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Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly
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Product Description

Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto are back with a plan to steal the Dragonflies of the Dragon Realm. With help from new and old friends, Spyro must avoid obstacles, jump on platforms, ride vehicles, collect gems, and finda way to return the Dragonflies and restore order to the Dragon Realm. With new powers like electric and bubble breath; new characters; vehicles like tanks, UFOs, rockets and surfboards; and over 30 levels of unique environments including rainbows, tornadoes, monsoons and snowflakes

A sequel to Spyro: Year of the Dragon, the bestselling title for the first PlayStation console, Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly sees Ripto return with a plan to steal the dragonflies of the Dragon Realms. To combat his foes, Spyro's existing set of abilities have been enhanced with new features such as electric, ice, and bubble breath. Equipped with newly acquired skills, amazing new vehicles, and help from new and old friends, Spyro must find a way to return the dragonflies and restore order to the Dragon Realm.

  • Single Player
  • Stunningly beautiful levels to glide over, charge through, and swim around
  • Pilot tanks, planes and UFO's on your quest to save the Dragon Realms.

Customer Reviews:

  • Well...
    I was a HUGE fan of Spyro ever since the first game was out. I remember spending hours to try to complete the original three games...heck, I wanted a fourth one straight away!

    My friend showed me the new fourth one when it came out, so I rushed home to buy it. In my opinion, the game was too short. The amount of gems were only 7,000 (others had 10,000 gems or over) and Sparx lost his gem-finding ability so I had to look everywhere for gems.

    The game is also too difficult for me (and I beat Jak 2 in a month's time). After I reached about 69%, I decided to play something else instead. I'm considering to come back to the game soon enough. But if you want something challenging, I recommend Jak 2. If you want a Spyro game, get the originals or Hero's Tail. Not a bad game but could have been a lot better....more info
  • mockery of spyro games
    this isnt at all like the other spyro games which i loved its a poor example of a spyro game. first of all i love spyro ive played all his games trough and heavily enjoyed every minute playing. but heck theres hardly anything to like about this new game. it has pathetic graphics only 8 levels and completely lacks the charm the other 3 had. everything that can be found good about the other ones is completely lacking here. even though im a spyro fan this is probally one of the worst games i have ever played. the storyline really dosent give you a reason to do what your doing and the characthers really look stupid. basically no challenges at all. and in fact if you can find a challenge it would be stearing the camera in the right direction. i promise you this has the worst camera angle and control problems ive ever seen in a video game. the controls make spyro fall down as hes trying to jump from platform to platform or rock to rock. the sound effects are really bad and there are also a lot of glitches all over the place like a nonrecorded gem collection or the game automaticaly freezing. plus the load times are superlong. i know some of you are getting tired of hearing that but seriously some games on the playstation 2 dont even have to load. the only thing spyro fans will get that theyve known from the last 3 spyros is the gems there everywhere and you can collect them by walking up to them. the thing you have to try to collect in this game are dragonflies because ripto has stole them. and now you get to have new bireath abilities fire ice and elictricity. BIG DEAL RIGHT what ever you do do not buy this game. just go play the first 3 again my personal favirote would have to be the original....more info
  • Spyro has officially been ruined
    I was first introduced to the Spyro by my then-boyfriend and immediately loved the games... even though I got soooo frustrated at needing help with parts. I learned all I needed to and was very excited that there was going to be a Spyro game for the PS2. I bought it thinking I'd be challenged... boy was I wrong. This game is waaayyy too short in comparison to the first three in the series. And it is annoying as f*@k how long the levels take to load (need a nap? Take one while it loads... yeah it's that slow.) Another complaint I have is that there's too many bugs and Spyro is slow-moving and some of the gems are hard to find... maybe I'm just blind or maybe it's a glitch in my copy but I can't find em. Overall, diehard Spyro fans like me will most definitely be disappointed in this game. I will try the newest addition to the Spyro family (A Dragon's Tail) but instead of spending $50 of my hard-earned money I think I'll rent it first. But from what I heard there are more levels so that may be enough to get me to buy it. ...more info
  • Bad game!
    By the name of the holy lord, I love Spyro. But this game was very terrible. The graphics suck, the screen is glitchy, stupid charachters, and too short! I cannot believe that a series so good could end up with a game soooo bad! My personal favorite would be Spyro the Dragon back then the graphics were great! But this game, for it's time has terrible graphics, crappy camera, and terrible voice acting. If you want real games, check out the other Spyro games....more info
  • What happened to the Spyro we've all came to know and love?!
    When I first started playing video games when I was 7, the first one I played was the original Spyro. I immediately fell in love with the game as well as the sequels.

