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Underneath all Christine Aguilera's coy affectations and vocal gymnastics lurks a rare talent. With her second album, Aguilera allows it to flower by abandoning all pretense at courting the teenage market. Stripped is a seemingly effortless move into weightier adult territory. Using her extraordinary voice as a much subtler instrument, Aguilera sings movingly and with grit and anger about the disintegration of a relationship; she's ultimately stronger for the pain. But that's not her whole agenda. Aguilera also extols the power of women on "Can't Hold Us Down," which features Lil' Kim. Other guests include Dave Navarro, Redman, and Alicia Keys. Aguilera cowrote most of the songs on the disc and produced one cut. She also partnered with former 4 Non Blondes leader and Pink collaborator Linda Perry on four songs, which gives Aguilera a rock edge that she has never before displayed. --Jaan Uhelszki

Features guest appearances by Eve, Redman, and Dave Navarro. Track production by Rockwilder, Glen Ballard, Alicia Keys, Scott Storch, Steve Morales, Rob & Heather and Linda Perry.

Extremely limited version of her 2002 album, packaged with a bonus make-up kit by Miki that contains five different kinds of lip-gloss & five kinds of eye-shadow. The make-up kit is packaged in a bonus jewel case. The album & make-up kit are housed in an exclusive slipcase. BMG.

Customer Reviews:

  • Brilliant!
    Every song on this CD is amazing. Brilliant lyrics...there are poppy songs, soulful songs, love songs...its great. BUY IT...more info
  • Wow, Alot Better Than I Thought :o
    In celebration of Christina Aguilera's latest #1 album, "Back To Basics", I decided to take a look at "Stripped", her multi-platinum 2002 sophomore effort that I never thought I'd ever consider listening to. Thankfully, there's more to this album than the madly infectious rebelliousness of lyrically empty Rock'n'Roll sleaze-fest/lead hit single "Dirrty" (featuring rapper Redman). Her naked album cover art is like that of most others...a bold, sexually appealing way of making an artistic statement. And indeed, Christina Aguilera has grown a lot more as an artist.

    For example, she's a powerhouse vocalist with pipes that any sane female pop singer would envy. She was already a strong singer in the first place, but it's nice to remind listeners that her vocals are still running strong. What surprises me more than her vocal pipes, however, is her helping hand in most of the album's 20 tracks (including interludes) AND her genre-hopping abilities. Ok, so she's nothing like Nelly Furtado (and there's little chance that she ever will be), nor does she take as many risks as Pink or Shakira, but it's still nice to know that she's willing to step out of her comfort zone and take risks.

    Whether she's inhabiting the role of rebellious Rock'n'Roll party girl ("Dirrty"), the wailing Gospel-Soul woman (the inspirational "Keep On Singin' My Song"), the helpless lover (the smooth, seductive Latin groove "Infatuation"), the female-empowering feminist (the powerful guitar-driven "Fighter" & the Lil' Kim-assisted ladies anthem "Can't Hold Us Down"), the troubled soul sista (the soulful, emotional ballad "Impossible", featuring the one-and-only prodigious Alicia Keys on piano) or the broken-hearted daughter of an abusive father ("I'm OK"), Christina Aguilera pulls off every role with breathtaking results that startlingly differentiate from one another. "Soar", "The Voice Within" & the subtle "Beautiful" also serves their purpose as inspirational, uplifting ballads designed to motivate listeners to save themselves from the troubles around them. The latter one is especially refreshing because it gives listeners (and Christina herself) a break from her occasional over-singing.

    Then again, can you really hold that against her? With so many individuals relying on filters, synthesizers, vocoders & studios to perfect their thin, wispy vocals (Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, etc.), you people should be thankful that artists like Christina Aguilera know how to captivatingly sing from the soul. Another album that most haters seem to have unjustly rejected...5 STARS!

