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Ratchet & Clank
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Product Description

Forget about Super Mario Sunshine--this is the real superstar platform action game of the season. Featuring a pair of wacky robots in a quest to save the universe, Ratchet and Clank may offer the same old basic platform scenario--run around, elude or destroy enemies, jump, and negotiate treacherously dynamic environments--but it has a number of things going for it that place it among the best titles ever in this genre.

The feature that will strike you first is the terrific art direction. Set in a science fiction future, the game has a beautifully executed retro cartoon look (think old Warner Bros.). The attention lavished on every detail, from architecture to character design, makes for a world that feels complete and real. This extends to the cutscenes, which feature a variety of colorful characters given vivid life with excellent voice acting. Then there is the sheer size and level of interactivity of the environments. For me, a particularly stunning moment was when my character was knocked off a skyscraper, but instead of perishing, landed on a ledge and was able to seamlessly navigate to a whole separate section of the game. Another moment of truth came when I aimed my blaster at one of the vehicles whizzing by in the sky. These vehicles were just pretty wallpaper, I thought, but no, the thing blew up. In fact, nearly everything you see is destructible or responsive in some way: you can jump up trees, scuttle over walkways, smash boxes, and climb up ledges. And the control scheme is just complex enough to keep things interesting with multiple weapons and the like, without being bogged down by too many features.

While the routine of finding and destroying enemy robots may get tedious after a while, Ratchet and Clank keeps things interesting with the many metamorphoses of Clank (who takes on forms that surprise even himself), cool weapons like the Glove of Doom (which unleashes armies of tiny Clanks), and shifting first-robot, third-robot points of view.

If this game doesn't become the bestselling platform action game of the year, it will prove that nostalgia for old characters, marketing hype, and brand loyalty really are more important than quality. --David Stoesz

Ratchet and Clank is a fantastic new adventure starring the strangest heroes you've ever seen, in the strangest solar system ever!

  • Get ready for nonstop action as Ratchet and Clank rip the galaxy a new one with their itchy trigger fingers
  • Choose from a wild range of 36 weapons and gadgets designed to burn, bomb, explode, or obliterate your enemies
  • In this game, it’s not the size of your weapons that count, it’s how many you have and better yet, how you put them to work

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!
    So much fun! Insomniac scored enough with the Spyro series, but now here comes this (...) gun-blazing, fun free-roam adventure! I haven't gotten to the end yet, but I've played enough to know that this game rocks! 5 out of 5 stars definitly!...more info
  • The great world of ratchet and clank
    The Great world of Ratchet and Clank

    Fun, Fun, Fun, that's what you will be having once you play the one and only Ratchet and clank. This game will keep your hands on the controller and your eyes glued to the TV. This game has everything you could ever ask for in a video game so get ready to come in to the amazing world of Ratchet and clank.

    What can I say about the levels besides the fact that they are excellent? The levels are so excellent because in some of the levels it gives you a riddle to solve which makes the levels challenging but fun.

    The price is great because it is worth so much but it cost so little. The price is somewhere around $19.99. Once you play this game you will ask yourself why it isn't much more.

    Most control settings for good games such as this one are pretty hard. But the control settings for this game are excellent because they are not hard to remember and not hard to do. So if you think all control settings are hard then try playing Ratchet and Clank you will think twice about this game.

    Usually graphics are pretty realistic and that's what makes the game great. For this game the graphics are so realistic it puts you in the game. If you like graphics you'll love this game.

