Fujifilm 128 MB XD Picture Card
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Product Description

Fujifilm's new xD-Picture Card is the ultimate solution for the exciting new generation of compact digital cameras. xD-Picture Card is the smallest, lightest flash memory card available today, yet it offers the fast read/write speed and high capacity that today's newest products require.

Early Adopters Pick: August 2002. The smallest and most lightweight flash card available with fast read/write speeds paired with high-capacity storage; compatible with new lines of Fuji and Olympus digital cameras.

Designed to minimize power consumption, Fuji's xD-Picture Card offers fast read and write capabilities for smoother digital camera operation. Extremely compact, it is about the size of a penny and weighs less than one-tenth of an ounce. The 128 MB capacity card can record data at 3 MBps and offers a read speed of 5 MBps.

  • High-capacity flash memory format for digital cameras
  • 128 MB storage capacity
  • 3 MB/sec record speed, 5MB/sec read speed
  • Ultracompact--.10 ounce weight in the size of a penny
  • Designed to consume minimal power

Customer Reviews:

  • can't go wrong
    This format still is used and widely available. Good technology has provided for the same size and TONS more space (GB instead of MB). Handle it well, and change it out on the fly to achieve more space while in the field or on a trip. Between home and work, I have dozens of these and have only ever had ONE go bad....more info
  • small device with relatively large capacity
    this thing is tiny - it is amazing how small it is. holds enough memory for a decent amount of pictures (about 78 pictures at 3 megapixels)....more info
  • how tricky
    I appreciate the first reviewer's comment. It is awful for camera makers to use such tricks to control their market share. such defensive strategy will put them in a hole even further. wake up. cp card is an good example for you to learn. thanks. first reviewer. I just change my mind on a fuji camera....more info
  • Format is not an issue
    I recently bought a Fuji camera that uses xD-Picture memory cards. Here are important things that I consider:
    - Fast: Writing fast and erasing fast saves battery and you time.
    - Small: If you decide to buy more than one memory card, then you will have less trouble keeping all of them in you camera's pouch. Also, they are less likely to break appart.
    - Looking ahead: this format is going to be here when 4Gb cards start to become available. Other current formats do not support this size (Look how Sony broke compatibiity with it's new hideous MemoryStick-2)
    - Life time of the format: Let's be realistic, chances are that you are going to buy another digital camera anyway in the next 2 years - to get grater megapixel capabilities or because your new computer does not have USB ports anymore. I am pretty confident that this format will be around for quite a while.

    But, I would recomend this format to people that do not have any photo printer that reads from the other memory cards formats. If you have a printer that takes CompactFlash cards, buy a camera that uses it.
    If you don't have such a printer or do not plan on buying one, then you do not have any reason to avoid this format. Besides, you can print from xD-picture cards at[local store] - cheaper than at home.
    Price differences are not significant anymore, expect prices to drop even more when 256MB and 512MB xD cards become available....more info

  • Works Perfectly Every Time...
    I have owned a couple of these for years and they all work perfectly every time. I can take 100's of high resolution photos without hardly making a dent in the memory usage abilities. I used this card for the last concert I attended and after taking hundreds of photos and over 30 video clips I actually finally filled the card up for the very first time! Awesome product!...more info
  • Fujifilm 128MB XD picture card
    This picture card worked perfectly for my camera which is 6 megapixs...more info
  • Excellent
    Compatible to my New Olympus D560 Digital camera. I do not even need to format it. It can store 163 pictures with my camera....more info
  • Fujifilm 128 MB xD Picture Card
    The xD card is great. I get 29 pictures on the 32 mb card and they are clear and it is so quick to transfer to my PC or erase from the card. Love it!...more info
  • does its job
    A fine, uneventful product, fits where it's supposed to and operates without glitches. Ought to be more like it. ...more info
  • dissapear from here
    I could not agree more on the issue brought up here. As if there were not already enough memory formats, yet another one. It seems to be about either desperate, or greedy companies trying to capture customers into their markets forever. Why can't we just have one or two formats of memory?? This is as bad as it would be to have 5+ formats of CD-RoM drives. And SONY is even more guilty than fuji/olympus.
    Smartmedia was developed by Toshiba/Fuji/Olympus, and now Fuji/Olympus couldn't get along with Toshiba/Panasonic for the sD card. Memeory cards will become more and more versatile into the future and soon be used in countless devices. We need to standardize the market. We can't afford to buy special memory for each and every device. If you buy Fuji/0lympus, I sincerely suggest you buy a camera that is not limited to xD. Together the people can control the market for our own good.....more info
  • Amazing New Storage Device
    I recently bought a Fuji Finepix 2650 digital camera that utilizes the new xD Picture Card. The xD card it is an outstanding product. My first two digital cameras (HPs) used CompactFlash - the xD card blows CompactFlash away.