    5 Best Tracks:
    "Can't Hold Us Down (feat. Lil' Kim)"
    "Impossible (feat. Alicia Keys"
    "Dirrty (feat. Redman)"
    ...more info
  • This album shows alot of maturity
    Christina Aguilera has got soul. She may not look like or dress likes a soul singer, but the girl's got it. At 20 tracks long the record is hard work, but surprisingly there are no weak tracks. Not afraid to embrace diverse musical styles from the hip-hop of the Red Man featuring Dirrty, to the samba beats of "Make Over," "Stripped" clearly is a record that is not just meant for the pre-pubescent market. Tackling various issues from sexism in the music industry to the public humiliation she has received from the likes of a certain Marshall Mathers III, Stripped remains dignified by never becoming pretentious, and knowing at its heart it's just a pop record. Unlike her debut album, Stripped is largely devoid of the vocal gymnastics (i.e. singing 12 notes when one will do); with ballads such as "Loving Me 4 Me" signaling a new found vocal maturity.
    Highlights of the album include the Alicia Keys collabo "Impossible" and the sheer funk of opener "Can't Hold Us Down." Featuring guest artists from Lil'Kim to Dave Navarro and the aforementioned Red-Man, make no mistake, this album is all Aguilera, with her taking many co-writing and production credits.
    Stripped is simply a great pop record thats not afraid to shake off the innocent girl image that dogs so many of Aguilera's peers. For those reviewers who focus more on the first single and the album cover clearly didn't listen to the album, because they completely missed the point of everything it has to say. This is a polished effort packed with hits and in short the sort of album that Mariah Carey can dream of.
    ...more info
  • Stripped
    This is Christina Aguilera's best work so far! I mean, it's notable that she put a lot of dedication, hard work, and persistence on it. Obviously, she's one the most talented female vocalists out there right now, with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston running up for the same privileged title too. Something great is that Christina is also a lyricist, composer, producer, and executive producer on STRIPPED, which makes it an even more personal work. With this, she's proving that her voice and styles are very versatile. She goes from soulful ballads (Walk Away, Impossible, Beautiful, The Voice Within, I'm OK) to hard-core rock/alternative tracks (Fighter, Make Over); from encouraging mid-tempo tunes (Cruz, Soar, Keep On Singin' My Song) to dancy Hip Hop songs (Can't Hold Us Down, Dirrty); and, from funky beats (Underappreciated, Get Mine, Get Yours) to mellow R&B and "flamenco" styles (Loving Me 4 Me, Infatuation); all that spiced up with some revealing, sexy, and peaceful interludes. Some standups in STRIPPED are obviously Beautiful (a self-esteem giver gorgeous ballad), Can't Hold Us Down (a feminist anthem featuring Lil' Kim, based on how some men, including Eminem and Fred Durst, had tried to trash her), Fighter (a rockish and hot song, maybe about how her former manager betrayed her, but how it made her stronger), Infatuation (the story of her first love, her Puerto Rican ex-boyfriend), Impossible (a remarkable ballad written, composed, arranged, and produced by Alicia Keys), Make Over (a Courtney-Love-type song where she states that she doesn't need anybody to make her over), and I'm OK (a sad story about her abusive father, produced by 4 Non Blondes' lead singer, Linda Perry). The other songs are amazing too, just that I only listed the ones with the most personal meaning for her. STRIPPED has collaborations (production, lyrics, music, vocals, etc.) of Scott Storch, Linda Perry, Matt Morris, Glen Ballard, Rob Hoffman, Heather Holley, Steve Morales, Redman, Alicia Keys, Lil' Kim, Rockwilder, Dave Navarro, Ron Fair, etc.. I highly recommend this item because I consider it as a masterpiece. Please don't doubt on buying it....more info
    ...more info
  • wonderful
    this album shows her vocal abilities and writing capabilities.
    the girl can sing and write. the range that she shows with her voice is amazing. each song is just beautifully done. she explains her life and it couldnt have been done in a better way. buy the album and you will be pleased!!!!...more info
  • Nothing Short of Extrodinary
    I have always been an X-tina fan but when I heard the single "Dirrty" on the radio I was afraid for her career. Once I got the album I listened to all the songs and I have to say it was the best album I've ever heard. I have yet to hear an album that will top this by any artist. The Lyrics are so decent and meaningful and it means even more since she helped write them. She reveals that she has true talent and taste. I don't necessarily agree with her physical appearance but her voice cannot be denied. She doesn't have fillers in this album. They're all terrific songs and personally I think they could all be hits if she wanted to. Even if you aren't a Christina Aguilera fan you should still buy it because it is worth it. I bought this album 3 years ago and I still listen to it frequently. It never gets old. I can't wait to hear her next album. ...more info
    Christina is amazing!!!!!! She is a white girl with a black girl's pipes. That chick can sing and she can write amazing records too.All the songs on Stripped are amazing and stand out tracks and my favourites on the album include:
    1.Cant Hold Us Down - beautiful song about female empowerment and Lil Kim joins her on this track as well.9/10.
    2.Fighter - Third single off of Stripped and great song that shows that we can all be strong people and move on even when people we trust stab us in the back.9/10.
    3.Love Embrace Interlude - Beautiful interlude that leads up to my favourite song on this album.
    4.Loving Me 4 Me - Christina sounds amazing on this record and there is no doubt in my mind that this song is dedicated to her husband Jordan. The lyrics are so beautifully written and it is a great love song.This song should've been a single.10/10
    5.Infatuation - Great song about her ex Jorgie and the fact that her relationship was basically infatuation.I love this song and the beat is awesome.8/10.
    6.Beautiful - Great song about self esteem and loving yourself for who you are.9/10.
    7.Get Mine, Get Yours - Sexy song and lyrics about casual sex.8/10.
    8.Dirrty - This video showed Christina in a different light. The beat is awesome and christina looks so sexy.The dancing is sexy and the lyrics are just great.After Loving Me 4 Me, this has got to be my favourite song on this album.Great club banger and first single.10/10.
    Whether you are a Christina fan or not this album is worth having in your cd collection. Her new single "Ain't No Other Man" is so awesome and i cant wait for her new album "Back To Basics to come out! I'm only expecting the best from Christina in the future. This girl is amazing and her style is so unique! You go girl!!!!!!!
    ...more info
  • it's watermelon again! hehe
    i got christina aguilera's album "stripped" wen i heard "fighter". soundz so good. shez a good singer overall! here is my review. enjoy!