    So what do you think? Are you going to play this game? If you are looking for an action packed game then go to your local store and pick up this game. I would recommend this game to all ages. The rating is E for everyone. I command you to go home, sit down, and have a good time while playing this video game.
    ...more info
  • Platforming fun
    Ratchet and Clank represents platforming at its best. The game is fun to play, and has a pretty good replay value. Though it's not that long (it's taking me around thirty hours to complete it) it's an addictive game. It also has hidden prizes and the music really fits the game's style. I plan on playing the rest of the games in the series as well. ...more info
  • great game
    I think this game was good because of the great graphics, weapons, and enemies. the enemies werent too hard and not too easy. the weapons were destructive and enough to do the job. there were a couple of times in the game where if I kept dying, I would just give up and then try in a couple days or even weeks....more info
  • A cute game
    This is a cute game especially for those who like platform games. I agree with another reviewer -- the worlds are really huge and sometimes you just lose your orientation. I especially like this game because you can play it entirely in Spanish (it also has French and German, I think). My complaint is that the controls/views are a little sluggish, that is, you turn Ratchet to face a certain direction and by the time you use the controls to see what he sees, you could get blown up. That said, it's a lot of fun, vivid and colorful graphics and you should get this game for a nice distraction. Hours will pass by without your even knowing it!...more info
  • Close to platforming nirvanna.
    I'm a purist. I am hard pressed to believe that taking the platforming genre and moving it into a 3D environment is a good idea. However, I well and thoroughly enjoy this game.

    Ratchet and Clank, IIRC, shares a game engine with Jak & Daxter, but I find R&C far more enjoyable. This is in part due to the multitude of weapons available, some with strange and arcane effects (like the suck cannon which sucks in enemies which you can fire out later, or the morph gun which turns enemies into chickens).

    It's also in part due to the clever level design. There are usually a couple of ways to get to a certain area, and I never found any area exceedingly difficult to clear (not that it was easy, mind). The only complaint I have is that there are often "tracks" through a level which can be very obvious and sort of break the mood.

    The graphics are great. The style fits the mood of the game perfectly, everything is generally very crisply rendered, and I can only recall one or two times where the framerate really chugged. And that was in a heated battle using a gun with lots of special effects on a horde of enemies.

    The reason this title doesn't get four stars overall is because there isn't a whole lot of mission variety, and that can get annoying after a couple of hours of game time. Still, it's an awfully fun platformer which is executed very well....more info
  • Mix between Sly and Jak
    Great game with a lot of challanges. Kind of a mix between Sly and Jak but with it's own twist. The only thing I do not like is the fact that you have to keep flying around in space to get where you need to go, it is fun at first but gets old real fast. Other than that I think it is a good game and I can't wait to get started on the next one. ...more info
  • Simple fun.
    A fun romp for any age with some playful humor and weird storyline. Fans of futurama will love this....more info
  • The First of an Amazing Series
    I started the R&C series with the 4th game, Deadlocked, and worked backwards to this one because of availability. As they BUILD ON EACH OTHER and there are substantial benefits to playing them and finishing them in order, START HERE! The game is amazing. There is great depth in game play as well as story. I only have a couple gripes; No strafe (corrected in later games), and the difficulty of game play fluctuates a little more than I like, from slam-dunk easy to an expectation of perfect moves/key strokes for an extended period of play. The puzzle solving and multi layer story are a nice addition to the huge selection of weapons and equipment you accumulate as you blast your way through many different worlds. Try it and you will be hooked....more info
  • the most fun you can have with your PS2
    This is a absolute must have for any action gamer. This isn't just a game for young kids, adults will have just as much fun playing as kids will. It is set in a number of futuristic planets that you will have to battle across in search of the horrendous villain "Chairman Drek." It is absolutely the most fun I have ever had in my gaming career, which includes medal of honor, gran turismo, jak 2, ssx3 and countless other stellar titles. Throughout the game you will collect nuts and bolts and use them to purchase gadgets such as the mapomatic which lets you explore uncharted territory, magnetic boots, which lets you walk upside down on ceilings etc, thruster pack, which allows you to make extra high jumps and on, this game also has very imaginative weapons that you buy with bolts as well. Amazingly, you will find yourself using them extra strategically, such as the following, blaster, which is the basic gun, pyrocitor, which is the flame thrower for close range, hoverbombs, missiles, shock gun and on, I don't want to ruin it for any of you by going to in depth. The game has a medium difficulty level, but there are also a few very hard parts of the game such as escaping the flooding rooms and of course the final boss, but you will be grinning the whole way through. Please go out and buy this game, (and it's sequal which is just as good as this one) I am begging you. You won't find a game that is more action packed and more importantly more fun. And that is what it all comes down to, fun...more info
    This game rules!!! RATCHET AND CLANK is about an adventurous mechanic and a robot on the run. You go around as Ratchet(Clank changes into a back-pack and travels on Ratchet's back)collecting items and bolts(money),saving planets, destroying bad guys, and using gadgets. I won't spoil the storyline but this game has amazing graphics, funny characters, and wacky weapons.

