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Songs for the Deaf
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Third album from Queens Of The Stone Age, & the follow up to the critically acclaimed 'Rated R' which was released in 2000. 'Songs For The Deaf' features amongst others, Mark Lanegan on vocals & Dave Grohl on drums. A concept album fuses the heaviness & m

Despite the advent of the '00s, thoroughly blunted longhairs wearing three-quarter-length T-shirts still boot around the suburbs in painted vans listening to roaring metal. Fittingly, a whole new crop of post-Dazed and Confused-era stoner rockers--Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, and arguably the kings of them all, Queens of the Stone Age--provide a shredding contemporary score for righteous three-finger devil salutes. On Songs for the Deaf, core members bassist Nick Oliveri and singer-guitarist Josh Homme (also see Kyuss) balance pure guitar-induced carnage with more complex, though no less aggressive, speed rock that whips by so fast it creates its own breeze. Opening with the 90-second "The Real Song for the Deaf"--a cheeky and amorphous bit of bloopy electronica quite possibly recorded at the bottom of a swimming pool--the disc explodes with track two, a toxic squall of power chords and now-classic Olivera death howls. It's here the album's recurring concept/conceit is introduced as a generic-sounding announcer from L.A.'s "Clone" radio spits out some psychobabble reinforcing the tired if true clich¨¦ that commercial radio stinks. Similar mock broadcasts surface elsewhere, but they're easily forgivable, given the bounty on offer. Homme-powered tracks dominate--the lurching, weirdly springy "No One Knows" is a kind of "Monster Mash" for grownups; the vocal harmony-driven "The Sky Is Falling" is almost dreamy until a small army of guitars surges to the front lines to begin firing. And a lyrically winking hidden track, "Mosquito Song," is either an in-joke of ridiculous proportions or a declarative statement about the level of musicianship lurking just beneath the quaking veneer of the Queens' sound. Either way, genuine excitement comes early and often on Songs for the Deaf. It's a remarkable achievement--a hard rock record so good that it immediately evokes a conspiratorial fervor that makes you want to tell everyone you can about it. Er, job done. --Kim Hughes

Customer Reviews:

  • Queens at their pinnacle
    Incredible follow up to Rated R which I didn't think could be equaled and they did. Flat out incredible songwriting, amazing vocal identity and muscianship at its best. If you grew up in the 70's as I did and miss those albums that you would play constantly from beginning to end then this album is for you. "Go With The Flow" is one of the greatest rock singles of all time but you won't be skipping any songs on this disc. Baby Boomers rejoice, rock is back!...more info
  • great album
    one of the best things about queens of the stone age is that it's really difficult for me to liken them to any other band. they do what they do really well and it's always refreshing and different. i actually prefer era vulgaris to songs for the deaf, despite the fact that dave grohl's drumming on here is superb. overall though, this album is excellent....more info
  • Yummy
    A great album. Not perfect. The songs themselves are addictive, inventive despite sounding like something you've heard before, crunchy and sexy. I love how Holme's voice changes from song to song. A great vocalist, which leads me to wonder why Eagles of Death Metal has him on drums and that Macho Macho Man wanabe on vocals. The real star of this album though is the guy who's not even in the band, Dave Grohl. His drum playing on this album is incredible. Good stuff. Get rid of the annoying radio clips and the terrible 6th song and it would deserve a 5/5....more info
  • The ish
    Huge fan of this band. I think this is their masterpiece to date (all albums including Era Vulgaris). Album by album, they seem to alter their sound a little; adding some ambience here, some texture there, new sounds, etc. This album captures all the elements of their sound in one package and it's the ish. I highly recommend this album to anyone who has ears and can hear....more info
  • one great deaf metal cd
    If your like Kane Taylor(UK) you bought this cd beacause of no one knows, just like any other commercial music lover. If the song wasn't on MTV its not good. Wrong don't be like Kane Taylor Songs For The Death is a great cd. It's unique I can distinguish any Queens Of The Stone Age song from any other death metal song or any other type of song. This cd is filled with great riffs and cool song ideas. All the songs are good because there all different unlike staind's stuff for example. The radio talk through the album gives it its mellow feel. Anyone who is a fan of real music or alternative should at least give this cd a chance its an experience. This One of my favorite cd's....more info
  • Garage intellect
    3 1/2