    1. stripped pt1- soundz realli good. 10/10

    2. cant hold us down- i love dis song wen i first heard it. altho d video should've been better. but still gr8. 9/10

    3. walk away- u can tell dat she had gotten burnt wit love but she so strong 2 let dat all go n sing on a song like dis. well done christina! 10/10

    4. fighter- love it love it love it!!!! 10/10

    5. primer amo int- soundz cool. 6/10

    6. infatuation- i lvoe it. it remindz me of "when u put your hands on me" on her first cd. 9/10

    7. loves imbrace int- i love d sound ov it. so earthy n soothin. 10/10

    8. loving me 4 me- i sumtimez skip it. altho its a great song wid a great poem added. 9/10

    9. impossible- christina wid alicia keys, WOW!!! great track. its jazzy. 10/10

    10. underappriciated- very jazzy also. dis song has alot ov style. 9/10

    11. beautiful- ov course dis song is BEAUTIFUL. altho i didnt lik it at first. 7/10

    12. make over- i love dis song. it soundz lik a song of sugababez. 8/10

    13. cruz- dis song is jus a song 4 u 2 relax wid. jus reallie nice. altho d title track is 4 "cruise" rite? 8/10

    14. soar- great bridge. i love it! 8/10

    15. get mine, get yours- dancy wid a pinch of style. 10/10

    16. dirrty- i didnt like dis song at all wen i first saw christina in d filmclip. afta wen i sat down listenin 2 d album, i learnt y she was in dis filmclip n y she released dis single, i loved IT! 10/10

