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Doom 3
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Product Description

Doom 3 continues the incredible shooter action of the first two Doom games! The Mars Research Facility has been invaded by demons from Doom, leaving only chaos and horror in their wake. You're one of the only survivors - to stay alive you'll have to fight your way to Hell and back.

The wait is over. After five years of development, Lead Programmer John Carmack and the id Software team have put together a revolutionary visual experience. Although Doom 3 is not perfect, the 3D graphics engine upon which it is built sets a new, jaw-dropping standard that makes this game a must-have. In addition to adding multi-player action via xBox live, or via networked consoles, the Xbox version of Doom 3 also adds a great two-player cooperative mode.

Hell on Mars
Your character is a low ranking Marine on a routine rotation to the United Aerospace Corporation's (UAC) Mars Research Facility. That's pretty much all the back-story you need. Doom 3 is a bit skimpy in the story-line department, but rich plotting and character development have never been the focus of the Doom franchise. Action is the name of the game here, and we found plenty. After a few minutes of wandering through the facility, listening to rumors about impending catastrophe from the staff (remember Half-Life?) it was time to start shooting. We fought our way through dark, lavishly detailed environments until finally doing battle with pure evil in the depths of hell. Although the game offers no opportunities to explore the Martian setting apart from the linear corridors of the research facility, good level design and well crafted sound effects were successful at scaring the living heck out of us all the way through.

Fearsome monsters. Dimly-lit environments. The perfect recipe for horror.
Creature Discomforts
Groaning zombies and the sudden leaping attack of an eleven-eyed Imp are just the beginning of the horror and anxiety in Doom 3. Floating Cacodemons attack from above with a mouthful of teeth, ethereal Revenant fire flesh-seeking missiles with deadly accuracy, a swarm of spider-like Trites skitter down the corridor, hungry for blood. Although the enemy AI in Doom 3 is less crafty than we would have liked, the incredible variety of enemies--each with a unique style of attack--outweighs this shortcoming somewhat.

Guns, Guns, Guns
While there are many powerful weapons in the game, they are designed to force players to anticipate and plan for firefights. For instance, we liked wielding the chaingun to shred enemies at longer ranges, but the weapon devours ammo and using it on close-range targets was a waste of bullets. We quickly learned to switch to the shotgun or the chainsaw to dispatch foes at close range.

One piece of hardware, the flashlight, was a point of both salvation and frustration for us. Doom 3 is a dark game and many enemies know how to take advantage of it. You'll find yourself switching back and forth between your weapons and your flashlight often just to see what's lurking ahead. This problem might be easily solved by duct taping the flashlight to your equipped weapon, but, alas, we found no duct tape on Mars.

While Doom 3 is no Halo 2 when it comes to multi-player action, there are some respectable multi-player arenas and modes including death match, team death match, last man standing and tournament. Five maps serve to keep things interesting, and you'll want to look for special tricks in some arenas to give you a leg up on enemies. Cooperative multi-player proved to be a hoot as we teamed up with friends to try to make our way through the levels. The intensity of gameplay ramps up significantly in the cooperative mode, as the levels are designed to be harder. They're also designed to force players to work together, so you'll want to communicate with your partner as much as possible.

Looking Good
Doom 3 is incredible looking. Every room is exquisitely detailed, from the shimmer of the air near a heat source to the texture of a hamburger sitting on the counter of the company mess hall. Id obviously went all out designing every creature in the game and their realism makes them all the more horrifying. Get ready to jump out of your couch cushions!--Joshua Gunn


  • Stunning display of graphics technology
  • Strong level design with lots of spookiness
  • Great cooperative mode
  • Plenty of hours of single-player gameplay
  • Thin storyline
  • No headlamps or gun-mounted lighting in the 22nd century
  • Fairly basic multi-player options
  • First-person shooter
  • Fight back against a demonic invasion of a Mars research facility
  • Built with id Software's newest 3D graphics engine
  • Cinema-quality visuals and 5.1 surround sound
  • Single-player and online

Customer Reviews:

  • Mesmerizing!!!
    I bought this game back in 2006 and never finished it. I was going through some old stuff and found this. I decided to play it through this time on selection Veteran. Wow!! As old as this game is it is addicting. The graphics, sounds and story line are second to none. I thought F.E.A.R was the best shooter game but I have to say this is on par. I am astonished on the work and detail that went into this. Play it and you will be hooked. ...more info
  • Good, but not as great or revolutionary as it should have been
    I remember when "Doom 3" first came out there was a lot of hype on the Internet. People were claiming it would blow away the release of "Half-Life 2" with id's new engine, etc. etc. etc.

