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Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion Remote Mobile
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Product Description

The Symphony-in-Motion Deluxe developmental mobile is unique in that it combines a multitude of fascinating movements and motions to captivate and stimulate baby''s developing senses, with the finest developmental classical music by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, carefully selected and adapted by top musicologists, for maximum enjoyment and developmental benefits. And now, our popular Symphony-in-Motion Mobile comes with remote control, so you can activate the mobile without disturbing baby.

The original Symphony-in-Motion crib mobiles have long been favorite baby distracters/soothers, with pleasant, not-too-tinny music and spinning colorful critters and whirligigs. The only thing missing has been a remote control so parents could keep the music and action going without disturbing an almost-slumbering baby. Well…(sound the horns!) enter the Deluxe model! All the appeal of the original, plus a remote. The music box is (easily) attached to the crib bars, and the mobile with swiveling arm ascends from the box to hang over the crib, out of baby's reach. One button on the music box starts a 15-minute cycle of music by Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach; or individual composers' buttons can be pushed if baby has a yen for 15 minutes of Bach, say. Goofy zoo animals sporting polka dots and multi-colored feet (a la Dr. Seuss) are angled to baby's line of vision—not the parent's. The arms rotate as the music plays, causing beads to slide with a satisfying click on each turn. All this commotion can, of course, be initiated by the remote as well, which is a powerful feature for parents who know that one glimpse of mama or papa may be enough to get baby riled up again. Once baby is big and strong enough to grab the toys, it's time to retire the mobile. But keep that music box around—baby will love the music forever, and will enjoy pushing the buttons herself one day! Requires two "AAA" batteries (not included). --Emilie Coulter

  • Activate mobile without disturbing baby
  • Specially arranged classical music pieces in the mobile by Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, 15 minutes each
  • Four different types of movement and motion
  • Soft and colorful geometric shapes angled to baby's direct line of vision
  • Volume adjustment

Customer Reviews:

  • A SANITY saver!!! A must have especially for new Moms.
    We absolutely love this mobile. My hesitations were that it was a little higher priced than others and it certainly didn't match the nursery like another mobile I could've purchased, but my little girl LOVES it. Not only could I leave her in a safe place in her crib, but it entertained my newborn when I was in much need of a shower and had no one to help us out. Once she was able to make noises, we heard squeals of delight when we gave her "mobile time" and once she started using her limbs, it became a workout time for her as she kicked away with excitement. I cannot imagine how we would have gotten through these months without this mobile. We still use it today as she is 5 months old. It's worth EVERY penny!...more info
    This mobile was given to us as a gift and we LOVE IT. Our son is now 18 months old and every morning and evening he pushes the button and listens to 15 minutes of the Symphony. We love that once he was big enough to pull on the mobile that it comes apart and the music box can still remain attached.
    This is a GREAT PRODUCT. Thank you!!...more info
  • Great Classical Music Mobile with Helpful Remote
    We bought this mobile after a defective Fisher Price one didn't work at all. Although the animals on the FP mobile were cuter than this one, the music on the Tiny Love is very high-quality, long-lasting and impressive. The volume choices are just right for us - neither too loud, nor too quiet. The colors are great and the googly eyes on the animals catch our 2-month-old's attention. Works great on our cradle so far - the "hook" that holds it in place is another added advantage over the FP mobile we had. It's worth the price for the remote control extra - just think you can sit across the room or at the door and just press the button to restart the mobile. Worth it!...more info
  • awesome!
    Though it didn't match my aunt's son nursery it kept his attention for longer than the other mobile that went with his bedding called moonbeam mobile. He loves it!...more info
  • The best toy I bought-- My one year old is still using it
    My daughter is now one year old, and this was by far the most useful toy I bought her when she was born. It says it is for a baby up to 5 months, but she is still using it now because it is possible to detach the whole mobile part(which an older baby could reach and get tangled in) and just leave the music box attached to the crib. She turns it on by herself! When she was about 2 or 3 months old, she began to watch the mobile and wiggle and squeal with delight. She was so interested in it that I was able to go take a shower or do other things during a 15 minute cyle of music- a real help in the early months. We used it several times every day, and it used very few batteries. It attached easily to our crib with curved rails.
    Negative points:
    1)It's kind of loud, even on low, so I put a piece of clear packing tape over the speaker and that made the sound just right.
    2)The music quality is not as pretty as I had hoped, but it's better than other brands offered. My baby much prefers the rich tinkling sound of a real wind-up music box to any electronic music, so I would suggest also buying a standard music box.
    3) The mobile was so exciting to her that it was an activity toy, but not a help to get to sleep. In fact, my baby would eventually become over-stimuated by it and start rubbing her eyes and making noises when she wanted me to turn it off to let her sleep. For naps and bedtime, I used a gentle water-sounds machine to lull her to sleep and drown out any noise she might hear from elsewhere in the house, and she is still using that, too. An aquarium toy is also nice and can be turned on by an older baby.
    This is a fantastic toy, and I am so glad to be able to use it well beyond the 5 months the manufacturer recommends. My baby almost never minds going to bed, and I wonder if this toy helped her to see her bed as a pleasant place to be.

