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Enough [VHS]
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Ridiculous, manipulative, and utterly irresistible, this push-button thriller instantly qualifies as a guilty pleasure, even when you know it's just a B-movie potboiler with moxie to spare. Taking a savvy clue from Ashley Judd's Double Jeopardy and any number of endangered-female melodramas from Hollywood's golden age, Jennifer Lopez stars as a blue-collar beauty who marries the really wrong guy (Billy Campbell). Eventually, of course, she discovers his philandering and spends the rest of the movie in nomadic flight from his hot-tempered brutality. Bankrolled by her estranged father (Fred Ward), she protects her young daughter, but knowing she must face the inevitable showdown with Campbell, she buffs up with Krav Maga self-defense courses and... well, we won't spoil the "surprise." With Campbell doing everything but twirl his mustache, this shameless provocation is beneath the talents of director Michael Apted, but with J. Lo in charge, it's a revenge fantasy that's guaranteed to please. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • good for those who love and hate Jennifer Lopez
    If you love Jennifer Lopez, then you will like this movie. Although not a masterpiece, its one of her few films that wont put you to sleep. Seriously, I saw her other movie "the wedding planner" and it put me in a coma.

    If you hate Jennifer Lopez (like me), then you have to buy this DVD. This is your chance to see this egotistical J-Lo get the shiznel beat out of her. When Britney Spears makes a movie where she gets beat up, I will be first in line to buy a ticket.

    Me and my friend saw this movie in the theater. J-Lo gets beat up bad several times and we laughed our asses off! So make your popcorn and enjoy the movie I call "Im still annoying Jenny, knock my block off"!

    I bought my copy new for $5.50 at Walmart. This movie is bad as a dramtic thriller about domestic abuse, but good as a action thriller about domestic abuse. If your looking for something more realistic, watch "not without my daughter".

    Only $5.50 to see Jennifer Lopez get beat up... Sounds like 5 stars to me!...more info
  • "You're one of the lucky ones"
    I usually don't watch movies with violence in it, but I watched this one because J Lo was in it. While the plot may or may not have been realistic, it does show how horrible domestic abuse can be. Many women face this reality everyday. Women, be safe, and Everyone, do what you can to help end violence against women and children. Peace....more info
  • Very Good Movie!
    I was lucky enough to find this at Wal-Mart for $5.50. I had seen it before but I had forgotten how good it really is! I love the way the stalker becomes the prey and gets what he deserves! Go Slim!!...more info
  • Empowering
    This movie focuses on the ideals of femininity and female empowerment. Slim (Jennifer Lopez) falls in love with a charismatic and wealthy contractor named Mitch (Billy Campbell). Things seem to be going well for Slim, they have a nice house, a loving relationship, and a baby girl named Gracie (Tessa Allen), then things go sour. Slim finds out that Mitch has been cheating on her, and decides to address the issue. This does nothing except awaken the abusive beast that has been hidden inside of Mitch. Slim, intolerable of his behavior decides to take Gracie and flee to Michigan. However, little does Slim know that Mitch is an obsessive stalker and her life will never be the same. Tired of living in fear and danger, Slim decides to fight back in what becomes a suspenseful and crowd-pleasing ending.
    This was a really thrilling film. I've heard a lot of negative comments about it but I think it was fantastic....more info
  • I Love This Movie!
    Course I love Jennifer Lopez. I think she did an excellent job in this film and I thought the film was great! She was not about to let this man take over her life and take her child and that was just awesome. I remember watching this movie intently and enjoying every bit of it. Great movie to watch with your girls and feel strong. Good job J-Lo, plus the little girl is adorable. :)...more info
  • great family movie, beauty artist
    I'd watched Intro and some people told me a great family movie, so I decided to buy it @ amazon. it's easy for me than searching another plc or shop.

    Our family loves it, Tks Amazon

    Nguyen...more info
  • Too Far Fetched!
    Lopez as a battered wife who escapes her abusive husband with her daughter and goes into hiding. With huge financial resources and a bunch of mafia like goons behind him it is only a matter of time before the husband tracks Lopez down.

    As a last resort, Lopez goes to train with a martial artist who trains her to be able to fight back against whatever attack her husband may throw at her. When her training is complete Lopez goes with the intention of actually beating him to death but later learns that her humanity will not let her do it.