    Unfortunately, "Doom 3" is a rather standard shoot-'em-up. It's fun for a little while, but it lacks the originality and inventiveness of games like "Half-Life 2" (which was amazing). "Half-Life" kept me engaged because the terrain changes; the characters change; and so on. In "Doom 3" it's basically just a lot of walking around through dimly-lit corridors. Monsters jump out and you kill them. It's fun for a while but then it becomes tiring - much like a haunted house ride would become tiring after five hours straight.

    Furthermore the graphics engine really isn't what everyone made it out to be. I just bought a new PC this year and it runs this game very well on maximum settings - the gameplay isn't choppy or anything. But even at full potential with graphics I think they're just "OK." The shadowing is brilliant but the textures are average and some of the characters in the cut-scenes are downright laughable - one of the Commanders early on looks like a character from "AvP 2," and that game came out in 2001!

    The in-game play is much better - characters look more realistic - but I have to wonder what the rush was with the cut-scenes. One would think they'd spend more attention to detail on these.

    Overall I have to admit that while I found this fun at times it gets tedious after a while. I mean, the gimmick with the flashlight is annoying (as someone else pointed out) - I think in the beginning it's okay but they should have planted an upgrade early on in the game, such as a helmet with a flashlight attached to the top; or nightvision goggles that last for a minute or two before they have to be recharged; because dropping your flashlight and picking up a weapon while you're being shot at by enemies is annoying.

    And as another reviewer pointed out, the PDA gimmick gets old fast.

    Overall this has moments of absolute brilliance but I felt like so much more could have been done with it. They should have abandoned the concept of being "alone in the dark" throughout the entire game and done a bit more with it - I would have loved to have explored the Martian planet more or even levels that don't look exactly the same. Because the repetitive nature of the game is ultimately what sinks it.

    It's good, but I think "Half-Life 2" was far better and the graphics engine on HL was stunning, even two years later....more info
  • Scariest game you'll ever play !
    I don't usually like playing FPS's, but this game was truly unique. it has extraordinary graphics, a good storyline, scary monsters, awesome voice acting, and, perhaps, most important, a great atmosphere.

    If you played any of the other Doom games you probably already know the storyline. You play as a marine sent on a mission to Mars. You have to investigate some strange happenings that have been occuring there. Soon after you arrive, however, all hell breaks loose. the scientists there accidentally open a portal to hell, and demons invade the facility. Only a few people survive the onslaught, and you're one of them. Now it's up to you to take care of the problem.

    Adding to the storyline are the various PDA's, emails, and videos you find laying around in the Mars base. All of these things are very well done, and they offer a nice distraction from the action. These things are like journals from different people, and they'll describe how things started to go awry on Mars, and other interesting things. Also, the voice-acting is great and realistic, and all of this gives you the feeling like you're actually on this facility. Also, these emails and video-logs sometimes give you very useful information, like the locations of different weapons and valuables.

    Like I mentioned earlier, the graphics in this game are some of the best you'll ever find, even if you don't have a great system. The environmental designs are really good, and most of the environments are dark, gloomy, silent metallic corridors that add to the scary atmosphere. The lighting effects are also superb. However, the thing I liked best about the graphics is the monsters' designs. All of the enemies you'll encounter look awesome, scary and realistic. Though almost all of the enemies are from the older Doom games, they look much, much better. These are monsters like zombies, imps, hell knights, revenants, lost souls, cacodemons, and more.

    Throughout the game, you get 8 different weapons. They are: the pistol, shotgun, machingun, chaingun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher, BFG, and the soul cube. They all act pretty much like their names suggest, so it's pretty self-explanatory, aside from the soul cube. In order to use the soul cube, you must first kill 5 enemies. Then you can use it, and it homes in on the strongest enemy near you, hits him, and his health is transformed to yours. The soul cube is also very important at the end of the game, but I don't want to spoil it for you.

