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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
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Product Description

Need for Speed (NFS) is back and faster than ever in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2! Engage in the next generation thrill of arcade racing with the spiritual successor to the highly acclaimed, award winning Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit. Drafting on its award-winning legacy, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 stays true to the heritage of housing a stable of exclusive and exotic cars from the world's most coveted licensors including Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini... to name a few. Become the "Champ

  • Over 20 of the most coveted licensed exotics
  • Be victorious in over 60 different racing events to become the "Champion Road Racer"
  • Dynamic lighting and real world reflections bring the cars and tracks to life
  • Realistic, detailed environments bring to life elements from the real world - rain, brush fires, sunbeams and dust storms

Customer Reviews:

  • not that bad
    ok, now i really wanted this game being quite impressed with previous ones, so i got it. first, wow look at the graphics! second, how come you have to start off with a few cars which in my opinion were just horrible. third, how come all the cars and tracks "cost" so much. fourth, how come all the tracks look the same. so, of course everybody gets the game because it's renowned fame of nice cars and high speeds, well this time you got a little more. you also got horrible handling, choppy screens, unrealistic cop chases, and redundant track setup and scenery. i know i've listed a lot of bad stuff but it is made up by the plain and simple fun of driving in cars at speeds you'll never reach and getting away from police. some things i did like: graphics, scenery, driver profile stats, enjoyable once you get the nice cars. things i didn't like: too much points for the cars and tracks, choppy gameplay, the cops caught up way too quick, and the fact that every car had a NFS version that was 2x more expensive but not that much better. i thought in hot pursuit mode it was way too hard and it seemed like everyone else in the race wasn't getting bothered by the police as much as you are. once you get the good cars you can have a lot of fun with it. oh, and before i forget the stupid instant replay is horrible, one camera angle! whats is that about? and also the different views in gameplay are ridiculus the "inside" view has the tach and the speed no car?!?!?! and one of them is like a birds eye view but then you can't even see the track ahead of you. overall:pretty good once you get used to what it has to offer....more info
  • Great graphics and improvements, horrible physics
    This game is by far the most visually stunning NFS out yet. The cars look fabulous and the traks are well designed and fun to drive.

    EA made several improvements in the gameplay, the most signifigant being Pursuit mode. The cops are able to call in backup and a helicopter (which will drop bombs that if you hit will send your car flying) and are much smarter than the cops of old in NFS 3 and 4. However, when they fall behind, they are able to catch up far quicker than they should, which a little annoying, but it is one of the few aspects of the game that make it challenging (the AI opponents are very easy to beat).

    The only real drawback of this game (and it is a big one) is the physics. The cars are very touchy to control (once you get used to it it's not too bad) and I found my car flying far too high and far when I hit something at high speeds. I also found that when the cops spin you, it is very easy to get your car stuck sideways on the guardrails.

    Overall, if you don't mind the unrealistic physics, this game is worth the money if only for the wonderful graphics that they gave it. A must buy for people who enjoy arcade racing games and have a Need for Speed....more info

  • Surprisingly Good!
    I am a diehard NFS series freak going back to NFS3, the first Hot Pursuit, which is still a blast. No video game driving/racing series has ever come close, come on, let's be real. NFS: Porsche Unleashed (NFS5 for short following NFS: High Stakes, the fourth in the series), is still by far the greatest game in this series, imo, and probably the greatest PC driving game there is in almost every way. But I digress...

    I had tried the demo for Need For Speed Underground but it ran slow on my (fairly recent and powerful) system, and didn't look all too special anyway, but, I had heard and read some bad things about this game, so was reluctant to buy. After trying the demo for this and finding everything working perfectly, I couldn't see what all the bad press was about. This is not the greatest NFS PC game out there (Porsche wins that hands down), but this is STILL NEED FOR SPEED, and it's pretty darn good.

    True, this is much more "arcade" than a realistic driving sim (Porsche). A lot of the physics are such, a lot of the cars drive the exact same way it seems, and engines here, they all sound the same to me. There's not much scenery here either (though pretty, all tracks are based on only about 8 mirrored routes I believe, so soon all tracks start to look alike), or night driving, but what there is still beats 99 percent of most PC driving games out there, and that's good enough for me.