    Then a few years ago, Spyro came out on PS2. I was eager to get Enter the Dragonfly so when I got it for Christmas, I nearly jumped out of my pajamas.

    - Well, Spyro's in it... as well as Moneybags and Hunter
    - The slide in Honey Marsh is a lot of fun

    - Honestly, I did not like the graphics. They were not part of the "Spyro World". Sure call me a loser... I don't care, but I loved the graphics before. They were cute and Spyro-friendly, and nobody should have changed it.
    - Spyro used to move with such agile and feisty-ness. Now, like everyone else says, he moves like an elephant. My fingers turned red from pressing down on the buttons so hard trying to get him to move.
    - What happened to the portals?! And who replaced them with these objects you have to FIGURE OUT if they're a decoration or take you to another level?!
    - The game, levels, and mini-games take tooooooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooooooong toooooooooo looooooooooooooooad!!!!!!!
    - It's extremely hard to see the dialogue when interacting with other characters. The text is bulky and all squashed together.
    - The sound effects are better off for another game.
    - Why is Ripto back?! I remember in Ripto's Rage spitting a ball of fire at him, causing him to fall off his Robo-Gulp and sink into a pit of lava and DIE! How the heck did he suddenly come back to life?!
    - Hunter got a terrible makeover.
    - Moneybags looks like he's dressed in his pajamas -- AND in Year of the Dragon after I beat the Sorceress, he told me he "Won't be needing anymore of my money". So why is he still here asking me for my gems? Even after I flamed his fat butt for all my money back?!
    - All the levels are DARK (like Honey Marsh and Thieves Den). I can hardly see where I'm going.
    - The dragonflies are mad hard to catch, unless you get lucky and the character dude gives one to you.
    - What's the point of all these different breaths?! Ice? Electric? Bubble? All Spyro needs is fire breath. He's a DRAGON for Pete's sake, not some sort of mythical made-up goofball.
    - His "shield" doesn't even work.
    - Where is Zoe?
    - All the mini-games are stupid and take too long to load. They are repetitive and confusing.
    - The realisic graphics seems to suck out the gameplay -- probably also the reason why it takes so long to load a level.
    - The storyline is horrendous - Ripto is taking his revenge by capturing all the dragonflies? And how come when he did, he didn't take Sparx too?
    - The music is slow and depressing. What happened to the fun, popping music like in the first three Spyros?
    - All the levels are too big -- it's really easy to get lost, so you have to jump off the side of the ground and return to a familiar part of the level.
    - In the past games, each level had its own story (Spyro 3: Spooky Swamp: Light all 4 tea lamps, Spyro 2: Fracture Hills: Release all 6 dudes with the bag pipes so their music could break the wall blocking a building so you can rescue the girl. None of the levels have a unique story to it!

