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Jason X (New Line Platinum Series)
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Legendary Friday The 13th killer Jason Voorhees returns for the tenth time, this time stalking victims aboard a space ship in the year 2455. DON'T MISS OUT ON THE HALLOWEEN EVENT OF 2002! Trick or treat this year with Jason! Consumers will definitely demand this title for late-night scares or holiday-themed parties. JASON/FRIDAY THE 13TH SERIES IS A STRONG $228 MILLION COMBINED BOX-OFFICE FRANCHISE!* GORE SCORES! Horror Genre still scares up frightfully high business: Jeepers Creepers 324% Hannibal 274% Final Destination 273% Hollow Man 248% The Cell 247% LOW VHS FLAT PRICING @ $35.005. FIRST JASON/FRIDAY THE 13TH DVD WITH SIGNIFICANT ADDED VALUE! Fans of the series will buy the DVD for this alone. Paramount has only released 1-6 with a trailer as the only extra. Jason X will have two documentaries, a jump-to-a-death feature and other "tricks and treats" for fans to crave. FROM EXECUTIVE PRODUCER SEAN S.CUNNINGHAM, THE CREATOR OF THE CLASSIC ORIGINAL FRIDAY THE 13TH. *Internet Movie Database 4/12/02**Video Store Magazine 4/8/02

Nine years after his so-called Final Friday, hockey-masked slasher Jason Voorhees returns in Jason X, and fans of the long-running Friday the 13th series won't be disappointed. Veteran stuntman Kane Hodder returns to the titular role that made him infamous, and rookie director James Isaac gets off to a fine start by killing off his mentor, director David Cronenberg, in a deliciously ill-fated cameo. Soon Jason is cryogenically suspended along with the comely scientist (Lexa Doig, from TV's Andromeda) who warned of his invincibility; by the time a sexy spaceship crew revives them in the year 2455, "Earth 2" has replaced the now-uninhabitable Earth, and Jason proceeds to do hack victims with his trusty machete. Eventually he battles a sexy android, gets a cybernetic facelift, and meets his fate back at Crystal Lake, where the whole thing started. With knowing nods to the original, Jason X is just fun enough to keep the franchise alive. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Jason gets an upgrade
    Jason X is a good movie in the Friday the 13th series.Some of the fans of the Friday the 13th films may not like this one because it takes place in space.There has not been a Jason film that takes place at Camp Crystal Lake since Friday the 13th part 7.Jason has been from Crystal Lake to New York to space.Where will he go next?I enjoyed Jason X but I hope that we will see another film with Jason back at Camp Crystal Lake.Jason X was made before Freddy vs. Jason but Jason X takes place after Freddy vs. Jason.Jason X begins in the year 2010.Scientist have got Jason and they are doing experiments on him.Soon Jason escapes and kills all of the scientist except for one woman who traps Jason and freezes him.But she also gets frozen with Jason.Over 400 years later,students find Jason and the woman.The students take them aboard their ship.They revive the woman who then tells them about Jason.Soon Jason thaws out and starts to kill people on the ship.There is a woman aboard the ship who is a robot and she kills Jason.Then Jason is reborn as cyber Jason and now nobody can kill Jason.The only survivers are the woman who froze Jason,one man,and the robot woman.Another ship comes to rescue them.In the end we see Jason falling down to earth.But we know that Jason is still alive.A man and a woman see Jason fall and land in the lake.They go to check it out and then the film ends.If you have not seen this movie then you should go rent or buy it.I am glad that I bought this movie.This is one of the best Jason films.The Jason X DVD is great.The picture quality on the Jason X DVD is really good.The DTS surround sound on this DVD is great and there are some good special features on the DVD.This is a must have for any Jason fan....more info
  • Jason Goes To The Stars (oy vey...)
    I was one of those who grew up on blood guts and gore and take damn pride in it. I cut my teeth on slasher flicks and have become quite a connoisseur of them in the process.
    Ok so I wasn't looking for an explanation of the universe when I started watching this series of films. And yes, Jason totally messed camp up for me, I admit it. But nothing prepared me for this installment in the original slasher flick genre of films, Friday The 13th. Jason Voorhies went absolutely nuts in this film. His usual kill because he came in his sight type of killings goes all out, with some death scenes sometimes hard to believe, although the liquid nitrogen death got my vote as coolest frickin death scene yet. The neatest thing about this DVD isn't just the latest yuck it up Jason goes on another slashing spree, it's the extras that are on it. The best of all is the retrospective of "The Many Lives of Jason Voorhies". It covers a complete history of the series from beginning to end, and you get to meet the actor that has played him the longest. Just one look in his eyes and you cringe with fear, those are the eyes that stared back at you as you died a horrible gruesome Jason death. It includes 2 second commentaries by stars and former production crew, including a director that was an 11 year old boy on the original set. My buddy Joe Bob Briggs (He did TNT's Monster Vision) even adds his delightful views on how screwed you were if you even farted in front of Jason. For true gore fans
    None of the movies were meant to be taken seriously, I mean, comn, most of the time people were having sex or smoking pot or being a complete ass that was a magnet to Jason to come and filet them until they bled dry.
    ...more info
  • people are so stupid !
    I remember seeing this movie in the theatre. A girl who sat near me said "How stupid, how many more Friday the 13th movies are they going to make" at the end of the movie.

