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James Bond 007: Nightfire
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Special low price! Save $35 dollars off our original price of $49.99 during this limited-time sale! Order now. The ultimate secret agent is back in his most dangerous adventure yet in James Bond 007: NightFire. Explore new heights and depths like never before-infiltrate towering skyscrapers, take on treacherous underwater missions, and maneuver your sleek Aston Martin V12 Vanquish through the streets of Tokyo while turning on the Bond charm with glamorous (and sometimes deadly) Bond

  • Featuring an original single player storyline - written exclusively for the game and borrowing from the rich 007-legacy that spans 40 years.
  • Opperate, as Bond, in the snow capped Austrian Alps and the far reaches of outer space as well as underwater in the depths of the South Pacific to defeat the evil criminal mastermind Rafael Drake, the popular head of a supposedly benign environmental organization who secretly is bent on world domination.
  • Large variety of missions filled with furious action and stealth, gorgeous women, exotic locales, and sophisticated spy-craft gadgetry that Bond fans expect.
  • More than 10 exotic locations from around the globe and outer space.
  • Each of the mission levels offers enormous, highly detailed 3D environments that can only be experienced through the eyes of Bond.

Customer Reviews:

    I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MASTERPIECE TO COME OUT. I READ A GAME MAGAZINE, AND THEY SAID THAT YOU CAN USE A CROSSBOW,NEW ASSUALT RIFLES,BETTER SHOTGUN,A MORE COOLER P2K PISTOL, AND EVEN NEW GADGETS, LIKE X-RAY GLASSES,MAGNETIC CLIMBING DEVICE( for climbing walls,swweett!),A BRIEFCASE GUN W/ CAMERA AND CONTROLLER, AND ALSO A WRISTWATCH LASER. THEY EVEN SAID THAT THEY'RE GONNA HAVE BIGGER,BETTER,COOLER MULTIPLAYER LEVELS AND GADGETS( talk about heaven!),with more places to explore. plus there will be over 15 new levels;from a skyscraper,to an outer space station,the levels will diffinetly beat goldeney's [rear] back to the discount rack at the [thrift store] ( that would be so funny to see!)they also said that they will inprove enemy A.I., and even make you have different choices for what you wan't to do. with all this value,i thinks it will BEAT Goldeneye at first glance. you should not miss this in NOVEMBER, it will be sswwweeett man!! 007,over and out.........more info
  • James Bond 007: Nightfire (PC) Review
    In the long history of PC games there haven't been many James Bond-brand releases on the PC; in fact, I can't name any offhand (aside from maybe James Bond Jr.). The brand has had a fruitful experience for the consoles, including the famous release of Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64.

    With the release of a new Bond adventure in 2002 publisher Electronic Arts wanted to create a big cross-platform Bond action/shooter that didn't have to rely on the new movie but still carried the name and was released at about the same time. Unfortunately they decided to bet on relatively old technology and some strange creative choices to do it (at least on the PC version), and the result became a rather uninteresting game called Nightfire.

    The player assumes the role of dashing MI-6 agent James Bond, 007, here to free the world from nuclear tyranny, British ex-patriots, and so on. Each of the nine missions precedes a full-motion animated cut scene that uncovers more of the general plot and details the next mission. More average-quality cut scenes are interspersed throughout the game at various points.

    Nightfire is a first-person shooter and shares all the nuances of that breed of game, with the same familiar style of control schema, albeit with some trademark differences. Aside from the variety of guns available, Bond can switch to a gadget inventory and select from one of those - the gadgets are primarily one-event-type items. A wristwatch serves as a laser for cutting locks, for instance, though you couldn't even use it to get the attention of a guard.

    The other gadget worth noting is the sunglasses, which when put on can switch between different shades of the spectrum - handy for locating hidden areas, laser traps, or through women's dresses. The downside is that you can only use it for so long as it runs on (rechargeable) battery power, not to mention the sunglasses are buggy.

    As stated above, there are only nine missions -- each have a variety of submissions with their own set of objectives. While the level design is adequate it pretty much pushes the limits of the engine, including multiple loads in a single level. The objectives, which update as the mission progresses, is not very helpful at telling you what needs to be done or even why. Only by going through a level, killing everything, and checking and/or destroying everything else can you really figure some of them out - unless of course it happens to be a level where there is a never-ending stream of bad guys and there is no clue as to what to do.

    Another problem of note is that a player can effectively win a mission by accomplishing an objective, get killed because of something else, and still lose the mission as the mission results screen is delayed while the game still runs. I actually ran into this on a particularly annoying boss level.

    Mere mention of the console game-style boss creatures is another bad mark. This by itself is not too annoying, but the bosses, not to mention the situations you're thrust into, are painfully stupid. Speaking of painfully stupid, that would be the perfect description of the game's artificial intelligence (AI) - enough said on that.

    This is not to say that Nightfire has some redeeming qualities. Some of the levels require going into third-person mode, which is a fun switch. Bond can only carry around four big weapons at a time, so you will have to strategize in some situations. You can use multiple different methods in certain missions to accomplish the objective. On the very first mission, Bond can sneak his way into the castle complex through the back way or fight his way through.