    Almost taking their power-chord thrashing grooves to masterful levels, QOTHA prove one of the only worthwhile post first-gen alternative rock acts, underscoring crunchy catchiness with winning production. There are certainly songs that appear, especially later in the record, which tarnishes impressive songwriting streaks, but not to any degree as to not recommend the disc to anyone who plugs in with reckless, and ordered, abandon....more info
  • Yup, it still rawks!
    Even after two years of listening to this album it still kicks in every way. Gritty, kenetic, and just plain cool. This album could've easily sat on the record store shelves in the mid-70's but thankfully we have something to place in the "oughts" - 00's. There are so few masterpieces that come out nowadays and I can only name a handfull over the last few years (Mars Volta - Deloused in the Comatorium, Procupine Tree - In Absentia, Tool - Lateralus...) and QOTSA - Songs for the Deaf can stand proudly beside these albums and wave the flag of butt-kick' rawk....more info
  • Starts off great, but drags near the end
    Queens of the Stone Age is without a doubt one of the best rock bands out there today, but although this is a good album, and certainly better than all the "nu metal" garbage out there, it's lack of variety in song styles hurts it overall.

    That's not to say it isn't worth purchasing. "Millionare", "No One Knows", "The Sky is Falling", "Do It Again", and especially "Mosquito Song" are all excellent rock songs with rock solid musicianship. The second half of the disc, however, kind of bleeds together (minus the aforementioned "Do It Again") into one long song comprised of a few hooks that aren't really worth listening to more than a few times.

    So, while I would say this disc is worth a purchase, I would recommend that you get either of their previous outings (the self-titled album and "Rated R") before purchasing this one. ...more info
  • WOW....Very Good
    I bought this album becasue I had always liked the Desert Sessions and I also liked Rated R. BUT... I have to say, this album beats all of the new and old QOTSA albums and even ALL of the Desert Sessions. I will tell you why.

    1.The Real Song For the Deaf: 5/10, makes you think, maybe deaf people can actually hear this song.
    2. You think....: 9/10, Starts slow, but then begins the very rhthmitic guitar and haunting lyrics. Occasional guitar fills and a rather cool sounding bass and drum. Overall, this song gets your blood pumping for the rest of the CD.
    3. No One Knows: 7/10, Overrated is one way to put it. Although the lyrics are clear and the guitars are original and powerfull, almost sounds too poppy. Nick Oliveri is a god though.
    4. First It Giveth: 9/10, Nice, starts out and ends strong. The chourus is simpily AMAZING, this is truly a great QOTSA song, third best on album.
    5. A Song For The Dead: 8/10, Cool Song, the guitar in the backround really gives it that punch that this album is known for, the chourus is good, but still lacks a little clearness, very dirty and hummy. The presolo and solo are cool though.
    6. The Sky Is Falling: 8/10, Starts slow and dazy and then goes into a repetitve verse with a big muff guitar pedal and clear lyrics. Chorus is almost identical to the verse, but still sounds great. At around the 4:22 mark, the song really shines with great guitar playing and a Desert Session sound alike deal. Ends the way it began. Overall, a good song.
    7. Six Shooter: 7/10, Sounds like if the early 80's punk, (Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, etc.), became experimental. Overall, pretty funny and definetly inspired by someone really pissed off.
    8. Hangin Tree: 8/10, Originally a Desert Session song I belive. The bass in this song is great, and the overall composition of the song is genius. The soft lyrics on top of that classic QOTSA guitar really makes this a good song, not amazing, but not bad by any means.
    9. Go With The Flow: 9/10, This is the song that sort of turns the album into what people think of it. This is the BIG song right in the middle that you either love or hate. Great lyrics that vibe into a quick paced Rhythm guitar and drum beat. Amazing song!
    10. Gonna Leave You: 7/10, unfortunatley, sounds like some of the other songs on the cd. Still overall a good song, but just starts to get repetitive.
    11. Do it again: 8/10, Has sounds from the other tracks but this song sort of stands out above the others becasue of the "du du du du. HEY!" Pretty cool, the chorus is good too.
    12. God is in the Radio: 8/10, CLASSIC QOTSA! Scary somewhat but still has great rhythm and original lyrics. I think I would hear this song on a train ride to hell. Dark and mysterious is some ways, but very well put toghether.
    13. Another Love Song: 8/10, Starts out with a 50's sort of guitar over a simple drum beat. Josh is not singing, but whoever is, is doing a decent job. The choir like backround voices are really cool, makes this song sound like angels singing in hell.
    14. A Song For The Deaf: 9/10 Starts out with a scary guy saying, " A song for the deaf, that is for you." AWESOME!!! The bass starts out on the song, then the guitars and drumming picks up. The little solos throught the song are cool and low key, no Kirk Hammet solos here. There are also wierd sound effects throught the song that make it seem scarrier than it is. The bass stop near the 2:40 is cool, sounds like Desert Sessions once again. Ends like it began with screaming in the backround, but then something else. The end of the radio broadcast, but not the end of the cd. This song is number 2 on the cd. P.S. at about the 5:50 mark on the song theres this witch chant that is wierd, damn musicians and thier wierd ways.
    15. Mosquito Song: 10/10, Possibly my favorite song of all time. They use a 12 acoustic guitar that shines above the lyrics, but if you listen closely, they are talking about a guy being chased through the forest and then eaten whole, YEAH! Slayer like lyrics inside an acoustic song. The piano part just builds up the end like no other. Then the guitar comes back with a full orchestra! Then they do the best solo on the cd on an acoustic! There are also hints of their new album in this song too if you can catch them.