    People say this all the time, whether out load or mentally. Hello, people go and purchase movie tickets, rent and buy dvd's and wonder why the studio keep crunching out sequels. People are so stupid. Stop whining and complaining. Don't go and buy movie tickets or dvd's for horror movies and then complain about sequel this and sequel that. If u don't like horror movies then u don't have to watch them....more info
  • Best Jason Yet!
    The concept of Jason in outer space and on a space ship turned out to be
    a novel idea for a movie. Jason has been capturedn and secured. He is being held for the good of science. He manages to escape and kills everyone in the building. He and a female scientist are frozen in a room.
    They are discovered 450 years later. They are then put on a space ship. The scientists on the ship decide to bring the female scientist back to life. They are sucessful. In the meantime Jason thaws out and comes back to life. He goes on a shipwide killing spree. Nothing can stop Jason. He
    is finally taken to task by a female cyborg robot. She thinks that he has
    been killed. One of the machines malfunctions and regenerates Jason and
    makes hime that much srtonger. He is now indestructible. In the meantime
    the crewmembers are trying to escape. Jason attempts to kill them until they escape. Jason is cast off into space. His remains land in Crystal
    Lake. This was definitely a new version of Jason that may seem a bit farfetched but it still made a good movie....more info
  • It's really not that bad.
    I'll be the first to admit when this movie came out back in the day, I along with everyone else rolled their eyes at the thought of Jason in outer space.
    Like so many others I had written the franchise off after part two.
    I never saw Jason X and I forgot about it rather quickly.
    So, now we come many years later to the new Friday the 13th reboot movie.
    I decided to go on a Friday marathon.
    My original opinion stands, parts one and two are the best of the series.
    Three and four stunk.
    Five and six were ok.
    Seven,Eight and Jason goes to Hell stunk also.
    But wait, I never saw Jason X!!!
    So with eyes rolling over ten years later, I popped Jason X into the DVD player with my expectations set at the same level of, say...Howard the Duck.
    I was not expecting to be impressed.
    I was wrong.
    Jason X is a lot better than we've been lead to believe.
    And while it's not even in the same league as part one or two, it's way better than three, four, seven, eight, and Jason goes to Hell.
    Yes the premise is still a joke but it's done well so who cares?
    The actors are...."competent".
    I'll be nice here, just don't expect any academy award winning performances here.
    The gore is the usual Friday fare with some innovative kills.
    The fx are pretty impressive for being over ten years old.
    The direction is decent and does not distract from the overall movie.
    I'm guessing that based on the box office totals there will never be a sequel which is clearly set up at the end of the movie.
    Pity, I wish after seeing this they had continued in this direction.
    I know, I know.
    Jason in outer space.
    I'm still rolling my eyes, but I think of all the Friday's, this one will be watched by me more often than any of the other sequels.
    Decent acting.
    Decent story.
    Decent directing.
    Much better than I ever could have hoped for in my dizziest daydreams.
    Jason X comes...
    Recommended....more info
  • Best enjoyed by Jason fans.
    This is a good movie that has a small plot to it. However, while interesting and a bit exciting at first, I would say that it leaves a bit to wish for; it's enjoyable to watch, but unless you already love the Friday 13th series as much as I did as a kid, it just might not cut it....more info
  • second-best Jason movie yet (FvJ was 1st)
    Location: Crystal Lake Research Facility.
    Subject: Jason Voorhees.
    Status:Awaiting Cryogenic Suspension.

    Indestructible mass murderer Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder), who is thought to be responsible for over 200 murders, has been captured and is being held prisoner. Dr. Rowan (Lexa Doig) is planning to freeze Jason as all attempts to execute him have failed. Dr. Wimmer (director David Cronenberg) however has other ideas and insists that because Jason can regenerate any damaged tissue he is far to valuable to freeze. Before long Wimmer and his soldiers are all dead and Jason is again on the loose. Rowan manages to trap Jason into the freezing pod and start the process. Jason sticks his machete through the pods door, stabbing Rowan and causing a breach, they are both cryogenically frozen.

    The film then fast forwards over 400 years into the future to 2455. The Earth can no longer sustain life and is just a barren lifeless wasteland, a bit like some of the UK is now really. Humans now live on Earth 2. Professor Lowe (Jonathan Potts) and four of his students, Janessa (Melyssa Ade), Stoney (Yani Gellman), Kinsa (Melody Johnson) plus Azrel (Dov Tiefenbach) and a babe of a android called Kay-Em 14 (Lisa Ryder) find both Rowan and Jason while on Earth 1 for some reason I can't think of right now, and take them back to their spaceship called the 'Grendel'. They revive Rowan and introduce her to everyone including the other characters we haven't seen yet who are Waylaner (Derwin Jordan) and Kay-Em's programmer Tsunaron (Chuck Campbell). They take Jason to a laboratory so a blonde babe of a student (why were none of my fellow class-mates as beautiful looking as her?) named Adrienne (Kristi Angus, if you ever need a date Kristi drop me an E-mail!) can conduct some experiments on him, and his eyeball. Soon enough Jason is up and walking around and kills Adrienne, shame that I thought she was a real babe and very easy on the eyes! Jason then kills Stoney and sets his sights on everyone else on board! Luckily it just so happens that besides a bunch of students there are also a platoon of heavily armed soldiers on board! But can even Sargeant Brodski (Peter Mensah) and his team of 'grunts', Kicker (Barna Moricz), Briggs (Dylan Bierk), Dallas (a cameo by screenwriter Todd Farmer), Condor (Steve Lucescu), Sven (Thomas Seniuk) and Geko (Amanda Brugel) stop the seemingly invincible Jason?

