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Animal Crossing
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Product Description

Animal Crossing lets you cross over into a whole new world where you experience real-time exploration

  • This game has a 24-hour clock where something new happens in real-world time -- as day turns to night in the real world, it also happens in Animal Crossing
  • Watch or join in as you watch the animal-people of Animal Crossing carry out their daily routines
  • Build relationships with villagers, celebrate special days, collect furnishings for their homes and just live life in an innovative new gaming experience!
  • Works with Link Cable to connect your Game Boy Advance to your GameCube!

Customer Reviews:

  • I'm a middle-aged adult male and I love this game!
    It is extremely hard to stop playing this game, which is good because it is important that you consistently play it because it has game elements that change with time that are more associated with online games and it is not online!

    Sometimes I like to play this game as a way of winding down after a long day or a day of playing more adrenaline pumping games but often find myself playing a little longer than I intended...often a lot longer than intended!...more info
  • Still Playing
    One of the most annoying thing about buying video games for your children, is once you buy them they play them a few times and then get bored with them. Not so with this game, I bought it for my daughter's birthday 2 years ago and she still plays it, I think a lot of it is due to the real time aspect of the game; when it is winter here, it is winter there; when it is night here, it is night there (as long as the date and time are correct on your game cube). If you have an extra memory card you can create a second town and characters from the two towns (with both memory cards in) will move between the towns. I have played it a few times as well and it is a lot of fun....more info
  • Not to my personal taste
    I played this game on and off after I got it for about two weeks, before I completely lost interest and gave up playing it entirely. I got onto Amazon to read reviews and see the reasons why others might have shared in my dissatisfaction, but found only that the negative reviews included a lot of whining about how the game is "boring" and "stupid." So here is what, I hope, is a better explanation as to why I think this game appeals to some people, and not to others.

    I've come to the realization that one of the biggest turn-offs for me, personally, is that this game has absolutely no plot, no linearity, and no semblance of structure. Which is not to say that it's a fault of the game, since it has no desire to use any of the three. The game wants to be as open-ended and non-linear as it can possibly imagine, and in that regard, it's quite successful.

    I'm of the vein that prefers the Metroid/Zelda types that, even when non-linear, at the end of the day, there's a task that needs to be done in progression of the plot. When there is no plot, there's an endless, very open amount of tasks, that probably varies rather uniquely from game to game. The only confines come in the gradual purchasing of items; so, for example, you can't actually fish until a fishing rod comes to the store for you to purchase. Beyond that, you can literally do pretty much anything you want; you can fish, you can dig up fossils, you can collect seashells, you can send letters to your neighbors, you can plant flowers and collect pears to sell at the store or use them to plant even more trees, you can also hook up your GBA and play old NES games. It's very open-ended. If you like a lot of walking around, interacting with your neighbors, and deriving activites from them, I would very much recommend this game.

    For my type, on the other hand, I would more fairly define it as simply slow-paced--too slow, for my attention. My problem lay in the slight meniality of it all. There was something just a little too repetitive, and, dare I say it, open-ended for me. I prefer structure, and this game offers and desires none. So people of the Sims/Harvest Moon fan base would probably greatly enjoy this game. I think it's a given that anyone of the FPS/Adventure/Shoot-'em-up preference would find this game boring. Strategy enthusiasts would become dulled by the lack of complexity (which is not meant to be an insult; this game, at it's heart, is one for younger kids). RPG fans should approach with a degree of reticence--it could easily be to your taste, or not, depending (since I would classify this game as something of an RPG cross-breed).

    One actual minor complaint I find would lie in the graphics, which, I felt, left much to be desired. Though I realize this was initially for N64, I still think the Gamecube has much more to offer than what this game takes advantage of.

