work, the USB ports work on both sides for my wired Apple mouse, Macally RFmouse charger/receiver, and both my SimpleTech and my Kingston flash drives. I also tried my expand/collapse triangles (as another reviewer suggested), and they work fine. No complaints....more info
  • Stubborn pile of Junk
    This stupid pain in the neck keyboard is as stubborn as can be. It lasted 2 and a half months before giving in. At least it felt nice to work with and didn't have ugly 80-ish block letters like the older Apple keyboard that I'm using now. Feels like beige city....more info
  • Solid Touch Keyboard
    Very solid feel to this keyboard. It is wonderfully simple. Love it and it works with my Intel dual core mac. ...more info
  • Top notch keyboard - lets your fingers fly!
    Folks, I was just about ready to toss my Apple keyboard out the window because of its slow character, error-prone typing, and tendency to collect dirt everywhere. Then I read about this keyboard, and based on the reviews, decided to give it a try. Now I'm typing at lightning speed with almost no errors, and I feel I can finally express myself almost at the speed of thought!

    As a professional writer, I spend a lot of time at the computer, and it's important I have a keyboard I like and which allows me to type at speed without glancing at my fingers. This one does the job.

    Not sure why it's called "Ice-key" unless it's because it's white, but whatever, I recommend this keyboard to everyone who's sick of their original Mac keyboard's shortcomings.

    Can't praise it highly enough!...more info
  • Excellent keyboard.
    I read the reviews here before buying this keyboard and I must say that I agree with all the positive comments about the superior comfort and quality of this keyboard. This keyboard is a real pleasure to use -- it is just what I was looking for.

    While this keyboard offers all the unique keys that Apple's keyboards offer (volume controls, eject, brightness controls via F14 and F15), those unique keys don't work right out of the box. The keyboard comes with a disc and you have to run the installer to get these to work. (The installer loads a kernel extension. Presently, a version of the installer for Intel Macs is available from the Macally website -- dig around under their "Tech Support" link.)

    I really like the "laptop style" key travel, but I did have to get used to the low profile of the spacebar relative to the edge of the keyboard housing. This was actually a good thing as it prompted me to hold my hands in a better typing position.

    Oh, and about that strange "extra" key down in the bottom row -- I think I found out why it's there. This keyboard apparently comes in a "Windows" flavour which uses the extra key. To see what it looks like you can use the A9 web search (or Google ;-) to look for DS International -- they call it the KB-5000....more info
  • Great Bouncy Keyboard
    This is the MacAlly Apple keyboard. I accidentally spilled coffee on my company's keyboard, so it was incumbent upon me to buy one for them. So, online I went, and found this keyboard. Everyone in my office is jealous! The feel, the look, the performance: it's all here....more info
  • Macally 1 - Mac 0
    After having suffered through the first 9 months with my new iMac 20" thinking that I had suddenly lost all manual dexterity because I couldn't type anything--either in Word or e-mails or anywhere--without creating a gazillion duplicate letters, mostly vowels, I discovered several chat sites that confirmed I wasn't alone.

    Many indicated they had gone to Apple with the same problems and the big Mac daddy had refused to admit that anything was wrong on their end and proceeded to throw one after the other new Apple keyboards at the problem with little or any success.

    Several cited success by replacing the Apple Pro keyboard with a 3rd party replacement--several said the Macally Icekey had fixed all their problems. So I tried it and I'm here to tell you--they were right!!!