    There's more, but that's all I could think of for now. Honestly, do not buy this game. Rent it if you're bored out of your mind. That's about all it's good for. R.I.P. Spyro.
    ...more info
  • Freezing...and I don't mean the ice breath.
    I waited and waited until the price dropped on this game, but even the $20.00 I paid wasn't worth it. The game is WAY too short, I finished it in 2 days. The previous Spyro games took me much longer (like at least a couple weeks) and were a lot more fun.
    There's no skateboarding which was disappointing, I really liked that in the last game.
    But that's not my biggest problem. This game froze almost every time I played and the graphics would just disappear. I had it happen more than once that I would be walking around in an area and the graphics would just disappear. I could still walk, jump, etc, but couldn't see any of the environment. I'd have to restart the system and then the level. ARGH!
    I can't even go into all my other complaints. Let's just say that compared to the other games in this series this game sucked! (and in case you're wondering, the freezing only happened on certain levels, so I'm pretty sure it's not the disc)...more info
  • load longer than level
    The graphics really aren't improved enough to make up for the loading issues, nor are the levels that long. Plus these 5+ minute loading times are there not only when you go to a different world and/or level, but also when you enter a mini-game within a level. This makes leaving and coming back to something more time consuing than doing a part at that very moment because you'll load while leaving the mini-game, then load while leaving the level, and load 2 more times getting back to that mini-game. There are major glitches in the PS2 version, I don't know about any other versions. I've beaten every Spyro game, and this would have otherwise been as good as the others. I'd recommend having a portable game to play during the loads or something else to occupy that time, or not playing....more info
  • snooziac
    im the biggest spyro fan i love him but what the heck is this. enter the dragonfly is the not just the worst spyro game ive playes its the worst ps2 game ive played bottom line. the game is so boring it lacks challenges decent storeylines and characthers. and spyro used to be a smart quick springy glidin thing now hes a fat slow dumb unalert lizard that takes a while to steer in the right direction. spyro moves so slow its like hes crawling. and how can there be this many glitches in a game. glitches incluse running off the speedway ramp for no reason loosing hundreds of collected gems the level cloud 9 not loading the game freezing up seeing huge polygons seeing graphics get lighter dieing for no reason. the list goes on and on but you get the idea. the load times are soooooooooo long you could go down and eat dinner in the time it takes to load. you start moving down the screen and spyro looks like hes waddiling not flying. it lacks fun spyro dosent seem cool anymore the puzzles and minigames are more of a headache than a pleasure. theres only 8 or 9 levels in the entire game 1 boss and no playable characthers like in year of the dragon which is 1000 times better. and the only they added in the whole ggame is bubblebreath please its the ps2 bubbles thats a joke. notice one thing insomniac is not here but they did make rachet and clank. if you like spyro you should check out that because spyro was good cause of insomniac games. and rachet and clank is from insomniac. hey its more relatable to spyro than this excuse for a game....more info
  • well, it is better than the Legend games..
    I really liked the old games, but this one had too many glitches and was too short.. only took me an afternoon to finish it. Only thing I can say good about it is that it's better than the two games they put out after it (a new beginning and eternal night).. I like the old way of wondering around whereever you want and having to figure out lots of little puzzles.. linear playing is just too structured. ...more info
    this is really a fun game, not real hard I'am not that good at harder games so this is just fine ...more info
  • Not the Best......
    For some reason, I found Spyro, Year of the Dragon more enjoyable than Spyro, Enter the Dragonfly. Enter the Dragonfly takes longer to load, and in my opinion, Year of the Dragon had better graphics, and a better storyline. I agree with most of the other reviews I've read; it was a little disappointing. It seemed like they rushed to make it. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst.
    I would recommend it only to die hard Spyro fans. :-)...more info
  • A Bad Spyro Game!!!!!!
    When this game first came out, I was very eager to get it. The last Spyro game, Year of the Dragon, was awesome so I thought this one would be even better since its now for PS2 and has to have some way better graphics. But when I got it, I was disappointed. The graphics aren't much better than the previous game and the only thing new was the 3 new breaths that Spyro can breath: Ice, Bubbles, and Electricity. The game is so glichy, that I start looking at doors to see what was on the other side. The game is EXTREMLY SLOW and takes about 2 minutes to load, the PSone games were faster. The enemies are stupid and lack creativity. There is about 2 types of enemies in each level. And the music sucks. It is different from the other games and it sounds like it should be in a infomercial on traveling. The only good song in the game was the song from Luau Island, I find myself humming that tune every once in a while. I think the worst thing of all was that this game only has 8 levels. They are a little bigger in this game but still, only 8 levels. So overall this game is bad and if you're thinking of buying, you should really think twice, I'd buy A Hero's Tale instead. ...more info
  • anticlimatic
    I had been waiting 4 months to get this game and when i finally did, my first impression was that the game had awesome graphics and gameplay, but as i got further in i noticed the loading screen was excruciatingly long, and the camra laggad so that i had to push triangle every 30 seconds to catch the camera up. I was also extremley dissapointed in the short game. It had only one world and nine levels. I do give it three stars on account of it's creativity for putting new breaths in such as ice, electric, bubble and the blocky thing. This game could not hold a candle to it's prequel Spyro: Year of the dragon...more info
  • Beautiful, But Impossible
    I bought this game because I love the origional Spyro game. Granted the graphics are a little below par and Spyro is hard to control compared to other games, but it's just so cute. I love the idea of this game. You go around chasing dragonflies, and you get bubble breath, ice breath, and electric breath in addition to the normal fire breathing, which is cool. The places are really pretty this time and much more interesting than in previous games. BUT, this is much harder. About 15 minutes into the game you're supposed to run, jump, glide, and then hover so that you can get to this ledge and get electricity breath. One of Spyro's friends shows you how to do it, and maybe it's just me, but I have tried for hours and hours, I do everything Spyro's friend tells me to do, and I still can't make this jump. And you need the electricity breath to open the next part of the game, so I'm just stuck. There are no cheat codes you can use on this game at all, so there's no way to get past this....more info
    This is the game that got me hooked on The Spyro games. I have been playing, and buying every game that is out there for Spyro....more info
  • Understand
    I have never had these problems with freezing, glitches, and other things with this game. Also, you must understand that the game was rushed while they were making it so that it could have been released earlier. Personally, I would have took my time and attempted moreso to make the game nearly perfect, so I know it is no excuse. If you are a true Spyro fan, you may still want to play this game.