    There are two main areas in the game, Hot Pursuit and Tournament challenge type. Almost everything is "locked" at the beginning, but veteran NFS players won't have much trouble getting through some of the early levels. It gets pretty tough soon enough though. A "points" system is used whereby you may unlock cars and tracks, as well as a gold/silver/bronze medal feature which adds to replayability, but I CAN understand these being rather lame to some perfectionists since almost every car, regardless of its beauty, handles and sounds the same. The AI is very good throughout however, and the fuzz can be tough to shake at times. Or of course, be the fuzz, and get the evildoers yerself!

    Graphics-wise, this has higher-spec requirements than Porsche Unleashed (the game in the series before it), but the graphics even maxed to high, are really only pretty much as good (and they are very good) as Porsche, so I don't see why they couldn't have put in some extra features, perhaps a rushed console port? Still, it's a good one, imo, and at the price this is going for now, no TRUE Need For Speed series fan oughta be too disappointed.

    There is a cool replay system still available, at least, and a pretty good mix of rock and techno. If you play MP3's, you can also turn down the music in the game and play your own music, which is always a great feature for me in a game. Just put together a playlist of MP3's, start your MP3 player, start the game, turn down the game's music in options, and drive/race away. To your own tunes.

    Perhaps Porsche spoiled a lot of people, though even that game has its (CRAZY) detractors. And while this is really more of a 4 star effort, compared to NFS3 and Porsche, I'm going to give it 5 stars simply to raise its rating here a bit. In the end, it is still NEED FOR SPEED, despite its setbacks and some obvious programming overlooks, and anyone looking for a pretty decent but flawed PC driving game should add this to their collection.

    It's all a matter of expectations however. If you're looking for a sim, for more locations and scenery, for the ability to tinker down to the bone your speeders, and for more general features, get Porsche Unleashed if you don't have it. If your system (and wallet) can't quite handle NFS:Underground, or you've tried the demo and wasn't impressed, and haven't tried this, buy this. It's easily worth double the current asking price, and hey, it even works on XP without a patch! Doggone it! Will miracles never cease?

    Highly recommended with insignificant reservations. I've already gotten 10 times my money's worth in speedy driving chases and challenges, so I ain't complaining, really. Try the demo for this. If it runs nice on your system, and you're at all impressed, the actual game will do much more than that....more info

  • NO FUN
    when it comes to games, I Only play Need For Speed. I got hooked on them back in the days when the 1st one had the R&T add on them. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that I play absolutely nothing else. So when I heard that HP2 was comin out I was more than pumped, and the release date came and I was impressed at the new additions in the lineup like the new Lambo and da Carrera GT, however, when i started the tournament...all you do is pick a car and race for some points that have nothing to do with the actual tournament but rather unlocking the cars and tracks in the single player mode! I personally like the idea of High Stakes and PU that you have to race for money and buy your cars, which makes the game fun to play with a goal in mind. Here it doesnt matter as long as you finish in the top 3, you just move on to the next race/knockout/time trap and choose your car at no price. At some point in time you only get a chance to race the Viper like once or twice....
    Another thing that definetly did not impress me was the effort put into the tracks. It seems that there are 3 locations and that there are about 9 tracks...lemme explain. EA team made one track and made 3 versions by choppin up the street and inserting a few turns and renaming it. Way to put in the effort guys.
    Bottom line is everything looks nice but it was extremely rushed, no tracks, free cars in tournaments, and no upgrades that we are used to seeing.
    PS. After i bought this game and passed it with ease within a week (all gold), I was back to racing in a less fancy, but more fun High Stakes and NFSPU....more info
  • Awful
    This is a wretched piece of software. The game works fine, and the graphics and other bells and whistles function well.

    Nevertheless, the game is not just a racing game, and the "E" rating is very misleading. Unfortunately, the player is pursued by police, who come equipped with rocket-charged helicopters capable of firing on and destroying the vehicles they are chasing. The end result, far from being a simple race, is often a fireball.