    Directed by Jim Isaac. I had a blast watching this. There are lots of sequences that I had fun with. The script by Todd Farmer never seems to take itself too seriously and moves along like a rocket. The space setting is different for the Friday the 13th films and overall I really liked it. The interior of the spaceship looked suitably futuristic with plenty of computers and bright neon lighting, the props were cool as well with some great over-the-top looking guns and I especially liked Jason's new shiny chrome ultra sleek medical machete. There are some cool kills as well, someone is impaled on a large drill and spins round as they reach the bottom, the total babe Adrienne who I wanted to survive or at least make it further into the film has her face frozen and then smashed to pieces and in a yucky scene she also cuts Jason's hockey mask off his face with a scalpel which reveals Jason's rotting face beneath, there are slit throats, people cut in half, decapitations, mangled bodies and someone has their arm cut off with a machete.

    This Friday the 13th delivers more gore than most of the previous instalments. I loved the scene where Lisa Ryder dresses up in skin tight PVC, arms herself with some serious firepower and battles it out with Jason, a scene that looks like it could have come straight out of the Matrix (1999), but it's more fun here. The special effects are good, the CGI isn't always brilliant but it more than satisfactory for a relatively low budget film. The acting is OK, at least everyone manages to keep a straight face, and did I mention that Adrienne is a seriously hot looking young lady? David Cronenberg's cameo at the beginning is also rather cool. On the down side it becomes a little too silly for the last 20 or so minutes. I mean Jason flying through space and talking decapitated robotic heads?

    Overall I think this is a highly entertaining film that I had an absolute blast watching. As long as you don't take it too seriously this is a lot of fun. I'm a huge fan of Friday the 13th (1980) and it's numerous sequels and this is a good one. Highly entertaining, and definitely recommended if you're in the right mood. ...more info
  • why god why new line cant make a good jason flick
    new line cant make a good friday flick.
    his maks sucked the plot sucked its like star wars meets a jason with bad acting and a bad script...more info
  • No thank you
    I've tried watching this movie twice. I just can't pay attention. It's stupid, boring, bad actors, you name it. Don't waste your time....more info
  • Probably the Worst Way To End A Series...
    Friday the 13th was reckognized for it's creative deaths, such as the Kevin Bacon's death (arrow through the throat). For a perfect ten, which it is not, Jason X, is truely one of the worst futuristic (or more technologic) horror movies I've ever seen (ever watched 'Leprechaun 4: In Space'?). Jason is frozen in an ice chamber, remade in the future, and killing a crew of space students. It is really stupid - the settings make an excuse for the writer to make creative deaths. Especailly when one of the students get thrown off a bridge and lands on a huge medal screw. What is the screw doing there in the first place?

    The ending (that's another story) is a really, really a pain in the rear, thinking there might be another hideous futuristic Jason movie.

    Watch it if you will. It's not that good.

    ...more info
  • A Guilty Pleasure.....
    When I first saw this, I said to myself,'This is way too stupid'. I watched it again on the Sci-Fi channel, and thought it was entertaining. This and 'Freddys Dead: The Final Nightmare' are always getting slamed, but I think they're really entertaining. I mean come on! Who didn't laugh at the part when Jason puts the two camp girls in the sleeping bags and starts to hit one with the other. I also laughed when the head of the cyborg or robot chick came off. It was totally fake but I couldnt help but laugh. The desighn of the cyber Jason was really awsome looking, how the mask was melted into his skin. Just watch and enjoy, already!...more info
  • Did we really need this one?
    What are movies coming to? I've seen all the Friday the 13th movies before this one, and to be honest, the series was good up through Jason Goes To Hell. At least that one gave some sense of finality for the story. As with a couple other movies with multiple sequels, which I won't get into now, this one was made just for the sake of being made. Someone apparently felt the need to put their notch on the horror tree, but I'm thinking they were just bored one weekend and needed something to do. For the sake of not waisting your time, if you feel the need to see this movie, rent, don't buy. ...more info
  • Jason enters 2000
    Few horror franchises have made a decent movies after 1999. The Bride of Chucky and Halloween H20 were probably the last two movies good franchise movies of the 90's. 2000 and beyond for horror movies have been missing something. Of course you can go to any video store these days and pick up a new horror movie every day for the next twenty years without seeing the same one twice. Back to Jason X though before I get some negative comments. This movie was fun to watch but the story line is stupid. The movie is what every Friday the 13th should be- high body counts with some very cool deaths and sex, but I didnt fawn over the new Cyber Jason. I think the problem with the movie was computer graphics. I the like Friday the 13th series to be naked; Meaning a place that looks like somewheres where you've been and scenes without computer graphics. Sure its easier to make a movie today with computer graphics but some movies dont need computer graphics. Friday the 13th is one of those movies. I guess every mostly horror movie today has to use graphics or have a movie about it, but hey horror movie makers- return to basics....more info
  • RoboJason ready for Action! WARNING! some spoilers ahead.
    I watched this movie about a year ago but I still remember how good it was.And for all you people out there who read some of the reviews that said the plot don't make sense I can tell you the plot makes perfect sense and here it is.
    In the year 2002 our notorious hockey masked friend is being held at the Crystal Lake Research Center when the owner wants to sell him for buku bucks all of a sudden he goes missing then after everybody else turns up dead jason finds the girl who locked him up and goes after her,after she leads him into the cryogenic freezing chamber and locks him in he stabs his machete through the door and the place locks down freezing her with him.
    Over 400 years later a team of space scavengers find CLRC look inside and find none other than Jason Voorhees and that lab girl then when they open the door jason falls over and cuts one guys arm off(even when he's frozen he still tries to kill people)and as soon as he gets on the ship the killing starts's a great movie and anyone who thinks about buying it should at least rent it.well that's all I've got to say about this movie....more info
  • It is Jason's turn to rip off "Alien" for the tenth "Firday the 13th" film
    If the question is how far can you push the "Friday the 13th" series, then "Jason X" answers that question. Actually, it answers that question where you are talking distance (because it takes place in deep space) or if you are talking time (it takes place in the far future). Of course, there is now an entire sub-genre of horror films in space, that is to say, where a horror franchise suddenly puts its monster in space. Here we have Jason Voorhees, but there is also Pinhead in Space (a.k.a. "Hellraiser: Bloodline") and Dracula in Space (a.k.a. "Dracula 3000: Infinite Darkeness"). Put all these films together and they are not as good as "Alien," but you know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and flattery is a high art in Hollywood.

