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Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press
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Product Description

Despite the delicate and intricately stamped appearance of pizzelle cookies they are deceptively easy to make. Simply deposit a scoopsworth of batter on the heated plate, close the lid, and a minute later you have a picture perfect pizzelle. The warm cookie can be wrapped around a dowel like a canoli or molded over an inverted custard cup to make a bowl. And of course you can let them harden in a flat position too, to enjoy as is or drizzled with syrup or for use as a giant sandwich cookie.

Crisp, sweet, and decoratively imprinted, pizzelle cookies make a wonderful holiday gift--as does the press itself. To use, simply scoop a spoonful of batter on each round nonstick surface of the press, close and latch the lid, and in only 60 seconds two perfect pizzelle are ready. Roll the warm pizzelle around the included wooden dowel to make cannoli, or shape over an inverted custard cup to make a tiny dessert bowl. Pizzelle harden as they cool, and can be eaten flat like crisp cookies or shaped and filled with chocolate mousse, whipped cream, or fruit. A five-setting switch on the press adjusts the temperature for browning preference, and recipes in the instruction booklet offer variations on flavors. A measuring spoon is included. Red and green lights indicate readiness, and a quick reheat time means three dozen of these four-inch cookies can be cooked in no time. The press measures 9 by 8 by 4 inches, is easily wiped clean, stores upright to save space, and comes with a three-year warranty against defects. --Ann Bieri

  • Bakes 2 thin 4-inch pizzelle, ready to eat or roll and fill
  • 2 decorative patterns imprint each pizzelle
  • Includes measuring spoon and rolling dowel for cannoli
  • Locking lid ensures even browning
  • Brushed stainless-steel maker stores upright

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful
    I bought this machine and I love making these! They are easy to make. Follow the directions and presto you are an expert! My family can't eat them fast enough when I make them! ...more info
  • Works like a champ!
    From the get-go, this product worked as designed. For the price, you can't beat it....more info
  • Great little pizzelle maker!
    I cranked out hundreds of cookies with this over Christmas. It works like a charm....more info
  • Good pizzelles
    It's a little on the small side. The clasp is fragile and sticks. Easily breakable clasp. Makes good pizzelles, though....more info
  • wonderful choice
    Although I am an experienced baker, I had never before made pizzelles. I pulled this out of the box, looked at the instructions and whipped up the ingredients in minutes. It took me two sets of pizzelles (4 single cookies) to get the exact color of cookie that I wanted. But the first 4 were totally edible anyways - just not quite golden enough. This machine is so darn easy! You can't go wrong! You can't mess these up. They are beautiful cookies and tasty and versatile. You can't wander too far from the press while cooking because they can go from perfect to burned in seconds and it only takes about a total of 30 seconds from beginning to end. The indicator light worked perfectly for me. It took me a moment to realize that it takes several seconds for the light to turn red after I've inserted the batter, then you must wait for the light to turn green again before removing the cookies from the press (which is extremely simple with a pancake type spatula). There were always some extra and rough edges around my cookies, it's hard to avoid, but after the pizzelles cooled (which took about 2 minutes) I just snapped off all the rough edges and put them into a bowl to eat! I made only the vanilla flavored cookies so far but I noticed that it took a lot of vanilla extract to get a good flavor. My husband wants me to make some lemon ones. I'm thinking almond but I also purchased a bottle of anise extract today, which is the classic pizzelle flavor. I also purchased a can of dulce de leche and I plan on spreading some onto one pizzelle and sandwiching it with another one. The possiblities are endless. I highly recommend this pizzelle press. It's so easy. Even if you are a beginner....more info
  • Makes Authentic Pizelles
    I bought this pizelle press to replace another one, which did not have the traditional grooves/plates. I am very happy with my purchase. The indicator light is a little tricky the first few times (it doesn't turn off until about 1/2 way through the cooking, and then turns on when the pizelle is done) but once you understand how it's going to work, it's fine.

    I found the recipe book to be pretty good, although I would argue that traditional pizelles are made with Anise flavor, not vanilla. I plan on making the Chocolate ones tonight, rolling them with the enclosed tool, and filling them with mocha mousse for dessert. Yum!

    ...more info
  • great pizzelle maker
    The pizzelle maker works great,it heats up properly,and makes the pizzelles just right....more info
  • Your friends and family will beg you to make more!
    I found the Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker to be very easy to use, and also easy to clean! I had never made anything like these before, and I was making perfect cookies in no time! I am thrilled with this product, and would recommend it to anyone!