    All of these aspects of the game are really good, but the thing that makes Doom 3 unique is the atmosphere. This is probably one of the scariest games you'll ever play. Why? Well, not only are the monsters scary, but the environments add to the mood. Like I mentioned, most of the time you'll be in narrow, dark, metallic corridors, so you'll have to make lots of turns, never knowing what's behind the next corner. Also, everything in the game is very dark, so you won't always be able to see your opponents. However, you will get a flashlight, so you'll be able to see through some of the dark, but you'll never be able to hold a gun and the flashlight together at the same time. Fortunately, if you hit the F key on you're keyboard, you'll be able to quickly switch between your last equipped weapon and the flashlight. I found this as a good aspect, because not always being able to see in the dark when there are zombies around is scary, and it added to the atmosphere. It's really scary sometimes then you turn around and there's a zombie in your face, or when you pass through a door and an imp lunges at you. The game is filled with these kind of incidents, and there are also some other really scary moments.

    Overall, Doom 3 is an awesome game. The thing that sets it aside from other FPS's is it's atmosphere. However, I strongly suggest that people who get scared easily stay away from this game, because they might get really freaked out. No joke. But other than that, it's a really good game with awesome graphics, and if you're a Doom fan, then what are you waiting for? Go pick this one up.

    P.S. If you really want to know, here is one of the game's many scares. It might ruin the surprise for you, so watch out.


    There is one part where you go into a bathroom. If you turn left and look in the mirror, everything suddenly goes red, and you hear a horrible scratching noise. This all happens very suddenly, and also, a monster suddenly jumps at you from behind and attacks you. Expect things like this to happen in the game.

    END SPOILER...more info
  • Doom 3: The true "final" doom
    Eep! Doom 3! The game that truly made history. If it wasn't for sneak peaks, this game would have petrified players, especially those wholike me, saw it grow from the 90's. The PC version comes with 3CDs, a manual and even a disclaimer from id Software recommending and cautioning (lol) about playing this game in the dark with speakers on loud!

    Doom 3 retains its storyline of the UAC on Mars. This time though, the plot has more depth (I won't ruin it for you). The graphics of course have been much acclaimed. They truly are mind-blowing; even the machine for this game is. Monsters respawn if you backtrack but never in the same location twice! This helps in keeping you on your toes. Levels are also well balanced (although there are a few ambush-spots). Health packs are scattered throughoutthe level but now there are health can also be "recharged" around 10 times. These are found in special rooms on the walls. Also, Doom 3 now doesn't have the mindless killing like its predecessors. Now, the player has missions, some even as basic as finding scientists and PDAs! The monsters are diverse (each monster has a cutscene introducing them....and sometimes just watch out for hints...with your speakers on high), and so are the weapons (including the "living and breathing" one). Also, the concept of bosses is now more emphasized. So much for the pros.

    Now the cons. Storyline has depth, but there are 27 (around) levels! I doubt even the first Doom games had these many. The only variation of these levels arethat they either take place inside the UAC building or outside in the red heat of the planet (and that's not even for long anyway). Only the last few levels have some more variety. The player even makes a trip to Hell, which amazed me, but that was before I was made to go there again. Much as I love the monsters, I'll admit they aren't all...well-balanced. The Imps probably appear well over a hundred times (not exaggerating) throughout the entire game! The Pinkys on the other hand only appear 10 to 15 times. The Hell Knights make appearances even fewer than the Pinkeys. But despite this imbalance, the process of them appearing and them disappearing happens too fast. I rarely get a chance to absorb the "evolution" id Software has effected upon these monsters. Most of these appear in dark places, and they are very agile (except for the zombies but they get boring in while) and move very fast. They also evaporate after being killed (or the PC'd collapse integrating all the corpses into its memory). The darkness, though very important in setting up the eerie atmosphere inthe game, gets a little redundant as the player has to constantly switch from flashlight to weapon. But I think there is a patch that tapes the flashlight on the pistol =).