    The fact that this movie went from the working title "Friday the 13th Part 10," to "Jason 2000," "Jason 2000: Friday the 13th Part X," and "Jason X: Friday the 13th Part 10," simply reflects the idea that the people putting together this movie were never quite sure what they wanted to do. In the prologue Jason (Kane Hodder back again, for all that it matters) has been hanging around in a security complex, breaks free, and before he can wreck too much havoc is cryogenically frozen, as is Rowan (Lexa Doig). More than four hundred years later a research vessel run by Professor Lowe (Jonathan Potts), visits the contaminated Earth and retrieves both popsicles. Aboard their spaceship Lowe's students thaw out Rowan, whose first concern is whether Jason is restrained and not that everybody she ever knew and her music collection are now dead and gone respectively. Of course, her warning comes too late and Jason comes up with a most impressive futuristic way of dispatching his first victim. Unfortunately that is also the best of the many deaths to come in this 2001 film.

    There are some interesting ideas here, and I do not mean the replaceable nipples on the robot (that got your attention, I bet). We have gotten to the point where Jason's ability to take a lickin' and keep on tickin' is now explained as a unique ability to regenerate lost and damaged tissue. Whether the explanation for this can be turned into scientific terms is never quite clear, but in the brave new world in which Jason thaws out science is capable of reattaching arms that Jason severs and cutting off a head is not necessarily cutting off a head. Jason might have a little tiny brain, but they still manage to play with it now and then in this movie. There are some moments when characters drive their own tongues through the side of their mouths without any assistance from Jason, and then the movie tries to play things straight so that you end up thinking they have spliced outtakes into the film for the laughs.

    The best special effects are in the title sequences, which suggests something better is to come, but it does not. This movie has Sgt. Brodski (Peter Mensah) and his Marines as part of the ship's compliment, so that this movie tries to ripoff off "Aliens" as well as "Alien." Not that there is anything wrong with that, because the charm, so to speak, of this movie is that it takes the approach of throwing in everything including the kitchen sink. "Jason X" proves that in the world of horror movies there are two universal constants. The first is that serial slashers will never, ever stop slicing and dicing, no matter where (or when) you put them. The second is that teenagers will always be more interested in having sex than staying alive. That explains why there have been (to date) eleven movies featuring Jason (with "Jason vs. Freddy" following this one). ...more info
  • after the still birth of the last movie"jason goes to hell" jason comes back in the best of the series
    after the worst "friday" movie of all time(and thats saying a lot) the series bounces back (nine years later) with this fun and nice change of pace for the series is just what the doctor ordered.having been caught and chained by the goverment, jason escapes killls everyone but one fine looking doctor who "buck rogers" like freezes jason and her self in the underground lab they are at.
    flash foward to 2455 and earth,now unliveable, is visited by a group of students who free jason and the doctor from the lab. before you can say "CEH CEH CEH"( the best way i can spell the theme song) jason is loose on the starship and cutting apart the crew.
    like i said the novel setting and the use of some great f/x make this one of the best of the series....more info
  • Jason X
    Jason X~ Lexa Doig is a quite good movie in the friday the 13th series. Compared with the downright awfull part 9, i.e., Jason Goes to hell this sequell has a better script, dialogue, acting and plot. Part 9 was the first time New Line owned the rights to the movie (it was prior to this owned by paramount) and there first crack at making the sequells, was if one is kind less then stellar and if one is honest, one of the worst movies I have ever seen. This time they put a little bit more time and effort into the sequell and yeah it is not a quality movie but compared to the rest of the friday the 13th franchise this is one of the better entries. Even so it is not as good as part 4 or part one and it might sound like a paradox (since I have written that it was so much better then part 9 which I gave one star) that I only give the movie 2 stars. But being the 10 part in the series, the budget, and special effects are on the level of mediocre sequells. The dialogue is yes better then part nine but it is still pretty awfull and it sounds like the script and dialogue writers just barely finished community college. The music is awfull and sounds like it was done on a cheap computer or a toy keyboard. This movie should be seen by die hard fans of the franchise otherwise this is a movie could be easily avoided....more info
  • i don't know what you guys are thinking
    what's the matter with you people, i saw this on the sci-fi the other night and i have to say. THIS IS A BRILLIANT PEICE OF WORK! the acting is amazing, the part where the guy falls on the drill, and the lady says "he's screwed" oh man! where else are you going to find that good of scriptwriting. you won't. this movie is an epic, it's right up there with "the passion" and "fast and the furious" go buy this movie now. and prepare to become one with the new and improved jason. hehehe...more info
  • Worst out of the series
    Jason X was just bad, it made absolutly no sense. I mean Jason in space? How retarted do film makers think we are? The only good scene was when Jason was in that virtual reality world of Crystal Lake and was killing those 2 girls by beating one of em' with the other trapped in the sleeping bag, other than that, this movie sucked....more info
  • Entertainment masked as stupidity?
    I'll get this out of the way: I never liked the 80's slasher films. Stuff like the Halloween series, Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th just never entertained me all that much. The idea of slow walking killers going after Olympic sprinters and still get caught felt really ridiculous to me. Of course the major draw was the death scenes: elaborate moments of viciousness. Flinging Jason into the future is of course going to elicit unintentional laughing but it's a good kind of laughing for some reason.

