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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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Product Description

Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets lets you return to the Hogwarts school with Harry, for all-new adventures and excitement! All this plus new wizard duels, Quidditch leagues and fun interaction with all of Harry's friends!

  • The Chamber Of Secrets has been opened and the Heir To Slytherin is causing havoc -- Harry and his friends have to stop it!
  • Explore the complete world of Hogwarts -- completely immersive, interactive environments are waiting to be explored
  • Save the students who are being petrified by Slytherin
  • Fly in aerial levels on Harry's Nimbus 2000
  • Combat the deadly menace unleashed by the Chamber with new spells

Customer Reviews:

  • A Good Game
    I got this game last year, but I was only recently able to play it on my new computer, because my old computer was so bad it wouldn't even play the sims *Sigh*.

    For those of you who have played the first game, this game should be much easier. Where in the first game, to learn a spell you had to drag the wand over the shape, now you hit arrow keys when the wand passes over them, thus making it much easier for people with slower computers.

    For those of you who have not played the first game, it is still pretty simple, but you have to learn all the controlls that previous gamers already know. The plot follows the movie pretty well, and included a few things from the book the movie failed to mention.

    There shouldn't be any worries over whether it is suitable for your kids, for there isn't any blood, or really any hands-on fighting. The closest it come to violent is when you stun a cornish pixie with Rictusempra, they fall to the ground and disappear in a poof of blue stars.

    The graphics still aren't the greatest, but they are an improvement over the first game.

    A good idea is to always look right, left, and behind you when you're in a new room. They like to put monsters where you can't see them ;). Also it is a good idea to try to attack monster from the farthest distance possible, because if they wake up again, you're in trouble.

    I hope that helped you all!...more info

  • Great fun for Harry Potter fans.
    I am a grandfather, but still like Harry Potter and family friendly computer games. This game is great. I have played it for many happy hours and have "almost" won the game. I am still missing 3 bronze wizard cards in my best effort so far. I can "barely" win at quiddich, but have managed to win all my matches, so you probably can to. I am quite slow on the keyboard and mouse, but this game requires more mind speed than eye/hand co-ordination. I had a mental block the first time or two through the game and forgot to look up. Who would think that magical switches could be on the roof ?

    Wizard dueling is the key to success for me. I can get lots of beans and then buy lots of Wizard cards, spell ingredients, and quiddich armor.

