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Sony NTM-910 900 MHz BabyCall Nursery Monitor, NTM910
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Product Description

Sony's NTM-910 900 MHz BabyCall? Nursery Monitor was designed to offer the clearest connection to your baby. Features include 900 MHz Technology which extends the range of the BabyCall Monitor further than conventional (43-49MHz) monitors, 27 Channels to greatly minimize interference for even clearer communication, a Water Resistant Receiver, a Built-in Rechargeable Battery Receiver which provides savings and convenience over replaceable batteries, and Voice Activation Mode which eliminates extraneous background noise. 5 Sound-Sensor™ Activity Lights, an Out of Range Indicator, a Belt Clip, and AC/DC Operation are also featured. Tune in to your babys needs with the NTM-910.

  • Sound sensor nursery monitor
  • 27 channels to reduce interference
  • Water resistant receiver
  • 5 LED indicators - sound sensitive to show baby's activity
  • 900mhz for long range technology

Customer Reviews:

  • Replacement Battery Pack Information
    Excellent monitor! I just wanted to add that we too needed a replacement battery pack after three years of HARD use, and we looked around too. We finally called Sony and ordered one from them. I think it's your only option when the rechargeable battery pack won't hold a charge any longer.

    ...more info
  • Snap...Crackle...Pop!
    This baby monitor has great clarity of sound, but has a crackling/popping sound intermittently. Yes, we have tried most, if not all, of the 27 channel possibilities. It does this everywhere, and especially if someone is close to it or walks by. It might be interference from radio/phone/wireless internet, but those are things we can't turn off every time we want to use the monitor!...more info
  • good but the charger stopped working a week from purchase
    It was almost perfect except for the noisy interface, but it wasn't disturbing for me. That was in the beginning, till I decided to charge the device that I recieve the sound on. However, I plugged it in a 220V elec. the charger stopped working....more info
  • Great Product so far
    After a couple of weeks we have found the product to work great especially at not playing the music in the crib. (the Sony Monitor blocks such other noise as music) Also, there is no constant static like some of the cheaper/older models. A little more expensive now (11/07 vs 10/07 went up $20+) but a great product...more info
  • Great features, works great!
    We purchased the yellow version of this monitor (after spending way too much time reading product reviews on Amazon), and I am cross-posting my review here. This monitor is the exact same product as the less-popular yellow model NTM-910 also listed here, but the NTM-900 also listed here does not have a rechargeable battery. We went with the yellow NTM-910 -- more like a warm light tan in real life -- because it was slightly cheaper than the blue one the day we bought it.

    I especially like the rechargeable battery on the receiver, the monitor lights for use when the volume is turned off, and the voice-activated setting. The belt clip and water-resistant housing are also nice. Unlike some other reviewers, we have found that:

    1. The signal is completely clear, except right next to some of our cordless appliances. We have a fair amount of wireless signals pulsing through our house (home phone, cell phones, internet, video game controllers) and were able to find a clear channel (there are 27 available) on the second try. Most less expensive monitors operate at a lower (and more commonly used by other appliances) frequency; we've found that this monitor's 900 MHz works great.

    2. The voice activation setting works as it should. The receiver shuts off when the baby's room is transmitting only white noise (in our case, the loud clock on the wall and the music box in the crib), turns on when the baby whimpers, and turns off when the baby is quiet. There is no "click" when the receiver comes on.

    3. The range alarm, which is designed to tell you when your receiver is out of range of the baby's transmitter (not when the baby is out of range of the transmitter) has never gone off as I walk around our 2000 sq. ft. house and small yard.

    In sum, we're delighted with this product. Our intuition to go with a manufacturer of electronics rather than toys seems to have been a good one. I highly recommend the BabyCall NTM-910, in either blue or yellow....more info
  • When it's good its good, but when it's bad....
    I actually have two of these monitors. The first one was given to me off my baby registry and I was really not impressed with it. I'd read such glorifying reviews about this model and yet mine acted as if it belonged as a cheap toy from a fast food kid's meal. The battery would not hold a charge and I couldn't go more than 20ft (!) without the range sensor going off. Mind you, I live in an average house, no concrete or lead walls. I was so frustrated with this one that I literally almost threw it out the window. My husband reminded me that if I did that, then Sony might not be so keen to fix it. I'm calling Sony to see if they'll honor their warranty and take that unit back for repairs on their dime.
    Now, I recently bought the second one of these (crazy, I know) because I just couldn't get past the numerous positive reviews, so much that this model appears to be among the top of the list for baby monitors. The second one works flawlessly! It is everything I hoped it would be. I can not only go into another room without the range sensor going off, but I can make it out to check the mail while my daughter is sleeping and hear every breath she takes in the process. The battery held its first charge for a very long time too! Sony has redeemed itself with my second set. Rest assured, you have a slim chance of getting a bum unit BUT Sony should take action to fix it IF you call them.