    17. stripped pt2- great! 10/10

    18. the vouce within- dis is jus a great song which touches u. a world with innocence. 10/10

    19. im ok- i jus think 2 myself bout my childhood n i feel so lucky. it isnt alwayz great 4 christina tho. shes so strong. love u christina! great song. 8/10

    20. keep on singin my song- KEEP ON SINGIN UR SONG GIRLFRIEND!! hehe. 7/10...more info
  • Christina Aguilera Stripped Review
    Hello, I am just joing to tell you how these songs rank on my scale.

    Stripped intro pt.1- It is a really cool intro, but it's a little risky for someone so sweet.

    Can't hold us down- It is just like Vanessa Hudgens "Never Underestimate A Girl" except this song is worse and it has curse words.

    Walk away- Good song, A little boring.

    Fighter- AMAZING SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't feel like writing about the other songs. Here are just my favorites:

    Dirrty (ft. Redman)
    Stripped pt.1
    Stripped pt.2
    Can't hold us down
    The voice within
    ...more info
  • Two Veriety Albums (Stripped)
    theres too major variety albums in my collection: LAMB and This
    and both have good and bad points
    LAMB is dancy music in a variety of ways except for a few tracks (Cool, The Real Thing.)
    Stripped is a veriety of music but has no straight-out dance in it
    so i'd recomend both of these albums togeher for your variety of music pleasure!!! + Ther both awesome albums!!
    Katy...more info
  • not great
    brilliant it's not. it's not even great, but somehow it's worth buying. The album is bold, sometimes agressiv, sometimes sad, shows us a moment in her life that she was truly strugling to find her self. The result is 18 songs and 2 intros that variate from rap to pop and soul, giving you the bless of one of the most beautiful pop records ever released - the record "beautiful". If beautiful is not enough reason to buy the album, her voice definately is. From her first album to this one aguilera really improved in her vocal skills, earning comparison to one of the greatest voices of all time, whitney houston. Outside from "beautiful" and her voice it self the album is deeply honest, christina took part in every part of it's production, from writing and composing to producing it. If you are looking for a brilliant album, buy "back to black" from amy winehouse, "rockferry" from duffy or "not ready to make nice" from dixie chicks. If you like listening to powerfull vocalists or if you admire christina, buy this album, you won't regret it....more info
  • Christina On Another Level
    When Christina Aguilera marked her return with her first single, "Dirrty", I felt that she really came back swinging. Even with the video, it was noticed those days when she was just a "Genie In A Bottle" singing "What A Girl Wants" were over and she was at a totally new phase in her life and career. With her album "Stripped", this shows her going eclectic and the only thing that I can say about it is that she made the wise decision to go there. There is so much depth incorporated in many of the lyrics featured on this album that it can empower every man, woman, and child who are dealing with any of the situations she is singing about. In my opinion, some of the best songs on here are "Can't Hold Us Down", "Walk Away", "Fighter", "Loving Me For Me", "Beautiful", "Make Over", "Dirrty"(of course), "The Voice Within", "I'm OK" and "Singing My Song". This album is worth a listen....more info
  • This is a very strong collection of songs
    This is definitely a very good album . I bought my copy in July because the record store dropped its price to a mere 10 bucks while promoting her new release Back To Basics, and because I'd heard one or two songs by Christina Aguilera and I'd liked her strong vocal style. I really only shelled out my 10 dollars to get the track Beautiful - a lovely ballad I'd heard perhaps twice before.