    All in all this is a very well done game....more info

  • Great Game!
    My seven year old and I played on and off for about 2 months. May have been difficult for him--and his 42 year old mom--but between the two of us...we managed to figure it out. Some of the challenges he was better at and some I managed to conquer. It took us multiple games to learn the secrets to successfully completing but great fun! Neither of us had read the books but have now seen the first movie and are reading them. Can't wait for more. Well worth the money and time. Graphics are excellent although, with our wireless mouse, can get a little dizzy in all the excitement....more info
  • A great game for all ages!
    Harry Potter and the Chamber Of secrets is a very fun and interesting video game. You start out having to save Ron from the Whomping Willow. On the Whomping Willow there will be a sign that means you may cast Flipendo on it and save Ron. When you arrive at Hogwarts, you're first day you will have a lesson with Proffesor Lockhart on the Third Level. You will have to hit an arrow key on the keyboard as a wand makes its way around it. This is called Rictusempra. It stuns many unusual creatures. It is useful in this game, though. You will then go to the Rictusempra Challenge. When you arrive in a room that has three boxes where you can cast Flipendo on it, look at the doors. On each floor level there will be a picture of Proffesor Lockhart. Cast Flipendo on the blocks until you have the three bottom level doors unlocked. Then unulock the left door and go into it up into the next level and so on. Then when you arrive in the last room You have to hit the creatures into the pit where they belong. Then go up to get the Completion Star, and your time will become your new personal record. What I like to do after I complete the Rictusempra Challenge is go to the Dueling Club and duel other members. After you beat levels, the courts change. Then finish all of the other challenges. When you arrive at the Chamber Of Secrets, I have barely any advice. The only advice I have is that when fighting the Basilisk in the second round, only hit him when his mouth is open. Before you fight the Basilisk, you must gain a lot of health. After you defeat Tom Riddle and the Basilisk, you end up in Dumbledore's office. Go up to the top of his office and look for a Wizard card. Then, when you are finished, do not i mean DO NOT go to the feast. First, you must make sure you have every Silver Wizard card to advance to the Gold Wizard card Challenge. If you do not have every Silver Wizard card, I would duel people and buy cards from sellers. That is all the advice I have. And I recommend to purchase Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets....more info
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    I think this game is extremely fun. I heard about it from a friend and decided to get it. I wasn't disappointed....more info
  • Great game!
    Excellent game and lots of fun playing for kids and "big kids". Much better than 1st HP game-more freedom to move around and check things out. Great effects and very creative! Not as many places as 1st game where you get stuck and can't move on. Great game for girls! Hopefully next game will have even more ability to chat with other people along the way. Was happy that the quiditch (still very difficult) and the dueling are not required to play the game after the first try. Don't waste beans on the quiditch armor or broom: They don't seem to help you win at all....more info
  • Riding the Harry Potter Hype Machine...
    What a snoozefest! Whenever a game review includes "Fun for the whole family", that is always a good warning sign. Most of these Blockbuster-movie based games are usually pretty lame but this one is actually playable; this is probably why people are gushing all over it. It does not mean that it is good, no way! Harry Potter is just a well polished, slapped together, cash-in quick game. Parents will be forced to buy it, so it will automatically generate alot of cash. It really does'nt need mine....more info
  • One great game
    This is the best of the 4 Harry Potter games. The graphics are good,the music is good,and the gameplay is great. The spells you learn are really creative. This is the hardest Harry Potter game I've played. However,you have to restart the game to acsoss the Main Menu....more info
  • geting better
    This game is better than the first harry potter but don't get me rong I liked the first also.this is another must have for harry potter fans....more info
  • awesome
    i'm not a huge fan of video games and i even find some to be quite boring. But this one was awesome. it is very easy to understand, but yet some of the challenges are hard. It is much better then the first because you can explore more of hogwarts and you can go back to some of the levels to try to beat your high score. You also can do the cutscene button and skip through what the ppl r saying. If u liked the first one, this one is a lot better...more info
  • I LOVE this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "This is awesome" I keep saying to myself. The SLYTHERIN common room is as cool as the WHOMPING WILLOW. It has zero problems and is long and hard. Level 2 (Snapes potion chamber) is really fun!...more info
  • for 8 bucks good buy
    this game is quite good. it has a ton of secret areas about one in every f3 rooms or hallways such as you could walk by a mirror and use allohomora (unlocking spell on it and it would open up to reveal beans or a wizard card. you dont see very much of ginny weasley at all in the game, pretty much only in the chamber of secrets. moaning myrtles hallway is quite an impressive sight with the bloody wall looming out of nowhere from off the stairs. i also hated the fact that there was one section of stair that acted like an escalator and took you to the top of the it would kill them to finish the stairs.the wiggenweld potion is very usefull, and i like how every 10 wizard cards you get you get another health bar. hermione looks terrible. they didnt texture her bangs at all overall 4 stars because it is too easy...more info
  • 6 year old says its good
    I bought this to noodle around with because of the rebate, but my 6 year old took it from me as soon as I got it home. She's played it ever since. She needs help getting thru some of the stuff, but she's helped me get thru other obstacles, so it evens out. I think it might be a little boring for a computer game expert, but it's been great for me and my daughter....more info
  • Harry Potter and the Gamer looking for Secrets
    "Congratulations! You've completed the challenge! You're almost as good as I was at your age."

    Oh? That was a challenge?

    I'll give you my honest opinion to start. I didn't think that this game was a huge improvement from the first. Some things were too easy, others were just a waste of time hard! Of course there were some welcome changes, like the ability to skip cutscenes or that the characters' mouths actually move when they speak, but I think I had more fun playing the first game. Maybe it's just that I expected a lot more.

    Don't get me wrong - - I love Harry Potter and this game was still worth the money.

    The spell learning was a waste of good arrow keys. I liked tracing it better. There were too many wizard cards everywhere, and so when you can't find a few, you feel like the whole game was a waste. Also, the quidditch was inferior to the first game. It keeps you on a defined track, and you can't adjust your speed. It's like a battle between you and the other seeker, instead of a hunt for the golden snitch.

    The character development is rather minimal, except for Gilderoy Lockhart. And I love the British accents! But you don't get to know Ginny or even meet Ron's parents or learn to hate Malfoy.

    Wizard dueling is a definite improvement. Once you finally master expelliamus, it's an exciting competition each time. You can duel real students from each house for an increasing amount of beans each time. That is, until you get up to 200, and then it's a battle of the expelliamus. How long can you bounce a spell back and forth?

    The challenges are improved, except that there are too many secrets. Wizard cards everywhere, and beans galore. The "enemies" are the same thing over and over again. If there's a space with a firecrab symbol on it, you know what to do. The gnomes are easy and obvious, and the Wiggentree things are plain annoying. But you can go and replay each challenge and try to beat your high score, an addition which I liked.

    I played it on PC, but I've heard about what you can do on XBox and PS2. If you are blessed (or spoiled) enough to have one of those systems, don't buy the PC edition. It skips the degnoming the garden and the scenes that serve as the introduction are boring, but necessary. THE BEST THING IS THAT YOU CAN SKIP THE CUTSCENES!