    I do not understand how a manufacture can peddle something like this with such a benign rating. This game is not benign, constructive or even fun. The sound track is grating, and the action is worse. It is unsuitable in any case for children under age 16, and in my humble opinion, it isn't really suitable for anyone. ...more info
    this is THE best game in the nfs series ever. i never get bored of this game no matter what day it is. the graphics are great, the races are cool,u get to play with a buddy and the cars are AWESOME!! this is my all time favorite game ever. ...more info
  • Love it!!!!!
    I bought this game in a pack with other Need For Speed games, the other ones sucked compared to this one. My computer has froze up a few times, though. Great graphics. Looks EXACTLY like real life. Oh, by the way u can get free money. Go to and look at the hints. There are cars that go 205 M.P.H! This is the best PC game I have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • This is one botched game, what happened in network play
    I wanted to post this just as an FYI for anybody who fell in love with the original hot pursuit. This game's hot pursuit mode is totally heinous. EA really botched it. You can't be the police and chase down bad guys with your buddies over the network. We bought a bunch of copies found this out and sold a bunch of copies totally lame. So just a heads up...more info
  • awesome!!!!!
    I bought this game about 2 weeks ago and I love it. It is awesome! I use along with it a logitech game controller. If you are looking for a fun racing game buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Good but flawed
    NFS:HP2 is a good game, with detailed graphics, nice environments, etc. The car selection is also very good, with the world's most prestigious exotic supercars. Where the game is really let down is it's difficulty level.

    No matter if you have just started the game or are well into it, the difficulty level doesn't seem to vary too much. For me, it is way too easy and that really let's the game down. Another drawback is the fact that there are only four types of courses (Alpine, Mediterranean, Parkland and Tropics) Of course, each one is quite large but it still limits the players' choice severely.
    Unlike earlier NFS games, there are also no varying weather conditions i.e. rain or snow, nor nighttime driving, which is a let down.

    I would recommend renting this game before buying it because you may find the replay value to be quite low. If you can, choose either NFS: Underground 2 or Most Wanted. They are far superior. ...more info
  • What a waist of 10 bucks!
    I bought this game, hoping it would be good.. Guess I waisted 10 bucks! I have an average comp with double the RAM required and a decent graphics card, and this game runs like crap. The graphics are way too choppy and it freezes my computer. I think it's a waste of 10 bucks unless you have an awesome computer made for constantly moving games like this....more info
  • Is this a Joke?
    When I downloaded the demo and played, I felt very disappointed. This is not at all an improvement of the NFS saga. It seems that they forgot that a good game should have something more than just good graphics.

    The saddest thing is that they cut off the amazing physics of Porsche unleashed, hot pursuit 2 doesn't even simulate the basic behavior of a real car. I think that physics simulation is the most important thing that a game of this type should care most.

    If you are just a kid, I think that there is a very good chance that you would like the game. But if you are a person who knows how a car should behave, you should buy Porsche Unleashed....more info

  • What happened to split screen?
    I woould have given this game five stars but there is no split screen mode for it. Me and my friend always did co-op becuse he has NFS III and IV we like IV better the way we play was if he had cops I knock them around to get them of his tail and he'd do the same. But there's no split screen in this game so we can't do this but we do take turns on this game....more info
  • Cool
    I like this game. It is cool cause the cars. All the Mclarens, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Corvettes make this game cool. But if you play it too long, you get a headache. It is worth your money...more info
  • For those who can drive w/ just a keyboard
    This is a must-try game.
    NFSHP2 is for the ELITE video game driving simulator fans... the ones who cut their teeth playing video games using nothing but a keyboard since the start! I remember playing NFS1, NFS2, NFS2 SE, NFS3 Hot Pursuit, NFS4 High Stakes, Porsche Unleashed, Viper Racing, and a myriad of other driving simulators using just my keyboard and ranking in the top all the time.

    I thought I should mention this because a lot people whine about simulators that do not work well with their overpriced accessories like force feedback steering wheels, pedals, etc... which BTW do not feel even remotely like real steering wheels, pedals, etc... I walked into CompUSA and tried all the high end toys like the top of the line FF wheels, etc... and they may be fine for kiddies who want to play driving games, but in real life the steering feel isn't even remotely the same as a force feedback wheel. You have about 4 full turns from lock to lock. Most FF wheels are what, 1/2 turn from lock to lock?
    Also the pedals don't feel right most of the time. The vacuum brake booster combined with the hydraulic proportioning valve on the brake lines gives the pedal a firm but slightly "soft" feeling and allows for easy modulation. The throttle also has some resistance in the cable.

    Back to the game:
    Need for Speed HP2 plays very much like Need for Speed High Stakes style graphics and gameplay mixed with the Porsche Unleashed physics - just a bit more arcadish. I always felt Porsche Unleashed was one of the more realistic driving simulators... especially when piloting that GT-1 in turns, you could feel the in-game steering jump/turn with the road surface but after awhile it gets frustrating.

