Targus PA470U DEFCON Authenticator PC Card Fingerprint Reader - Black
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Product Description

The DEFCON Authenticator, an ideal solution for data security, allows you to say goodbye to passwords! The DEFCON Authenticator is the first biometrics, USB-based fingerprint stand-alone unit of its kind with 2 incorporated USB ports. Simply plug the Authenticator into a USB port and improve your data security along with increasing the number of available USB ports. This device uses biometric technology to grant hard-drive access only to authorized users through fingerprint identification, eliminating the need for standard passwords, and increasing the level of data protection. With the DEFCON Authenticator, you now have the one-touch answer to all of your computer security needs!

  • Light, Small and Great for Travel
  • Silicon Fingerprint Sensor Featuring Authentec's Trueprint Technology
  • Fingerprint Biometric Authentication Allows Only Authorized Users Access to Sensitive Data
  • Pc Card with Integrated Retractable Fingerprint Reader
  • Compatible with IBM's Client Security Software (Css)