    Overall, this CD ranks very high with my favorites, and I would recomend this to anyone who likes rock or metal, period ...more info
  • Amazing Album -- Must have
    This album is a must-have for any rock fan. It has alot of the Queens' best songs, and really, at $1.00 new, you can't get much better than that. A+ If you don't trust me, listen to No One Knows, Millionare, and Song for the Deaf, the 3 best on this. ...more info
  • brilliant even if you are deaf
    I am, and I really love it!...more info
  • I have a song I want to sing... it's "A SONG FOR THE DEAF."
    I got this CD as a Valentine's Day present... because I'm in love with Josh. I really love the sound of his voice. He takes me away. I can't believe that Nick is on the CD! He's an awesome screamer! I really love Josh though. He's my Valentine. I'll do anything for him. I'll even die for him! ...more info
  • Songs for the Deaf...You can't even hear them!
    Queens of the Stone Age. When I asked my friend what band was his favorite, he said those five words. I, being a rap fan, never heard of this band. As I slowly moved my interests to all of the music world, I came again to the Queens of the Stone Age by listening to "Go With The Flow." This became one of my favorite songs and I simply had to buy the CD, "Songs for the Deaf." Listening this tons and tons of times, on my way to class, on the train, in the room, I was shocked on how amazing these guys could be in creating music. I personally ranked it up there in my top 10 best CDs. This may seem like an over exaggeration, but I'm not kidding. This CD truly rocks.

    The album is played like a radio show. At the beginning, there's a radio interlude that makes fun of the radio. Then the track explodes to "You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire." Heavy guitar riffs and Nick Oliveri's voice at near screaming, this song pumps up your blood. However, I only liked the guitar riffs, as the screaming got tiring at the end of this short track. However, next was the famous "No One Knows" with crazy timing and awesome guitar solos, Josh Homme's haunting voice captures the attention of your ear. Well done song, and probably one of my favorites.

    The CD then proceeds with a rapid Spanish DJ talk, then another good song "First It Giveth." With acoustic melted in with the electric, this song has a Hispanic feel to it. Then "Song for the Dead." which begins with a guitar riff and Dave Grohl banging on the drums. One of the most creative songs on this CD. A haunting and a gothic feel make this song a high point in the CD.

