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Kingston KVR333X64C25/512 512MB 333MHz DDR-PC2700 DIMM CL2.5 PC Memory
List Price: $36.99

Our Price: $17.75

You Save: $19.24 (52%)


Product Description

ValueRAM is Kingston's value-priced line of industry-standard, generic memory intended for customers who have white box or generic computer systems, or who plan to purchase memory by specification. ValueRAM is designed to industry specifications tested, is 100% tested and is available at competitively low prices.

  • 512 MB of RAM
  • One memory module
  • Works with PCs that use 333 MHz DDR memory modules
  • Lifetime warranty
  • number of pins

Customer Reviews:

  • ECC
    This ram is ECC.Check your pc first before buying to see what kind of ram you need.Did not work in my pc because mine used non-ECC ram....more info
  • Working Fine
    Since I only have 512mb on my several year old desktop which had been running a bit slow these days, I decided to upgrade. I received this a few days ago. It came with pretty detailed instruction of what to do, and more importantly what NOT to do. Installation was a breeze, and it started to work right away when I booted it up again. I notice a major improvement on speed, especially when my PC is updating the anti virus software. Used to be it got so slow that I had to stop whatever I was doing and wait. Now I can do other tasks during the update. I am happy with this purchase. ...more info
  • kingston does it again
    arrived still sealed in the static bag and on time. installed and worked great....more info
  • Just what I needed
    For your average computer user, RAM is RAM. This was the cheapest 512 MB, 333 MHz, DDR PC2700 DIMM I could find, and it does exactly what I expected. You can't ask for more.

    Just remember to get the right memory for your box. This works great in my older Dell, but newer computers can use better and faster RAM. Be sure to check your specs to see what is right for you!...more info
  • Generic Memory
    I wanted a specific Kingston part number (KTD4400/512). Amazon search lead me to believe the memory I was ordering was that part number. It was the generic KVR replacement for that part number. I keep the memory because I can use it in another computer, but had to buy the memory I wanted somewhere else. I will avoid ordering memory from Amazon in the future....more info
  • Exactly as advertised. Quick shipping. Will buy from seller again.
    Product was spot on as advertised. Using it right now. Will buy from this seller again....more info
  • Increase Memory
    This is the amount of memory to maximize the ram for my computer.

    Worked perfectly and was easy to install....more info
  • Kingston Memory as Expected
    The memory was delivered promptly and was exactly as advertized. It has been humming along for 90 days and I expect years of service without problems....more info
  • Kingston memory is among the best you can buy
    I bought this 512mb DIMM for my Dell and it has been perfect through 1 year and counting. I use to sell system hardware and know well that Kingston memory is among the best you can get. Every chip is verified at their factory prior to going out the door, unlike many who run sample tests....more info
  • Memory Chip for PC
    I was very happy with the purchase. It was delivered in a timely manner....more info
  • Non-ECC RAM
    I have recently purchased this to supplement my current computer memory. I have had 512MB of memory for a while, now I wonder why I took so long... Anyway, I purchased this to match a Kingston-brand memory card I already have on my Abit A7-MAX2 board. This motherboard accepts non-ECC PC2700 RAM up to 3.5GB. I now have 1GB, so it works, but it was rather difficult to insert. It was to the point where I was afraid that it would damage the motherboard. I also had to re-seat my pre-existing RAM due to the effort. (Which was easy to do! Not sure what the deal there is.) The bottom-line is this RAM performs as it should. Just be careful on the insertion....more info
  • sped things up!
    Obviously, if you need more ram, things are going to be slower. Easy to install, doubled my computer's speed....more info
  • No issues at all
    Very easy to install. Pops right into the slot. My PC recognized the additional memory immediately during the boot process. I haven't had any issues with it. I would definitely purchase another Kingston product....more info
  • Just What My PC Needed
    RAM is the cheapest way to speed up your pc, if you need more RAM Kingston is who to get it from, I bought mine and my pc performs so much better. I had to press a little harder then I expected to get it in, but all is well and its working fine....more info
  • Solid performance in Dell Dimension 2400
    It's perfectly compatible with the existing 128mb RAM that came in the Dell. Yes, the Dimension 2400's came with only 128mb running XP - it took 2 years to figure out that was why my mother-in-law's computer ran at 1/10th proper speed, because she paid at least two different "professional" computer people $60/hr to "help" her. I never imagined that Dell was so low as to sell a dog like this at SAM's Club, and that the "professionals" had never checked the RAM. Having a total of 640mb now, it runs like a brand new system. Everyone is thrilled, because helping her is no longer a two-hour ordeal. ...more info
  • Great product - worked like a charm!
    What's to say, I bought the RAM, popped it into my motherboard and it worked. The whole process took about 5 minutes and I have noticed significant speed gains in most applications and games. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs a cheap PC2700 RAM module....more info
  • Check compatibility
    It works for a lot of people, but there are a couple different lines of Kingston, one of which wouldn't work in my Dell....more info
  • No reason not to order from this vendor
    I've bought Kingston memory from a variety of vendors before (even from Kingston directly) but I was concerned about purchasing from Brainstorm Corp because I had never heard of them before.

    But they had the best price (including the shipping charges). Because Amazon stands behind any purchase from its vendors, I took a chance.

    When the product arrived, I contacted Kingston to make sure that the memory was theirs. It was, I installed it, and have had no problem with it. And if ever do, I just have to send it back to Kingston...more info
  • As specified on the description
    A good all around product, that was effectively compatible with my other hardware. Very satisfied with my purchase, and hope to buy some more in the near future....more info
  • Works and Improved Response Time Noticeably
    Kingston ValueRAM worked in my old eMachines T4510 on first installation and improved the response time noticeably.

    I originally bought it for an old hp Pavilion a412n desktop, but when inserted into its motherboard, the hp would cycle on and off every second once turned on....more info
  • Memory
    The item I received was delivered within days. I cant believe how fast I got it. I most definitely will be looking for other items being sold by this seller. Tell the seller to keep up the good work....more info
  • Exactly what my PC needed!
    Product was installed & my PC's operating system has been enhanced. It was exactly as what was needed!...more info
  • Great product!
    Plugged this into a Dell Dimension 2350 and it was recognized right away. Kingston makes a solid memory chip and has a great warranty. Should have bought two......more info
  • Works Flawlessly
    I ordered this memory for my Cisnet PC and it works like a charm. Great memory at a great price. I'll be looking here again for my next upgrade. ...more info
  • Kingston 512 MB PC Memory
    Not much to really say about it other than it does what it says it will do. A good price for a satisfactory item....more info
  • Kingston 512MB RAM
    Item arrived exactly as described. Shipment arrived as described. Works well and noticeable improvement in performance.

    Only note is that it requires a surprisingly large amount of force to install - don't be afraid to push hard till you hear it 'click' into position. ...more info
  • More than a year of use, and still going strong.
    This is a good quality product from Kingston. I haven't had any trouble with it since I got it. No blue screens or compatibility issues.

    If you need a RAM module, consider getting a Kingston one. They really have the best RAM modules....more info