    Need for Speed High Stakes has always been my favorite NFS game since it allowed easy access to modifying the cars - you could easily get McLaren F1's as police cars chasing after you. You would no longer get away from a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor or a Chevrolet Caprice in your McLaren F1. Now you'd have a Police McLaren going wide open on your six!

    I started modifying the cars in the game and there are LOTS of options for doing so - so long as you know the terminology.
    Check out the car.ini files for each of the cars and you'll see what I mean. I can give cars AWD, FWD, or an open differential in the back... driving a peg-leg RWD car has never been more fun or hectic!!! Try out a modified Crown Vic with driving wheel = 2 (passenger rear tire only) and you'll know what it feels like driving in the snow with an open differential on a 99-up Crown Vic. Not exactly fun on slippery roads.

    The cars have unique engine sounds (i.e. the Cobra R has a distinct V8 growl at wide open, while the 4-bangers sound like 4-bangers) and the physics are extremely similar to Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed only it's more arcadish than a pure simulation, and in my opinion, this increases the fun factor. If I wanted a real, and I mean REAL driving simulator, I would just log some time on a real race track.

    Pros: Fun Factor is increased with the slightly more arcadish driving physics, but it's not unlike Porsche Unleashed. Spin outs aren't as easy to get out of as they were in NFS: High Stakes. Lots of cars to choose from, with unique engine sounds. Fun to play with using a standard keyboard. Games that REQUIRE steering wheels and pedals may be ultra realistic but they totally detract from the FUN FACTOR.

    Cons: Not extremely realistic - for those who want realism, go with NASCAR Season 2003 w/ a steering wheel + pedals.

    Note: I felt the music wasn't the BEST but it's music that I'd want on the radio while driving. I hate it when I'm at the race track and the radio is playing soft jazz or classical music.

    After extended playing of this game, I found that there were indeed only 4 tracks being recycled over and over again, and that there's no weather changing or night driving. These are a big oversight, BUT IMHO the game makes up for these with a better editing system. I can go into the ini files for each car and modify the sway bars, tire sizes, wheel diameters, brake material and rotor size, etc... and it'd have a big effect on handling!

    I.e. after setting up my Z8 for a tendency to have a bit more oversteer, I was zipping through S-curves like it was a rally race and I was doing MUCH better against the police. I was more in control and could PIT the cop cars, forcing them to stop chasing me. All I did was modify the tire sizes, brake rotor sizes, and cut some weight from the car (about 100-125 lb ala weight reduction kits).

    The game dropped in price to the lowest it will go before it'll be discontinued. Go out and try this game. But beware, if you hated Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and High Stakes, chances are you will not like HP2. If you loved Porsche Unleashed and NASCAR Racing Season 2002 and 2003, chances are you may not like HP2 if you're a realism-nut....more info

  • Mediocre upgrade to NFS 3 & 4
    I must say that I'm quite disappointed by this game. I've been a fan of the series. However, since I switched to Win2K (and therefore could not run the previous NFS versions) I was eager to get my hands on this new NFS HP 2 and now that I have I can honestly say that I would have rather wanted a patch to run the previous versions on my PC than this.

    Sure the graphics are very nice (although I personally don't believe that it's that big an upgrade from NFS PU) but the game lacks a lot of things. The tracks are not that exciting and although there are supposed to be 20 or so all are based on 4 or 5 basic tracks which means that there's no big change in the atmosphere of the game. I recall with the previous versions some of the tracks gave me chills while driving through them but I was actually falling asleep while driving (and winning) with the Mclaren F1 LM. The cars are more or less an upgraded list of those found on NFS HS which is a good thing.

    But what bothers me the most is that the people at EA seem to have taken a step backwards in many aspects. There's no weather so the challenge of driving through rain, or even worse, through snow is missing. No in car view means that you don't getr to see the car's dashboard and steering wheel. All you get are the speedo and rev counter of each car and 2 3rd person views. You can't change cammeras in the replay. Also, there's no career mode or anything like that. On the previous 2 NFS I enjoyed a lot buying the cars, upgrading them, selling them and fixing them. But no such thing now. The cars come as they are, the damage is only visual and the "points" you get are only useful for unlocking cars and tracks. And if you think that the game will be a lot more fun once you switch to HP and start chasing speeders then think again because while in the original NFSHP you had to block the car in order to catch him in this one you just have to hit it a few times and it's done. Not challenging by any means.

