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Logitech MOMO Force Feedback Racing Wheel
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $65.00

You Save: $34.99 (35%)


Product Description

Feel the speed and power of your favorite racing games with the MOMO Racing Wheel! Triple-clamping system with solid rubber wheel grips make your racing experience more comfortable With the MOMO Force Wheel, you're on track for an intense racing experience!

Turbocharge your driving with the authentic feel and precision performance of the Logitech MOMO force-feedback racing wheel. Designed by the racing professionals at MOMO, the full-rubber wheel, stick shifter, and racing pedals feel just like the real thing. And with advanced force-feedback technology, you'll experience the road like never before. Strap yourself in and drive into the action!

The Logitech MOMO racing wheel is compatible with PCs running Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP, with an available USB port.

  • Exclusive design by MOMO, one of the world's leading designers of automotive accessories for the track and the street
  • Feel everything with ultra-realistic force feedback effects
  • Race like a pro with a full rubber wheel, sequential stick shifter and realistic gas and brake pedals
  • Get all the control you need with six programmable buttons, two paddle shifters, and 240 degrees of rotation
  • 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice wheel for the price
    I bought this wheel for Toca Race Driver 3 and it works great! It was a plug and play situation with my macbook pro. The pedals have good response but no clutch pedal. However, for the money the wheel and pedals are worth it....more info
  • 1 clamp in center system doesnt hold-plastic screw breaks
    I had the old red wingman formula force for 5+ years and it was great. never a lick of a problem in any way.
    Ive looked at this momo for a long time thought it looked cool, was logitech and got one.
    a disaster from the start. this thing is a testament to
    " how cheap can we make this and get away with it" mentality.
    first you MUST remove your keyboard tray. noway around that.
    it has a single cheap plastic screw clamp in the center with no handle on it like the dual clamps with knobs of the formula force.
    so after removing your keyboard tray and all that, go get a wrech to tighten this thing. you can never get it tight enough for it to not slip around on the desk, thats what happens because a single weak cheap center clamp creates a pivot point for the wheel unit.
    it sits too high on the desk. the top of the wheel was just under my chin. I had to raise my monitor up almost 6 inches then the whole setup is weird, not a natural driving position.
    the pedal base is cheap and lightweight, and pedals stiff.
    it raises up under your heel when using the pedals, if you brake hard, the whole base picks up in the back and spins to the left because the pedal is on the left side of it.
    it slides away from you even on good carpet if you even bump it with your foot. its terrible. I had to double-sided sticky tape it to my carperting and now cant move it. those little spikes on the front do nothing and pick up if you step on the front of the base and it slides away.
    The wheels grinds and is stiff. if you turn left/right fast it resists and makes a 'whirring' bearing sound.
    the plugs are both on the front and hit your monitor stand. you cannot disconnect one plug like the old red wheel and put it away, it always has that cord pernmanantly attached and makes it a hassle.
    I broke the cheapo plastic screw clamp tightening it after only 3-4 remove/installs to the desk. less than two weeks.
    its a pointed plastic screw with no knob for tightening. you cant get it tight by hand and i figured since they put a wrench hexagon shape to it, you are supposed to use a wrench so i did,
    well its such cheap plastic and you have to get it so tight to prevent movement the wrench end broke off. now its stuck on my desk and im wondering if amazon will give me a refund broke.
    Logitech tells me to order/buy another plastic screw.
    and they admit the design is flawed. got to Logitech and read some of the many many horrid letters I and others have written concerning this wheel. I should have. Thats why the price has dropped so much here, but theyre still 100+ in stores.
    My highest recommendation to NOT BUY this product. I was their biggest fan believe me with my old red formula force, but this thing is junk. total junk not worth 5 bucks. youll be replacing clamp screws bi-weekly or more. Logitech admits its a bad design but does nothing except sell you more plastic clamp screws! lol.
    and it grinds , its stiff, the base slips, you have to remove keyboard tray....just take a pass on this one, Im sending it back and buying a microsoft wheel locally.
    I saw the old red formula forces for sale here- well worth the price those things are the best, this momo thing is the worst.