    There are over 30 weapons and gadgets to choose from! Here are just a few-
    The Bomb Glove, Pyrocitor, Blaster and the Devastator.
    Now, this may seem a little boring. Just bombs, a flamethrower, a gun and rocket launcher, right?

    What about-
    The Suck Cannon (suck and chuck enemies!), Glove of Doom (makes minitiaure robot allies), Mine Glove (let the mines do the dirty work for you!)and the Morph-o-ray (turn your enemies into chickens!)

    There are also cool weapons, like-
    The Visibomb (control your rockets), Walloper (punching glove)Tesla Claw (electronic beams) and don't forget the all powerful R.Y.N.O (Rip Ya a New One) and special upgrades, gold weapons!

    And gadgets?
    The Swingshot(swing to and fro), Heli-pack(to fly!), O2 mask (breathe polluted air and unlimited oxygen when swimming) and Magna-Boots (take a guess)are just a few!

    And this is not all. You can also become Clank, and the destructive Giant Clank, who can shoot rockets, punch, jump and explode!

    So now do you want to get the game? You should! It's cheap, too, and is for almost anyone! (there is no blood, just a bit of animated violence.)...more info

  • ratchet and crank review
    Nothing boring with this game. The characters are fun. It is a blending of shooting enemies (no blood or gores, just bolts), racing, treasure hunters, strategy and more. The environment are great. I gave 4 stars, because the 2 following ratchet and crank games are better (5 stars indeed), but this one is also a must have....more info
  • Jak and Dexter? BAH!!! Ratchet rules!!!
    I don't know if there's much more I can say that hasn't already been said by other reviewers. This game is AMAZING!!!

    This is chapter one of the Ratchet and Clank series, and will be on my top 10 games list until the day I die. The levels are fun, and the humor is well placed (you'll know what I mean after you meet the plumber).
    What will most appeal to people will be the weapons. There are just sooooooooo many to choose from! Whereas many games with hoardes of weapons are tedious and frustrating, Ratchet and Clank sells itself due to the variety! Right off the bad, you get your permanent melee wrench and a bomb throwing glove. Then a flame thrower, then a blaster, later a sniper rifle-like weapon, rockets...and even one that turns enemies into chickens! It's insanely fun, and as you proceed, you can buy upgrades for the weapons, making them better and sometimes more fun!
    The story is amazing, and the levels are fun. Ratchet and Clank is simply a must have. And check out Going Commando and Up your Arsenal too. this is a series that just keeps succeeding!...more info
  • Great game -- just don't play it on a PS3
    Having gone through the PS3 release "Ratchet & Clank Future" and its downloadable sequel, I totally fell in love with this series. When I saw that there are numerous prequels for the PS2, I bought all of them (new and used) through 3rd party, Amazon sellers. I'm glad that I did I that or else I'd be far more upset for reasons that I'll go over shortly.

    The game plays exactly the same way as its latest successor -- fight through a series of well-made landscapes, buy new weapons, upgrade existing weapons, and so forth -- and it includes all of the great humor that I've come to expect. From that perspective, it can be argued that if you've played one R&C you've played them all; but that doesn't make the game any less fun to play.

    The biggest problem -- and this is my fault for not researching it beforehand -- is that this game does not play well on the software-emulation, 80GB PS3. It is playable; however, it runs very slowly in most sections and cutscene audio goes out of sync. Other R&C games are said to freeze in certain areas. So, you can still go through the game, but you might become frustrated by the slowness. Again, that's not a fault of the game. That's my fault for not researching it, although it would have been nice for Sony to upgrade the compatibility due to the popularity of "Rachet and Clank Future". They should expect people to be interested in the old versions. Oh, well.

