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Half-Life Platinum Collection Second Edition
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Product Description

Nice electronics is your source for everyday low prices on the Havas 71805 - HALF LIFE PLATINUM 2 B49 W95/98/2K and all other Havas Software - Multimedia

  • Comprehensive bundle of the award-winning first-person action-shooter Half-Life games
  • Features Half-Life: Game of the Year Edition
  • Half-Life: Opposing Force
  • Team Fortress Classic and Half-Life: Counter-Strike
  • Half-Life: Blue Shift

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun, but by now way outdated.
    I got the platinum collection when it came out. The single player games are fun. The multiplayer TFC is the best multiplayer shooter hands down, but since HL2 came out TFC was shutdown. I assume HL2 had some similar form of online play to TFC. ...more info
  • Blast from the Past
    I was first introduced to the Half Life universe by way of Half Life 2 on the Xbox. It was an amazing experience, and after playing Episodes 1 and 2 and Portal, I was hooked, and wanted to go back and play Half Life 1 to get the back story, so to speak.

    Put succinctly, Half Life and its ilk are first person shooters. You play a single character and see thorugh his eyes the entire game. Being a shooter, there is no role playing and almost no decisions to make. Instead, you are confronted with challenge after challenge and must find your way through or around them. Challenges range from fights to jumping challenges to puzzles.

    The Platinum Collection includes Half Life 1, Blue Shift, and Opposing Force. Half Life 1 is the main game and the other two are additional games based on Half Life 1. There are also other games included in this boxed set that are not a part of the Half Life universe, including Team Fortress and Counterstrike, but being interested only in the Half Life universe I have not played those two (they are also multiplayer games, and I play solo).

    Half Life 1 follows the adventures of Gordon Freeman, a scientist in the secret Black Mesa complex somewhere in the Southwestern US desert. Black Mesa is apparently working on teleportation technology, and one day as Gordon arrives at work something goes terribly wrong with an experiment and a hole is ripped between earth and a strange dimension. Outof this hole pours all sorts of bizarre and dangerous aliens who begin killing everything in sight.

    If this weren't enough, the US government decides to white wash the whole thing by sending in marines to kill everyone, aliens and scientists alike. So as Gordon, you now have to worry about aliencs, the soldiers of your own government, and try to close the portal and save the world, if not your own hide.

    Interestingly, the other two games, Opposing Force and Blue Shift are bnot sequels, but rather they focus on the exact same events of the exact same day from the point of view of other characters. Opposing Force puts you in the shoes of one of those very marines sent in to kill everyone. Blue Shift puts you in the shoes of one of the many security guards employed by Black Mesa.

    What's interesting about the two expansion games is that you get to revisit some locations and even see some of the events that you performed in Half Life from a third party point of view. It is sort of a Rashemon type experience.

    All three games are, by today's standards, dated. The graphics were adequate in 1998 and are certainly showing their age now. Backgrounds are low res for the most part and creatures and people have little uniqueness to them...even after loading in the HD graphics update pack that comes with Blue Shift. But no one playing a 1998 game should expect 2009 graphics should they?

    The sound, on the other hand, is quite good and vital to game play...not only because of dialogue, but also because they provide necessary clues as to what might be around the corner or coming at you.

    The actual play is somewhat of a mixed bag. The combat is very nice, and the marines especially fight a good fight against you, acting reasonably intelligently. For example, if you try to hunker down against a squad of marines and wait for them to stupidly step into your field of fire, you will be in for a shock when instead they lay back and lob grenades over your cover and onto your position! Marines take cover, run away, charge, lob grenades, and generally act reasonably...which makes for very fun encounters.

    The aliens are less interesting if only because they are less intelligent and coordinated, but there is enough variety in the types of aliens to keep things interesting.

    You get a nice variety of weaponry in all three games, though without a doubt the bizarre alien based weaponry you get in Opposing Force takes the cake. Weapnry includes melee weapons, pistols, rifles, grenades, demo charges, and rocket launchers, and in Opposing Force you get access to sniper rifles and 50 cal machine guns.

    I am not a fan of jumping puzzles...mainly because I am so bad at them and don't see a lot of fun in jumping, failing, falling to my death, and then reloading and trying again. And there are a LOT of jumping puzzles in the first Half Life. Less in Opposing Force and very few in Blue Shift. That said, if you like jumping puzzles there are plenty of them to whet your appetite. Many of the other puzzles involve figuring out how to get around hazards or throwing switches...all pretty standard but useful in breaking up the fire fights.

    One thing that is neat about all three games is that you end up in a nice variety of "terrain". It's not all about running through an underground complex. You can find yourself outside, swimming in a lake, walking down a canyon, climbing a cliff face, skulking through air vents and sewer tunnels, and in even more bizarre terrain that I will not mention for fear of giving up spoilers.

    Half Life 1 is a fairly long game. Opposing Force is medium sized and Blue Shift is quite short. I was able to finish Blue Shift in one night.

    Over all, there is no way I could recommend these games to a modern gamer in 2009, due to their age. But I have given them high ratings because they are fun to play and, more importantly, if you are into the Half Life universe, you SHOULD play these games. If you've played Half Life 2 and enjoyed it, then I highly recommend these games simply to experience the background to the whole story. You will also understand a lot of inside jokes and tropes in Half Life 2.

    In fact, if you are thinking of playing Half Life 2 for the first time, I recommend you STOP, order these games, and play them first. I wish I had played the whole series in would have made Half Life 2 even more enjoyable.

    One word of caution....the software in this edition is likely to be incompatible with modern computers and operating systems. Furthermore, these versions contains some annoying bugs (for example, the game often stalls when you ascend or descend and elevator and there are LOTS of elevators in these games). But fear not! With the CD keys in hand you can register at Valve's online gaming service STEAM for free and activate the latest versions of all of these games FOR FREE and receive the latest updated versions, which ran fine on my Dell XPS 1710 with Windows Vista.

    So, to conclude, these are a must have for anyone who played Half Life 2 or who is thinking about taking the plunge into one of the most fascinating first person shooter series in gaming history....more info
  • Great Oldschool game
    This is a great game with lots of MODS (They Hunger for one). Some will be put off by the "dated" graphics, but if you've never tried the "first and the best" of the FPS give Half Life and its numerous add-ons and mods a try....more info
  • What more can you ask for?
    This is the ultimate collection pack. All Valve/Gearbox retail Mods are included (Opposing Force and Blue Shift). However, Team Fortress Classic and Counter-Strike are redundant for the Broadband user. Team Fortress comes with the latest Half-Life patch and Counter-Strike can be downloaded. The version of Counter-Strike included with this pack is the retail version, which is recommended for 56k users but not broadband users as the retail version is buggy. It is also a separate program and not a "add-on mod" to Half-Life.

    The only retail mod not available in this pack is Half-Life Counter-Strike: Condition Zero as it is not released yet.

    Half-Life sets the standards for the FPS genre.

    Many user-created mods like Counter-Strike and Day Of Defeat can be downloaded once you have Half-Life. Bear in mind that these mods are very 56k unfriendly.

    For the 56k user, I do not suggest getting any Half-Life or Half-Life related packs as eventually you will have to download patches.

    High replayability, low system requirements and unlimited gameplay. What more can you ask for?...more info