    Jason is in the future in a facility on a planet, except he escapes(of course). Disposing of scientists, including The Fly and Scanners director David Cronenberg, he ends up getting cryogenically frozen, along with another scientist. Flash forward 400 years and a ship discovers them and founds out, ooh, a nice reward for Jason. As usual he comes to life and does what he does best: kill attractive looking hotties.

    You don't go to these movies to expect well-written dialogue, character depth or anything, you come for the kills and to tell you the truth, they're slightly disappointing. Besides one kill, which answers the question of what happens when a frozen face hits a hard surface, the kills are kind of been there/done that. It's basically stab here, impale there, it seems kind of unimaginative. A few even happen off screen with the yelling off in the distance.

    Characters are just there to be taken care of brutally and some are. However, Jason does what I'm starting to hate is kill off the very cute girls. One girl, wearing a top with a belly showing gets disposed off(off screen) and I'm like "damn guy, let one cute girl live for once!". Dialogue is of course stupid but there were some funny lines. A self-deprecating parody about the sex teens have in the film is referenced. "We love premarital sex!" is so classic, as well as "it's okay, he just wanted his machete back!". Granted they won't make an AFI list but they made me laugh.

    It's the kind of movie that you probably weren't supposed to like: it was ridiculous and dumb but boy did it seem fun. Just wish it was better....more info
  • Jason in Space? Surprisingly Good Stuff!
    Jason X (as in Friday the 13th Part 10) sheds light on a familiar, though not too friendly, face: that of Jason. A "miracle of science," Jason, is to be transported from a maximum-security facility to a research lab. The transfer goes awry and he's once again up to no good before being cryogenically suspended.
    Things become a bit complicated when in the year 2455 a spaceship arrives from Earth II (!) and revives the masked lunatic...
    The plot, the setting, the acting, and the dialogues are all very good.
    It's just too bad the cutest girl gets whacked first...
    In a nutshell, Jason X is a movie definitely worth watching, as it will provide for an evening's entertainment, as long as you're in that kind of a mood.
    ...more info
    this movie is totally stupid. stupid. stupid. i LOVE horror movies, and the friday the 13th movies are a lot of fun.
    this is not a friday the 13th movie. it comes across as though the worst studio in town got the worst director, with the dumbest taste, and tried to create something in the niche of the current STUPID trend in horror movies: stupid jokes at times when no one would ever make a joke. this one moment says it all: a girl is about to get hacked by jason, and on top of that, a hole in the space ship is sucking her out into space, where she will float around, dead, for all eternity. she yells, hilariously (?), "this sucks on so many levels!" yuck yuck. it comes across as if a really bad movie was made about a killer on a space ship. they realized they needed more of a gimmick, so they licensed the use of jason as the killer. i'd bet money that is what happened, whether they claim it or not. again, this is not a friday the 13th movie. there is no similarity, in terms of style or tone. imagine dumb and dumber, but jason is the 3rd character. that would have about the same similarity to friday the 13th as this movie does....more info
  • The Usual Slice And Dice!!! But Ms. Ryder Is So HOT!!!
    This movie is a far cry from the shores of Crystal Lake which Jason previously used as a hunting ground for mostof his victims. The years is 2455 and Jason is cryogenically frozen on a spaceship.However he gets reanimated by a scientist who thinks that a living specimen (or spaceman perhaps?) of a 20th Century Serial Killer would be worth a lot of money. What I find very confusing about this movie is that EVERYBODY is scared of being killed by Jason but if they do die then they will just be reanimated and brought back to life!!! This seems to be overlooked by most viewers of this movie. This movie is redeemed by the presence of Lisa Ryder who is very formidable in this film and is very sexy too!!! I give this film 5 stars for her performance alone....more info
  • Jason X (Two and a Half Stars)
    This review refers to the New Line Cinema DVD edition of the film.

    THE WHO'S WHO: Starring Lexa Doig, Lisa Ryder, Chuck Campbell, Jonathan Potts, Peter Mensah, Melyssa Ade, Melody Johnson, Phillip Williams, Derwin Jordan, Dov Tiefenbach, Kane Hodder, David Cronenberg. Score Composed By Harry Manfredini. Co-Executive Produced By Sean S. Cunningham. Co-Executive Produced and Directed By Jim Isaac. (R) For Violence, Gore, Profanity, Drug Use, Brief Nudity and Mild Sexual Content; 91m.; 2000.

    WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE?: The latest installment in New Line Cinema's "let's see how we can toy with true 'Friday' fans" film series arrives. The year is 2455 and a school science expedition has uncovered a surprising find on the wasteland that was once Earth...a frozen man and woman. Taking this newfound cargo on board their spacecraft, they find that evil still exists. After reanimating the woman (Lexa Doig), they find that the male life form is none other than mongoloid murderer Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder) who's been patiently waiting for another group of unfortunate people he can mangle his way through. So how did New Line foul this film up? It's hard to pick only one place to begin. Dealing with outer space horror is always a hit or miss affair. Both "Leprechaun in Space" and "Hellraiser: Bloodline" were noble attempts to craft sci-fi terror from existing storylines. Poor abused Jason doesn't fare half as well as those comparisons. For starters, Jason's appearance has undergone more modifications since we last saw him in "Jason Goes to Hell". He's sprouted an almost full head of hair and he looks more human than he has since his inception in "Part 2". Most of the cast members seem like they're only along for the ride, and most couldn't act to save their lives. The teen scholars aren't even up to the standards of most generic characterizations. The grunt soldiers seem like nothing more than a cheap knock off of the Colonial Marines from James Cameron's "Aliens". The only standout performances come from Lexa Doig as Rowan and Lisa Ryder as the android Kay-Em 14, and even those two have to strain to make their characters appear important in the development of the story. Even if there were more likeable, believable characters, the pace of the film moves too fast to develop any substantial connection. The dialogue is overly corny in its attempts to justifiably portray a high tech future and the half-cocked wisecracks are nothing more than a pathetic attempt to display the fact that the filmmakers have no sense of humor. The film is also too proud of its science fiction trappings, foregoing any real suspense in favor of a flashy, big budget actualization combined with an explicitly dull, low budget mentality. Even composer Harry Manfredini submits to the turgid futuristic atmosphere by turning in a weak, commonplace score that strives to sound like a horror version of the old "Star Trek" themes. Overall, this is a jumbled affair that would have found a greater promise if it employed a better cast, a less technologically enthusiastic crew and an entirely different psychopathic focal point.

    THEY SAY THEY'RE SPECIAL BUT...: The 1.85:1 widescreen presentation for this film is a prime example of how some DVDs can come off as too digital in their appearance, which hampers the enjoyment of the movie. The composition of the film seems uneven while the general underlying tones are overly grey and sparse and have been interspersed with some truly garish upfront color schemes. Also, remember the annoying blue line running down the right hand side of "Friday V" on high definition monitors? Well, now there's an annoying green line running vertically down the left hand side of the screen on this DVD. There's a 5.1 surround sound accompanying the film which is certainly loud but lacks definition and clarity, often times overshadowing the dialogue and lower key effects. Gunfire leaves the only lasting impression on the avid surround sound junkie. There's also a DTS surround sound and a 2.0 stereo surround sound for the film. "Jason X" also has English subtitles which are white, easy to read and have been placed within the frame of the movie. The front cover is a space-aged half and half of Jason's hockey mask. The left side is a scratched and dented version of Jason's original mask while the right side is the shiny new metallic version he gets when he is resurrected as "Uber Jason". The halves are separated by a knife that reflects a screaming woman covering her naked breasts. The back cover continues the space age motif while the two page insert further intensifies the futuristic fantasy. The two page insert also displays the twenty-six chapter stops for this ninety minute movie. The disc itself has been painted with a smaller representation of the front cover. As they did for "Jason Goes to Hell", New Line Cinema packaged the film with some potentially interesting additional material. These include the "Jump to a Death" option which was carried over from the "Jason Goes to Hell" disc, the original theatrical trailer, two documentaries and a commentary track from director Jim Isaac, writer Todd Farmer and producer Noel Cunningham. The trailer (1:59) has a nice glossy sheen to it, but immediately displays the radical changes to the "Friday" formula that would unquestionably doom the film. The addition of Drowning Pool's overused dud "Bodies" as a backdrop doesn't help in the slightest. In the first documentary, "The Many Lives of Jason Voorhees" (29:53), horror heavyweights Robert Shaye, Joe Bob Briggs, Sean S. Cunningham, and Kane Hodder himself weigh in on the popularity of the "Friday" franchise. We're given the chance to see a few still photographs that surrounded some of the earlier entries in the series, but all of the film footage is taken from the New Line produced sequels. There's a lot of congratulatory patting on the back stuff but nothing that makes the documentary worthwhile for anyone outside of the most hardcore "Friday" devotee. "By Any Means Necessary: The Making of Jason X" (17:30) is another example of overly contented filmmakers spouting off about the joys of their accomplishments. Instead of offering an illuminating portrait of the entire production, space in this documentary is mostly limited to the technical aspects of the film...such as lighting, set design and the use of green screens. The commentary track is a bit choppy and feels longer than it actually is. The three players on the track may be knowledgeable, but they're not very entertaining. There are some drawn out spots with a lot of repetitive overemphasis and unnecessary chatter, leaving the listener with a lackluster, disinterested feeling. The high spots arrive early on in the track when they briefly discuss the seven year (at that point) development of "Freddy vs. Jason" and also make another comment about a semi-serious sequel entitled "Jason Takes L.A." which director Adam Marcus touched on in the commentary for "Jason Goes to Hell". As an added bonus, New Line has thrown in trailers for "Blade II" (1:58), "Final Destination" (2:22) and "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (1:51), just to remind fright fans what real horror is supposed to look like. DVD-ROM users also have access to a script-to-screen option and a link to the film's website.

    THE YOLK'S ON YOU: New Line has packed this release with enough special features. You're more likely to live after being speared through your stomach than you are of finding hidden easter eggs on this one.