    The CD then goes with a calm feel in the beginning of "The Sky is Fallin'." Then it hits you with the guitar riffs. It's a long song, hitting over five minutes. Then a quick radio mock, then with the worst song on this CD.

    "Six Shooter" is simply blown up guitar riffs and lots of screaming. Because of this completely pointless track, the CD has a Parental Advisory. It's short too, thank goodness, clocking only over one minute.

    "Hangin Tree" is a song that starts with a quick bass part and then Mark Lanegan sings with some crazy guitar stuff. However, the song gets boring after a while.

    This song deserves a whole new paragraph. "Go With The Flow" is one of high points in the bottom half of this CD. With some crazy drum work from Grohl and amazing vocals from Homme, this song is a big winner. Too bad its short, only slightly above three minutes.

    Then another poppy song. "Gonna Leave You," starts with a great riff then explodes in a great song with "oooh"s and "aaahh"s in the chorus that have a great effect.
    The CD then goes into "Do It Again" with a unique riff and Homme's voice blends right into the song. It's a short song, but the radio interlude make it longer.

    "God is in the Radio" is quite repetitive song, but after listening to it for a while, it grows on you. The fade out in the middle of the song and the comeback is kind of pointless though. A long song, clocking in at about six minutes.

    "Another Love Song" is a decent song but the guitar riff gets boring after a while. The lyrics are quite creative though. It's a little too poppy though. The song acts like a lull before the storm. The storm being, of course, "Song for the Deaf"

    This is THE song of the album. The album is named after this song, so it has to be good right? Wrong. It's great. You have to listen to it a few times to truly appreciate it. With a quick radio interlude before, the song starts with a bass riff that is haunting. The electric guitars explode with Homme's gothic voice soars over the guitars. The chorus is amazing, with dual guitars screaming with appropriate "aaahh"s. One of my favorite songs on this CD, it ends with a huge bang. But wait! It's not over yet.

    "Mosquito Song" is a acoustic song that sounds happy, but if you observe the lyrics, its quite a haunting song. It has a hidden meanings tied in with the amazing guitar riff.