    It is fun and adventurous. The game was rushed so it is not top notch, but it is still a great game....more info
  • Waste of money!!!
    I felt really dissapointed with this game!!

    I loved the others Spyro but the "Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly" is awful!
    It just had one world...come on!!!

    Sorry guys!!!
    I didnt like it!!!...more info
  • Spyro!
    I LOVE Spyro, and I waited so long for this game!! It looks great, but nothing really new and surprising was in the game(like in the last ones). It did end rather fast also. But if you are a Spyro fan, you will like this game too. There are no other games like this out there. It isn't as EASY EASY as the other ones (this I say because there was one mini-game I couldn't beat and that prevented me from getting to the final boss. Grrr.) but it feels familiar. I really hope that another one is made that will top this one, but still be beatable....more info
  • Read This Review If your thinking of getting this game
    The first Spyro game I ever played was the 2nd (Ripto's Rage) one for the good old Play station 1. Then the 3rd(Year of the Dragon),and then the 1st(Spyro The Dragon). The worst of the 3 was the first. The second one was a lot better,but the ultimate and my favorite Spyro game is definetly the 3rd.I highly recommend it. Since they got better every time I thought the 4th (Enter the Dragonfly) would be even better. I WAS DISIPOINTED! THIS GAME IS A RIP OFF. BUT... If you haven't played number 3 or 2 it's an ok game....more info
  • Awesome Sypro!
    My son loved it! It kept him busy and it came out clean and perfect! Thanks!...more info
  • Perfect for the kids!
    If you're looking for a fun, inoffensive game for your kids, this (and all Spyro games in general) is great. My daughter has the first two Spyro games for our Playstation 2, and we got this one for her for Christmas... I was worried after reading some of the bad reviews, but if you're just a parent looking at this for your kid, there are no problems here. It's all pretty harmless, and everything works just fine. If I had any complaints at all, I'd say that you DO have to wait a little for things to load, but isn't that usually the case with Playstation anyway? Overall, great-- my daughter loves it, so I'm very pleased. Would definately recommend. ...more info
  • ok i guess
    I've been a spyro fan since the first game.But this game is a big disapionment.WHY?!Ok i'll tell you why.The reason is that in the previous game's of spyro including spyro season of ice for gba had new boss.But this game ripto is back.Not that weak little shortey again.Anyways hear are the pro's and con's