    I felt a lot of the movie is a little far-fetched to rate it higher, otherwise I would have given it four stars. Lopez does toughen up in the movie (a la Linda Hamilton in Terminator II) and gives a totally different persona than she normally shows....more info
  • Escapism in Disguise
    In many ways, Enough is a stereotypical Hollywood escapist type movie. On the surface level, it's a reasonably entertaining movie about a woman fighting back against an oppressive husband. However, As is the case with most escapist type movies, under a critical lense the plot shows some serious flaws. Despite the guise of female empowerment, the plot fails to show any genuine resistance to the patriarchal system. In many cases, there are many scenes in the movie that seek to highlight Jennifer Lopes's sexual attractiveness, all in the typically male gaze of Hollywood All of the authority figures are male, and Slim is constantly dependent on them in order to resist her abusive husband. Slim only resists one man, her husband, while she leaves the patriarchal system virtually unchallenged. The appeal is not to a social betterment of women, but a single isolated event of resistance.
    In the end, if your looking for a powerful movie relating to empowerment of women and resistance to the patriarchal system, there are far better movies. However, taken in the context of a simple escapist movie centering on a tale of revenge, with the twist that it is women against man, it is probably not a terribly bad bet. Some amusing moments, a reasonably exciting end, numerous plot holes, but in the end it is defiantly not the worst movie ever made. But it is nothing terribly "special" either....more info
  • Enough (Ws)
    J Lo was real and intense in this movie. I've been there, done part of that, and felt it was great to see the ending. Really great....more info
  • Thrills or Revenge: Depends on your Perspective
    In ENOUGH, Jennifer Lopez recreates a perpetual Hollywood genre, that of the abused woman in peril. We have seen this before most recently with Julia Roberts in SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY. And as with all such movies, the director has to define the line that separates the creepy and clammy feeling that one gets when one sees a dangerous and homicidal man trying to kill his wife from the vicariousness of revenge that one gets when the weirdo husband gets his comeuppance.