    I'm still a lousy hunt & peck typer but at least the typing errors now are legitimately my own. You have no idea what a relief it was to get back to my love affair with my new iMac now that I don't have to spend hours correcting all the typos that I didn't make. Bless you Macally!!!...more info
  • Great replacement for Apple Extended Keyboard
    I killed my old Apple Extended Keyboard and couldn't find a replacement for under $50. The IceKey works beautifully. It doesn't seem to collect as much dust as my former keyboard and I like the quieter, more responsive action of the keys. The only minor problem was adjusting to that extra key next to the space bar, but I got used to it within a week....more info
  • Really great Keyboard - almost comparable to Logitech DiNovo
    I use 2of these Keyboards, both at work on a WinXP PC as well as at home on a MacOSX PB. The touch&feel is really like a laptop keyboard which was for me the reason to buy this keyboard in first place since I can't type on these "regular" keyboards any more after I got so used to the Laptop keys with their low elevation :)
    I initially bought a Logitech DiNovo but couldn't get the detached Num Pad to work on my Mac. So I looked further and found the MacAlly Icekey - some people might take it as a drawback that it is not wireless, but well I don't move my keyboard around that much and so I don't have to worry about empty battries?!
    It also features 2USB ports each one on the left and right top side of the keyboard - but I have never used one.
    The keyboard works great on the PC - the only thing you need to get used to is that the Apple key is then the Windows key and thus Alt and Win/Apple key are switched if you compare the keyboard to a regular win layout. also, the additional buttons (F13-F15 and Sound and eject) won't work on a PC but I can live very well with this :)

    I would buy this keyboard again and again... ...more info
  • Best Mac Keyboard to use, besides the ones on the Powerbooks that is.
    I switched from a Powerbook to a Mac Mini and was in search of a keyboard that felt like I was typing on my Powerbook (effortlessly). Although nothing can beat the powerbook's keyboard, this does quite a close job. I first started using the apple pro keyboard with my mac mini and was not used to having to press down so hard on the keys that I always ended up missing letters when I typed up a document or anything for that matter.

    Then I read the reviews on this puppy and decided to give it a try. Best buy I've made. It's very easy to use and smooth too.
    I love that it has special function keys for the Mac and that it also has 2 usb ports. The one thing that would make this keyboard even better is if it were wireless (bluetooth specifically). Although don't let that deter you from buying this, especially if you just hide all your wires behind the computer anyway.

    There's also this weird blank key on the keyboard. It has no function whatsoever and you can't program it to do anything. It's just there. Weird. But I only noticed it when I first tried it out and have never noticed it again. But I figure it's worth mentioning for those of you who are extremely particular about things.

    It's a great keyboard for a great price. If you don't mind the cord and want to type with extreme ease, i think you'll love this one. ...more info
  • Fantastic keyboard for keyboard snobs!
    I've always been a bit of a keyboard snob. In my PC days I had a treasured OmniKey, at one time the holy grail of mechanical switch keyboards. I also have used and enjoyed a Matias TactilePro, and several other ALPs style keyboards (these are all keyboards which utilize separate mechanical switches for each key rather than the more common membrane style).

    I just bought a new iMac, and love it except for one thing -- the keyboard that came with it is incredibly mushy, even by membrane-keyboard standards. It was not comfortable to type on, and I was constanly hitting double letters. It was driving me nuts.

    I thought I was going to have to shell out the $150 the Matias TactilePro, but luckily I saw a review for this keyboard. I was wary of a keyboard that didn't use mechanical switches (the IceKey uses "scissor keys" like Apple's PowerBooks do). But, at less than a third the price of the Matias, I figured it was worth a try.

    I'm so glad I took the chance -- this is one of the best keyboards I've ever used. It has the solid, crisp feel that mechanical-key users love, a very short travel time for the keys, great spring-back, a nice little "click" to it without being tap-dancer-loud, and it even looks good with the iMac.

    I spend a large portion of my waking time in front of a computer and have for years. So far, I've avoided carpal tunnel and other related injuries, and I think it's due in large part to being so picky about what keyboard I use. Mushy, unresponsive keyboards are simply bad for you.