    P.S. I modified the recipe that came with it, and got rave reviews! All I did was double the amount of the vanilla that the recipe called for, and I sifted the flour before adding it to the batter. This resulted in a much lighter, crispier cookie with a nice vanilla flavor....more info
  • Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press
    I have used this twice so far and it works very well. The Anise recipe that is included was really yummy. Everyone loved them! I can't wait until I try some of the other recipes! ...more info
  • Great product
    I purchased this pizzelle maker in December of last year & received it just in time for Christmas baking. I had been using my Moms' old maker but the pizzelles stuck to the sides & it was very frustrating. This maker is great-fast & perfect. I especially liked the setting codes as there is no guessing as to how they will turn out. Please note: on my maker it took 2 batches to achieve the pizzelles I wanted. I would recommend this product highly....more info
  • Thin Waffles
    I got my machine elsewhere. It would make more sense if the latch were to fall down instead of pulling up to lock the contraption. But aside from the awkward latch, which hasn't broken (fortunately), the pizzelle maker is excellent for not only smaller pizzelle cookies but also thin waffles. Making ice cream cones is very difficult due to the thicker cookie (than other pizzelle makers) and smaller size, but rolling cannoli should be easy. For folks who prefer crispier, thinner breakfast waffles (not cookies) in smaller sizes, this is a great machine. You can make a stack of whole grain waffles with a little coconut flour for fiber. I highly recommend it to people who dislike thick breakfast waffles....more info
  • Pizzelle Iron
    This was to replace my other iron, love the fact that you can get 3 done in the time it still takes for only 1....more info
    The pizzelles bake thicker(desired authentic Italian pizzelles need be thin and crisp) than I'm used to. It was easy to use and the pizzelles baked quickly. The first couple stuck, and I didnt care for the recipe that came with the product, too liquid....more info
  • Love this little machine!
    As a child, my father's aunt used to make pizzelles by the dozens. Years ago I bought a pizzelle maker that just made a very thick, flat cookie. THIS machine, works great! Nice thin, crisp cookies... AND the recipe included in the booklet tastes exactly how I remember my great aunt's cookies which she made one at a time over a gas stove. I would definitely recommend this machine....more info
  • Cuisinart does not back up their products!
    I waited a long time to get one of these pizzelles and I wanted a Cuisinart one. I have had it for 9 months and it was great. I wanted to make several batches for Christmas and the latch on the pizzelle broke right off!. I have called the company and emailed them several times and they wont get back to me. I also noticed on their site that the only parts available for the WM-PZ2 is the dowel and the plastic spoon! So I know why they wont get back to me.......and there was a warranty but I guess I can throw that out the window along with this machine. Please....when you buy one, pick a product that has a parts department and you can get all of the parts for the item. I have purchased many of the Cuisinart products but will now purchase the other brands instead....more info
  • Works great and easy to use
    This machine is great. It's very easy to use and it cooks the Pizzelle's perfect( i found that if you put it on level 3, they come out perfect). The nonstick surface is great, no mess. The hardest part(if you even consider it hard) is getting the mixture amount just right so that it doesn't come out on the sides.

    The only thing that i wish i had was more plates to cook with. This is not a recipe where you put it in the oven and come back in 10 minutes. You have to stay close by to remove the Pizzelle's (about even minute or so). So it's time consuming if you are making 30 at a time, but the taste is worth the wait!!! ...more info
  • Great product
    This is a great iron. I love the red and green light feature which lets you know when the cookie should be done and every time it was right on.
    ...more info
  • Horrible cookies!
    When I mixed up my first batch of pizzelles I used the recipe in the booklet provided. They were horrible, not thin at all, very cakey. So I went to my tried and true recipe that I got from Mama Leone herself and I had used this recipe with her iron many many times for super thin crispy pizzelles. Not with this iron, they also came out thick. They are also smaller than what I am used to. Very disappointing and I am returning the iron. This may have something to do with the thickeness of the cookie but the latch can be hard to pop up when the cookie is done, very flimsy and I can see this breaking down the road. ...more info
  • Very Good
    The Cuisinart Pizzlle Press was a great buy. It heats up quickly and is very easy to use. The pizzelle's came out very nice....more info
  • Quality
    I am pleased with the craftmanship and quality of my Cuisinart Pizzelle Press. Easy to use and easy to clean....more info
  • Terrible, Terrible, Terrible
    I purchased the Cuisinart Pizzelle Press today and have been very upset with it. Think if your worst waffle making experience (batter leaking out, burning yourself, waffles sticking, etc) now multiply that by 1000. You need to use crisco or Pam spray each time you pour batter on the maker but they still stick. It is an absolute mess. I am talking nightmare! Just as I was beginning to get the hang of it the lock down latch broke off. I had to laugh or I was going to cry. This piece of garbage is packed up and being brought back to Bed Bath and Beyond right now. It is just not worth the hassle! Buy some yummy pizzelle at your local market and be done with it! ...more info