    "Songs for the Deaf" is not your average nu-metal album. Well, Queens of the Stone Age isn't your average nu-metal band. Each song is different from the normal radio song. You can tell, because the layout of the song and the amazing guitar riffs would never be heard on the radio, with the exception of "No One Knows" which has gotten lots of radio play (and also sounds totally different from any other song on the radio). Finally we have a band that takes pure rock and roll and adds their own twist to it, making an amazing album. Overall, a must buy. Its worth your ten bucks, trust me.
    ...more info
  • QOTSA's best (and that's saying a lot!)
    This album takes you on a drive through the desert rocking your f'ing socks off even though you are stuck in traffic. If you are new to QOTSA, start here. If you know them, then Satan will torture you for not owning this....more info
  • awful
    i love know one knowe's by this band it is an amazing song and an amazing guitar riff. Plus go with the flow.. another great song. So what happened to the rest of the album?? i was dissappointed when buying this album expecting more great metal music only to find a weird mess of songs with over distorted instruments. Josh hommes lyrics can barely be picked out from most of this tracks. a bad sounding album...more info
  • The Greatest Album Ever! Enough Said.
    Awesome, totally awesome! This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who loves to ROCK! enough said....more info
  • Fantastic stuff
    This is their best album. Forget all the people who say Rated R is the best they have. If you want the singles you hear on the radio and some other great tracks you won't be able to get out of your head, this is the Queens of the Stone Age album for you....more info
  • Best album of 2002 by far
    There are so many great things to say about this album. First, tracks like No One Knows, God Is In The Radio, Millionare, and Do it Again are amazing. The only weak track is probably Another Love Song. Josh Hommes is one of the best guitarists of today. Him along with Mark Lanegan together is great. You would probably know Mark from Screaming Trees and Josh from Kyuss. Dave Grohl is probably the best drummer in existance. Although lots of people bag to differ. I would say that Dave Lombardo (Slayer) and Lars Ulrich (Metallica) are the other influencial drummers. I love the brutal screamings of bassist Nick Oliveri. It really puts me in the mood. I would recommend this album to anyone who loves stoner rock, metal and grunge....more info
  • Heavy rock done right for a change
    It's too easy to typecast any band, the least of which includes Queens of the Stone Age. Their brand of repetitive mulitlayered guitar riffs and a penchant for clever if not puzzling lyrics set them apart from the clones they delightfully tear apart at the opening of the CD.
    The closest band you can compare the Queens to besides Kyuss, which is guitarist/vocalist Josh Hommes' first outfit is probably (and this is a loose connection) "Tyranny and Mutation"-era Blue Oyster Cult. Check out the opening salvo of "The Red And The Black" and the closer, the heavy-as-it-is-mysterious "Mistress Of The Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl)" to see what I mean. I betcha the Queens wore out the grooves on this masterpiece.
    We get soft vocals over droning guitars in "Hanging Tree", harmonies over brutal chords in "The Sky Is Falling", and a nifty reference to "Spirits In The Sky" with "God Is In The Radio".
    Queens of the Stone Age understand hooks and riffs better than any counterpart. They studied their Sabbath and the aforementioned BOC lessons well and turned those influences into something fresh, innovative and ultra heavy, the way this brand of rock should be....more info
  • QOTSA does it again
    Always a fan of QOTSA, and their predecessor Kyuss, I bought this CD. This one became my fovorite, above the self-titled CD, and Rated R. The track 'Hanging Tree' is a remake of the old Desert Session song of the same title, but works well with this disk. With help from the Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, Songs for the Deaf is a Queens masterpiece. It's funny, but the song I liked least was the most popular one (No one Knows), but all the tracks are solid. ...more info
  • Average
    "Songs for the Deaf" is kind of a dissapointment, when it comes to "Stoner Rock" Even though the genere isn't filled with that many bands, there are better albums to listen to in this genere. "Clutch", Fu-Man-Chu", "Monster Magnet", "Entombed" and "Kyruss" (members from QOTSA are present here, or should I say, before QOTSA) are much better. This is a basic album, with nothing to special. I was expecting a bit more variety, and some more jams, but at times the album starts to drag through the mud. Its not a bad album, its just not as good as I believe it could be, considering there are some great muscians on this album...more info
  • QOTSA's lateset is only their second best, but still great
    Queens of the Stone Age's self-titled debut was heavy stoner rock, and the second album, Rated R, was somewhat of an experiment in a kind of mixture of pop and rock. Songs For The Deaf, however, seems to have settled with pure hard rock. While it's not as original and groundbreaking as the self-titled, and not as brave and experimental as Rated R, SFTD is one amazing CD. There's a wide variety of heavy rock music here, and just about every song is great, and the album flows really well. There are very few songs that one would skip. After hearing one song, you will want to keep listening to find out what's next. This is simply an amazing album. The songs and my reviews for them are:

    1) You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire (10/10): The radio interlude in the beginning is kind of long, but that just helps to prepare for one loud, heavy song. With Nick Oliveri screaming 'till he's hoarse on vocals, this is obviouly one of the louder and faster tracks. The guitars and drumming are excellent, and while it can kind of become annoying after a while, this is still a good song.

    2) No One Knows (10/10): Not only is this my favorite Queens of the Stone Age, it's also my favorite song of all time. It's the first song I heard from QOTSA, and it's what got me into them. The guitar riff is simple, but still amazing, and the drumming packs a lot of punch. The lyrics and vocals are also excellent. This song grabs hold of you and doesn't let go, and although it's been played on the radio a little too much, it is stil a perfect song through and through.

    3) First It Giveth (8/10): I was never really a big fan of this song. That's not saying it's bad, though. The guitars have a cool sound to them, and the chorus is great.

    4) Song For The Deaf (10/10): Another nearly-perfect song. Mark Lanegan is on vocals, the guitar playing is out of this world, and the drumming puts every other song on here to shame. This is my second favorite song on the CD. What can I say other than WOW.

    5) The Sky Is Fallin' (9/10): A little too long and too slow. It sounds a lot like Radiohead, I kid you not. The chorus is pretty good, but the the radio "interlude" at the end kind of takes something away from the overall song. It's still great though, and one of my favorites.