    I might also add that those that have played the previous versions of NFS will find this game to be extremely easy which means it wears off quickly (I bought mine 3 days ago and I've already "finished" it and I'm tired of it already).

    So, my advice. If you have U$40 to spend on a game that will give some relative fun for a few days then go ahead. But be warned, don't expect something better than the previous versions of NFS....more info

  • A great game
    My 14-old brother loves this game.
    You win point and get new tracks and cars. You can be a police.
    The graphics are great and you require a middle video card (ATI 7500 in my case).
    If you want a funny time (and cheap) buy it...more info
  • Hot Pursuit is really HOT!!
    I absolutly love this game. I play it for hours a day. If you've played the demo believe me you haven't seen anything yet. This game is 100 times better then the demo and about the best racing game i've played. Sure the cops are hard to beat and there is no way to cheat but it's like real life!! No cheap you can out run the cops in 2 seconds this game takes technique amd skill. If you want a racing game then choose this one and drive one of those expensive cars you wished you had....more info
  • underground is beneath this game
    i stupidly sold this game to buy nfs underground.2 months later i sold under ground a bought this again. this game has great cars for any car finatics out there and the play, while not always realistic provided a lot of has the lotus elise, opel speedster, bmw m5 , bmw z8 ,dodge viper, ferrarri 360 spyder, 550 merronello , f50, and the mcclairen f1 just to name a few. everyone talks about dodging the cops but chasing speeders was even more fun. you can drop explosives, call for back up, and set up spike strips.this game is so much more than underground, which has crappy cars , poor performence, and horrid corses. please buy this and save a hell of a lot of cash...more info
  • Great game
    Recently I downloaded the demo of Hot Pursuit 2, and it persuaded me to go out and buy the game (should be coming soon :)) Anyways, I've played this at a friend's house and have found it excellent. I love the "Be The Cop" mode as well as the cars provided in the game. I find that this game (even the demo, in my case) has high replayability. The graphics for this game are nice, and it runs well on my computer (Intel 4 3.0 Ghz processor, 1GB RAM, and some sort of good video card :P) But as people have said before, all the tracks are practically identical. You might want to consider that before you buy it, but otherwise, it'll be worth your money....more info
  • Great graphics and improvements, horrible physics
    This game is by far the most visually stunning NFS out yet. The cars look fabulous and the traks are well designed and fun to drive.

    EA made several improvements in the gameplay, the most signifigant being Pursuit mode. The cops are able to call in backup and a helicopter (which will drop bombs that if you hit will send your car flying) and are much smarter than the cops of old in NFS 3 and 4. However, when they fall behind, they are able to catch up far quicker than they should, which a little annoying, but it is one of the few aspects of the game that make it challenging (the AI opponents are very easy to beat).

    The only real drawback of this game (and it is a big one) is the physics. The cars are very touchy to control (once you get used to it it's not too bad) and I found my car flying far too high and far when I hit something at high speeds. I also found that when the cops spin you, it is very easy to get your car stuck sideways on the guardrails.

    Overall, if you don't mind the unrealistic physics, this game is worth the money if only for the wonderful graphics that they gave it. A must buy for people who enjoy arcade racing games and have a Need for Speed....more info

  • Somebody did a boo boo!
    For me it all started with Need For Speed 2 se. Followed up by high stakes, hot pursuit, and porche unleashed. When i found out a new nfs was coming out...i waited in anticipation for the release date. However, i spent [hard earned $] that i will never get back. The game is not too realistic as far as driving, and while the graphics are amazing, it lacks the nfs flare. By removing damage, and slowing traffic down, it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

    Also, i have had nothing but problems with this game. I have a p4 1.8gig processor, running with a 7200rpm 80gig hard drive, 512 pc800 memory, and a 64mb GeForce 3. Yet for some reason, when i play more than one race, i get the windows xp blue screen of it dumps my phsical memory. I tried contacting EA and there worthless support staff did even less than CompUSA, the store i purchased the game from.