    Nightfire includes a multiplayer mode as well. It consists of LAN or internet play, supporting up to 32 players, with three modes of play: combat training (deathmatch), team combat training (team deathmatch), and capture the flag. In team games one team assumes the role of the good guys while the other team is the bad guys - and they have different models to match. Unfortunately, multiplayer mode seems tacked on and a few of the levels are very unbalanced.

    Several times already I've described the Nightfire engine as being stretched to the limit. That's because the developer, Gearbox Interactive, went with the Half-Life engine to develop the game, and added in their own in-house goodies. Gearbox is no stranger to using the Half-Life engine, but to release a major title with a four year-old engine (at launch) is troublesome at best.

    Character models are average if not great, and the animations are about the same - though there are some specialized animations as well. The Australian secret agent is a blond Lara Croft rip-off.

    I'm a bit of a Bond movie traditionalist so it's hurtful to sit through a particularly hard level of Nightfire listening to some techno/new age version of a rehashed Bond theme over and over again. Oh, there is some variety, and a small bit of it is catchy, but enough is enough. The song featured in the intro sequence by the female singer Esthero (and plays in the background on the menu screens) is quite good, however. The voice acting for the various characters, including Bond, seems very uneven.

    James Bond 007: Nightfire is a lackluster game stuck in an old engine that probably should have gone through a bit more in the design and implementation stage. Aside from a nice opening sequence and a few "well that's kind of cool" moments in-game Nightfire should definitely have its license revoked....more info

  • Bond is back
    I currently have played this game.

    It is sweet.

    I experienced 3 hours of blasting sound and graphics. The Strafe is a bit different the screen tilts a bit. This is an excellent FPS. First add the graphics come alive plus many new weapons, this equals total fun. New shotgun, sniper rifle, granades, flask bangs, lasers sighted M4 with scope. Trout me folks this is Perfect to entertain any gamer of any sort. This is bring bond back with a twist. They brought back a skiing level so get ready to hit the slopes.

    Weapons: Weapons consist of Raptor magnum, Delta 900x Repeater (cross bow), Storm M9 (Uzi), AIMS-20 (The M4 with scope and laser), shotgun, and many more.

    Gadgets: Most of the gadgets consists of q-wrist watch laser, pen that shoots darts, lighter that is a camera, car key shocker, cell phone grappling hook, night vision glasses and much more coming out.

    Levels: 15 levels in the full game.

    There are some awesome enemies. These are not just the normal fighters it feels like they are alive. The bond girls are still there so anyone with a frown put it upside-down.

    There is so much more coming out I just can't wait until this game comes out to purchase....more info

  • The name's Game, Great but Hard Game
    This is a good game but I am trapped at the High Treason level where you have to use the cell phone grapple. If anyone has an answer to my troubles, write it in your review. Otherwise, this is a fun game that you may find yourself reciting or imitating Bond. Sadly, he did lose his handsome charm in this game but as long as you can play, no problem. There is just one flaw, though. The Yuzuki Gunmen are loud and irritating as they say "Yatzo stupidasol" and "Shmi". It really gets on your nerves especially when you don't know what their saying! This game has a great use of gadgets but is comically unrealistic. If you break a window, nobody notices. If you shoot a guy in the you-know-what, they make a funny cry as they put their hands over it! This is a good Bond game with great action and adventure....more info
  • Not the best
    Ok, This bond game is very bad. i had a very good video card at the time and it was soooooooo slow! i reccomend you get NOLF 2 or Splinter Cell if you want a spy game! totally waste of money. Spend it on NOLF 2 which is only $20.00!!! Some of the gadgets were kewl. but NOLF 2 and SC have very way better kewl ones!...more info
  • Great 007 Game!
    Run by the well known internationalist Raphael Drake, the Phoenix Corparation has been in the news lately for its efferts to decommission nuclear weapons, recent intellegences, however, suggest that there are more sinister motives behind Drakes actions. You must infiltrate a heavily fortified mountain castle near the austrillian border. Protect innocent hostages at a Japonese estate guarded by highly trained and heavily armed assasins. Be vigilant at all times in your mission to stop Drake, and always remember that no one, not even your closest allies, can be trusted. Engage in low gravity combat inside a space station armed with nuclear missles. Defeat Drakes army of elite paramilitary commandos on a nearly deserted South Pacific island. There are deadly, and sometimes familiar, villains-like Oddjob and Jaws-make every move a potentially dangerous one. There are nine action packed, single player missions, filled with beautifull women and treacherous enemies, demand your immediate attention and utmost skill. There are awesome online battles with up to thirty-two people and challenging all enemies in more than fifteen exotic locations deliver the most callenging multiplayer action ever! There are also cool special gadgets including Q-Specks for infrarred, night, and x-ray visibility, the Phoenix suitcase turret gun, and the laser watch. Do you have what it takes to be Bond?...more info
  • Good Action
    The game is great for weapons, action, and spy type sceens, except at the end the was no where to go when you were suppose to meet up with the leader of crime to kil him....more info
  • old school
    Ididn't have this game so I bought it. it's ok, but nothing like the new games....more info