    ...more info
  • A Very Entertaining Mobile, but Probably not for Sleepy-Time
    The Symphony in Motion mobile is a very entertaining diversion for babies. Its bright colors and high-contrast black-and-white pieces create a scene that will captivate your little one. For this reason, it's an invaluable crib toy that can buy you some of that hands-free time that's always in short supply for new parents.

    The music box plays a choice of three classical pieces. While each is a soothing mid-tempo tune, the mobile is best suited for play time rather than nap time for two reasons: first, with the mobile running, baby will be too involved in its motion (and could get overwhelmed and fussy if he/she is ready for some downtime). Second, even with just the music box playing, the music is a little too loud for most young babies to sleep through. As a result, we kept a separate item in the crib as a sleep-time routine (the Fisher-Price Aquarium, which is also excellent).

    We're using our mobile for our second child now and it's been a hit with each. Even after our older one was too big for the mobile (i.e. could push up and reach/pull the pieces), he loved the music box by itself and would often turn it on by himself to entertain himself after having awakened from a nap.

    It comes with a remote control that lets you start/stop the mobile and music box for a distance in case you don't want to be a distraction to baby's downtime. We've found battery life to be very good compared to most toys.

    * Excellent attention-grabber; the combination of color and black-and-white really keeps baby's eyes following.
    * Nice playback of classical tunes - not too electronic or "toy" sounding.
    * Battery life is generally very good.

    * Volume is too loud for soothing most babies to sleep.

    ...more info
  • Motor never worked.
    We received this as a gift, set it up, got the music playing, but the motor never worked....more info
  • two broken motors- Babies r us admits problems with co.
    I love this mobile but gave up on it when I returned the second one because the motor broke again. It also takes a lot of batteries also and is really loud. If you live near a babies r us and keep the recept go ahead and buy it since its great when it works. But- it will break- even the girls at babies r us have said that they are having trouble with the company....more info
  • Hopeless Performance
    This is a hopeless toy. I purchased it from a store, primarily for its appearance. But, the motor didn't even last 2 months. My baby loved it (not for sleeping but for playing...).
    It doesn't spin whatever you do...finally returned it to the store......more info
  • Very nice mobile..Helped my son fall asleep on his own!!
    My son really loves this mobile. Before we purchased it, he couldnt fall asleep without swinging in his swing for a few hours first, but now with the mobile all I have to do is turn it on, give the baby a binky and a blanket and put him in his crib and he is out! Life is great!! Plus it is so colorful and entertaining, I spend a few minutes watching it myself! Every baby should definatly have one of these mobiles hanging over their crib!...more info
  • Great Entertainment Toy, Not for Soothing
    Some mobiles are quiet and soothing, some are entertaining. This one is entertaining. It's not designed to be a sleep inducer, as it is bright with strong visual contrasts to stimulate the baby. Multiple activities make it very entertaining to watch. I have not had any trouble with mine working but I have only used it for several hours of play so far.

    An update on the remote: The remote goes to "sleep" after 15 mins but just pressing the "on/standby" button on the remote reactivates it. The base can be quiet for up to 1 hour before the base stops recieving the remote signal. This is not ideal for a baby that wakes up in the middle of the night after 2 hours of it being off, obviously, but it's great for someone using it as an entertainer. Busy parents can lay the baby down, flip on the mobile, and get 15 min to shower, clean, pay bills, or cook. If the baby wants more and you don't want to approach the crib, you can easily activate it as you run by gathering up the laundry. The remote is still not very crucial, but it's not quite as useless as other posts make it out to be.