    So I can't give this game 5 stars, since I didn't love it; but I give it more than one, since I think my dislike from it is a result not from it being a bad game, but just one that is not to my particular taste....more info
  • Kids LOVE it!
    This was recommended to me by one of my customers. He raved about how his kids loved it. My three kids can't wait to play it! There's no violence, they have their own town and work and is on real time and the "town" continues, even when they aren't playing....more info
  • animal crossing for gc
    this game is very fun and it keeps my kids playing time and time again...more info
  • Nintendo game
    Actually my son sold his game and then bought it again, because he missed it... strange, but I guess that says enough about the game....more info
  • Some of you are not playing long enough!
    I realize that different people like different things, but this is not the kind of game you can 'try out' for an hour.

    The first day or two you are 'working' for the store owner, who has just sold you a house to live in. He has you run those errands and such. This is mostly to familiarize you with the game and get you started.

    This game works in real time, so you can't 'finish' this stage all at once. It wasn't designed to be played for hours and hours straight. It was made to play a little each day.

    I've read a lot of reviews here and there about people who think they're 'forced' to pull weeds, pick all the fruit, pay off the loans (which get bigger and bigger), run everybody's errands, fill up the museum, etc.

    THAT'S NOT IT AT ALL!!! You don't HAVE to do anything! You don't even have to pay back any of your loan, but you get a better house each time that you do. You don't HAVE to pull the weeds...just let them grow! Ignore the museum...whatever! Why would you keep doing something you don't enjoy? Personally, I hate dealing with the I let them grow. (fortunately, a nice ghost I met at 2am pulled them for me!)

    Heck, my boyfriend just got a big kick out of resetting and watching Mr. Resetti raise heck about it...and then he beat poor Kiki with the the butterfly net until she cried!!!!!

    There are mini games that you find in the game, there are special events, and lots of game secrets (tip: when you dig up money from a glowing hole, bury some money in the same will grow a money tree!)

    Also, some people are upset about the timeline and how they can only play during certain times of the day. CHANGE THE DATE!!! You can make it Christmas morning if you want. Also, I work night shift, so I change night to day...or just tweak the time enough to get Tom Nook's store to open.

    Anyways, I really feel that some of you would have enjoyed it if you gave it a chance. Just play for 15-30 minutes each day for a week...then you may become hooked....more info
  • FUN! FUN! FUN!
    This game is SO addictive. All 7 of my nieces and nephews have this game on gamecube and on gameboy advance. This means we all get to have even more fun visiting eachother's towns, plus the island!
    ...more info
  • Outstanding for Casual Gamers
    This is an outstanding game for casual gamers. It is addictive. Experience gamers will probably also have a lot of fun until they master it. For the price, it really is a very good game. Fun for the whole family and you can work together a little bit. It isn't just for children. There is a reason it got so many good reviews. Has lots of open gameplay (all open actually), based on real time (I set my gamecube clock back permanently so the store in the town isn't closed when I get home from work.)....more info
  • THIS GAME RULES!!!!!!!!!
    Now, this is the best game in the world. You have this little guy or girl that you can control and get things like Shovels, Telephones and even fish!!! There's this guy called Tom Nook that runs a store and 2 police officers named Copper and Booker. Every ome is an animal except you. (There's also a stupid guy called Reseti that yells at you.) Wtch out for Crazy, crazy Redd's rip offs! Once you get one, you can't give it back! Muahahahahahahaha! But, there are cool things, too! Like... getting a mansion and THE CHEAS!!! DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!
    So, the point I'm getting here is... THIS GAME RULES MAN!!! ...more info
  • It was different
    Okay, I read your reviews, and no one mentioned that THE GAME KEEPS PLAYING WHEN YOU SHUT IT OFF!! Seriously. I stopped playing this game 2 years ago because after I my person made tons of money, this stupid lamb took my money! So when I played it recently, there were weeds everywhere, everyone moved away, and my house was filled with COCKROACHES!! it was DISGUISTING! And thats not all. If you want to reset your game when a lamb takes your money, you can't or else this stupid resetii guy will come and tell you your dumb and that you smell and how its your fault and all this stupid stuff. I'm serious! He told my person that they SMELLED!! Come on! there are no showers! I'm a very sensitive person, and this game MADE ME CRY!! I still have nightmares about it... So, if you want to play this the rest of your life, go ahead, but when a lamb takes all your money, you will understand why I wrote this! Because with this game, you really do have to play it everyday or else that will happen. Everytime I played it with my friends we would fight about turns, so DONT PLAY WITH FREINDS! ITS TOO ADICTIVE FOR THAT! but still, its your choice. Have a nice day everyone!...more info
  • Animal Crossing
    Even though this is a "kids game" my wife and I can't get enough of it. We have lost hours of our lives playing this game, and I'm sure we will lose a lot more! It's not something you can play from start to finish in one sitting because it has no real end and the game progresses in real time....more info
  • This game is really fun, for years of play
    We've been playing this game since 2003, and it still has not gotten old, there are so many things you can do with it. The seasons change with the real seasons, and the time of day matches the real time. It also has holidays, so there is always something new to do. You can also hook your Gameboy Advance into it and this add a really cool island that you can play off line then hook back up to the game.