    Even though it might seem that this game has more cons than pros, every gamer must do it justice by experiencing it!...more info
  • Dark and scary
    I bought this game for my bf and he likes it a lot. The game is very dark but he downloaded something that when you are walking you have both the lights and the gun. People who say it is not scary are just lying. Great graphics, excellent music and voices, good plot....more info
  • Killing Monsters is Fun
    This game was for my other half . . . not a personal review . . . but he sure does have fun killing those monsters after a hard day at work. . . We had to do some serious deletes/upgrades on "the gaming computer" to make the graphics and speed just what they should be, but then again the gaming computer is 5 years old and wasn't purchased for video games in the first place. Just pay attention to the minimum requirements on the box and you should be fine....more info
  • doom 3
    gave the game to my 12 yo son as a gift on recommendation from other kids in 14-17 yo range. its a little scary just because of hte realism but he cant put it down. absolutely loves the graphics. word of caution to buyers: check your pc specs first. this requires a lot of resources....more info
  • beware you may never escape doom 3
    i don't exactly remember when i first bought doom 3 for my mac; but it was a couple of years back. All i have to say is, i have always been a mac person but once i got hooked on doom 3 multiplayer i eventually built my own high-end gaming pc to more fully enjoy this game. I am more or less completely obsessed by it; it's a lot of fun but again I warn you .. beware of this game because it may possess you for what looks to be ... forever? I have never tired of playing this game....more info
  • Creepy Little Things
    I know that everyone rips on this game as being too linear, and saying that it is not spooky, but these are possibly people who say that about everything. The good point made in the criticisms is that this game is in many ways similar to Aliens in terms of how the action and scariness works. Lots of darkness, dripping pipes, decaying machinery, and claustrophobia. Oh, yeah, and crazy things crawling on ceilings lookin' evil. I personally though that the PDA presentation, especially the audio, were extremely well done, and were even scarier than the excellent visuals. I felt sorry for, and empathized with, the poor civilians who had been working in this creepy place for months. Some were jerks, some were bureaucrats, some were ok, but all gave the feeling that even before you arrived there was definitely something, off, about Mars, and that they were very scared. These things really set up for when the beautifully detailed monsters would come after you, you would already be psyched and into the game. The only gripe I would have is that you hardly ever feel like you are accomplishing anything, as almost all the humans you see die immiedietely or just after you think you have saved them, which kind of leaves you feeling a little powerless in the game after the twentieth time you try to save someone. But maybe that is just for me as I tend to empathize a lot with the characters. Also, a motion tracker like the one from the AvP games would have been creepy as heck, and would have reduced flashlight frustrations. Finally, the final boss was too easy, though he more intimidating than a drill sergeant on steroids and capuccino....more info
  • best game ever next to origional DOOM
    Other than origional DOOM this is the scariest, best game ever!!! nuff said, play it if you dare!...more info
  • Fun once you figure it out
    I have to admit that at first I was very disappointed because I couldn't figure out how to get to places I was supposed to go. The manual is no help and you're pretty much left on your own to figure things out. I found a few websites that had maps and tips/tricks (and even cheat codes) that helped a lot! Once you get past the initial confusion this game is as much fun as the original Doom but with better foes and improved graphics....more info
  • Unimpressive, in retrospect - EOY, 2007
    This game got a lot of press when it was new. Dark, creepy, it marked a resurgence of horror FPS games and pressed the boundaries of the hardware of the day.

    As of Dec 2007, however, it doesn't do that any longer and there's darker, creepier, better written games out there. As we enter 2008, 8PM on a Thursday night, there are only ~10 people on all the servers that my copy found tonight. Doom3 might have a lot to be said for it in multiplayer mode, if people were still playing it, but they're not.

    If you're toying with buying this game today, buy it as a single player FPS, and buy it cheap. Half-Life2, Prey, and a half dozen other, better written, FPSes are available in the same 15-25 dollar price range. If you can find this game under $20 and have a deep love of id Games, go for it. If you'd rather just find a good single-player game, blow that $20 on something more compelling. ...more info
  • SCARY as HELL!!
    Well, you certainly end up in Hell!!
    By this time this game it's a little old, but still haves better graphics than a lot of newer games out there!!!...more info
  • Pretty Cool!!!
    This Game Is Awesome If You Play It In The Dark, Alone.Don't Play It With Your Friends In The Room Cuz They Will Distract You From All of The Jumpy Moments....more info
  • Doom 3 is the challenge to beat !
    You have to be fast and swift. And be alert or you will be dead.