    6) Six Shooter (6/10): This song is pointless filler. I've barely listened to it all the way through, and even when I did it was because I was either too lazy to press the skip button or I just wasn't listening. Six Shooter is the reason why this CD has a parental advisory.

    7) Hangin' Tree (8/10): With Mark Lanegan on vocals and some crazy sounding guitars, it's a surprise that this becomes such a boring song. A lot of people will probably like it, but I don't really. I usually skip this one.

    8) Go With The Flow (10/10): This song sounds more like pop than most of the songs on the album,k but it's still great. The great drumming, simple keyboard and excellent lyrics sound amazing, and this is my third favorite song on the CD.

    9) Gonna Leave You (9/10): This song sounds a lot like "Go With The Flow," except Nick Oliveri is on vocals. However, there are some great guitars and drumming, and this is still a very decent song. It's a little too short though.

    10) Do It Again (10/10): The amazing guitar riff will blow you away, and the vocals are superb. I especially like the 2 minute and 15 second mark where the guitar riff changes. The chorus is pretty good, and this song is very catchy. Unfortuantely, the last minute and ten seconds is another one of those annoying radio interludes, and it gets pretty old after a while. The song itself is only 2:54, but that stupid interlude stretches it to 4:04. However, the part that actually is music is great.

    11) Another Love Song (7/10): I never really liked this song very much. Nick Oliveri is on vocals, but other than that, nothing stands out on this song. It's pretty pointless and rather boring, but the interesting sound of the guitars helps it out a little.

    12) God Is In The Radio (7/10): The great drumming and the fact that Mark Lanegan is on vocals make this song seem better than it truly is. Other than that it sounds pretty much the same throughout, and, as with "Another Love Song," there's no real high point to this song. The fade out in the middle is pretty pointless, and just lets this song go on longer than should have been allowed. It really starts to drag towards the end.

    13) Song For The Deaf (10/10): This song starts out with just the bass playing, followed by impressive guitar riffs, drumming, and vocals. The chorus is great, although it takes some of the dreepiness away from the general mood of the song. There's a really scary feel to this song, given to it mostly by Josh Homme's vocals, which sound creepy and hollow. All in all a good song, and one that you won't want to end.

    14) Mosquito Song (10/10): This song is surprisingly good. It reminds me of "Lightning Song" from Rated R, because both are acoustic. Although this fact may make it seem like this song shouldn't be on a hard rock album, you'll be surprised at how well it fits in. The lyrics are very eerie, and though this song sounds pretty happy and bright, it's actually very disturbing if you listen closely. There's some amazing instrument playing here, including what seems to be an entire orchestra towards the end. This songs creepy quality makes it go along well with the preceeding track, "Song For The Deaf." It's a great closer to a great album.