    You can add more memory cards and have different towns, we use 3 different cards and one of our friends has 2 towns set up, it's really fun to visit each others towns.

    You will love this game!!! (So will your kids)
    ...more info
  • omg!!!!!! This game rox!
    How cool can a game get? Well this coool! This game is the best game you will ever play! It is a game where you can make your own little world and live a real life except your animals!!!!!! you can own what ever you disire! well enough said figure it out 4 your self.
    ...more info
  • Like real life, sort of...
    This game offers you the chance to live and work in an alternate reality, so to speak. You can get a job, buy a house, work off your debt, plant an orchard, take out the trash, go fishing or hunt for treasure. The game mimics real life in many respects, only the characters are animals, which appeals to kids as well as adults. Game play isn't really difficult. What's interesting about this game is to see the changes that have taken place since you last entered the game world. Life goes on there, even when you're away. ...more info
  • Awesome
    This is a very fun game along the lines of the sims. The only thing that even slightly bothers me is the character model graphics. Other than that this game will keep you playing endlessely, especially if your as easily amused as me....more info
  • Best game ever!!!
    This game is the best ever!!! Buy it or your dumb!!! I hade a blast with it. When you pay of all your bebt.on the game you get a huge trophy in front of the trainstation. BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!

    BUY IT!!!!...more info
  • NOT a kids game.
    My son, who is now ten, has played this game for a few years and, I admit, seems to love it. But be careful, the characters in this game can be very hostile and cruel. Just this evening I read one of the dialogs as my son was playing and could not believe the underlying hostility, and the word "stupid" appeared in one of the dialogs refering to my sons character. This game is not appropriate for a young audience and the makers of the game should be ashamed of themselves for marketing it to a young audience. I was very leary of the sarcasm of the characters when my son first started playing the game. Just keep in mind if you are going to purchase this game for a child, the characters in the game get increasingly cold, heartless, and cruel. For me, the game has crossed the line of what I want my son playing....more info
  • Great, but...
    The sequel is much better. Improved graphics.
    Still, This game rocks, but is not for everyone....more info
  • Great Game!!
    This game is about real life. Its REALLY fun!!! THE GAME RUNS ON REAL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time of day, month, years, It keeps track of holidays to so there is festivals. If it's your birthday the townsfolk send you presents. Whenever you start a new town, the town is ALWAYS different!!! Different villigers, different landskaping, different rivers, it's Really cool. You own a house and you could buy furniture from the store and furnish it. Buy Wallpaper and carpeting too. You could go fishing, catch bugs, dig up fossils, and you could donate it to the town museum. It's also fun to plant gardens and trees and look for shells on the beach. That's not all!! Your family members could also live in the same town and be your neighbor!!! You could send them letters
    and presents! They actually receive it! If you litter in your town and you family member or friend comes on after you they will
    see the trash and they are aloud to pick it up. You could cut down trees if you want to construct a grove a club there or something. Do chores for the villagers or just talk with them. Some villagers are nice and some are mean. take a walk somewhere.
    That's fun too. Go to the police station and talk to the police.
    Your asking why I gave the fun 4 stars instead of 5? IT GETS REPETITIVE!!! Everyday buying and selling, it get's boring waiting for an event! Well, you are aloud to set the time, but it effects your town. The game is highly addictive and it feals like it's forcing you to play because if you dont play for about a week weeds grow all over your town and cockroaches roam your house and villigers miss you. To save you have to walk all the way to your house. if you turn the game off without saving a mad mole named ressetti comes and yells at you. If your mom is calling you while your playing your mom could get mad. DONT get addicted!!!...more info