    ...more info
  • MOMO rocks
    I received this wheel as a birthday gift and have loved it from the start. Not only does it feel solid, it acts the part as well. I've read reviews saying that the clamping system is not very good or that the pedals are problematic and assorted other complaints; however, I have not experienced a single problem with it. The steering is good and stiff which makes holding a drive line much easier than with looser steering units, the pedals have a long travel which makes throttle modulation a breeze and the paddle shifters offer a quick, satisfying gear change. I have read many reviews decrying this wheel for being "cheap" due to the lack of leather and metal on various pieces including the pedals and paddles; however, I feel that if these folks had wanted those little extras, they could've ponied up the extra $200 for the Logitech G25. For my money, the MOMO wheel is as good as it gets....more info
  • Great Product
    Much better than my old Thrustmaster T2 non-force feedback wheel for modern racing games. I bought this for Test Drive Unlimited and now I am able to complete many more of the challenges....more info
  • First time wheel owner
    Ive studied what is on the market and this was the best under 100 bucks I could find.It doesnt have a cheep feel its strong feeling responce is good and petals dont move at all on my carpet.

    Setup was easy and was driving in no time.There is A plastic, notchy feeling to the steering that isnt found in real cars.
    But its easly over looked.

    The shifting stick isnt bad myself I would have liked a H style shifter that would have rocked but shifting is fine with that or using the butterfly type shifters works good as well.

    Over all Im very happy with my first new wheel and using it to play Need for Speed most wanted.A very fun game.

    I would say if you want a wheel worth your money this is a good buy.Also Amazon had this for 79.99 free shipping got it in 2 days after ordering it.I tried one out at Bestbuy near by my home they wanted 103+tax....more info
  • Excellent!!!
    Excellent!!! Excellent!!! Excellent!!!

    There is not much else that needs to be said. Logitech is one of my favorite brands (I have always bought their products and only ever replace them if I want to get the newer better version) and I have never had or heard of anyone having a problem with their products.

    If you need something and Logitech make it BUY IT! Not only is it cheaper in most cases but it is also going to be better and last longer!...more info
  • wheel great deal
    My son loves this product. It's working great and is a hundred times better than using the keyboard for steering. It was cheeper here than from Best Buy...more info
  • Logitech MOMO Force Feedback Racinf wheel
    Excellent use of wheel in tight curves, no swaying like the old wheels. Having the shifter beside the wheel as well as the control paddles and buttons makes this a top line Sterring Wheel . The only draw back is the lack of instruction showing you how to remove the top centre consol to gain access to the two top screws to attach the wheel to your Desk. Wheel works in all games, but make sure that it is set up in the windows program. This is a must ...more info
  • wheel breaks down after only a few hours
    While I am normally a huge fan and consumer of Logitech products, this MOMA wheel was a serious disappointment. In short, it looks fantastic, but the steering wheel spring mechanism is very weak and broke after only 10 hours of fairly gentle play (Lego Racers over three days) by my nine-year old. The mechanism is not accessible or repairable by the consumer, so, that's one wasted wheel. Try another product, avoid disappointing your kids.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic!!!
    Very nice wheel. It's amazing the force feedback, and all the controls are efficient. I recommend....more info
  • very cool and good experience
    This is a very good wheel. It's the first one i've bought, but i like it alot. I use it with the force feedback up 150%, and it feels very realistic. You can tell that there is a plastic notchyness, in there when u turn it fairly fast, but it's easily overlooked. I use it to play Need for Speed Underground 2, and NFS Most Wanted, and it makes the game seem so much more realistic. when i drive over cobblestone or on the dirt, it feels like i'm driving over it. plus, i can tell when i have no traction when i'm drifting or in the air, the wheel goes loose on me and it spins freely. I would have liked it more if it was like a real car, with the clutch and the 5 speed stick (or 6) cause that's howi'm used to driving, but i can get used to the stick. It is a big change from using my joystick, but i'm getting used to it more and more each time i use it....more info
  • the new MOMO
    First let me give a little history and equipment list. I've had four Logitech non-force feedback wheels from the late 90s to early 2000s (yellow and black). After going through those I stepped up to the red force feedback (not the MOMO). I enjoyed that and could sense the improvement over the older yellow non-force feedback wheels. Any wheel is better than no wheel.