    OVERALL: 124/140, 88.6%

    Although not as good as the self-titled debut, Songs For Deaf is still a step up from Rated R. There are a few tracks on here that really hurt it, like "Six Shooter" and "Another Love Song," but overall it's still an incredible rock album. If you consider yourself a fan of Queens of the Stone Age or just rock music in general, you should go out and buy this CD. ...more info
  • Would be higher, but...
    So iTunes doesn't have the full album up, so I came to Amazon MP3 to download it. Did that, am listening to it, rocking out. And then Six Shooter comes on. Starts playing, but Amazon CENSORED the song. Not even the cut-out-the-fwords type of censor, but the obnoxious-bleeping-at-high-volume type. Ruined. Based on music alone, 4 or 5 stars easily....more info
  • the best album ever
    plain and simple this is the best album ever recorded. i have owned this album for over a year and it remains my favorite cd. There is not a weak song on the album. except for maybe mosquito song, but all that song is is a whole lot of truth. those are some of the most insightful lyrics i have ever heard. i still cant figure out why that song isnt being used by every bug spray company ever. Songs for the dead is the best non single ever with all that crazy guitar and awesome lyrics. the truth is one could listen to this album everyday for a year and never get sick of it. Although that someone might lose their voice after about a week becuase it is impossible not to sing along to this album after listening to it a couple of times. and becuase some of the few swreams are totally crazy. the only thing to say about this album is that it will totally freak your beans. After you buy this album you will forever be enchanted by the trippy basslines of nick oliveri, the insane guitar licks of mark lanegan and josh homme and the crazy drum beats of dave grohl. as well as the vocal stylings of josh homme, nick oliveri and mark lanegan
    the only part that sucks about this album is that this is probably the last qotsa album unless they get back together...more info
  • Heavy Metal With A Kick
    In spite of the nu metal revolution in the late 1990's, still a lot of kids listened to old-school metal like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. this is an album for the kids who hate the face of modern metal, but don't want to seem outdated. QOTSA takes slightly modern sounds and mixes them with trippy, yet roaringly heavy metal that sounds straight out of, say 1974. Also, ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Ghrol plays on this album. Everybody sounds in tune, and in perfect harmony. This is THE metal album for the '00's....more info
  • Great Modern Rock
    Queens of the Stone Age is not meant to be Kyuss two. Josh Homme wants people to know his work with Kyuss will always be amazing, but he is now in an new band. That being said, Songs for the Deaf sounds like a Mix between Kyuss, Black Sabbath and the Foo Fighters. Not that this isn't an original piece of music, its just that this record sounds like those three bands. It is definitely an amazing record, particularly when you stack it up with other popular music.

    The concept behind this record is the to have an album that one can listen to on travels between Palm Desert and Los Angeles. This is pretty interesting considering that cities mentioned the radio samplings are actually between these two cities. When it boils down to it though, Songs for the Deaf is a great record. The singles are good, but the album tracks are what make this record great. It is really hard to skip any track on this one, since they are all amazing. Favorites for me include the opener, the title track and Another Love Song. Stoner rock influences are heard throughout.
    Is this record worth getting? I would say so. Interestingly, due to this album's intensity, I don't think anyone should start off with it since it is pretty heavy. However, once one settles into Queen's material, one can find there is much to like about this album....more info
  • Best Hard Rock Album in 10+years
    THough it's been five years since it's release and since I've owned it, I keep revisiting this album. Though the last two have been very good, this one is better than good. I've become extremely disillusioned with modern music and was starting to fear rock, especially hard rock, had entirely died... when I heard this record I realized that one hard rock group remained, and what a group it is. These tracks are monsters. The guitars are brutal, the lyrics range from profound to hilarious to deliciously weird. This album is more than a breath of fresh air, it's a hurricane! Though the only track most have heard off of this album that don't own it is the killer "No One Knows" (which boasts one of the best riffs ever), don't be fooled for one second into thinking this album is just a bunch of lesser sisters of that song... the whole thing roars, but it also rewards repeated listening. The orchestration is great, the musicians are wicked, and every song is a keeper. For King Crimson fans, "Mosquito Song" may remind them of some Crimson tracks, and in it's own way, despite what others may think, I think it's a killer track and shows how much diversity there is in the typeof songs the group is really capable of. Of course the group is essentiall Josh Homme since the rest of it constantly changes (just like King Crimson, who outside of Robert Fripp-the band's leader- always changed personnel). ...more info
  • rock your face off
    This was the first QOTSA album that I purchased. Ever since then I have respected and envied Josh Homme's musical talent. I'm not the only one either, musicians like Dave Grohl and Nick Oliveri have chosen to participate on his albums. Everything about Songs for the Deaf is appealing to me. The whole album consistently rocks, yet the songs dont sound anywhere near the same. Every track played is a new journey into rock. This album is so well rounded and so technically precise, but at the same time if distortion is called for, you will get an ear full of it. When Dave grohl joined the band for this album, it automatically infused a soon to be legendary musician into its ranks. One might think that his drum work would overshadow the rest of the band, but that is not the case. On every song Dave Grohl is able to play to the best of his ability and he is met every step of the way by musicians who are just as talented. But the album is not about individual musicians, it is about the music. The album starts off making you feel like your about to be fed the same old corporate pushed [...] and then you find out that you are listening to the opposite. The tracks range from metal all the way over to smooth acoustic songs that make everybody get quiet and enjoy the slight moments of calm. Then your right back in the fire with songs that remind you of trouble making and super cool individuality. This albm is made for those individuals who are tired of corporate music and the banks who push it. If your not ready to rock, dont get anywhere near this album. But if you want to feel like all hope is not lost for true rock and roll, do yourself a favor and get this album, you wont be disappointed. ...more info
  • these songs will make you wish you were deaf
    this album bites, plain and simple