    I also love the attachment design. It attaches easily to my crib style but also attaches to my rail-back kitchen chair. I can slide the chair over to the bassinet or over a car seat placed on the floor and bring the mobile to the baby anywhere in the house.

    The safety concerns that others have brought up are important, like if the mobile is coming loose and falling on the baby. I plan to keep an eye on that, but otherwise I love this mobile!...more info
  • Fantastic Product, Solid Price
    I am extremely happy with this product. Its easy to setup and the amount of colors, shapes, and patterns is enough to keep a baby interested for very many months. My daughter loves it and this is one of the best distractions to calm her down or keep her interested while I change diapers or need her to calm down.

    Two things I would suggest:
    1. Don't get the remote control version. Its just not needed.
    2. Buy LOTS of rechargable AA batteries. All the baby products these days are battery only which really sucks cause you will go through lots of batteries and its a shame to throw these things out. I suggest buying rechargable batteries to save a few bucks long term and is a very environmentally friendly thing to do. Its fairly energy efficient but still goes through batteries.
    3. I would love this product to be plugged into an AC outlet instead of battery operated.

    Otherwise, it works extremely well....more info
  • Excellent mobile and company
    Just wanted to take the time to say how great the customer service was with Tiny Love. I am using this for my second child now. My daughter loved this mobile when she was a baby. We never had any problems with it. When I got it out of storage to use for my son, I had problems putting it back together. After calling customer service, I was sent all new pieces (basically getting a new mobile) at no cost to me. With so many problems with other companies, knowing you get great customer service with this product is reason enough for me to pony up the money to buy it. This mobile is also very color-rich and has great music. The detachable music box is another great feature. Babies grow out of these types of things so fast. Being able to use the music seperately from the mobile is a wonderful bonus. ...more info
  • Love this mobile!
    My daughter loved the mobile on her pack-n-play so much that we decided to splurge on a nice one for her crib. The symphony in motion one we got was the same as this only with farm animals and black-and-white swirls istead of colored ones. She didn't like it at first... I think she was too young and got overstimulated. When she grew accustomed to it, she started looking eagerly for it to start when I'd put her in her crib during the day (starting about 6 weeks). At first she'd watch it for a few minutes but after a couple weeks she'd watch it and "talk" to it for up to 2 hrs straight... I'd just have to go in and push the start button every 15 mins! Other times I'd put her down to watch the mobile and come back 20 mins later to a peacefully sleeping baby. I love the classical music too... there's a couple fun and fast selections and a slower one that you can either cycle through or pick one to play all 15 mins. It looks a little crazy at first, but if it'll entertain a 2 month old for 2 HOURS it's worth it's weight in gold!...more info
  • Okay item, son loves it but it is a battery hog.
    When I got this item and hooked it up it was wonderful. I loved the motion, my son at first wasn't at all interested but now at 3 months he is in love with it. The only problem I have had with this mobile is the battery life. Within 2 days of putting in new batteries they are dead. Once the batteries die the mobile is non functional and you must replace the batteries to move the mobile at all. I have had no problems with the arm falling in or breaking as some others have, but then again we have only been using it for a month steady. Overall it is an okay mobile, great concept, but the battery life leaves something to be desired....more info
  • Good stuff!
    My Baby can play with this all day long.
    Good product.
    Only thing is...It plays around 10, I wish it plays little longer or I able to set the time....more info
  • love this mobile
    I got this mobile after having to replace another one I had twice and this has been a god send. It runs on batteries so no having to wind it constantly. It runs for 15 minutes at a time with plays three different types of classical music. The colors are bright and attractive and the animals cute and my son just loves it. I did get the one with the remote though and that was a waste of 10 bucks because it only works when you are close to it and you have to point it straight at it, which sorts of defeats the purpose of him not being able to see me. That is why only 4 stars. Anyway, get the one without the remote and you won't be disappointed. Also, when baby is too big for the mobile part, you just take if off and can keep the music box part attached and it is still useful, which I liked. He likes the music to go to sleep by and I don't feel like I spent 50 bucks on something I can only use for a few months. All in all very much worth the money. ...more info