    So a word to the your money!...more info

  • Superb Racing Game
    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 is an awsome racer! In this game, you must, as always, race to the finish line. But there is a twist. There are cops chasing you, and they are capable of pulling you over and arresting you. But if you don't pull over, they will DESTROY YOU.
    This game has 4 options of play. Championship, a true racing expierience. Hot Pursuit, which is like championship, except with cops I mentioned earlier. Single Challenge is next. It consists of modes such as Single race, Be the cop, Knockout, Tournament, and Practice. Then there's Quick Race, where the game randomly chooses a car and track for you and soon enough, you are in the race. Great if you are in a hurry and must play one last race.
    Oh, and did I mention the cars? THEY ARE AWSOME. You have Corvettes, BMW's, Fords, Dodge Vipers, Mercedes', Lamborginis, Ferraris, McLarens, and many many many more. THEY Are ALL
    Also: THE GAME IS HUGE! In Hot Pursuit and Championship, there are many races, tournaments, and events to complete. This gives you months of play.
    Now for some details on Hot Pursuit Mode. In H.S. mode, as I said, cops chase you. In this mode, when you lose the cops, you get points. But soon, the cops get harder, but harder cops means more points. The cops are on a scare of 1 to 5 stars, 5 being hardest. The cops will also call in roadblocks, spike strips, more cops and...HELECOPTERS! Helecopters drop explosives which send you FLYING. There is also traffic, so in order to lose the cops, I just ram them into a bus or something...Anyway, H.S. mode is a great expierience. It is intense, thrilling, and very very fun!
    The soundtrack in this game is awsome. The songs consist of a mixture between rock and rap.
    The opening cinematic is awsome! It looks realistic, is action-packed, and has a good song going to it. It makes you jump up and say YEAH!


    1. Good Graphics (but not exceptional)
    2. Good Sound (vroom, vroom!)
    3. Great Music and Soundtract
    4. Lots of stuff to do
    5. Very VERY Smart AI (and I mean smart!)
    6. Humorous Cop Lines ("This guy blew my doors off!")
    7. Hot Pursuit is INTENSE
    8. A whole lot of fast cars
    9. Cool Tracks


    1. The lap announcer's voice sounds a little goofy
    2. No weather levels (rain, snow, etc.)
    3. Physics are o-k, not great (but it doesn't make a difference)

    Overall, an awsome game. Whoever likes racing games, or, actually, whoever likes to HAVE FUN buy this game. Highly recommended. A Must-buy....more info

  • Wonderful
    This is a wonderful game, I love it! But I do wish that EA made it more like the Porsche unleased game, graphics and music, the only thing I do not like is that rock music grunge style, it would have been great to either play your own music or at least have a selection, maybe Rap, or Rock and Rock, classical music....more info
  • Good graphic but lack of respond!
    I played this game for about 3 hours and still couldn't stand on the slow respond time of steeling wheel. I found out this is not from my Logitech MOMO Force Feedback (USB), it is from the game. Whenever I turn my steeling and there was a 3/4 second lag time from the game. Therefore, I had to turn my steeling before every turns to get a grip on the track. Sometimes it is very difficult to handle especially the track has many turns and a police car behind me. I used the same wheel to play with Rally Sport Challenge and it was find. If the steeling wheel respond time is better, I would add one more star but 3 stars is what I can give to this game....more info
    This game's graphics are amazing! There are so many cool cars to choose from like the Mclaren F1 LM and the Lamborghini Murcielago. The handling of the cars are amazing and the tracks are really fun to drive on! This is a great game that you should DEFFINETLY get.In conclusion, YOU'VE GOT TO GET THIS GAME!!!!...more info
  • Good, but maybe not perfect
    I've had NFS III hot pursuit for years, so when I saw the newer version come out I decided to try it. Well... I definitely think it could have been better. The graphics are wonderfully detailed, and I love the 3D effects much better than those of the previous version. However, sometimes they are too much for my computer to handle, and everything gets so jerky it is hard to see what I'm doing. When that happens, the graphics tend to lose their effect.

    I've found the system of earning the option to race more tracks to be pretty annoying. Even if I win everytime, it still takes a lot of races around the same old tracks to unlock something new, and that can get pretty discouraging. Also, there is not nearly as much control over car tuning as I would have liked. They all tend to handle about the same, so I really begin to miss the customization features of NFS III.

    There are some definite high points, though. The graphics, when they work, are incredible. The music is also really nice - it fits the racing mood perfectly, and has plenty of variety. The cars are fairly highly detailed, and the hot pursuit mode works out pretty well (if not a little too easily for the racer on the run). Overall I would recommend this game, but definitely make sure your computer can easily handle the graphics and make it worth your while....more info