    If you have a PS2 and you like 3rd person arcade shooters, you have to have this game and indeed the entire series. They are so much fun. If you have the original, 80GB PS3 with software emulation, you sadly should consider finding a used PS2 to play this game....more info
  • FANTASTIC game!!!
    This game is one of the best games I've ever played! Youre this cool thing called Ratchet, who finds a robot named Clank and they go off on a mission to save Ratchets home planet. Along the way though, there are some fantastic weapons and gadgets, examples are:
    Devastator: Shoots missiles from afar, almost always attacking the opponent
    Bomb Glove: Throws bombs to blow up the enimies a***es!
    Glove of Doom: Little robot thingys which kill the enimies for you!
    Tresspasser: Opens locked doors by turning lasers green
    Hoverboard: Go hoverboard racing to earn items and respect!
    Pyrodictor: Cool flamethrower which turns everyone it touches to toast!
    Hologuise: Turn into a little robot and wave to all the other robots, tricking them into letting you get past their defences!

    There are loads more weapons and gadgets (obviously!) but too many to state them all here! I totally recommend this game as it is sooo good, and I'm hoping that the 2nd and 3rd will be better (if thats possible!)....more info

  • Outstanding Game - Great Fun
    You have to try this one - it is truly fun. Not too hard, not too easy with just enough challenges to make things light....more info
  • Ratchet and Clank review
    Have you ever wanted to play a game both exciting and adventurous? This is a game for you. It is called Ratchet and Clank. Not only is it exciting and adventurous, it is action packed and full of explosions. You get weapons, gadgets, spaceships, and items.
    This game is about Ratchet (some kind of animal) who finds a robot that crashes to his home planet. The robot tells him that an evil alien named Drek is going to destroy every planet. He is going to do this by taking little sections from each planet and putting all the pieces together to make a new planet. That would cause the planet that he took the piece from to spin out of orbit and blow up when it hits the sun. Clank (the robot) is looking for a superhero named Captain Quark. Clank asked Ratchet if he would help. Ratchet decides to help. You go through many levels of excitement, color, and many planets.
    You get weapons along the way. Some are stronger than others. You get two to start out and they are the wrench and the bomb glove. You can get other weapons to like the blaster, pyrocipter, taunter, devastator, decoy glove, visibomb, glove of doom, waloper, drone device, and the best weapon is the R.Y.N.O.
    Some of the gadgets you can get are the swing shot, grind boots, magnet boots, helipack, thruster pack, hydro pack, trespasser, and the hydrodisplacer.
    You have to destroy a ton of aliens and other creatures. You can get a hover board and enter two races. You get bolts, gadgets, or items for winning.
    I would recommend this game to anyone who likes explosions, weapons, and adventurous games. I liked it because of the explosions, weapons, and gadgets. It is rated T for teen. The sequel is even better. It is called Ratchet and Clank Going Commando....more info
  • Had to play
    Started playing Ratchet and Clank with the second one all the way up to the latest PS2 one. Thought I should play the original. Wasn't as fun (though the ps3 one is pretty cool) but I enjoyed it. Game came as delivered....more info
  • A revolution in third-person shooters
    Before Ratchet and Clank, the majority of "toon" third-person adventure games followed the same pattern: perform stupid tasks for NPCs to collect Stars or Shines or whatever, collect huge piles of items that don't serve any actual purpose, and exhaustively explore giant levels filled with nothing. Your protagonist either rarely or never spoke.

    Ratchet and Clank provides you with sensible missions. The only thing you "collect" is money and occasional secrets. Ratchet and Clank are active participants in their adventure, and have character, motivations and goals.

    And need I mention that instead of jumping on things' heads you get to blow them away with a huge arsenal of fascinating weapons, ranging from a Han Solo-style blaster pistol to an armed inflatable decoy?

