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Calphalon Commercial Hard-Anodized 12-Inch Everyday Pan with Lid
List Price: $168.00

Our Price: $32.98

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Product Description

The 12-in. Everyday Pan is an all-purpose pan. Use it for searing, browning and sauteing vegetables and meats. It also works well for making paella, jambalaya and all-in-one meals that you can bring right to the table to serve. The 2 loop handles make for easier lifting.Backed by a lifetime warranty, Calphalon's Commercial Hard-Anodized Cookware is made to professional standards, offering the home chef unsurpassed cooking performance, superior construction and lasting durability. Each piece in the Commercial Hard-Anodized line is made of a heavy-gauge aluminum, all-metal construction with the advanced technology of the Cool V stainless handles. The aluminum construction provides superior cooking performance by distributing the heat evenly so there are no hot spots as you cook. And because it's made entirely of metal, each pan can be used in the oven and under the broiler. The hard-anodizing seals the cooking surface, making it stick-resistant and non-reactive to the foods being cooked. The Cool V handles are designed to stay cool on the stovetop, and are balanced with such precision that the pans feel lighter when you pick them up.

This 12-inch everyday pan will end up being the hardest working pan in your kitchen. It is ideal for everything from simmering stovetop succotash and braising brisket to browning Dutch pancakes or cooking fruit tarts. Part of Calphalon's Commercial Hard-Anodized line of cookware, this pan is made of heavy-gauge aluminum that's uniformly thick across the bottom and sides, allowing for quick and even heat distribution. Its durable hard-anodized finish is stick- and scratch-resistant and won't react with acidic foods. The patented cast stainless-steel handles are comfortable to grip, plus they minimize heat transfer so handles stay cool on the stovetop. Handles are held in place by three sturdy stainless-steel rivets. The included hard-anodized lid is dome-shaped, making it ideal for moist-heat cooking. The cookware and lid are oven-safe up to 450 degrees F so you can transfer a frittata to the oven for browning without having to switch pans. All cookware in this line is covered by a lifetime warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • Constructed of heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum for superior heat conductivity
  • Patented stay-cool cast-stainless-steel handles
  • Stick- and scratch-resistant surface; dome-shaped hard-anodized lid ideal for moist-heat cooking
  • Oven-safe up to 450 degrees F
  • Lifetime warranty; made in China

Customer Reviews:

    Buyers Beware. I have been an amazon customer for years. I read all the reviews and was ready for my Calphalon pan to arrive. You will also note that this item was sold , not from a third party distributor but from Amazon itself. What I received was not the Calphalon pan I ordered but a Chinese knock off. I was shocked. It came in a unmarked white box with "Made in China" Printed on the outside. No where on the box or inside the box or even on the pan does it say Calphalon. Slipped in with the pan was a single general brochure for Calphalon cookware. I looked at the picture of the pan in the brochure and it didn't even look like the one in the picture. The handles were different, the marking were different and it looked like, well a cheap knock off. I am sending mine straight back to Amazon.

    As a loyal Amazonian I am just floored. ...more info
  • good price ($20 got it on sale) but it sticks!!
    as mentioned in the title, i bought it when it was on sale, very good price for this brand. when i received it, it was shaallower than i thought, doesn't matter, however, it seems u need to put a lot of oil otherwise, it sticks quite a lot, cleaning seems ok, but still quite annoying as u couldn't only use it for one dish and then soak in the water and clean it the next day...i won't recommend to friends......more info
  • everything sticks in it even bacon
    I purchased two and wish I didn't even have one as the bacon even sticks to this product....more info
  • Pan for just about everything!
    We love this pan! It's a great size for one pot meals like chili or stir fry. The handles on either side make it easy to hold and drain off liquids. The side handles also make it easier to lift off the stove when full. A regular 12-inch frying pan has one long handle that can be difficult to manage. The pan cleans up easily, although the hard-anodized pots and pans do stain/discolor. We bought it on sale for $30 and it was a BARGAIN. ...more info
  • Great Pan
    This is a great pan. Work's well and heats evenly. Easy to clean and food comes out tasting great!...more info
  • Christmas gift
    Not much to say here except thiis is a wonderful product that will last a lifetime!...more info
  • Good pan--but
    I really appreciate having a pan that I can put under the broiler, but it didn't deliver for the purpose I'd hoped to use it, i.e., for everyday use to cook a variety of foods.

    On the plus side, this pan heats up very quickly and evenly, and requires lower burner settings.

    On the negative side, things tend to stick without liberal quantities of lipids (butter, oil).

    So, I'll keep it around for certain dishes that finish in the oven, but I'm still using my much less expensive 12" nonstick skillet for most everyday uses....more info
  • Not impressed
    I'm a huge Calphalon fan and have over a dozen pots and pans which I love, but this one not so much. EVERYTHING I've ever made in it sticks. It lives on the bottom of the bottom shelf under a stack of other pans and I would only pull it out if every other pan in my home was dirty and they cut off my water so I couldn't wash anything....more info
  • Worst 30$ spent ever
    First time I cooked I taught may First use but I tried 4 times and food still sticks to the pan. My old pan was doing the same thing so I bought this but now I regret buying this pan...more info
  • China vs Ohio
    This pan was made in China. The five other pans were made in Toledo, Ohio.
    I like the design of this pan but everything sticks to it and it is harder to clean. I am going to lower the heat and season the pan from now on, as per suggestions from other reviewers but my next piece will be from Ohio. I will keep the pan but I am disappointed....more info
  • 12-inch everyday pan

    I used this pan at my daughters house and fell in love with it.