    My system is a Dell XPS 400 with 256mb video ram and 4gig of ram. OS is XP. After those other wheels the red and black force feedback finally burned out so I decided to step up to the newest Logitech - the MOMO Force Feedback. This is the one with the red body and real leather wheel and metal paddles with red and metal foot pedals. This machine was heads and shoulders above the rest and one calibration worked for all games.. The games/sims I do are F12k1 & 2k2, GTR2 and WTCC Race '07 (great game!).

    Well my Red MOMO finally burned something out and would no longer do any force feedback and the calibration was all over the place. So after doing a little shopping I've decided on this latest MOMO offering from Logitech. Its cheaper both in price and quality than its Red forerunner however not so much so that its a big deal. Also it secures very well to the desk using a three point system. A plastic center screw is easy to see how that works, but the plastic cover with Logitech written on it must come off so one can adjust the the other two attachment points. DO NOT over tighten any of these posts. When they are all snug they work great together - unless of course you're a gorilla - then you'll have trouble. The paddles are plastic instead of metal but work fine. The calibration out of the box was fine for my WTCC Race 07, but on GTR2 it tends to have a mind of its own. In the Logitech settings I enabled the center spring feature which helped a lot but not entirely. It feels when I get to center that the wheel wants to fall to one side or the other (only in GTR2) and will steer the car off the road by itself - very annoying. In the other game it is fine - smooth progressive and fun! The rubber wheel is fine, unless you're spoiled by the great leather wheel - I'm adjusting quickly. For the price - this is the wheel to get. If you have a deep pocket book then I would be inclined to go with the ridiculously priced top of the line Logitech. What irritates, me is that someone at Logitech figured out they were selling the Red MOMO for too little. So they scaled it back a little quality wise, lowered the price, then put all the great stuff on the new G25 and doubled the price - a clear case of greed and profit margin as far as I'm concerned.

    I also wanted to mention that the pedals have better feedback (better springs, i.e. resistance) than the pedals on my Red MOMO! - and of importance, there is a button on the bottom that when pushed, out pops a strip of little gripper cleats, so on a carpet it sticks just fine. If I hadn't discovered this, the pedals would slip quite badly - so press that button and the pedals will stay put. :)

    Good luck and enjoy!
    best...more info
  • Great
    Its a nice wheel IMO, however there are a few things that annoyed me about it.

    1. Documentation is limited and for the c clamps it doesn't say how to remove the gray cover..
    2. It has a built in lap "holder" which can be an issue for people with shorter desks
    3. It makes a whining sound when turned quickly. (I was able to fix this with custom made gearing.)
    4. The rubber is sticky. but after some use it will go away.
    5. LED's are a bit bright and kinda blind/annoy you at night.
    6. Paddle shifters feel awkward, they're a bit too far back.
    7. Shifter(paddle shifters too) makes a loud clicky sound
    8. "Sensitivity" doesn't seem to want to work properly with certain games (mainly DiRT and GRiD) its either full gas/brake/left/right or no gas/brake/left/right.(more than likely a game issue not product)
    9. A bit too long, a bit longer and it would knock my monitor off the back of my desk.

    Otherwise its a good wheel and I'd buy one again...more info
  • A happy customer!
    In only one line ...

    The only "bad" thing, is that it is not very good for RALLY games like CMR! but for F1 driving, which is smooth style and you need precise driving lines , that is the choice!