  • Every GC has played this game
    Almost every person with a GC has played this game before. It is similar to harvest moon but this game never ends. If u have played the one on the DS it is simalir but the graphics r a bit better for the houses and people on this one. Even though all of the animal crossings r about the same for some reason this one is different. It could be the acres unstead of just a world shape or the fact that u can go to a different island. U can also hook up ur GB and do things on it. Even though all the animal crossings r almost the same this one is different. This is in my top 5 favorite GC game. ...more info
    The seller told me that the game would be like new or in VERY GOOD used condition, but the game came scratched to bits! I was so afraid that the game wouldn't even run in the Nintendo Gamecube. I purchased the videogame as a birthday present for a friend so I didn't even have a Gamcube to test the game out in since I do not own the system. I had to wait until his birthday passed so that he would open the present and try the game.
    Luckily, the game has run smoothly SO FAR. I hope that it continues to do so I will be very upset for the false advertising....more info
  • What is wrong with the 1-star raters? Love this game!
    I really have no idea why anyone would rate this lower than 4 stars. This game is full of simplicity and having your own world. It has no plot and that's what makes it fun. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against games with plots, but think about it. What about when those games end? That's it. It ends. But with Animal Crossing, it keeps going. There's neighbors, jobs to do, fishing, bug catching, collecting fossils, decorating your house, and filling up the museum. Not to mention the holidays and the rare items given out by visitors. There's always SOMETHING to do. Harvest Moon somewhat has a plot. But it cannot be compared to Animal Crossing. No game can....more info
  • Better then both the sequels.
    This game is probably one of the best game I've ever played. And here's why...

    Whenever I play this, I get really nostalgic. I remembered I used to play it until midnight when I was younger. But that's not the main reason...

    There's always something to do in this game. And when I say always, I mean it. In fact, I sometimes find myself as having a bit too much to do. What you do in Animal Crossing is not like many other games; no, there is no fighting, no missions, no gore, no violence whatsoever, nothing... stressful.

    In this game, it's just utter relaxation and calmness the whole time you play. There are alot of things to do, such as fishing, digging for fossils, catching bugs, cutting down trees (just make sure you plant another one after you cut it down~) donating to the museum, talking to your neighbors, decorating your house, doing favors for villagers, participating in events or holidays (Like Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc.) making your town perfect, making a catchy town tune and so on.

    One of my favorite things about this game is the background music. It just makes you happy, doesn't it?

    So basically, here's what I think of this game.

    Sound: 10/10
    Graphics: 9/10
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Overall: 10/10

    I suggest you buy this game. Trust me, you'll love it. The only reason some of the other people like it is because they either don't know what to do or don't like the fact that there's no violence....more info
  • Our entire family loves this!
    I bought this game for my five-year-old son who was insane with jealousy over my Harvest Moon game. I thought this one would be more to his liking. It turns out our entire family LOVES Animal Crossing. We enjoy setting up the houses, sending each other presents, and visiting each other's towns. I have found the game to be a little addictive, but I also find that it is teaching the children time and money management, debt control, etc. A very fun and cute game!...more info
  • i want it
    i dont know about the stars
    when i first saw it i thougt it would be stupid. but when i saw the reviews i said :
    iiiii wwwwwaaaaannnnnttttt ttttthhhhhaaaaattttt!!!!!
    i asked my brother and he said sure