    It so easy to care for and to cook in, it is used for a pan , a pot,

    a frying pan and a roaster. I really like the fact that I can use it

    on top of the range and in the oven. I just love it for stirfrying and

    baking pot roast. ...more info
  • Wow! Nothing like Calphalon Commercial!
    This Calphalon Everyday Pan is a skillet and a wok all in one. It's commercial-grade and heats evenly on the large burner of my stove. The tight-fitting lid makes it excellent for steaming and the capacity makes it great for large one-pot meals....more info
  • Bought this as a gift
    my wife has been looking for a pan like this. I bought it and used it three times now. it works great and is a nice size, not to small, not to big. I would recommend it....more info
  • Not Everyday but Okay
    This item is pretty decent. Our whole collection consists of Calphalon pots... ordered from Amazon (this spot is the best kept secret for Calphalon buys). I am not as impressed as I thought I would be. It doesn't cook as well as the 10"/12" combo skillet set (I think thats what they label it). That combo price is great, AND I use those Everyday. I took the lid from another pot and use it to cover the 12" when I fry chicken. I also have another pot cover for the 10" for saute' veggies. Half of the collection I have are non stick and the other are regular anodized. The pots chili pots, and stew pots -- 3 qt, 4qt & 5 qt hard anodized works well. However, this Everyday pot does not wear well. It is not as many would put it... "The first pot" I grab to cook. As a matter of fact it is one of the last. The smaller anodized frying pan is HORRIFIC, but that is another review. Calphalon is the best thing for my kitchen so this pan is kind of disappointing. ...more info
  • Good!
    It is elegantly made and proven to be a really satisfying product, highly efficient and easy to be cleaned. Recommend! ...more info
  • 12" everyday pan
    love this, although bigger than I wanted so I also bought the 10inch. So far, exactly what I was looking for....more info
  • calphalon pan
    I couldn't believe the value. Calphalon generally sells for 3x more. I really love it and will use it often....more info
  • 12 inch Everyday Pan w/ lid
    Lighter then other pans I have, a real plus for daily use and cleaning. The lid fits other pans I have, handy to grab in a hurry. Very nice for a quick meal....more info
  • The worst pan ever
    I believe that Amazon should remove this item from its site. This item has more than 100 negative comments. In addition, Amazon should have negative five stars for poor merchandise like this piece of worthless metal. This is the worst pan I ever use. It sticks to all kind of food, ruins my meals and wastes my time preparing the food. I tossed it in the trash where it belongs....more info
  • Can't live without it!
    I have several pieces of Calphalon hard anodized but this one is by far my favorite. It is the perfect size for cooking just about anything. The heat distribution is perfecto. It goes from stove top to oven with ease. You do have to watch out for the handles because they do heat up. But I would say buy this pan. It's a perfect starter piece if this is your first foray into hard anodized. The price is right!...more info
  • Calphalon 12" Pan With Lid
    Excellent product, great for the stove top as well as for the oven.
    Will buy again as a gift. The price was also very good....more info
  • Great Value - Mediocre Performance
    Even though I own a lot of Calphalon products, for some reason this pan seems to be extra sticky... No matter the fat I use in the pan, proteins stick. Doesn't matter, chicken, eggs, sausage, bacon etc it sticks.. The pan cleans up pretty easy though, and for the price I paid ($19.99), I can't complain. Though it is not an "Everyday Pan" for me, it will be a sometimes pan. It is a great design, maybe they just made a huge run of these and maybe they are 2nds. ...more info
  • I can't believe...
    I got this high quality pan for this price! After purchasing one for myself, I purchased 8 more for Christmas gifts! Awesome!...more info
  • Well worth the money and then some
    I use non-stick hard-anodized cookware, but purchased this pan when it was featured as a Gold Box item. Even though I already have two 12-inch pans, I thought the shape of this pan would make a reasonable substitute for a wok. I first attempted to make fried rice with this pan. I added some butter to the pan and made sure it was nicely coated, but my eggs stuck the minute they came in contact with the pan. That made everything else stick and I had to give up and use one of my non-stick pans. I was disappointed but I was later surprised that the stuck on foods released from the pan as easily as my non-stick ones. I tried this pan a few days ago when I made orange chicken, broccoli stir fry and fried rice again. This time, I had a completely different result -- granted, I cooked the eggs separately in a skillet -- nothing stuck, the food cooked wonderfully, and, once again, clean-up was just as easy as my other pans. This pan is much lighter than my other hard-anodized pans, so now that I'm familiar with it, I will definitely be using this as one of my go-to pans. ...more info
  • Great frypan
    This frypan is a perfect size for many things - omelets, scrambled eggs, etc. It is easy to clean on the inside and outside and the lid is as easy to clean as the pan. The domed lid is perfect to keep things from splattering....more info
  • Was mad first then read the tips on how to use it & now I couldn't be happier
    I has the same problem as the other reviewers who gave this a low rating but that was because I did not know how to cook with it. After trying to fry and egg that wound up sticking like crazy I decided to give up this junk metal pan and send it back. I was also curious to know why so many 5 star reviews, so I went through a bunch of them and learned some helpful tips on how to actually use this pan. Before you post a negative review I suggest that you read the suggest cooking techniques and apply then to this pan, you will be very happy....more info