    Have a nice day ;)...more info
  • nice steering
    i got my for about 4 years,the only problem was the software for vista
    x64 but now windows and logitech resolve and you can download the driver
    from logitech i love it....more info
  • Killer!
    Cool Cool Cool! This made the game, GTR-2. Very thick wheel, easy to use paddles, and the carpet grip for the pedals is perfect. Product to price ratio is a bargain!...more info
  • Logitech MONO Force Racing Wheel!
    Love IT and am very satisfied with the sturdiness and realism of the wheel and foot petals!...more info
  • lasted for only one week
    Payed for it elsewhere worked fine for a week but then broke down.
    Vibration was ok in my opinion....more info
  • Great product, perfect for budget sim racers
    Sure we would all like to have a BRD or TSW, but this is the best bang for the buck of any wheel out there. Matches perfectly with all the current sims, including rFactor (a MUST have,, GTR, GTL, RBS and the venerable GPL. Great wheel feel with limited slip, sequential shifter works nicely as the e-brake for RBR and the multiple buttons and assignable pedal axis make this perfect for all applications. Highly recommended....more info
  • Very Cool and Good Value
    First off, I did have a little trouble installing with Vista Ultimate (known issue). The problem was that even though I have my PC set to ask before installing hardware Vista decided it knew better and installed the driver on it's own. This caused some issues with using the wheel with G.R.I.D. I had to manually remove the driver and reinstall which was quite simple and from there it worked flawlessly.

    This is a really good deal for a force feedback wheel and it works very nicely. It attaches easily and securely and the pedal unit stays put. I highly recommend this wheel for any budget conscious driving gamer!...more info
  • mo mo wheel
    I thought the wheel is good, I may have to slow of a connection to get it to work right. New at these pc games..... just ok I guess ...more info
  • Great Wheel
    Terrific, Terrific Wheel Setup Was Quick, Great Profiler, Great Response Time, Immideatly Improved Racing League Finishes While Racing In The "NASCAR Heat Racing League"!!...more info
  • The Ultimate Racing Wheel
    For any die-hard racing fan that burns rubber on their PC, one of the most important pieces to the whole montage for the best experience is the racing wheel. And the Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel has it all. If you like shifting with the padals like an F1 driver, it can do that. If you want to shift with the stick, it'll do that. And if you want important keys such as looking left, right, back, the clutch, and more within a fingers reach, then you can do that too. The Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel is a another great addition to a racers setup, when you want to be able to come closer to a real-life experience. I personally have been racing for over 4 years, and I've only had one type of steering wheel: Logitech's MOMO Racing Wheel....more info
  • More than I expected
    I researched this item and even bought a cheaper one. I stress CHEAPER. I returned it and bought this from Amazon. I got a great deal and free shipping (which makes up for the fact that they are 10 to 15 bucks more than other suppliers).

    I use the wheel with NASCAR Total Control that I bought for $9.95 at a local retailer and this thing is very good. I really like the feel of the wheel.

    I use it with Need For Speed Underground (yes the first one which I bounght and used with a joystick) with Vibration on....OH MY GOD!!! I thought I was racing throught the street. My heart was pounding and my hands sweating.

    The Wheel is a great feel and is a rubber that feels like a real steering wheel. Not a kids toy feel. The paddle shifters are great and it attaches to my table well. You will want to use the foot pedals on a rug since they are moulded to grip a rug. THe wires are all long enough too.

    I would buy this again or even give it as a gift. I highly recommend....more info
  • It grows on you.
    I got my MOMO around a month ago, needing one to replace my aged and damaged other wheel. It arrived and I unboxed it, and then spent less than 5 minutes getting it working to my system. In comparison to my other wheel that took nearly 4 hours to get worked out. I was racing within fifteen minutes of hooking it up. There is a CD included, but truly my system worked ok in Plug and Play mode. I installed the CD program to make sure everything was sorted.

    At first, I confess that I hated every feature on it but one; the brake pedal. It felt quite realistic as it was a tad harder to push down the further you pushed it. The rest was driving me bonkers. The steering felt grainy under force feedback, the wheel felt about three sizes too small in diameter and two sizes too large in grip diameter, and the pedal station slid quite interestingly. I was admittedly on the verge of putting it back in the box and selling it locally even if I took a hit. But, fate played a hand and I had to wait over the weekend for a local software store to open up so I could unload it.