    i cant wait !!!!!!!...more info
  • Oh so dull.
    I was all hyped for this game, being an animal lover, and avid gamer. I enjoy role-playing games such as the Zelda series, Spyro, Gun, etc. I heard all the fantastic reviews that this is such a fun game for all ages, interacting with characters, building your own little town, multiple player modes, cause and effect, and all the other hoopla. Well, I fell asleep a few times playing this game. AC is not exactly exciting. It is time accurate, so if you have a job, and a life, this game is not for you. I'd play one or two times a week, and the town changed, friends would not talk to me, weeds everywhere, freinds moving out, new ones moved in, stupid 'chores' to do for everyone, (please, take this organizer to Static, I simply don't have the time to deliver it myself.) And if you don't do these chores, none of the characters will talk much because they don't 'trust' you. Ugh. Then during all of that, you have to earn bells to pay off a ridiculous priced house, then a bigger house with a bigger bill. All I got done doing was running my a** off doing chores and trying to pay off the house! The goal (from what I understand) is creating "the perfect town". The townsfolk judge your house and it's contents, and will most certainly call you a slob unless you conform to thier idea of 'perfect'. Screw that idea. Lame. This game might be ok for kids with no social life, or people healing a broken leg or something, other than that...I'd suggest passing this one off for a more challenging title. I give AC the rating of *snore*....more info
  • I Love this game
    I love this game. I can't wait to be able to play it on a nintendo WII when ever I can afford to buy one. HaHa!...more info
    I bought this game about 2 months ago(I still play everyday.) It teaches kids about money, morgages, and having you own house. You can decortate your house, buy and make clothes, fish, do favors for animals, make friends, catch bugs, and MORE! But I must admit, when you get the biggest house it does get a little boring. It is still fun though. I personally like the ds version better....more info
  • Great for Grandparents, grandchildren and great-grands!
    I'm a 57 year old Animal Crossing addict and I'm not looking for a cure! I started a character in one of my "towns" and gave him my father's name, and my 89 year old Dad learned to use the hand held controller to "go fishing". He enjoyed feeling the vibration when the "fish" bit the fishing hook. My grandchildren have been playing this game for about 4 years, one even before he could read. We all get a kick out of the things the animals say, and it is still exciting to dig up fossils and currency....more info
  • A cute game where you get to live your life in a twon accompinied by: You guessed it, animals!
    I just love this game. I started with getting animal crossing: wild world for the DS. So I needed the GC version. There are SO many things to do in animal crossing!!! First, they let you pick a name, a gender, and you even get to name the town that you're heading to! The town is full of trees, green, and 3D! Other animals will also live their life in the town with houses that you may enter. You can talk to the animals who have unique names, and even personalitys! There are over a hundred things these animals can say to you, so it NEVER gets boring! You get your own house, too! You can upgrade your house (But it's very expensive...:?), and put items (furniture, chairs statues, wardrobes, beds, desks, lamps, NES games [which you can play, there are 15 at all, not special ones like super mario bros. and the legend of zelda, actually these can be obtained with action replay, NOT recomended, but you CAN get games like "balloon fight" or "donkey kong"], special items like 8-bit mario sprites, etc.) in it, too! You can even put in wallpaper and floorings! They are numerous ways to get these items like an item store (the best way), animals, etc! There will also be a tailor, where you can design your own works of art on a canvas (which actually kind of reminds me of MS paint XD) and then display them (other animals can come in and get your design too, no joke!), store them, or keep them! What you do with designs is put them as your clothes or umbrella. Also, tom nook (the owner of the item shop) owns clothes and umbrellas that you buy, but you can display these in your house! There are also special town events that take place such as "the fishing owurney" or "toy day". This game never gets old, and asspcially not boring! Also, it's cute, midgety, and chibi! Whether you'rea boy, a girl, a man, or a woman, you'll LOVE this heke of a game!...more info
  • Fantastic game!
    This is my 8 year old daughter's review: "I really like the owl, at the museum, and all the other characters, but my favorite is the owl, because he is always asleep. It's fun because you can make people mad! It is a good game!" I really really like it!...more info