    If you're looking for a "toon" shooter or platformer that lives up to the promise of being an interactive cartoon with a wicked sense of humor, providing great gameplay and a memorable plot and characters, you've found it....more info
  • My FAVORITE Game!
    Alright, first off, I know this game is rated teen, but to parents out there, there is absolutely NOTHING bad in this game. Yes the characters do use guns, but they are like the kind on Looney Tunes. The story is the basic "Oh no! (Insert Bad Guy's name here) is going to destroy the galaxy!" but with a few twists. And it's not just one story line, they have you running allover the place. The levels are large, with many places to explore. Sometimes the missions can be confusing or hard, like oh.... Getting past huge guns, while trying to get to this little garage (in fact, the first time I got there it was because I died). You have about thirty weapons and gadgets, a personal favorite is the morph-o-ray (turns enemies into chickens!)
    The graphics, though now a little older looking, were in it's day very top-notch, they still look very good. Levels are beautiful, but they fill them full of robots and aliens, so at times it can be annoying. You get to fly space ships, play as Giant Clank, and even get out and walk in space.
    You see now why I like this game so much? Now you go to Target, and it's on PS2's greatest hits! It's really a no brainer, I highly recomend this hit!...more info
    This game is a classic. It's the first in a large series of Ratchet & Clank games. My son now owns just about all of the different Ratchet & Clank games and this is still one of his favorites. Every Ratchet & Clank games has different weapons and levels. This game will entertain your kids for many hours. They can freely roam many different worlds, defeat enemy's and finish objective in order to more on to different worlds. Rest assured there is no foul language of any sort in this game. This game is one player only and there is no online option. ...more info
  • My kids (5 & 8) still play this.
    We got this game December of 2002 and my boys managed to beat the entire game and open all of the secrets with some help from me. To this day they still get the game out and play on occassion. We have Going Commando and they still have not beat that game. They like to go back to this version and work their way back through it just for fun. At this price it's a bargin....more info
  • Best Game Ever!
    This game is so cool!! Lots of weapons and gadgets and tons of enemies to destroy. Many planet with tons of missons. Also there are secret areas and great bosses. Not only do you get to fight,there is also space combat and racing. This game is the best!...more info
  • just buying a replacement
    I love the whole R&C series. My copy of the first one got scratched badly and wouldn't play any more so I hopped on Amazon and bought a replacement. If you haven't played any of the series you should check it out....more info
  • Good Family game
    My wife, kids and I love this game. It's not gross or offensive in any way. The game control is relatively easy and you can win or buy weapons and gadgets etc. Its story line is humourous and well...i just love this game and the others that follow.

    I've played from 8pm to 5am next day playing and taking turns with the kids. They're both under 8 but they're gamers and it was a weekend...sue me. I usually step in when some parts are harder to advance....more info
  • nephews love it
    Sorry - this was a gift for my nephew who had already played it and knew he loved it before I even sent it. ...more info
  • Lots of fun
    I had played all the later ratchet/clank games before this one. Enjoyed them a lot so decided to get this one. Although the controlls are a little jerky compared to later games (to be expected) i really enjoyed playing this one....more info
  • Extremely Entertaining
    Now, Insomniac Games, the creators or Spyro, throw out the cute dragon platformer and make this superb action/adventure game. Featuring 15 devastating weapons and 14 useful gadgets, Ratchet and Clank is a game epic adventure unlike any other. Well... there are some moments featuring something Jak and Daxter but... doesn' t matter. You will traver around 18 huge free-roaming planets and Space Stations, battling bosses, robots and aliens, in order to save the galaxy from the evil Chairman Drek. You won' t be dissapointed, this game is perfect....more info
  • Only one small problem...
    and that's that the game isn't eternal. This is truly the best game I have ever played, just difficult to feel like an achievement, with tiny games hidden throughout to enjoy.

    The re-play aspect isn't great, I ended up playing a few times, as it gets harder once completed, but without enthusiasm. Once 100% completion is attained there isn't much to look forward to. However, since the game was long enough the first time around I didn't find this disappointing....more info