    In the world of performance electronics - size is king. The xD card is about the size of a penny! When I showed my friends the xD card and they were amazed. They couldn't believe the xD card was so tiny - way smaller than CompactFlash or SmartMedia. The card has super fast access times - and it's better on power consumption than either CompactFlash or SmartMedia. For those concerned about compatibility issues, don't worry. With the CompactFlash adapter, the xD card can be used in CompactFlash devices (a huge plus since I've read reports that the xD card will be available in 1+ GB sizes later this year)....more info

  • Great!
    Lets me take oh so many more photos than my 16MB card does. Writes faster, all the goodness that that entails....more info
  • My first xD card, but has developed some problems
    I bought this xD card back last June, just over a year ago, when I purchased my Olympus D-425. The card has decent capacity at my preferred picture-taking resolution of 1600x1200, but unfortunately it developed some kind of glitch not long after I started using it and at least one or two photos per batch end up getting corrupted so that they can't be downloaded from the camera to my PC. This is not a _major_ problem because it affects only one or two shots out of the whole card's capacity, but I have found that, for instance, Kodak's 256mb xD card is more reliable (as well as being able to hold more shots). I still use this card but only as a backup to the Kodak card, and I'm looking at buying a 1GB card now that prices have dropped so much as I'm going to be attending a big convention next month and expect to take hundreds of pictures there....more info
  • 128 MB XD Card
    I have several XD cards and use this as a back up to my others. They work as they are supposed to and have never given me a problems....more info
  • picture card
    The card arrived etc. Looks fine. I haven't used it yet because I have another one in the camera right now. The price was good though, and the shipping was free!...more info
  • Excellent.
    Another reason why there is such passion from those who bought their cameras earlier and are upset that new cameras have better memory cards (such as this new XD card): They're afraid that their old cards will eventually be phased out. I am not sure if that is a valid concern, but why take the risk? If you're choosing a new camera, choose one that is cutting edge now, and have the security of knowing that it will serve you well for several years longer than the rest.

    The cards not only record faster, they erase faster too - an important consideration for a large capacity card such as this 128 MB one.

    Don't be stuck in the past....more info

  • Fujifilm 128 MB XD Picture Card
    It's what I needed at the right price. Thanks, Amazon!...more info
  • Works Fine
    I have used this 128 MB XD Memory card and it works fine. The pictures are good. I have had no problems. I now have this memory card and the standard 16 MB card that came with my camera. Good deal.
    ...more info
  • expensive propreitary card
    Fuji and Olympus have found a new way to make money and rip off innocent consumers. A new card format called xD card. A cool way to ensure royalties and extra cash.

    If you have already bought a xD card based camera, you are left with no choice, right ? So go ahead and buy this card, it works fine with Fuji cameras.

    BTW, if you haven't bought your camera till now think twice before getting a Fuji. The xD card costs 2.5 times the cost of simlar sized CF card as of this writing. And xD cards are useless outside of Fuji/Olympus cameras. Compare that to the versatality of CF cards at much lower price.

    Oh... and Fuji can't seem to manufacture enough quantity if these as of now, out of stock at most places ! Very bad Fuji, switch to CF/SD or watch you camera sales plummet. Today's consumer isn't a fool, he can read reviews on Amazon before buying stuff....more info

  • Excellent format, excellent performance for the FinePix 2650!
    I purchased this 128MB xD card for my 'FinePix 2650' digital cam to replace a stock 16MB card. These cards can now be had for under thirty bucks if you shop around a bit. My '2650' is only a 2 megapixel camera, but the pics come out quite detailed and good enough for my purposes. All the previous whining about proprietary formats, etc. on some reviews here don't apply to most casual users like myself. We couldn't care less what format we use as long as the camera takes quality pics, and is intuitive to use. I am now able to take over 390 pictures with this camera, and I am thrilled! I have no plans of upgrading cameras anytime soon, since I am happy with the '2650'. For my purposes, the xD card is ideal!...more info