    Overall, it's a good game, and probably for children ages 6-14, but it may be too easy or too hard for some, depending on age. Parents should get a kick out of it too, but don't go searching for every secret or you'll kick yourself literally out of frustration....more info

  • A pleasing game
    To get the bad stuff out of the way, the graphics suck. Someone forgot the anti-aliasing when they did the game. It's full of jagged ends. The game is easy for an adult (it's really a kids game), but the easiness is fun. I played the game for 6 hours one day. It's kind of addicting. I just wish the graphic were better....more info
  • I hate spiders!
    This game is really fun and challenging. You can skip cutscenes now (that's a big improvement. Now I don't have to watch any more 10 minute cutscenes!), and it's always fun to play Quidditch (The best part is kicking the other seeker). I am stuck at Aragog because whenever he runs up to Harry, all you can see in the screen is Aragog and for some reason it freaks me out and I have to put the game on pause. Also, this game always freezes on my computer which is really annoying, because I will be at a really important part and the game will randomly freeze. ...more info
  • Great Game...But....
    It was a great game. The graphics were better than in the first game I believed, and there was more to explore and do. It was a lot more challenging and I really liked that. It would have been perfect, but it took a ton of time to load anything. On average, 1 to 2 minutes was the usual loading time, and that seemed to last longer than when you played the game. If they fixed that, it would have been the best game ever!...more info
  • Great game for families of gamers.
    Out of curiosity one tuesday morning, I went ahead and downloaded the demo to the Chamber of Secrets, and was pleasantly surprised. FPS-style controls, Tombraider-style movement, lots of secrets to hunt for, airy level-design and matching music. I found myself purchasing the game that very evening, for a whopping ten bucks. For a budget game, Chamber of Secrets really delivers.

    First the Graphics. Lets not kid ourselves, on the Unreal engine, this is no Halo 2. You won't find Direct X 9 on the installation CD, nor will you be rushing out to buy the latest Geforce FX. (Though, Prisoner of Azkaban may be another story.) But what is there is well used. The textures are no less than amazing and beautiful. You feel as if you're actually exploring a huge and beautiful, sunlit cathedral, with a gentle music box tune in the background. (There are actually chapels in some levels that you can explore. The films are produced in a catholic monestary, and it is only fitting.) Very careful attention is paid to lighting and mood. The characters are well-animated, if cutesy, charicatures of the actors from the movies.

    The gameplay is simple, but does the job. You are given the choice between Tombraider and FPS-style controls. Your wand is your only weapon, making the game feel like Jedi Academy without a lightsaber. (Force powers only! WHOOHOO!) Basic powers can sense magic or doors, push items and enemies, unlock doors, stun enemies, cut through plants and ropes, and super-jump. You can strafe, jump, grapple ledges, and climb with very smooth animations. The enemies are dangerous enough to give a challenge to most, and the jumping puzzles will have even more experienced gamers challenged. (Sometimes, for example, you'll die unless you find that secret door!)

    Oh, did I mention secrets? There are so many of these that you'll probably never find them without a walkthrough. But it sure is fun to search for them. I have yet to find all the bronze cards. In pure Spyro the Dragon form, you will always have another chance to catch an item that you missed. In some cases, you can redo a level, in others, you can purchase the cards you missed from the many kiddies running around school. Though, I'm wondering if that gold card #11 does exist in JKR's vision of her world. We shall see. ;)

    Not everything is perfect of course. While the game is based directly off the book, much of it is crunched up and chopped to bits to save time for the action. (As are many video-game adaptations.) And the FPS-style controls leave me wanting a little multiplayer deathmatch. Then again, all signs point to the game being mod-able thanks to the Unreal engine and console running in the background, so a hacker may have a little fun with that.

    Overall, I love this game. It is a third-person-shooter, and easy for experienced gamers, but with the FPS controls, you can teach your young-uns to be kicking butt in Unreal 2k4 in no time. :)...more info

    The graphics are good, game is fun, and the characters clothes move when they run. Its a bit difficult with all the challenges but still awesome game anyway. I would definetly reccomend it to someone who is browsing reviews wondering whether or not to get this $9.99 game. Well let me tell you it will be te best ten bucks you ever spent on a computer game. It totally blew me away. Great price great fun! GO BUY IT NOW!...more info
  • Good except for a couple things.
    Okay, first, we have to get one thing straight. If you have the two-disc Chamber of Secrets dvd and have ever watched the game preview, YOU ARE NOT SEEING SCENES FOR THIS GAME. I have this game and can prove that during that game preview, you are seeing scenes from the PS2 or Gamecube. This game is fun but I usually play it at my friend's house. (My friend loves this game more than I do and is far ahead of me, she's fighting Aragog while I'm still making the dumb Poly-Juice Potion.)
    Here's how I rate the game:
    Sound: 5/10- The music stops sometimes and gets repetitive.
    Graphics: 9/10- The characters look the same as in the first game. A MAJOR dissappointment.
    Gameplay: 6/10- Finding the Polyjuice potion ingridients in the dungeon is a little bit of a joke. You just jump around the place until you find the thing you need.
    Overall- 9/10
    Hope this review helped!
    ...more info
  • Better than Sorcerers Stone
    I got this game after I played the Gamecube version and this one is alot better.