    So imagine how delighted I was when I heard about 10 or 11 ripper songs out of the 20 on this full-length CD !!! This lady is honest and feisty, she is really talented, she is not afraid to deal with hard issues from her own life in her lyrics, and best of all she is a strong advocate of self-expression and freedom. Check out the inspiring and uplifting track Soar, which makes your spirits Soar too! Or the excellent ballad Cruz, which is about taking off and finding yourself a new life somewhere else up the coast . Or even the funky and disinhibited romp of Dirrty , which is about shaking it on the dance floor and doing whatever the hell you feel like doing ! The R&B styled track Underappreciated is really good too. A smooth and sensuous slow groove on Loving Me 4 Me is a nice take on youthful romance, while The Voice Within was a power ballad about trusting yourself and pushing ahead with your life even when you feel weary or sad. Alicia Keys drops in for a bit of piano and a co-write on the impressive track Impossible, while Christina faces her apparently-abusive family background in the painfully emotional and raw ballad I'm OK. The Spanishy guitar sounds on the pleasant tune Infatuation make this into a good song, while the album closes with anther shot of inspiration in Keep On Singin' My Song. The other singles Fighter and Can't Hold Us Down both showcase Christina Aguilera's bold and unrestrained singing style and lyrical concerns, and both work well.

    I don't like every song on here, and sometimes there are a few confronting images in the lyrics, but overall this is a very strong album that was MUCH, MUCH BETTER than I was expecting it to be .Since her rather underwhelming debut with the pop ditty Genie In A Bottle in 1999 I always used to think Christina was a fairly run-of-the-mill pop music starlet. Now that she has Stripped away all those misconceptions with this fine album, I can recognise that she is a truly talented vocalist and a strong contributor to the popular music scene.

    Highly Recommended
    4.5 stars

    ...more info
    cHRISTINA SHOULD BE PROUD!...It is so obvious she put so much work in this album, her voice is amazing and the rawness she represents is truly like "walk away" 'loving me for me" "get mine get yours" and "infatuation" are the true highlights...BUT EVERY SONG HERE IS TRULY AMAZING...Every song has a different feel to it and she definitely knows how to keep us listening...she has great range in her voice and she changes it up all the time...from the 45 second long note she held in "keep on sinignin my song" to dave navarro's guitar in 'fighter" and redman's appearance on "DIRRTY" this has got to be one of the best versatile albums of the 2000's..great follow up...i know we can only expect bigger and better things from Christina!...more info
  • Xtina rules, Brit sucks!
    People are always talking about the fierce competition between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I just don't see it. How can you compare a wanna-be superstar like Britney Spears, to a truly sensational artist like Christina Aguilera. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, but her songs actually mean something. They take a stand for women's rights (Can't Hold Us Down feat. Lil' Kim) and talk about abuse (I'm OK), just to name a few. Most people judge Christina by the way she looks but that doesn't change the fact that she has a beautiful voice and sings beautiful songs. ...more info
  • Christina is the most underrated artist in history...
    I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My fav songs are "Walk Away", "Dirrty", "Figher", and "Beautiful"!!!
    And all u "Dirrty" haterz gotta admit, it's more fun than anything that Britney, Gwen, or, God forbid, Madonna could have done!
    ...more info
  • Christina Aguilera Exposed
    Stripped, Christina's 2nd album of new material, is her best one to date. It is even better than this years Back To Basics. Every Single song is about something effecting and relatable, unlike her other albums. The song themes range from abusive parents, to abusive relationships, to self esteem issues, to sexual expression, to pro feminism. In stead of taking a bubble gum approach like her first album, or taking a 'I love my man' theme like her newest album, she bares her soul to the listener and seems genuinely angry by how the world around her works. She comes off as a strong, intelligent, outspoken women in this album. This is the only time in Christina's history that I was actually able to respect her as a person and art maker. I hope that this whole crowd pleasing phase she is going through will end soon and she will get back to doing what truly matter, expressing herself in this world of generic artists.