  • Best purchase for our baby!!!
    This is actually our second mobile (exact same one). The first one I purchased and it just quit about three weeks ago...couldn't ever figure out why so we made a mad dash to the local Toys R Us who was sold out. Ended up having to order online because our little guy couldn't be without this mobile - he absolutely loves it!!! While we were waiting for this one to arrive, I had to stand there and mimic the mobile's movements for my son b/c he just loves it so much! The music is soothing, the colors of the animals are great and constant motion of the beads keeps my baby entertained. He just loves it and it guarantees me 15 minutes of free time and most days a second 15 minutes with the quick hit of the remote control button. Great mobile - would highly recommend!...more info
  • Great Entertainment for Infants
    Our baby is 6 weeks old, and he is mesmerized by this mobile. I think he really digs the music, too....more info
  • eye catching!
    after lots of searching for the perfect mobile i decided not to go with the boring one that matched the room but with this one from all the great review from other parents. When I first put it up she would watch for 15 min strait
    enough time to wash some bottles or take a shower. I would recommend saving the box for storage since the pieces are a little sensitive you don't want to bang them up. The only thing for me is the remote, i never use it....more info
  • Great for fussy babies day and night
    Our daughter screamed all the time her first two months. AFter the first two months we needed something to distract, soothe and entertain her and at that point we bought this mobile. When we turned it on, within minutes she would quiet down and begin to coo and kick. She is now 4.5 months and still loves the energy the mobile exudes. This item is a God-send. My daughter smiles and looks for the mobile when across the room. We believe it encourages her to really get excited and get exercise. and we get some rest.
    Pros: colorful, 10-minute entertainment (enough to visit the bathroom or eat something), visually stimulating with black and white spirals, and additional moving pieces, large enough to fill entire view and be placed directly overhead or away to get the baby to move her gaze to either the left or right, hanging animals are machine washable if dust is a concern. If the child is distracted and happy with the item then it is worth the money.
    Cons: no mute for the music, perhaps easy to break if not careful, the music quality is a bit circus-like and not high-quality, item is pricey...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I'm very pleased with this mobile. It works wonderfully for entertaining and for soothing my little guy to sleep. It arrived quickly and was easy to assemble. Thanks for a great product!...more info
  • My daughter finally sleeps!
    I bought this product because my colicky daughter was really interested in mobiles and this seemed like a very stimulating and educational mobile. My daughter is now three months and for the past month she refused to sleep anywhere but with me. I bought this mobile a month ago and she really enjoys her mobile. She now loves to be in her crib and she is finally sleeping in there. The only modification I made is I taped up the stars that slide down because when she fell asleep they got noisy and I still wanted to keep the mobile on for music. The mobile does drain batteries but that may just be because we play it so much for her! ...more info
  • Great Mobile
    Overall I love this mobile. The music is great quality, although i wish it had an even lower volume setting. the remote works great and what i love the most is that the box can be set to activate the music manually, or that the music can only be activated by the remote. my daughter loves the animals and it is really very stimulating in color design and motion. the reason i took one star away is that on each arm there are 3 shapes that slide around, making too much sound for my daughter. it startled her every time when she was about to fall asleep, so i took a rubberband and fixed it around the shapes so they wouldn't slide anymore. since then, it works like a charm. i have not had any technical problems with it so far, 3 weeks of use, so i keep my fingers crossed.
    over all it's a very nice mobile, and having two kids, i've been through quite a few, still haven't found the perfect one, but this is the closest i've found to perfect.