    I contacted Sony to get the defective unit serviced. Since I did not have a receipt they would not endorse the 1 year warranty but said I could pay them to fix it. After a bit of persuasion they did offer to exchange the unit for $51! So, lesson learned, even if it is a gift from someone, keep your receipts no matter how long! I also give Sony's tech support a low grade as they weren't too helpful. ...more info
  • Great Monitor!
    We've had no problems at all with the monitor. We're in a quad level house with the nursery on the top floor and I can hear the slightest sounds even in any corner of the basement. I'm glad we bought it....more info
  • Lousy performance
    Sony has never backfired for me, so when I was looking for a baby monitor this was an obvious choice. What a terrible mistake. I tried every possible channel to prevent the horrible interference noises... it is unable to communicate with the base station about 75% of the time. PLEASE AVOID AT ALL COST....more info
  • better than others
    I like this monitor better than the one I had. The only problem is if you have other electical things around it you have trouble keeping it in range. It can not sit on my nightstand where I have a clock radio lamp and my cell phone....more info
  • Great monitor but...
    Maybe I have not looked hard enough yet, but I cannot find a replacement battery for this monitor. It has been a great monitor and I have used many monitors and we are pretty hard on them. This monitor still works fine, but the rechargeable battery has finally fizzled out. I would give it five stars, except for this battery problem. I have been to Target, Radio Shack and looked on-line, and am still having trouble. ...more info
  • Great gift that works well for new moms
    We have bought two of these for new mom's to use in the baby room. The reports are good....more info
  • Extremely disappointed
    This product has never worked well for us. The outlet plug was faulty, and there was only one plug in the entire house that we were able to plug it into. Eventually, it did not even work in that plug, and therefore the entire monitor has been rendered useless. You would think you would get a better product from Sony. ...more info
  • Barn Sitter
    Fast response; Great product; Got it for our goats who are about to kid, so we don't have to hang out in the barn on cold nights awaiting the blessed event! Can hear them breathing!!! from the barn...about 100 ft. away. Also hear the neighbors yelling at their dogs and the chickens scratching around in the barn, etc... Am impressed! Thanks......more info
  • Great Baby Monitor
    Best baby monitor on the market! Multiple channels avoids conflicts and no static or background noise at all!...more info
  • great for a slightly different application too !
    I just got this, but not for monitoring a baby.
    The problem I had was, the alarm system at the house announces things with speech, but the house entrance is too far away to hear it clearly.
    So I got this, have the "voice detection" mode enabled, so it only turns on when the alarm system speaks, and it works really great.
    Replaces a home-built VOX circuit thing I had built myself, but this works far better and is a really clean solution for this problem....more info
  • This Monitor Rocks!!!
    I bought this monitor just a few weeks before my son was born, thinking like many parents that my darling baby would be home and sleeping in his own room in his crib, and wouldn't it be nice to hear him before he really got screaming at night???
    Well as things work out, he slept in a basinette in with my husband and I for the first five months. This monitor was used for little other than naps or the occasional evening where my husband and I would have company in our converted garage, and need to hear the baby if he woke up. Even for that occasional use, this monitor was great! It let me walk around our entire house and didn't beep that I was too far away (though the mail box was 50/50).
    Once the little man grew into his crib (and by him, I mean Dad and I), we really grew to rely on this thing. There is nothing scarier than going from your little precious next to you every night, hearing every sigh and snore, to moving them halfway across the world (5 feet door to door) into their own bedroom! The first few nights were awful! I had this thing on "ON" all night. I'd run in with every little noise to see if he was ok. Finally I figured out the "Voice Activated" thing, and all was good. It only goes off when he makes a noise that is audible enough to have woken me had he still been sleeping beside me. I get to sleep through all those sweet little grunts and snores now. The adjustable volume setting is great too. On about the second notch, its loud enough to wake me up when my son really fusses and needs something - before he becomes crying uncontrollably baby. On the third notch, its fully loud enough to hear any noises above the sounds of adults hanging out, listening to music and talking maybe a little too loud. Oh, and its awesome in the shower! I would take this in the shower when the baby was smaller (and sleep less reliable), and get that same ever-important heads-up (the crying before screaming one) how quickly I needed to get out, or if I could shave the other leg!...more info
  • GREAT!