    The key tracks are: Can't Hold Us Down, Beautiful, Dirrty, The Voice Within, Fighter, Walk Away, and Make Over....more info
  • Hard to top this one...
    Well, when this first came out, i wasn't impressed. I thought she looked like a s***, and was really bearing it all with her video "Dirty". However, when i revisited it recently, I actually ended up excepting it for what it was...a beautifully written and unique album. I can see why she dressed the way she did, and now, at an older age, i have no problem with this! I know she's working on a new album, and I think it's going to be pretty hard to top this one. ...more info
  • And every morning that I wake I look back at yesterday (4.5)
    Yes, I like Christina Aguilera. There.

    Stripped covers a lot of ground in its 20-track span. There's some hip hop flavored tracks, a rock influenced song, a few R & B songs, and of course, some ballads. Variety like that doesn't come around very often in the pop genre, so kudos goes to Christina for that. While Stripped isn't perfect, it is one of the best pop records offered in quite a while.

    This is where the harsh criticism comes into play. I personally think Christina has a tremendous voice, she just overdoes it sometimes. And it doesn't surprise me one bit that some people despise it. I also think Christina makes quality pop music. Lets look at her pop peers. Britney? Come on, she hasn't made anything 'new' since the debut, all she does is rehash and recycle. Jessica? Don't get me started on her. Really one of the few well known pop artists (I use that term loosely) that even compares is Shakira. Both have strong voices, both make good music, both use their sexuality to their advantage.

    Stripped was a long time coming. I feel it took way longer than it should've to put this out, but hey, job well done, and I'm not arguing about the loss of her clothes either. The music is uncomparably stronger this time around. The debut was decent for when it came out but didn't hold up for long. I won't talk about the other projects in between. On Stripped however, her vocals are the driving force behind every song, and the lyrics are definitely better (thank you Linda Perry). With half of the songs being in the upper teir of pop music and the others being nice additions, Stripped begs your attention throughout the duration. The emotion in the songs honestly feels real and the delivery is spot on about 93% of the time.

    Special mention goes to I'm OK. Through and through one of the best and most emotional pop songs I've heard in years. Something I thought I'd never say about Christina Aguilera.

    My favorite songs are Fighter, Cruz, Soar, The Voice Within, and I'm OK. I figure whether or not you like the image Christina came out with on this CD, if you only listen to the music, you can't help but enjoy at least a few of the songs. So if you like pop and haven't picked up Stripped yet, something must be wrong with you, everything is here that makes a CD memorable....more info
    Christina Aguilera has a amazing voice and needless to say i think she is a lot better then Britney that is my opinion!!!! When i heard this cd each song is great and some of it is very energic and some of it really moves me!!!!!! I think that each song is a five star and the same for the album itself!!!!!! Christina really does take us to some of her past which i think its awesome that she can write songs about her past and Rolling Stone Magazine had a issue saying that this is a must have cd for any music collection and i would have to agree you will love this cd from a talented young singer!!!!!!...more info
  • Stripped: The Diamond Of Music
    Christina Aguilera has definitely conquered the sophomore slump with Stripped. This album is my personal favorite album by a singer because its various messages that people can relate to. I have all of Christina's albums and she is always able to raise the bar for other artists. Here is a track by track breakdown of her album.

    1. Stripped Intro: A really good intro in which Christina introduces the album to the public. This is one of the few intros that I can tolerate.

    2. Can't Hold Us Down [featuring Lil' Kim]: This song was the track that dealt with female empowerment. Christina had some really good vocals on this one and Queen Bee is my favorite rapper so this was like the ultimate collaboration. Plus, although she is talking about females and their strength, I also felt like a guy could reach out and say you can't hold me down for different reasons.

    3. Walk Away: A beautiful and long song in which Christina showcases her low vocals for the verses and then showcases them on the choruses.

    4. Fighter: This is one of the songs that immediately drew me to this album because of the message that everyone who has ever wronged her only made her stronger. Love this song!

    5. Primor Amor Interlude: This little interlude has Christina doing a Spanish thing for this one. This one is all right.

    6. Infatuation: This track also has a Spanish flavor to it and is a good track to dance to. This is another track that anyone would love to listen to.