  • A cute game
    This is a cute game especially for those who like platform games. I agree with another reviewer -- the worlds are really huge and sometimes you just lose your orientation. I especially like this game because you can play it entirely in Spanish (it also has French and German, I think). My complaint is that the controls/views are a little sluggish, that is, you turn Ratchet to face a certain direction and by the time you use the controls to see what he sees, you could get blown up. That said, it's a lot of fun, vivid and colorful graphics and you should get this game for a nice distraction. Hours will pass by without your even knowing it!...more info
  • Interesting............But Cool
    One day I was looking on my local game store shelf and I came across Ratchet and Clank. I decided to try it out, and I found out it was awesome! You are a furry little creature named Ratchet who finds this small robot, Clank. They then find out this evil man named Drek has this polluted, overcrowded planet, so he decides to make a new one using parts of the best planets in the galaxy. Obviously, this is bad, so they go on various adventures to stop Drek and his minions. This is a platform/action/adventure game, and I usually hate platforms, but I loved this one, so please get it. Oh, along the way you fight against enemies, and when you kill them, bolts, or the galactic money, falls out of their pockets and if you get enough of them you can buy new cool gadgets and weapons to use. There is also lots of humor in the videos in the game! I love it! For concerned parents, this is rated "T" for mild violence, which is because of the guns. No blood, gore, language, etc. Please get this if you enjoy well, enjoyable games....more info
  • A Must Get
    This game is so cool because you have tons of guns, ammo, cool missions, and lots of humor in the videos. This is so awesome. This is a must get. Oh, for you parents, this is rated "T" for mild violence, which in this case is the guns and maybe the killing the bad guys. But this is clean otherwise. Please get it....more info
  • fun craziness
    the special weapons in this game are awesome and it's presented in a very fun way. My only compaints are that sometimes the worlds are too big and also you sometimes are not sure which planet you're supposed to be going to. overall though a great game, can't wait to play going commando....more info
  • Very Fun Platformer.
    I love the ratchet and clank series because the weapons are sweet,the story rocks,controls are easy,difficulty gets increasingly difficult as you go on,and the game is funny.The story starts off as you,Ratchet,fixing a ship.You are on your homeworld Veldin when you see ship crash to the surface.You go explore and find Clank,a small robot.When he tells you he can get you off the planet you are thrilled.The story takes off from there.

    As you are on your adventure you collect Bolts that pay for some of your guns and ammo.To aquire Bolts you can do 4 things:Kill an enemy,destroy boxes,participate in hoverboard races,or collect them as you see them.
    On every planet there are Gold Bolts that help you aquire gold weapons(More on them later).

    The weapons are funny as well as deadly.There is a Blaster,Pyrocerator(flamethrower),R.Y.N.O.(Rip Ya a New One),Suck Cannon(Sucks up small enemies to be shot at other enemies,a Morph-o-Ray,and many others.There are also gadgets that help you in your journey.There is the Swing Shot that allows you to swing through marked areas,a Hydrodisplacer that allows you to suck up water from certain nozzles as well as place water in certain nozzles,and a gadget that allows you to open otherwise unaccsesible areas.

    The planets are nice sized with many surprises like Gold Bolts,weapons and Skill Points.Skill Points come into affect after you win the game.You can choose to replay the game with all your weapons and bolts and if you do you can get skill points by completing certain hidden tasks that you must do by either using the strategy guide,or decoding the title of the skill point.

    Clank upgrades are awesome.You can have a Helo-Pack which allows you to glide across gaps easier,a thruster-pack which is an upgraded Helo-Pack,and a pack that allows you to swim very fast underwater.Helmets are also cool.One allows you to breathe in space or underwater,another allows you to pilot enemy fighters(in certain missions only),and one allows a sandmouse(A floating robot with machine guns)to accompany you for a short time.

    Missions are fun and varying and help ease the story along.All missions happen for a purpose.There are no worthless missions that are there for no reason which is good.Plus some missions allow you to play as Clank!

    Now on to the bad.When selecting a weapon the game doesn't pause time so you are completely vulnerable when selecting a weapon.Also you must choose to use gadget from the inventory screen instead of letting you press a button to do so.Those are my only complaints.Go out and get yourself a fantastic platformer and read reveiws on Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal if you like this one!...more info
  • Great Game
    This has to be one of the best platformers that I've played in quite awhile. I never knew that I would be able to enjoy a game in the Platform genre again ever since I played a few back on the days of the Nintendo and Super Nintendo. This game is a must for anyone who is willing to try out a game that is filled with a lot of action and wanting to spend a lot of time blowing ***** up....more info
  • Love it!
    Got this one for myself, and liked it! Had it for so long now my son loves it!...more info
  • Too much fun!!!!!
    This game is best game ever! The gadgets and weapons rock! The only problem is that my parents onlny let me play on Friday and the weekends. This game is too good. I have to sacafice all my compter and Tv time just to play Rachet and Clank. Righht now I'm on planet Orxgen....more info