    ...more info
  • Love it
    My 8 week old loves this creative mobile. He koos and squeels until he falls asleep. Highly recommend it!...more info
  • My daughter loves it
    I bought this when my daughter graduated to the big crib at three months. She laughs continously when I turn this on. It isn't very useful to lull her to sleep but I use it to entertain her in the morning when I getting ready. My only complaint is the way it attaches to the crib, it's a bit awkward and it damaged the wood finish a little, however a little padding under it has solved the problem. I have never used the remote, so I can't comment on it....more info
  • Nice mobile
    Pros: Creative cute animals, bright colors, good music quality

    - The beads have a metal ring on the inside that scrapes and clinks against the plastic rod as the mobile spins around. So when you should just hear music, you hear a LOUD sliding sound over the music.
    - There are only 2 volume settings for the music. Loud and medium. There is no quiet option which is an issue since the speaker is right next to the baby.

    It would also be nice if there was a motion only option or a music only option. We also have never used the remote control but I could see how it could be nice to have. Overall, our baby likes the mobile and falls asleep to it and that's all that really matters....more info
  • My baby loves this mobile
    I received this mobile as a shower gift and I have used it with my baby since day one. He loves to watch all the toys moving and listen to the music. The parts move more than regular-type mobiles. I enjoy listening to the music as well when I rock the baby to sleep. Like other reviewers, I don't use the remote that came with it, so purchasing the cheaper model without the remote is a good idea....more info
  • It didn't work
    We purchased this mobile after our whoozit mobile broke. This one was so interesting turning in motion in several different ways. ONLY THE MOTOR WOULD NOT WORK!!. Also it seems very dangerous for the arm. I feel it could fall out very easily. My baby loved to look at the strong contrast too bad it never worked....more info
  • Very entertaining mobile
    At first glance, I thought this mobile had a little too much going on, and I thought that it may overwhelm my baby and he wouldn't like it. As I took a better look, the colors, patterns, music, and remote functions were great and so I bought it. Once I placed this mobile in his crib and turned it on, he could not take his eyes off of it, and he smiled and kicked his little feet in enjoyment. That was enough for me, I made a good buy with this product. 4 months later he still loves it and cries when it turns off. The best feature I think, that catches his attention, is the dropping motion of the little teddies that hang down. As the mobile moves around in a slant the teddies drop down and my baby loves it....more info
  • Love It!
    We bought this mobile when my daughter was 1 month and she stayed mezmerized for the first 15 minutes it played. 15 minutes of free "awake" time at 1 month was a beautiful thing and well worth the price of the mobile and the frequent battery changes. She is now 2 months and she is good for at least 3 plays -45 minutes!- We have changed the batteries twice in that one month time and have never used the remote because she doesn't care if we come in to re-start it. It looked like Dr. Suess on LSD to me when I first bought it, but the cute little animals have definitely grown on me!...more info
  • He's fascinated
    Our 8 week old baby loves this thing much better than another mobile we bought. He watches all the activity for as much as 30 minutes. Sometimes he just turns and faces the speaker to simply listen to the music. This mobile keeps him occupied and seems to soothe him. If he is awake, he loves to watch the little animals rising and falling in a circular pattern. It did not help him sleep at first, but he's now used to it and seems to focus on the soothing music when he's going to sleep. He even smiles at the music box.
    I do not believe there is another mobile quite like this series by Symphony-in-Motion....more info
  • Two boys that love it, and I love Tiny Love
    I bought this for my first son three years ago. He loved it and I'd have to restart it for him over and over (with or without the remote) because it captured his interest so well. The motor (the purple ball-shaped section) died within the first three months, but when I called Tiny Love, the company that makes this, they sent a new one completely free of charge, and it continued to work well.

    The music is lovely and you can set it to just one tune or to cycle between the three different songs. The animals are fabulous to look at - black and white plus bold colors, with buggy eyes to boot.

    Now, my second son is enjoying it. As a matter of fact, now that it's up again, my three-year-old likes to turn it on to watch and listen too.

    I'd have given it less stars for breaking down, but getting free replacement parts and great customer service won back all the stars!...more info
  • Fun for adults keeps kids up
    Bought into all the reviews and "prizes" won by this toy. Only problem is it never really worked for us and then didn't work. Our son found the music and all the action to energizing and it kept him up. When we turned it off he became a great sleeper. At 3 months slept 8 hours straight and learned to fall asleep on his own. The remote never worked further than three feet away and does not turn the unit on unless you have it on standby. Few weeks into it we had to give it a push to get it to move and now its just stationary. [...]...more info
  • Love this mobile
    This mobile has great colors, is very interesting and totally captivates the attention of my 10 week old. It has nice music (not too mechanical or tinny sounding) and plays for a good amount of time - about 15 minutes. I love to look at it too!

    I haven't had any of the mechanical problems that others have mentioned, but have noticed that sometimes if the mobile doesn't want to move, I just need to adjust it by moving the mobile unit in the stand (that attaches to the crib rail) just a little to the left or right. The mobile will start back up at that point....more info
  • My child's favorite toy!!
    This is the first time I have ever taken the time to write an online review, but after reading negative reviews about this item I had to write. This mobile is absolutely the best baby toy around. My son who is now 2 1/2 still has his in his crib. He turns it on himself in the morning and listens to it. Sometimes I hear it on the monitor in the middle of the night when he has woken up and turned it on. My 8 month old also has one in his crib and will go to sleep when I turn it on. It is not the most soothing of music and my one complaint is that the volume does not go low enough at times, but other than that it is a fun, colorful addition to any baby's room. ...more info