    7. Loves Embrace Interlude: THE best interlude in the whole wide world. This interlude is so good that I have it on my iPod (and I don't usually have intros/interludes/skits/outros) on my iPod. It has beautiful music and I wish it were longer.

    8. Loving Me 4 Me: THE best song on the album and one of the greatest love songs I know. The music sounds beautiful and Christina's vocals are amazing. This is the type of song that you could just close your eyes to it and envision yourself in the situation. It concludes with a beautiful poem.

    9. Impossible: This song is also great and Alicia Keys does her thing in the beginning of the song. Once again, Christina sings her heart out.

    10. Underappreciated: I love this song because if you're feeling that people don't appreciate you, you can listen to this and make you feel better.

    11. Beautiful: Without a doubt, one of the most meaningful songs that I have ever heard. This was one of the first I heard by Christina off the album and was just awesome. I love this song.

    12. Make Over: This song is one of my favorites because it's a song that you can listen to when people try to tell you who to be. It's sort of rock like which you can also dance to.

    13. Cruz: I didn't like this song at first but it really did grow on me. Christina's vocals just blew me away with this one, listen to this one.

    14. Soar: Once again, Christina gives a good message that everyone can spread their wings and fly. I just love this one and is so inspirational.

    15. Get Mine, Get Yours: This is the worst song on the album (but not to say that it is bad). This is a good track that shows Miss Aguilera's sexy side.

    16. Dirrty [featuring Redman]: The actual dirty song that gave Christina so much controversy. The first single that people can dance to. Christina insists that the song expresses her emotions which I didn't get at first but now I do. I tink that's very clever.

    17. Stripped Outro: This is a good outro. "Sorry if I ain't perfect, sorry I don't give a (what)." I like this one because it's like she's apologizing for all these things people think that she should be.

    18. The Voice Within: The final single off the album and the video was beautiful. The message for this song is that when there is no one else there for you, you can always look inside yourself.

    19. I'm OK: This song is Christina recalling her abusive childhood. This song can almost make yuo cry because she shows so much emotion in it.

    20. Keep On Singin' My Song: A good song in which Christina says that she is going to sing her song. This is really a good ending for the album.

    Christina Aguilera is one of the best singers in the business. She can sing like Mariah or Whitney; she can make good subject matter that people can relate to; plus she definitely has her looks. You can guarantee that Christina will be here for a long time...more info
  • Never gets old
    I bought this CD when it was first released, around 2 years ago. I still listen to it, which is quite remarkable. =] I usually tire of a CD rather quickly, but this one has withstood my picky taste.

    I must admit to thinking that Christina was a talentless slut/ho/one hit wonder (like Britney) before I actually listened to this CD. It has totally changed my opinion of her, considering that she co-wrote many of the tracks on this CD. This is a truly stunning follow-up album to her original debut (which, by the way, I dislike).

    Some of the gems on the CD include Can't Hold Us Down, Walk Away, Fighter, Beautiful, The Voice Within, I'm OK, and Keep Singin' My Song. These songs go beyond just the current popular themes of music- sex, drugs, money, etc., providing a deeper insight on life.

    However, I do also like Make Over (my all-time favorite song) and Dirrty, some of the "lighter" tracks on the CD.

    Overall, the CD is worth definitely worth buying. It proves that Christina isn't your generic pop princess anymore. =]...more info
  • The Best of Christina (Pre-Greatest Hits)
    After three studio albums & a greatest hits compilation, Stripped for me is still the best album Christina Aguilera had recorded.

    Breaking away from the bubblegum pop sound she had on her debut, Stripped contains flavors of r'n'b, soul, rock, and blues. Her vocal prowess is strongest here. The vocal acrobatics that plagued her following album, Back To Basics, was only in small amounts here.

    Stripped's winning factor however, is the emotional connection this can create to the listeners. I find myself uplifted after listening to the entire album. Different emotions could be felt in different songs as well.

    Overall, Christina has to top this album yet....more info