    This IceKey, though, is what keyboards are supposed to be. It's a total keeper....more info
  • the keyboard ive been waiting for
    i use this on my pc. very comfortable and i am able to type much more quickly because of the short keypath. i am very picky about keyboards. do yourself a favor and get this keyboard. i am not well-versed in apple keyboards but i wouldn't look any further and would buy it again in a heartbeat. one reason i would have given it 4 stars (as a pc user) is the aforementioned lack of volume key functionality, however it is a mac keyboard so i cant really hold macally accountable. cant find any pc drivers.. still the best keyboard ive ever used. very satisfied after 4 months....more info
  • Good Feel. Works with Mac or Linux. Durable.
    This is an excellent keyboard that works fine with Mac or Linux (I've used it with both). The size is good and the feel of the keys is nice.

    I find that keys do break fairly easily but I don't mind. My current one has been working great for the last 2 years.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Strangely flawed keyboard
    I bought this keyboard because my Mac and PC friends said it had superior tactile feedback, and it does. However...

    I was shocked to get a keyboard that didn't work properly with OS/X Leopard. The volume control keys didn't work at all, and suddenly I had to double-click a lot of screen controls on other apps that previously worked with a single click.

    So I Googled it, and found there was a newer driver for Leopard that fixed MOST of the problems. I downloaded and installed it, and sure enough it did fix most of the problems. Now the volume keys work, but oddly the mouse still sometimes requires two clicks in other apps (like closing a tab in Firefox) where before it required just one.

    As others have pointed out, there was zero documentation in the box. I suspect the average computer user, who wouldn't know enough to search for a newer driver, would be pretty disappointed with this keyboard.

    It was fairly cheap at $30, and does have nicer key feel than the slimline keyboard that came with my 23" iMac, though it takes up a bit more desk space.

    ...more info
  • Better than the original
    This is the best, most elegant, reliable keyboard ever.
    I love it's dependability and most important, the "feel"
    Excellent for those who must spend many hours typing.
    I like it far better than the Mac keyboard that came
    with my iMac and that's saying a lot. Plus you
    cannot beat the price....more info
  • A True Keyboard for the Mac User.
    For some reason if you search all the Mac keyboards, this doesn't show up. I bought this in Sept. '05 to be the companion to my newly-acquired Mac mini. Here are my impressions after 3 months of consistent use:

    1) Before, I used the original keyboard to my Grape iMac. This Macally keyboard is lightyears ahead of that board, and I like it better than the Apple Pro Keyboard I use at work. The keys type very, very fast without the need to push down on them. My long fingers handle it very well, and I make fewer mistakes on this keyboard than I did with my other keyboard.

    2) A few things I wish were different about it: A) it's white, so if you don't wash your hands before using your keyboard, it gets filthy pretty fast. But I knew that it would be that way when I bought it, besides I needed a keyboard that would aesthetically go with the silver and white Mac Mini and my White Westinghouse LCD monitor. (And it's not the keyboard's fault I don't wash my hands, but anyway...) B) I'm old school, I wish the power button were still on the keyboard. On the other hand, now that I have this new operating system and new computer, I find myself very seldom actually turning the computer off, so maybe that's not the big issue it used to be. C) I can't seem to get the volume controls above the number pad to actually work to turn down the volume on either my iTunes or the computer itself; however the arrow keys do work the volume on iTunes if I actually have iTunes selected. Still, one would think they'd at least work for the computer's overall volume. On a Mac-based keyboard I kind of expect any key they put on the keyboard to work. D) There was absolutely no literature on how to program the F keys! It was a plug and play device straight out of the box, then I threw away said box since it had no instructions on it anyway, so these keys will remain unused unless I Google some answers! (Side note to Amazon: the box used to send this small keyboard was ridiculous. I didn't need a huge box full of airbags for what was inside it! You would have thought I'd gotten a PowerMac rather than a keyboard! Work on that.)