    This one is harder than the others. ...more info
  • LOVE this game
    I bought it several days ago and cannot separate myself from this game. The graphics is amazing....more info
  • Don't let stingey reviews deter you from this game
    A brilliant remake of the original classic! Although I am an avid fan of the first DOOM...I strongly urge you to NOT juxtapose the two. If you sit back and pick apart the differences between them, you'll never enjoy DOOM 3.

    Why is this game well worth the buy? Many reasons. Superb graphics is the first that you'll notice. The environment is rich and detailed. Don't worry about whether or not your computer can handle it. You can easily build one that is easily capable at running the game with full settings for less than $900...and if you're comp is so old that you can't run it like may have been due for an upgrade anyways.

    The weapons are great and very realistic. Like the real world, your arsenal must be reloaded after so many rounds are fired. A handy pair of digits will help you monitor your clip and total ammo for any weapon though. So, plan ahead and keep your guns fully loaded.

    As for the endless series of hallways that some people are complaining makes absolutely no sense to have a stadium set up on a Mars Research Base. The game offers plenty of larger rooms to adequately utilize heavier weapons such as the rocket launcher without blowing your own face off.

    The ambient sounds of the game are more than enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Dead bodies will randomly levitate and fly across the room, grates will be knocked around be unseen forces and Betruger's haunting laugh will often accompany many of these ghostly actions and more.

    The enemies are fierce, the enemies are bad (as in fearful), any one of them can go from easy to kill to downright lethal. You may not get very many good looks at them, but you really shouldn't be trying to admire the pixels of something that's trying to kill you. Take a screenshot and look at that later if you want to take in what the monsters look like. Experiment with your arsenal...learn the best weapon for the job and conserving ammo won't be a problem at all.

    The big issue that most people seem to have is that of lighting. Yes, in the 22nd century you'd expect Marines to have lights mounted on their weapons. ID Software isn't stupid...a flashlight on all of your guns would have made the game a lot easier and a lot less fun. By switching from your light to your gun...the game forces you to choose between being able to see the enemy and being able to attack the enemy. Remember, this game is of the "Horror" genre. And horror thrives on you asking questions like "Where is it? What is it? Where is it gonna pop out at next?" Go rent a horror movie and you'll see what I mean. It's dark! DOOM 3 is meant to be like this.

    Buy the game...or borrow it from a buddy. Turns the lights off and turn the volume up. If you like will pull you right in. ...more info
  • Doom 3
    Game was good most of the way through. Then it got way off course to the story line I thought. The game seemed to become very much harder to advance at the end stages. I am a novice player and always play my games on easy, novice, beginner,etc. This game became so hard for me I had to resort to cheats. I do not know much about games(PC only) and may have been better off to research to see if this series started with Doom, Doom 2 Doom 3, etc, etc. ...more info
  • Don't play alone!
    This is an awesome but hard game for me to play. It is repetitive, same ol' monsters waiting around every corner. Too dark! Can't see!
    Other than these quirks, it is a fun game if you turn up your surround sound and cut off all the lights!
    ...more info
  • Blew us all away at first glance
    What, in retrospect, turned out to be a repetive, mostly uninspired shooter, was at first the most groundbreaking sense of immersion of our time inside of a level. I say ride out that second feeling as long as you can and enjoy your stay on mars....more info
  • MODs can breath new life into this game.
    Overall a solid game, but much has improved with the employment of fan and "official" MODs.

    On the Doom 3 website are forums for MODs. Several MODs address weapon lights, new weapons, and even add allies. I agree with the tech assessment on weaponlights. Many 1st world militaries and police forces have weaponlights and the engine gives the demons enough intelligence to keep relitivly quite until they pounce. Even a helmet light (akin to the Colonial Marines in "Aliens") would add realism and fear since you can only 'see' what you are looking directly at (you turn a corner just in time to see an imp's claw as it waits silently).