    THE LEWD AND NUDE ALERT: The opportunities were presented in this outing for some wondrous nudity but almost none of those opportunities were cashed in. We have a brief glimpse of the stunning Lexa Doig in her grey underwear just before she's reanimated. However, before her underwear is cut off, they switch scenes. Kay-Em 14 (Lisa Ryder) is seen showing off her nipples, but before any profligate viewers out there could get excited, they fall off (implements of a proposed android expansion). Professor Lowe (Jonathan Potts) has a BDSM interlude with Janessa (Melyssa Ade) who shows off her little black panties and big dominatrix attitude, but the moment is too brief to be effective. Kinsa (Melody Johnson) and Stoney (Yani Gellman) have a sexual encounter but the lovely Melody doesn't bare her ravishing physique. The only real nudity comes in the form of two Crystal Lake campers, Kaye Penaflor and Tania Maro, who bare their supple breasts in what is doubtlessly the best scene of the entire production...the virtual eighties' simulation.

    THE GORE REPORT: Most of the gore, much like the film itself, has been glossed over for a "new millennium" feel. One cast member has his arm hacked off by Jason's machete early on in the film but there's surprisingly little bloodshed. We're treated to a small view of Jason without his mask just before he comes back to life, however his hockey mask is replaced too quickly. It would have been a more interesting film if the hockey mask had stayed off. One of the girls has her face frozen in cryogenic liquid and then Jason smashes her head on a table. One guy receives a fairly graphic gut shot. One character is sliced in half and another has his head chopped off in a virtually simulated game sequence (meaning there's virtually no gore). One of the soldiers is cut in half at the waist and tries to crawl away. There are a number of nice shots of Jason's corpse before he gets his "upgrade" that rank as the best gore scenes in the entire film, but with the exception of those corpse scenes, most of the gore seems a tad sterile and, dare I say, boring. Maybe fans were given an overabundance of gore in "Jason Goes to Hell", rendering the vestiges seen here obsolete.

    SAY AGAIN: "I don't think he's out there." - Rowan (Lexa Doig). "Why don't you just stick your head out and have a peek?" - Janessa (Melyssa Ade).

    THE FINAL SAY: Yes, I recommend buying this DVD. It's a hard recommendation to make, but this film had the potential of being a sci-fi megahit if the filmmakers had been on the ball. Spend a little bit of time reworking the film's dialogue, stop concentrating so much on the spaceship designs and switch the antagonist from Jason Voorhees to some random serial killer. If they had done that, the filmmakers could have easily stretched the concept over a trilogy of new terror films, in essence creating the first consequential horror villain of the millennium. As it stands now, this film is a must for Voorhees completists but has little to offer the casual observer. The movie is good for a few laughs, if only to see how far New Line has taken Jason away from his roots since they took the series over from Paramount. One honest question, however, is why did it take New Line two years to release the film? The end credits of the movie list the production date as 2000 yet it didn't hit theaters until 2002. Perhaps they knew that the direction they were taking just didn't measure up.

    PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM: "Jason Jam" Performed By Ethan Wiley and Jon Sholle. "X is the Loneliest Number" Performed By Ethan Wiley and Jon Sholle. Score Available on Varese Compact Discs....more info
  • Jason boards Spaceship Grendal
    Released in Germany first in 2001. Released in the USA, Friday April 26, 2002.
    When we last saw Jason the killer die again in JASON GOES TO HELL: THE FINAL FRIDAY (1993), a beam of light from outer space had occurred exploding him. We also saw the knife-hand of Freddy Kruger (from the Nightmare on Elm Street film series) grabbing the hockey mask.
    Well, that idea of bringing Freddy Kruger and Jason together was put on hold for awhile due to years of negotiations. They decided to make JASON X (2001) first.
    This is the tenth film in the Friday the 13th film series and it is Kane Hodder's fourth and last outing as "Jason"---the killer.
    It has been eight years since the last movie Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (1993) and Sean S. Cunningham takes the production helm again.
    Jason Voorhees is currently "Awaiting Cryogenic Suspension" in 2008. He is alive all right. The military comes to claim him with Dr. Wimmer (David Cronenberg). I won't tell you how, but Jason escapes and kills seven people in 2 minutes. Now he is after Rowan (Lexa Doig) who manages to coax him into the freeze chamber. Suddenly lockdown occurs and Rowan is trapped.
    It is now the year 2455. 447 years have gone by. A space crew from Grendel discovers the spaceship Jason and Rowan are frozen in and they both are brought back aboard to thaw and bring back to life. They think Jason is actually a humonoid museum piece. Well, he is going to thaw out grumpy and as sex is going on in Spaceship Grendel, Jason finds a whole spaceship of people to kill as it makes its flight back to Earth 2.
    Body count: 24 (26, if you count the hallowgram girls).
    Next film: Freddy Verses Jason (2003).

    ***A new "Friday The 13th" movie will be released February 13, 2009....more info
  • Will they please kill him off, already?
    Jason X (James Isaac, 2001)

    Jim Isaac was the guy who did some of the creepy special effects in eXistenZ, but you'd never know it from watching this particular piece of silliness.

    Lexa Doig and Lisa Ryder (of Andromeda semi-fame) head up the cast of youngsters ready to get picked off by the uberslasher in the tenth installment of the series. You know the drill: sexy young things wander around and get killed by Jason Voorhees. There's no more of a plot to it than that. This one's set four hundred years in the future, on a spaceship, but still, the plot does not manage to thicken. Alien with Jason Voorhees this movie is not.