    Lopez is Slim a decent and caring woman who falls for a rich cad (Billy Campbell) and thinks that she has found a story book marriage. She has an adorable girl (Tessie Allen). When she finds out that he is a serial cheater and wife abuser, she leaves him. Up to this point, ENOUGH is a realistic drama of The Woman in Peril. Following her hasty departure, Lopez shows a breathtaking lack of brains that sets the stage for the inevitable cat and mouse game that quickly morphs into a Hollywood revenge fantasy. Women who see this film will surely react on a visceral level that eludes men. Most of the latter half involves the transformation of Lopez from helpless victim to remorseless avenger. Even though there is a decided predictability built into the scenes that depict this morphing, one cannot help but be carried along by Lopez's plight and then her counter strategy. By the film's end, the women in the audience have learned what they must have suspected from the first--when you are in danger of abuse GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND GET A LAWYER. What men feel about the plight of abused women is hopefully the same. ENOUGH succeeds in resonating with an audience what a woman must do as a natural right in a time of mortal peril....more info
  • The best
    I absolutely love this movie, and watch it every chance i get. I am a HUGE jlo fan and this movie really portrays her amazing ability to act. It was a wonderfully plotted movie, with all the suspense it needed. Jlo was great in it and one of my favorite parts are : 'I can smell her!!!! her purfume!!!'- jlo 'Slim we just had a drink!'-mitch. 'STOP IT! OK? I CAUGHT YOU! YOUR CAUGHT! AND YOUR NOT GONNA TALK YOUR WAY OUT OF IT!!!!' then of course it goes on, and he hits her. -OOHHHH- jlo, as she hits the floor.... I know that scene by heart and it is my ultimate favorite. IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY SEEN THIS MOVIE, RENT IT OR BUY IT!!!! you will not regret it! My review is by far the most accurate on this entire site, and i mean it, this movie literrally ROCKED!!!!! At the end, it was so heartfelt when she held her daugher in her arms away from harms way. It was awesome! it features her song she wrote with her 'then' husband chris judd. SEE IT!!!...more info
  • Flawless
    I love JLO and this movie just showcase the talent that she has. I really don't want to go into details about this movie because if one have not seen this action pack movie they would really enjoy it. Its basically a woman that ended up with a abusive/controlling/dog husband but the movie goes much further than that. I highly recommend this movie...more info
  • JLo's best performance since Selena................
    JLO finds out that she cant run forever from her abusive husband. So she learns Krav Maga and gives him a a*s kicking to remember. ...more info
  • Anything but a feminist film.
    Jennifer Lopez delivers a bomb, with Enough. Although not as hideous as Gigli, Enough tries to pass off the usual segmenting of the body and booty shots, with a feminist cover. This movie has made many claims about its modern, feminist messages, but in reality it defies the messages it sets out to portray by depicting JLO's character as it does. The very name of the main character, "Slim," is a commentary on the nature of the film. Slim is the surveyed. She is constantly being viewed and judged by her male counterparts. The film also ignores other aspects of Slim's life. Her race, economic, and social class are ignored for the better part of the film. She is seen in only one role until her husband finds her, and that is the role of a waitress. A father figure later appears in the film to help the character, however this only serves to reassert the fact that a woman needs male intervention to survive on her own.
    I think this film is severly lacking in the areas that it claimed would be the strongest. Enough is an anti-feminist view of the world in which we live....more info
  • Nails on a chalkboard.
    Let's face it. Nothing anyone says can sway a particular fragment of this movie's viewing audience one way or the other. Those who love J.Lo will declare the greathess of this movie, in a variety of ways. Those who hate J.Lo will counter their every point in describing how bad it is. And those who love quality film won't waste too much time even recognizing that this movie even exists. Guilty pleasure, indeed! One thing you have to admit about J.Lo, she's consistent. She sings bad, acts bad, and is merely eye candy, for thoe who find her appealing. And this movie is full of all of the above, plus awful, cliche ridden, emotionally pleading writing that should be an inspiration to anyone with Hollywood writing aspirations, since this movie demonstrates how little talent it takes. At least it's had it's short, but sill way too long presence on the premium movie channels, cause for a while this piece of garbage was ubiquitous, just like the lead starlett. Maniupulative only begins to describe this drek. But that said, it's more than enough time wasted on this movie. I merely felt compelled to warn folks. Don't waste your time. It stinks....more info
  • Jenny from the block gets knocked off her block
    This movie was far-fetched. All Lopez's movies are so. You might want to overlook my biased review because I can't stand J-Lo. She's one of those people whose very existence makes me despise them. She cannot sing nor can she act. But she can wait tables superbly. Jennifer Lopez, waitressing is your one true calling in life. [...]...more info
  • Courageous and determined to protect her child
    Enough - Special Edition (Widescreen)

    Having been in an abusive relationship and very afraid for my child, I gave up everything to keep him out of our lives. "Enough" is a perfect title. It is a story of a determined, courageous mother on the run from a vicious and very successful husband who had the assets to find her repeatedly. Jennifer Lopez was an underrated actress until she won a role in "An Unfinished Life" with Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman. As well as the film with Jane Fonda "Monster In Law". "Enough" is riveting and shows that there aren't enough options for battered women. Thank you for considering my opinion. ...more info
  • You're so vain, Jennifer Lopez
    This is just as vain and self-stroking a vehicle as the Julia Roberts' project about the abused wife with the attractive but alas violent hubby that I suspect this movie was based on. Apart from Out of Sight, Jennifer Lopez picks movies that she feels creates an image of her that ingratiates her with the public and strokes all the class insecure hyper-ambitions of a true sellout. I'm seductive because I'm hot yet vulnerable. If you want that kind of hot, Rosanna Arquette in Desperately Seeking Susan still holds the crown and she didn't have to get on a soapbox about being from the barrio but I'm a princess on the inside or I'm so hot that my husband can't forget me because ultimately its not about the spousal abuse, oh no, its about being the most unforgettable gal in the world. This movie, Maid in Manhattan along with Julia Roberts' Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts' abused wife swims away from Patrick Bergen movie and yes, definitelym Erin Brockovich are just reasons for calling out Janeanne Garaofalo because I didn't take any feminist studies classes but I know the bull when I see it. Sic 'em, Janey, sic' em.