    .quidich better than the first game
    .creative spells
    .the bean bonus room(if you have the most house points you get to in a room to collect bertie botts beans which you can use as curency)
    .you can redo challenges
    .there is more challenges in the Chamber of Secrets. In the NGC one when you enter the chamber you fight the heir without going through some challenges


    .the Nimbus 2001 cant do anything
    .there is a time limit in spell challenges and there realy is no point because I can get them done in a quick amount of time
    .a little too easy
    .No transfigeration class
    .graphics could be a little better but it sure a whole lot better than the 1st game...more info
  • Great fun!
    This game is overwhelmingly cool and fun. I was VERY pleased with all the improvements to graphics and gameplay over the Sorcerer's Stone game. Almost all of the little things that annoyed me in the Sorcerer's Stone game have been improved. Here are some of the biggest and best improvements:
    -The option to skip cutscenes
    -Characters open and close their mouths when speaking
    -When learning new spells, you no longer have to struggle to trace the shape with the mouse
    -Hogwarts is even bigger and better
    -Quidditch is optional
    -Dueling is optional (after dueling Malfoy)
    -More hidden items to discover
    -Better graphics and animations

    Overall, this is a really great game. I found it to be challenging, but not impossible. I have lots of fun playing it, and I don't mind playing it over again. The only thing that annoys me is the longer wait when different areas of the game are loading, although I must admit it's worth the wait. I have found very few in-game glitches (virtually all of which did not adversely affect gameplay), and so far I have only had one minor issue which caused the game to crash.

    If you love Harry Potter, then you'll love this game--as long as your computer meets the minimum system requirements. :-)...more info

  • Nice game...
    I'm not a gigantic Harry Potter maniac ...but I must say the game is good. The 3d graphics are very impressive, good music and easy-to-remember-controls: ctrl, alt, and arrow keys. But the end of the game is sort of shocking; the end shows Harry in the Great Hall with lots of other people clapping, and then the credits start rolling. And you think, "Oh. It's over." And then you just sit there and stare at the screen.
    But the game is SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE FIRST ONE. The mouths move, Harry automaticlly follows the Snitch, the spells are easier to learn and there is more of Hogwarts to explore.
    You can also use your beans once you find them. You can trade them for cool stuff. The characters are humorus and fit in with the game. But Snape wasn't mean at all. He was actually helping Harry make a Wiggenweld potion.
    The spiders were awesome. The Aragog level was fun, too(I was the only one brave enough to do that level; my brothers and my mom were hiding in the kitchen)and a little hard.
    There are more spells to learn too. But good ol' Flipendo is still alive and kickn'. But in the first game you used Flipendo ALL THE TIME. You even used it to defeat Voldemort(and it's supposed to be a FLIPPING spell!). But now you use Ritusempra, Diffindo, Skurge and Spongify(a REALLY fun spell!!!).
    Hermione isn't folding her arms all the time in this game. It was really annoying in the first game. Ron is funnier and they wait for you when they are leading you somewhere(instead of letting you get lost in the castle).
    This is great game. Get it!!!...more info
  • A Great Game for Potter fans
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a great game. You get to ride on a broom and learn magic spells. You also collect wizard cards and solve puzzles. It's hours of delightful fun....more info
  • I'm an old fart and I love this game!
    I bought this as a present for my six year old daughter. She's very good with computer games, but the challenges move much too fast for her.

    However, her PARENTS love this game! :) Once we finished it, I bought copies for several of my friends.

    There is absolutely no blood or gore. Even when you run out of life, you merely "faint".

    We purchased the first game because we were hoping that it was more of the same, but compared to this one, it's like wading through mud. Highly disappointing.

    I really don't understand why this game is in the bargin bin or why they're selling it for such a low price. I've enjoyed this much more than some of the more expensive games we've purchased.

    So snap it up! You can play it, your kids can play it..and you don't have to worry about inappropriate content for anyone.

    I look forward to the next one, if there is one. I can guarantee I'll buy it as soon as it comes out. Enjoy!...more info

  • harry potter
    I just received this and played it. It has very clunky graphics and slow movements. It takes a long time to play because it moves so slowly. The good news is that there are a lot of things to find and do in the game. I would have thought that the programers would have worked out the kinks by now. Too bad they didn't snag a Disney designer to help program it!...more info