    The graphics are good enogh 7,6/10
    The music is good 8,8/10
    The breath's are awsome 10/10

    The sound i hate it
    The boss battle's are stupid
    No playable caractar's

    In my saying the game is not worth you're money.If you like spyro rent the game....more info

  • This Game Rocks
    This game is the best game I've ever played on playstation 2! I got this game for christmas (it was only $39) and I was so exited. It's wicked how you have to catch the dragonflies with the bubble breath and the other cool eletric and ice breaths. At the moment I'm up to the level Honey Marsh and I've caught 52 dragonflies. My favourite level so far is Cloud 9. The bear guys are so cute! The graphics on this game are fantastic too! the idea of the game is to catch all 90 dragonflies before Ripto does. The only down thing about this game is that there is only one world (The Dragonfly Realms) and only nine levels (Dragonfly Dojo, Cross Circle Country, Luau Island, Cloud 9, Monkey Monastry, Honey Marsh, Theives Den, Jurasic Jungle and the place where you fight Ripto) But apart from that I love this game and I highly recomend you to buy it....more info
  • The Other Spyro Games Are Much Better
    I had read that this game was not up the usual high standards of the Spyro series. But, being a big Spyro fan, I decided to give it a chance. Well I should have listened to the bad reviews because this game is very much inferior to the other Spyros I have played - "A Hero's Tail" for the PS2 and all of the Spyro PS1 games.

    The load time for being transported to different worlds is way too long and the game itself is way too short. The challenges are less fun, movement is sluggish and there are several "glitchs" that caused the game to stop and forced me to start again. Overall it is just a very poorly designed game. Apparently the folks at Universal Interactive are no match for the people at Insomniac. The only bright side is that the game does still contain the same basic elements of play - collect gems and dragonflys to achieve 100% completion. But I would only recommend this to be the biggest Spyro fans who have already played the other Spyro games and even then you are likely to be disappointed....more info
  • Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly
    "Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly" is one of my favorite Spyro games ,but it has some glitches and errors. One time, I warped to the home world and Spyro was invisible. Sometimes , when you try to talk to a charater ,the gmae will freeze up. Even though it has errors, it still has great levels and fun challenges. I rate this game a 3 of 5 stars....more info
  • Disappointing
    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Universal Vivendi ruined this series for me. This game is better than the one I have for the Wii but not by much. There's only one world to explore and like a previous reviewer said, the level portals aren't named so that is a bit of a pain. Yes you do have to collect something other than gems in this one as in previous Spyro titles but mine froze quite a bit (probably got one of the earlier copies released) and the load time was annoying. I'm used to the PS games taking time to load but this one took forever! I could've gone and made a five course meal in the time it took. Okay so I'm exaggerating but as I recall the first 3 Spyro titles had quicker load times. Either way, even though it's been almost six years since I bought this game, I'm still disappointed with it....more info
  • Could've been better
    As a Spyro fan, I love this game!!! It's the third Spyro 4 of all time! There are new games where you get to catch manta rays, avoid dangerous pool cleaners, play the game of Tiki Drums, solve gem puzzles and play speedways just inside the levels! You start in the Dragon Realms and end up in Ripto's Volcano! The flaws are:
    1) The game's too short.
    2) Not too many characters.
    3) Too many glitches from freezing to walking underwater.
    4) Slow loading
    5) Shortage of the levels
    6) No playable characters.
    7) You meet Barthomelew and Bianca only once.
    8) It was just like a piece of garbage which was playable on the PS2!
    9) It's not like a real PS2 game!

    The game's shorter than Cardcaptor Sakura, and the game's confusing like the second tank challenge in Spyro3. There are many bugs which can never be polished, and happen whatever you're doing.

    This is nothing but a beautiful + stupid game!!! The good thing is that the levels look more pretty than in Spyro3! But rent it before you're buying it....more info