    Part of the problem with the Friday the 13th series has always been that while it's originally derivative Nightmare on Elm Street franchise allowed its villain to develop and its story to take on some much-needed humor value, the Friday the 13th films (with the notable exception of the underrated, highly amusing Jason Takes Manhattan) have always been humorless, plodding affairs. The suspense died out after the second film, but there wasn't anything to take its place. The attempts at humor and self-parody in Jason X only serve to underline this, coming off truly pathetic rather than witty.

    For completists and fans of the various flesh on display. The rest of you can safely ignore it without feeling like you missed much. * ?...more info
  • A big dissapointment
    I liked most of the jason movies so i thought "This looks like a good one" So i got home popped it in and it started out great. Sort of scary and suspenceful and then "Boom" it went from good to bad. People from the future came unfroze jason and some girl. The worst part of the movie is when Jason gets a new mask. It completley ruins him he goes from scary to retarded. Bringing the movie to the future ruined it for me. ...more info
  • X-Cellent
    Judging by the reviews, it seems that people's opinions about this movie are quite bipolar. Maybe not love-it-or-hate-it, but "that was fun" vs "what were they thinking?". I'm in the former camp myself, but my situation might not be typical.

    By no criteria could I be described as a Fri-13th fan. Sure, I went through a slasher-movie phase when I was in middle school, but I haven't appreciated much out of the genre for over a decade.

    What I do like, however, are "good bad movies", and in this regard, "Jason X" serves itself up quite well. To be pedantic, I wouldn't describe this as a "true" bad movie, in that most of the laughs aren't coming indeliberately. From the writer on up, "Jason X" was created with the sole purpose of being tongue-in-cheek, and that means prioritizing entertainment/amusement over thrills and chills, and I belive they did a fine job.

    I mean, really ... "Guys, it's okay! He just wanted his machete back!" How can you interpret this as anything but silly fun? From the opening shot -- with the location-subtitle, "Camp Crystal Lake Research Facility" -- this movie is poking fun at itself.

    You don't need to know about the plot. It's a rehash of "Alien", when you get down to it. Think: the story from "Alien" -- with a few military bits and big guns from "Aliens" thrown in -- starring "Jason" and having the self-deprecating humor of "Scream". There are also a lot of interesting/weird/occasionally funny computer/tech references sprinkled about to amuse the geeks in the audience (including myself); while I don't understand why that recurring theme was there, I appreciated it anyway.

    All that said, here's my theory: with "Jason X", New Line has redefined the Fri-13th franchise from "campy thrillers with moments of comic relief" to "gory comedies featuring Jason". And as a result, those who were disappointed in this movie were either (a) those who were anticipating a Fri-13th thriller of old, or (b) those who were taking the movie too seriously.

    It's easy to pick apart "Jason X" for it's poor sense of suspense, character development, originality, dialogue delivery, (add whatever traits you want here), but this is a movie that doesn't take itself seriously, and it's not meant to be compared with "Citizen Kane". Turn off your logical centers, watch "Jason X" with a group of good-natured friends after a few inebriants -- and most importantly, don't expect a scary movie. You'll have a great time.

    (Enough about the movie itself; the DVD stands out from others for having some really noteworthy extras. Namely a feature that shows you only the "kill scenes" from the movie, plus the ability to displlay a "random kill". How hilarous is that?)...more info
  • Could Have Been Better
    This movie actually had potential. A few things which blew it: 1)What the heck is the Crystal Lake research facility? 2)The cocky and tough android (really annoying) who knows martial arts--why?? 3)Jason's "upgrade"--that was cheesy and lame. At this point, why not have a Jason vs. Terminator? Now that would be entertaining....more info
  • Its like awsome
    yo this movie its like awsome. It has the colest kill in a ll the series even if att he end Jason dos look alittle like the bad guy on Power rangers.
    The best part is the part where Jason kills this chick by like dippin her head in some real cold water and it like freezes and he like smashes her head on the table that was cool. it must of been like really cold water to do that you know. It's like when my freind dared me to hold an ice sickel in my mouth for a hole minute. I thoguht my brain was goin to die it was so cold!
    Wel, Jason X is pretty awsome. i had fun wathching it....more info
  • Sci-fi with some blood
    Does not fall in line with the others. Freddy Vs Jason should of came before this....more info
  • Not as bad as people make it out to be
    For some reason people make this movie seem worse then it it the greatest of the friday movies,no,but is it still enjoyable,yes.jason is every bit as vicious as he ever was in this one and hes not a zombie anymore(they explain why in the movie).the uber jason was a bit much but it was a different and welcome change from the same old formula.just look and this movie as more of a side story then an acual direct friday sequel and you will enjoy it.its the ONLY horror icon sent into space movie that i thought was it if your a jason fan.make your own judgement about this movie because most will either love it or hate it me for one i liked it....more info
    I have to laugh, as I think how many times this guy has been killed! Or at least how many times people have attempted to kill him(Jason). This movie, if viewed with the right frame of mind is pretty entertaining!

    There is some humor in this series now more than in the first couple of installments. Ever since "Jasons Lives" there is almost a tougue and cheek approach to these films. "Jason Lives" is where I really started to notice the difference in these films.

    It is not that "Jason Lives" is the best Friday it is the first time I realized that Jason was here to stay! The James Bond homage in the beginning of that film says it all. "Jason X" is a welcome edition to the franchise after the awful "Jason goes to Hell".

    So sit back,take out you brain and LYFAO!...more info
  • Very Possibly the Worst Movie Ever!
    I usually don't like the F13 movies, but i HATED this one. It is by far the worst movie I have ever seen.

    I highly recommend watching the Halloween series instead....the Halloween sequels (especially H4) are the best around....more info