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Sony ECM-DS70P Electret Condenser Stereo Microphone
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Product Description

If built-in microphones aren't cutting it, pick up Sony's ECM-DS70P. This stereo microphone gives you increased audio quality when recording onto digital media, such as MiniDisc, DAT, & NT. Also, it's small size and light weight makes it easy to take with you. Color - Gray Includes - 3.3ft. microphone cord and clip Weight - 3/8oz.

The ECM-DS70P microphone is the perfect companion to any digital recording device. If the built-in microphone you currently are using doesn't allow for the mobility or quality you demand, this stereo microphone is sure to meet your demands. With plug-in power there is no need for batteries or additional power cords. The microphone plugs directly into your recorder, minimizing possibly confusing cord requirements. The electret condenser microphone is uni-directional, meaning your recording will capture the full stereo sound of your selected subject. The gold-plated plug ensures a proper connection. The microphone is compact and lightweight (only 10 grams) and thus will travel nicely with your compact digital recorder. With the one meter mic cord and included clip, your recording process will be that much easier. The ECM-DS70P is recommended for digital recording devices like the MiniDisc, DAT and NT recorders.

What's in the Box
Sony ECM-DS70P microphone and microphone cord.

  • Quality microphone for digital media recording; ideal for DAT, NT and MD recorders
  • Plug-in power operation
  • Uni-directional recording to capture stereo sound
  • Gold-plated contacts for sure connection
  • 1 meter long cord (3' 3")

Customer Reviews:

  • Not JUST for Sony recorders
    Contrary to earlier review, this microphone works GREAT with devices other than Sony; just make sure that your recording device provides plug power. I use this microphone with my iRiver iHP-120 20GB MP3 Jukebox --- records great stereo sound directly into MP3s. Fantastic for recording my kids' concerts. Highly, highly recommended....more info
  • Sopranos Beware!
    This mic works great in almost any situation -- unless you're an operatic soprano. It can't handle the top notes and gets blown out and distorted -- and exactly on your "money notes" that are critical to recordings! If you aren't singing above the staff or are singing pop or are recording sounds or speaking voice, it is an incredible mic....more info
  • Great little stereo microphone
    I am a musician and own my own studio in Nashville, TN. I have thousands of dollars worth of microphones. This product is what it is and for the money is a brilliant little microphone. Even though I have a 250 track digital recording studio, sometimes I want to record without doing a major "studio" setup. I bought a Boss Micro BR and this mic to go with it. This is a fantastic combination. The sound is definitely studio quality. I did a location recording of a simple trumpet and piano. Rather than drag my whole set up I took the Micro BR and this mic and made a very fine sounding recording. I got a pair of windscreens that were made for a telephone headset. I put one over each side of this mic and never take them off. This mic does have its limitations and does not sound as good as my $650 studio vocal mic for sure, but that's not what it is intended for. This is for portability with clear crisp sound. With a Micro BR it's a phenomenal combination. I almost didn't buy the Micro BR because it only has a mono on board mic, but I ordered this mic to go with it and I'm so glad I did. This magic combo is a serious upgrade from a Zoom H2 or H4 and for less money - go figure. Sony - well done....more info
  • brilliant product, but only works with Sony products!!
    I fell in love with the design and spy-movie size of this microphone, but it doesn't work with most recording devices, because most recording devices aren't equipped for "plug-in power", eg, the Denon DAT player that I wanted to use- couldn't get any signal to record on this. Ditto for my friend who bought the same microphone to use with his laptop- couldn't get any signal. If you, like me, dig sony's products on the whole, you should get the ECMMS907. It takes a battery and will work with any recording device....more info
  • Good Mate for Boss Micro BR
    I'm using this mic with the Boss Micro BR and I'm very pleased. I record jam sessions in my living room that consist of an amplied bass, acoustic guitar and djembe drums. I set the mic up in the middle of the room on an improvised stand. The recordings come out very sharp. I played a session back on a surround sound system, and if you closed your eyes, you'd be convinced that live musicians were jamming all around you. The seperation of the instruments was that good. ...more info
  • Very happy with this mic
    I recommend the Sony ECM-DS70P stereo microphone.

    This mic is great to use with the Sony Mini disc recorders such as MZ-N707 and up. Although it is referred as uni directional, I have found the stereo separation very good.

    As you are recording yourself with other singers for example you distinctly hear the vocal separation or instrument separation on playback so, then you can get an interesting separated sound by adjusting the mike direction.

    So, even though the L and R mics are close together they must be facing in different directions to get that quality of separation.

    There probably are better mikes, and I am sure they cost more money. I am critical of what sound goes in my ears, and this is excellent for my needs, which is self recording, recording voice lessons, live performances etc.

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    ...more info
  • HISS!!!!!
    If you love the sound of "hiss," then definitely buy this microphone because it's the noisiest piece of junk I've ever heard. Seriously, if you've worked professionally with microphones then you don't want this one. I bought two and both are going back immediately....more info
  • Works Well
    Is a little Hissy, but picks up well. I wish it was a little more sensitive to the midrange, as it seems to pick up base and extreme highs easier. I use it with a micro br to record our band live for learning purposes and for that it works great....more info
  • Great for MD recording! Nice for the price!
    This unit is not as compatible as compared to others. But, what it loses in compatibility it makes up for in features. It's wonderfully small and works great with Sony MD recorders. True, it isn't as versitile as the battery models, but it's a lot smaller too. If you just want to do MD recording, this is the unit for you.

    The sound quality is sufficiently clear when recording, but is not sensitive enough to satisfy the most demanding users such as musicians or professional reporters. You need a relatively strong source.

    Here's one MD player recorder that I know has the microphone jack and works great with this microphone:
    'Sony MZ-NF810CK Net MD MiniDisc Recorder with Car Kit'

    However, don't be fooled. Not every MD player has the appropriate Mic Jack. Double Check the technical documentation to make sure. Units that definitely do not have it are:
    'Sony MZ-NE410 High Speed Net MD Walkman Recorder'

    Notice the deceptive "Recorder" moniker in the product name. Don't be fooled! Very few MD "recorders" actually record with a microphone!

    Not sure about these:
    'Sony MZ-NF610 High Speed Net MD Walkman Recorder'
    'Sony MZ-N510CK NetMD Walkman/Recorder with Car Kit'
    'Sony MZ-N505 Net MD Walkman Player/Recorder'

    Do your research before purchasing any MD player. All in all, this is a good value and the ideal microphone for those wanting to record onto a Sony MD....more info

  • Only Practical Solution for Any Type of Personal Stereo Recorder
    This is the only mic that is practical for use with my (apparently discontinued) Panasonic stereo cassette recorder (the onboard mic is monaural). Ignore the cord and simply attach the mic directly to the machine for a package that is scarcely any larger, heavier or less convenient than the original machine. Surprisingly, Panasonic offers no mic for the recorder, even though it's seen at least two editions. With the cassette machine I notice no improvement in sound quality with the higher-priced, stick-shaped Sony stereo mic.

    Having had a couple of misfires with a digital mini-recorder (admittedly not "mechanical" breakdowns), I'd still recommend a cassette machine, if only for a back-up....more info
  • Awesome microphone, recommend use of a stand.
    This is an EXCELLENT mic. I use this paired with a Olympus VN-4100PC Digital Voice Recorder. The cord which comes with this has a fabric shroud, which picks up noise, so it's not used. The Mic is very sensitive, and I use it with a Cell Phone Holder (Car type with a suction cup) as a Microphone stand. The clarity of the Mic is very good, it's used to record Podcasts with guest speakers as part of a mobile studio setup. Highly recommended!...more info