    I am playing through the game (2nd time) with a MOD called guardforce. It allows you to add UAC marines and sentrybots to the fight on your side. One of the bots comes with a headlamp. This is an interesting concept, except the lamp-bot will turn to look at you if you stop and you get a flashlight in your face. They do not climb ladders and cross major obsticals, so if you spawn too many, just ditch them. Also, if you spawn more than a few allies, you need to use the 'noclip' cheat to extract yourself from a room or hallway at times. Also, the "god" or "heal" cheats becomes needed at points as your "allies" tend to shoot *through* you to get to the enemy.

    Other MODs improve weapons and other aspects of the game. Many are early attempts and practices that try to keep the game balanced. One makes the pistol a 2-shot weapon but in a massive caliber with lots of impulse (the demon flys back like a Dirty Harry movie). Another changes all the weapons and adds new ones. Still others make the demons fight each other (You have just entered Hell's uncivil war). Still more add new skins, maps, and effects.

    The only issue is that, unlike the MOD manager of games like Freelancer, you cannot play two MODs at once.

    I do miss the old openess of other games. The hallways and situations do become predictable, though enough unexpectness exists to play it again. On the good side, with more modern computers of 2007 (I guess that means "newly obsolete"?), the game runs VERY well. As usual with these games, it takes a while for the hardware to catch up....more info
    This game will keep you in suspense and have you jump in your seat a few times. It is fantastic considering the price is a lot less than other comparable games such as Crysis.

    Your heart will beat faster as you penetrate deep into the levels that are swarming with zombies and other gruesome creatures all out to destroy you. Multiple save features are useful in that you begin where you were eliminated.

    WELL WORTH the money, exciting and fun to play it will keep you mesmorized for hours on end!!!!...more info
  • Good
    Good game, still same old Doom, blood and gore shoot'em up action. Graphics are beyond amazing. Installation problems, and some in game bugs keep this from getting a great review. Other then that this game is still a must have!...more info
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
    This review is going to be based on 3 categories. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

    The Good:
    eye inspiring graphics and special effects.
    Very impressive nightmaresh sound effects.
    Very scarey game with lots and lots of heart stopping surprises.
    The game will have you either jumping out of your seat or shooting up anything that moves or falls to the floor.

    The Bad:
    The game lacks a lot from the original doom series. Over half of the original creatures from Doom 1, 2, and Final doom are missing which is very disappointing.
    The sound track along with the creatures did not resemble anything next to the original doom series except for the rocket-launching Revenant and the Archvile. Id software must have spent a lot of time designing those two, unfortunently , they forgot to add the rest of the creatures.
    As for the Imp's, I didn't have a clue to what those tall creatures with 8 eight eyes, throwing fire balls at me were. I didn't know what they were until I downloaded it on my PDA in the game. What a disappointment!
    A lot of the times while I was playing the game, it seemed as if I was play Quake 2 or Half-Life but not Doom.
    Don't get me wrong about the game. The game is a good game but they should have named it DOOM (The Beginning) instead of Doom 3.

    The Ugly:
    No joystick or game pad support. The only controller support is keyboard and mouse which will cause your left hand to get carpartunnel from constantly pressing the TAB,SHIFT,F,W,A,S, Q, and D keys.
    The game is way too dark. A lot of the times, you're shooting at open air, and then turning the flash light on to see if they're dead or still walking around, only to find out that they're behind you tearing you to pieces.
    I heard a lot about people stating that the game caused their computers to slow down to a crawl.
    I myself didn't have that problem. My computer is 3 years old and what is even worse is I'm running a video card that is 6 years old. My system is an AMD XP 2800+ over clocked to be equal to an AMD XP 3200+, 640MB ram, Diamond Monster Sound 300MX and an old 3DFX Voodoo 5500 with 64MB video ram.
    It took me awhile to find the right driver combination for my voodoo card because 3DFX went out of business back in December of 2000. But anyway, under the timedemo it states that I get 19 FPS but under actual game play I get 38 FPS in High Quality mode with a resolution of 1024x768. Go figure! I can't use the Ultra High Quality mode because my Voodoo card doesn't support TnL (Transform and Lighting) and I can't tell the difference between High Quality and Ultra High Quality except Ultra Hight Quality runs slower.