    So nevermind if female secretaries, nurses and interns just want to go home to their families at the end of the day - what these kinds of movies say about you is that you want your bosses. It doesn't matter if there's no boss luring explicit in the story. This is about how she wants you to know that she is good enough and she wants you to see it and do something about it. Nasty stuff.

    p.s. I don't completely hate Jennifer Lopez. I did like her all too brief but lovely appearance in Mi Familia and wished that I would see more of this authentic beauty. She just ran off the integrity rails, made a lot of money and is of no interest to me whatsoever now. I just don't want to see anything she is in. If her character is commendable in any way, it just makes me think granted harshly how uncommendable her career choices have been and the effect that has had on impressionable young girls if only to add to the current lexicon of what qualifies as acceptable conduct by girls and how they can be judged at the outset. ...more info
  • Starts off strong...
    ... and begins to fizzle toward the end.

    "Slim" is a waitress in a diner and falls victim to the conning ways of a charming snake, only to be rescued by a charming snake in sheeps clothing. Well, she ends up marrying the snake who rescues her and has several years worth of blissful ignorance, until she discovers the snake is having an affair. When she confronts him, the once mild mannered husband and father turns into a raving loon. Okay, so we are giving a small glimpse into his character when he threatens the old man to buy his house, but short of that, we have no clue until at least 4 or 5 years down the road that this guy is a real jerk - and abusive to boot.

    That's the first place where I think the movie kind of takes a bad turn.

    Next, we watch a lot of implausible scenes where none of the characters do anything that they should in the situation given at the time. While I liked the movie in general, I found myself saying out loud several times, "Oh, that's just stupid. No one would ever do that!" or "What the heck was she thinking? That's not what someoen would really do!"

    In the end, the last scene, the retribution and redemption scene, is cheesy and WAY over the top. I was disappointed with the ending, and also disappointed that the loose end with Slim's real father was never tied up for us. She left him with, "Not now, because it wouldn't be sincere, but at some point, when this is over, you need to admit I'm your kid." (or something like that)... and he never did. (shrug)

    Noah Wiley, whom I usually like, played a part that I believe was beneath him and I was disappointed with his performance in it as well. Jennifer Lopez, given the role and the story line itself, did a great job with her character, and her daughter in the movie, Gracie, was adorable.

    All in all, I enjoyed the movie, but to call it a legitimate thriller is pushing it a bit, yet I wouldn't go quite so far as to say it was B grade either. Somewhere between Good and Cheesy, it's worth a night on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, if you have nothing better to do....more info
  • Thanks for the DVD
    Thanks for the DVD! It came as described on the website. I love that I was able to get such a great movie for so cheap. It works great and I am satisfied with my purchase! I will definitely purchase movies from the seller again!! Thanks again =)...more info
  • Truely Inspiring!
    I keep my reviews very short and vague so that it doesn't ruin the plot or story line! If you are a victim of abuse, WATCH THIS MOVIE! It is truely one of the most inspiring movies that has some of the best lines ever written down in movie history! It also has a great ending and more abuse victims need to not take this movie figuratively but quite literally and go out into life not allowing themselves to be a victims! We need to take control of our lives and pull a "Slim" and do what it takes to survive with the freedom we are granted by the Constitution! SELF DEFENSE IS NOT MURDER! BE EMPOWERED AND INSPIRED AND DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GET YOUR FREEDOM......more info
  • A great crowd pleaseing movie that is better than what I thought it would be
    When I first the trailer for Enough I thought the film might be a fake Sleeping With The Enemy in retrospec the film is that but Enough is more of a crowd pleasing film than anything. Jennifer Lopez carries the movie as Slim an abused wife who decides to fight back. Lopez gives one of her best performances since The Cell. Micheal Apted shows J-LO's beauty as a sweet innocent waitress, then a loving/battered housewife to a woman who has had Enough . Billy Campbell gives one of the best villians performances of the year as the husband and Noah Wyle is great as a supporting villian. Juillete Lewis, Dan Futtermen and Tessa Allen as Slim's daughter all give good performances also. Don't get me wrong the film is no Oscar picture but it sets out to please a crowd and that what it does. I give it *** out of ****. ...more info
  • enough