    No static. Wonderful monitor. I highly recommend this. I have another monitor that I take with me when I travel and I always long for my Sony. It's so clear and quiet that sometimes I find myself checking it to make sure it's on. ...more info
  • I can rest easy
    Knowing that I can hear my baby upstairs should she need me. It is very
    clear and the "Voice Activated" setting has no annoying hiss while the wee
    one is quiet. Good product - has been working fine for months now and was a good price (bought a used one).
    ...more info
  • Better than a video monitor
    I had a video monitor that had constant interference. This one has some interference with my blackberry so I just move my blackberry away from it. More importantly, it picks up every little noise so I don't worry about missing a peep. I strongly recommend it and will buy it for friends....more info
  • Static & Interference Abound
    For the first 2 months this monitor worked well. My baby turned 4 months today and I am ready to throw this monitir out the window. There is NOWHERE in my house that I can put this monitor with out terrible interference which consists of beeping, crackling, etc., 24 hours a day!! It is terrible!! I am online right now trying to find a new monitor! DO NOT BUY!!!...more info
  • It just stops working!!!!
    This is a great monitor when it was working. It worked awesome for about one year...and then just quit working. It has good range and clear sound, but for the money, I would have expected to work much longer than it did....more info
  • monitor review
    These are great- as my mom has a hard time getting around and this way my dad can hear her from any room....more info
  • would buy another one
    This monitor is great. Very durable, I love the rechargable battery! This is our second like this, only this time, we got the rechargable battery which is awesome and wasn't previously available. The last one stil works but only on batteries, the wire is bad. The only complaints I have are it's 'voice activation' doesn't only pick up voices but other noise in the room, which is more than ok with me (it just should be a little better expained). It also sometimes gets interferce which does cause it to start this aweful beeping but a trick I learned is to move it over a few inches and it stops; the only time this usually happens is if we are walking around with it or move it around the house. This was a great buy....more info
  • great monitor!
    This monitor was recommended by a kind stranger when we were shopping for monitors at Babies R Us. We had to return one that we got as a gift because it had so much interference and static and we were so confused as to which one we should buy next to try. She mentioned that Sony had a baby monitor that worked crystal clear so we ordered it off this site and to our relief the monitor works perfectly, there is no static whatsoever and we were really worried about that because we have so many appliances like big tvs, dvrs, and wireless internet. ...more info
  • Very Happy with the monitor - Great buy!
    This is a great product. I bought it almoast 2 years ago and it still works like new. No static, No extra noise. Just the baby. The voice activated feature works really great for us since my daughter sleeps with the fan running in her room. I just switch the monitor to the voice activated setting and i dont have to hear the constant noise of the fan. The monitor turns ON the second she make any sound.
    For all the users that complain about the beeping and out of range alarms - just be sure to read the instructions and set up the transmitter and the receiver to be on the same channel so as to avoid the beeping. This is very easy to do and the settings are color coded so as to avoid any confusion. There are just 2 improvements that i wish for in this product.
    1. Only one receiver - even though it has a rechargeable battery so i can carry it around with me, i would have still preferred to have at least 2 so i can have one in my bedroom all the time and the other one could be elsewhere in the house.
    2. The transmitter (the unit that stays in babies room) does not have any kind of battery so it must be plugged in at all times which could be an inconvenience if the baby sleeps in other places then her dedicated bedroom.
    But in summary, I recommend this monitor to everyone....more info
  • Great monitor , portable, rechargeable
    The reason I love this product is that I could go outside while my son slept. I know the crackly sounds were a little annoying at times but we played soft music in the bedroom and then there was no interference, plus I knew it was working since I could here the music...just a suggestion. Also you could put the monitor volume low enought that it didn't distract you from what you were doing. We used Mostly in the summer for that purpose and it took 4 years for our battery to die!...more info
  • Not just for babies!
    My parents are elderly, mid to late eighties, and still live alone in their home. Mom was nervous about leaving Dad alone downstairs while she was upstairs sewing and working on her computer. I suggested this baby monitor so she could hear Dad if he needed her while she was upstairs. The monitor is working out GREAT. BTW Mom is very hard or hearing yet she can hear Dad very clearly! For the money this was a wonderful solution and gives Mom piece of mind. ...more info