    first theres the production. Whats the point of having (apparently) the worlds greatest drummer in your band when you cant even hear him. Theres no treble whatsoever. The drums have been pushed entirely into the background so thier almost inaudible. Needless to say this does take away significantly from the appeal and power of the music, which is especially important in a rock band.

    Then theres the band themselves. I'll admit i am a QOTSA fan and loved thier first 2 albums, but this time around they just sound like thier playing for themselves, and couldn't give a damn what anyone else thinks of em.

    And as for the album, all the songs sound the same. This is partially because of the shoddy production, but also because of a lack of creativity on the bands part. The least they could've done was throw in a few mellow songs to break the cycle, like they did with 'R'. Speaking of 'R', its a superior album, buy that and thier self-titled debut, forget about this garbage....more info

  • It's all been said
    Pretty much everything to be said about this album has already been written previously, so this will be brief.

    For me this album has some hits and misses, but the hits are huge and keep on coming while the misses barely register.

    The only thing I wish the band did was keep that opening riff from 'Gonna Leave You' going the whole time. How the hell is that thing still imbedded in my mind?...more info
  • Definately one of the best queens of the stone age albums
    Queens of the stone age have always been known for their weird songs, their hard rockers, and most of the time, a great combination of the two. Songs for the deaf is no exception. While most definately harder than rated R, the music is still likely to put you in a trance. This cd has so much talent on it that its hard to believe. You have Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri, Mark Lanegan, and, unbelieveably, foo fighters frontman and former Nirvana skin-basher Dave grohl on drums. Lots of talent here. This album is full of instant classics like No One Knows, Go With The Flow, Hanging Tree, Song for the Dead, and Song for the Deaf. Each song is filled with great riffs, intelligent, thought provoking lyrics, and precise but headbangingly good drumwork. The use of multiple vocalists and multiple styles ensures that each song sounds different, but somehow they still flow together flawlessly. Songs for the deaf is a rare achievement in music nowadays: great musicians coming together, collaborating to form an even better whole, and making great, catchy, original music. An A+ in my book, and guaranteed to always be among my favorite albums. Buy it. Now....more info
  • creative, heavy, great songs and videos
    Josh Homme has to be the most creative man in hard rock of the last 10 years. Maybe that's a too bold statement. But he was the mastermind of Kyuss in the early 90's when he was 19 years old! Creating that quality of music at such a young age you need amazing talent. Then he went on to form QOTSA all while doing his side project recording series: The Desert Sessions, now in version 9-10. In 2004 he took the drum seat for The Eagles of Death Metal, also another QOTSA release is expected.

    I am in no way a music theory expert but his guitar work just sounds amazing on this album. Every track is awesome and each one has its own different style. My personal favorite is Song For the Dead a perfect combination of trippy and heavy riffs alternating for verse-chorus.

    Mix Josh Homme's guitar work with Dave Grohl's amazing drumming and you are in for great quality straight-up rock album.
    [I hope Dave reads this: everytime I hear this album I can't help myself but I start air-drumming, I wish I could learn this songs and play along, because the drum work is simply awesome.]

    I have to accept that watching the video for No One Knows was my introduction to this band and to Josh Homme's amazing career. I was too young when Kyuss was alive and I had never heard of earlier QOTSA releases like Rated R which I also recommend. This album opened the floodgates into the QOTSA / Kyuss family tree, I am thankful for that as I have found awesome music: Desert Sessions, Mondo Generator, Brant Bjork, to name a few.

    If you want a break from all the crappy rock and nu metal out there now get this amazing album. You won't be dissapointed.

    J...more info