    "Enough" thrilling nail biting
    By: Ashley Ratliff

    He seemed so perfect, well mannered, good looking, and the owner of his own construction company. They quickly fell in love and each decided they had found the love of their life. The two tied the knot and had a baby girl not too long after. Life couldn't be more perfect. Then he started spending more time away from home and more at the "office", he was much more irritable and when he got mad he didn't just yell he hit anything he could get his hands on including slim (Jennifer Lopez). Finally Jennifer Lopez (the main character) decided she couldn't take the abuse anymore and decides to handle it her own way.
    I really liked this movie for many reason. The first one being, it was about a situation that women are put in all the time. Jennifer Lopez's character handled it in her own way. She had a lot of drive to get what she wanted, and she was willing to do anything to get it.
    I liked this story also because it was very different than other movies. Normally when a wife is getting abused by her husband she just runs away from the situation, but Jennifer Lopez's character stands up to her husband and pays him back.
    Another reason I like the movie "Enough" is because she shows that women can stand up for themselves. She didn't just sit back and let her husband control her; she decided to do it her way. By escaping her husband and his bad treatment she was able to be successful and survive on her own.
    The final reason I like "Enough" is because of the character development. I felt like I really knew the characters. Whenever the characters cried I cried.
    Out of all the movies I've seen this one is the best one because I've never seen another movie like it. It might give someone who is in that situation an inspiration to get out of it. This movie would be good for children who are 13 and older, mostly because of the violence. Go to the video store and find this movie and buy it!
    ...more info
  • A gift
    This was a gift for my daughter as she loves this movie. So thank you....more info
  • What happens when good talent meets bad script
    Jennifer Lopez is much better an actress than singer, but "Enough" is not a showcase for her. Following a formulatic, but tolerable rising action, the film quickly falls apart when Lopez's character goes on the run with her daughter from her abusive husband. Plot holes and quickly executed fragments of the story ruin an otherwise predictable but entertaining film.

    While the point of the film is a woman's power to protect herself and her children, the film seems to just be gearing towards the mass of girl power films of the last few years. Nothing original or engaging happens in "Enough" and the finale sequence is pretty laughable.

    Despite a decent performance out of Lopez, she can't save a mediocore plot with minor potential from going anywhere but below average....more info
  • *Very Good Movie!*
    I really liked this movie.It shows that a person can only put up with so much.You have to stand up for yourself.Be strong and you will win.A must see for anyone who has tolerated physical abuse....more info
  • Enough
    Great movie. I used it in my Family and Consumer Sciences class to discuss domestic violence and the violence cycle. Students were interested because it was modern and it contained segments that could be used as clear examples of the cycle. ...more info
  • Amazing Movie!!
    Jennifer Lopes is Amazing in this Suspenseful movie about an abusive husband. This movie will have you screaming "YOU GO GIRL!!!"...more info
  • Review of Enough with Jennifer Lopez
    I absolutely love this movie. I had borrowed it from my town library and watched it twice and still had to have it. I have since watched it more times that anyone would undertand why. The last scene is terrific. I think Lopez does a GREAT job. I recommend this to all women, in particular, and to the men to like to abuse them.

    RC...more info
  • Final Germ 241
    Jennifer Lopez plays the role of Slim, a battered wife who overcomes the stereotypical qualities of a woman to free herself and her daughter, Grace (Tessa Allen), from an unsafe home environment. Slim is your typical mother whose main concern is the safety of her daughter. In the movie, she is willing to do anything to keep her daughter out of danger even if it means leaving behind a picture perfect household. At the start of the movie you see Slim as a submissive wife doing anything she can to please her husband Mitch (Bill Campbell). However, when things go awry she abandons her role of a perfect wife and begins to form a new image as the protector of herself and her daughter. In her transition she goes from the weak and defenseless wife to a powerful and independent woman capable of taking on her husband. The metamorphosis into a dominant woman consisted of Slim cutting her hair short and training to be a fighter. Slim is no longer objectified by Mitch or any other man as she was at the opening of the movie. When Slim worked as a waitress at the onset of the movie she was unknowingly being watched by Mitch. Through Mitch's surveillance of Slim, he determined that she would be his wife. This is a portrayal of a society where men choose whom they want and how she will be treated based on physical attributes. Enough is a dramatic interpretation of an ideal family going tragically wrong. It is also a representation of how it is possible for mistreated women to overcome their typical obedient roles in a male dominating world....more info
  • Enough
    Very good movie and a great price. On top of that it was delivered very quickly. I will definately buy from this vendor again.
    ...more info