    By-the-way. My video card and sound card are not direct X 9.0 compliant so don't believe everything that you read on the system requirements....more info
  • Just some Helpful hints
    overall this game is great, but it can get annoying switching back and forth between your guns and your flashlight, dude, its the 22nd cetnury and they still carry a flashlight? come on id you know better than this, overall i gave this game a 4 star rating because the flashlight problem and its not as scary as people say, still pretty creepy tho, play in the dark, its cool.

    PS. just go to the link below and download the mod by clicking the file. you will be transfered to fileplanet and you need to be registerd there but no prob, go to and type in file were it says and then it will list a username and password named either bugmenot or obugmenot, okay, were done with that, now here's the link to this mod info
  • A very scary first person shooter!
    Doom 3 is scary. you literally spend most of the game in the dark and nightmarish creatures can come out of nowhere and try to kill you. The environments look great and so does the character models. The game is long but can be longer if you get lost. However, this game has a few flaws. One (and it's a big one) is that you have to always carry the flashlight around. because most FPS only have the character have one weapon on one hand at a time and have the other hand to be non-existent, you constently have to switch between the flashlight and a weapon. So when it's dark and you have to fight, you have to either hold a flashlight and keep whacking your opponent until it's dead or stay in the dark and shoot your enemy which you can have a hard time finding it. the second con is that (unlike Half Life 2) you can't really interact with much. you can't grab certain objects and drop them or throw them. And a final con, which comes to one word: Imps. these are the most annoying enemy in the game. you constently fight them and it can get annoying sometimes. otherwise, a game to get....more info
  • Scariest First Person Shooter
    This is one awesome it online or against the computer..I do suggest online for more fun in the long run...if you really wanna give yourself a scare turn out the lights and turn up the volume...definetely the scariest first person shooter out there....more info
  • Doom 3 : The PC Game
    Doom 3 is a good buy if you are a fan of PC Games as a passtime. The graphics in this game is very high quality so that you would enjoy it all through. Its definitely better than its predecessors. Unless you are worried about wasting too much time playing games and not working at all over long periods (may be weeks together) you are fit for this game. If you are an amature, you would be wasting some time figuring out what to do. Once you have figured out that bit it is highly addictive.

    Overall, if you are looking for taking some time out of work to do nothing buy this game. You wont regret!...more info
  • It's Dark... I mean really really dark....
    yeah. It so dark you actully need the Flashlight feature of the game. but that the problem. The flash light take up the place of a weapon spot, and can not be shined while using another weapon.

    All that aside, the phycological Mind... Ummmm, you know what I'm about to say.

    A word of advice... Learn scream at you TV or Computer monitor at the top of you lungs while swaring up a storm, becuase some time that what it takes t get your self through this game......more info
  • This game assaults you like hell
    Playing doom 3 is like being kicked in the nuts over and over for several days. I felt like my eyes and my psyche were constantly assaulted by this game. I don't really prefer a lot of graphic horror, and that's what this game has in spades. There is so much gore, blood, and guts. Fundamentalist Christians and prudish moms would probably die of a heart attack if they saw this game. By the time I finished Doom 3, I was really tired and burned out on it. I think they went too far with all the emphasis on graphic horror. I liked Doom II a lot and they didn't go extreme with the graphic horror in that one. Doom 3 could've been a lot better. There was far too much of crawlng the repetitive, mechanistic dungeon levels and far too little of other things such as the martian surface landscape and ancient alien sites. Doom 3 had moments of brilliance, but more often it was monotonous, tiresome drudgery. I was really glad when I finally finished it. I played it on the 2nd hardest difficulty level, and it seemed like the game went on forever. Every time I thought I was getting close to the end, the game kept dragging on for lots more levels. Doom 3 could've been a much better game. After having my eyes and brain assaulted and traumatized by all that horror for so long, I am really ready to see and experience some nice, pleasant things. I don't think I am going to bother playing Quake 4, because I am really tired of iD games' use of extremely ugly cyborg creatures and the harsh, brutal atmosphere in their games. I liked the Halo series much better.
    ...more info
  • Doom 3
    Good Game!!! Scared the pants off me,What a ride,Thank You

    hawk1234...more info
  • Doom 3
    very scary at first, i was literely shaking while playing this game, i couldn't stop playing it!!!...more info