    Over the two days I was 'stuck' with the wheel, I really had no option but to use it. It had been quite a while since I had been able to race again and I was impatient, so I used the MOMO. After a few races I got more and more used to the wheel and also managed to get the force feedback put down to a level just a little less abrupt. I like my wheel to feedback to me and let me know how the car is doing, not jerk out of my hands hard enough to sprain my wrists! Using the convenient and ingenious carpet gripper feature got the pedal station to stay put, and my times on the tracks began to drastically improve.

    Monday came and I had actually began to tolerate, not love, but tolerate the thing. It had a warranty, so if it broke before I made up my mind whether it would be staying or going, I'd be covered. I cannot say when my mindset changed about the wheel, but sometime within that first week of use, it certainly did!

    Now let's get down the things that racers care about.

    For starters, the wheel is covered in a substance that allows good grip, most racers don't drive with wet hands, and that is the only circumstance I see this wheel slipping out of your hand. If the force feedback is set too high it can be quite agressive with you, but that is a game tuning issue. If you find it fighting you, just work on it in the settings because the wheel is actually quite good on Force once you get it set right. Also, after a long "enduro" race, I found that my left hand (dominant steering hand) was a little sore in the palm and finger area. I tried to figure it out and discovered that during rally races I really put a squeeze on the wheel, so should you find this problem it is just too much grip being applied to the wheel.

    The pedals could have a slightly better coating on them, as the plastic had my feet sliding around a little bit if I had to agressive and tedious throttle and braking until I got used to them. All in all, they work well and are well fitting to the rest of the ensemble. Just remember to put the carpet gripper down, or you'll spend half your time trying to grab the base with your feet while driving to slide it back to you.

    The tabletop grip system is basically bulletproof. It holds the table well, and can be adjusted to fit virtually any table you could wish to use it with. You are really going to have to get excessively rough with turning the wheel to make the base even squeak. Nothing is more distracting than a racing wheel making goofy noises, and this one is virtually devoid of them.

    The buttons on the wheel are well positioned and are handy as the pocket on a shirt for mapping to any radio comms. you might have for online racing as well as other things that each game may need you to keep track of. having both the paddle shifters and the stick are a bit over the top, but the paddles can be mapped to operate other key things like the clutch, so all is good there too.

    The one thing I hate about it is that if you are making a long sweeping turn holding the wheel steady at times it can make a very light 'whimper' sound from the wheel. It is very quiet and I suspect it is just something within the force feedback that is sounding off since you're not working the wheel side to side but holding it off center and still. Most people race with headphones on, so there really isn't an issue here.

    About the wheel feeling grainy, it still does, but it is so easy to get used to. the only thing I have a problem with on that is that it feels like the wheel has very fine notches that the wheel settles into when you turn, and on long sweeping turns where you want steering precision one notch is too much input and the other isn't enough input.

    All in all I'm going to say that for a good controller for racing of various types from the superspeedways of NASCAR games to wooden bridges in Rally titles, this wheel should suit your needs quite admirably. It does take a little getting used to, but there is nothing that would keep me from buying another one in a heartbeat.

    When you first get it, you may hate it, but trust me on this; stick with it and give it a fair chance. The settings for each game seem to be giving the wheel way too much Feedback for me, but after tuning them, the wheel started working like a real link between myself and the car in my game and I think that is what the MOMO was designed to do. ...more info
  • MoMo steering wheel
    I bought this for my son for Xmas. So I haven't used it at all ... but the wheel looks to be in very good shape and the shipping was FAST!...more info
  • Mac users - Well, it's only OK!
    CD accompanying product can't be read/loaded because it's designed for PC. Nonetheless, functions can be manually entered and Mac users will better enjoy many of the racing games out there. Love the force-feedback. Mechanism for clamping unit to desk isn't very strong and I broke mine on the second day (it's plastic). Still, my kids love what features that are available, so we're relatively happy. Bottom line: recommended if you're tired of playing racing games on keyboard and long for greater functionality. I buy these kind of product for my kids. They enjoy, and use often. And that's what makes me a happy camper. BTW: I got express delivery without paying additional expense. Was shocked to find product at my door in less than 2 days. ...more info