    Overall, the lack of frustration using this keyboard, compared to using my purple keyboard, made this keyboard more than worth the money. Something doesn't have to be perfect in order to be just what I need! The choice for me was between this one and the Kensington Pilot Board they had attached to the display model Mac Mini at Best Buy. The reason I didn't choose that board was because it was wireless and came with its own mouse, and I had already bought a mouse to use over a year ago for when I finally got a new computer. Mice are virtually indestructible, and there's no sense in having a spare. The more important thing in MacAlly's favor is of course the ports. Macintosh keyboards have mouse ports in the keyboard. I shouldn't have to sacrifice a USB port or have to buy a hub to make up for the bad design inherent in PC keyboards! So with all that plus a much more reasonable price, as the price on the Kensington is far more than one should spend on a keyboard, I'm very happy with the choice I made....more info
  • Excellent, yet curious
    The keyboard so far is great. I've been using it for two weeks now, and only have 1 minor complaint. If I am being lazy, slumping back in my chair with my thumb resting across the base of the keyboard, it is sometimes a little tough to 'thumb' the space bar, because of the low profile of the keys. This issue does not bother me, because I quickly adjusted, but I thought I would point it out. The curious part has to do with 2 keys and an apparently useless LED.
    First the keys; There is a blank key on the bottom right of the main set of keys. No idea what it is for. It doesn't seem to do anything. I suppose you could map it to something useful, but I have no idea how to do that. The other interesting key is the num lock/clear key. This ties into the numlock LED. Pressing the numlock key does not seem to toggle the numlock LED. Likewise, I don't know what the keys do if numlock weren't on. No alternatives are listed on the keys. Not a big deal, just kind of peculiar. I use a keyboard to make a living as a software developer. I really like this one....more info
  • Great Board
    Having used the original iMac keyboard for over a year I was never impressed with the feel of the keys. So a couple of months ago I replaced it with the Macally USB keyboard and it makes all the difference in the world for me. I had to do the same thing for my wife on her iMac as she never liked the original keyboard. ...more info
  • Macally USB Slim Keyboard - ICEKEY
    This is a light-weight keyboard with a nice touch and good looks. I have enjoyed using it and recommend it highly....more info
  • Excellent Keyboard from Heaven, Indeed !!

    First, my sincere thanks to VRH for their review here, which finally led me to the object of my fingers' desire !

    Sometimes you don't consciously know what you like, or what you're looking for,
    until you have a sufficient contrast-frame experience to compare with.

    I hadn't realized several "little - big" things I'd grown accustomed to on my excellent pro-star PC laptop,
    until 2 things conspired to make me conscious -

    first, spending time on my new fiance's Apple keyboard with its dual USB ports
    (their design sense outshines Win-tel once again :>),

    and second, spending time on a variety of desktop PC keyboards.

    I learned that I must have the short key-travel distance provided by the low profile "Scissor-Key-Switches" laptop style
    keyboards technology, versus the long key-travel & tall clunky keys found on standard type keyboards.

    Also, I must have 3 double-width keys - the Shift, Enter or Return, & Backspace or Delete keys.

    I began to notice how some of these were only 1 key wide on some keyboards, vs. 2 keys wide on my laptop.

    This Macally USB Slim Keyboard is a diamond at a cubic zirconia price, & will no doubt totally satisfy the Apple/Mac group, since it allows the special keys to be configured with the Apple/Mac software drivers provided on the included disc.

    Plus, I won bonus points with my fiance for buying this keyboard for her second Mac at the office.

    Since my search was for a "Windows" flavour slimline PC keyboard with 2 USB ports & minimal additional keys,
    I followed reviewer VRH's hint to the DC International note station site,
    and found a nearly identical keyboard specifically configured for PCs -
    the 4 PC-functional keys on the top Right are Volume UP, DOWN, MUTE, & computer STANDBY.

    And the 2 USB 1.1 ports are more than sufficient to power a mouse & my USB memory stick.

    Spend the time to experiment & identify what works for YOU, and YOUR time in Silicon-land will be happily rewarded !
    ...more info