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PNY OPTIMA 512MB SDR 100/133 MHz PC100/PC133 Notebook / Laptop SODIMM Memory Module MN0512SSD-100/133
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $45.00

You Save: $24.99 (36%)


Product Description

A 512MB capacity memory upgrade suitable for use with PC and Macintosh notebooks operating at 133MHz bus speed

  • Memory capacity upgrade provides improved system performance and responsiveness
  • Deliver all the productivity your PC has to offer with PNY Memory
  • Compatible with PC100 (100 MHz), PC133 (133 MHz) systems
  • Extend the usefulness of older PCs
  • Easy installation, Free 24-hour Technical Support, and Lifetime Warranty!

Customer Reviews:

  • Works perfectly
    This memory works perfectly for me, in my trusty old Compaq Armada E500 - just install it, and off you go. I highly recommend using PNY's configurator to tell you which memory to order for your system:

    I've never had to run utilities to install or check memory as other reviewers mentioned. The most important thing is to follow the manufacturer's directions, such as ordering the right memory, being sure to ground yourself before handling the memory, etc.

    I now have one Kingston 256MB module and one PNY 256MB module in this laptop, and they work fine together.

    Why four stars? Well, I always feel these things could be cheaper (though Amazon's price is fairly competitive). 4.5 stars then!...more info
  • Satellite user
    Good upgrade to my Satellite notebook. Worked after a small upgrade on the Windows XP....more info
  • Worked for me
    I bought this memory becuase Amazon was one of the cheapest and PNY is a reputable memory supplier. I could not find this memory in the store anymore and needed it for my aging HP laptop. It's worked well for me and, as always, Amazon was nice to buy through....more info
  • Best price and works like a charm
    I'm not sure what everyone else is complaining about but my memory works exactly as it should be. I bought two 265MB chips and my computer is running like the day I bought it....7 years ago! It's as if I bought a new computer with the new memory upgrade. You cant beat the price. I'm happy....more info
  • Awful Memory. Unreliable and shoddy
    Purchased a SO-DIMM for my Apple PowerBook G4 and as soon as I re-booted into the Finder and tried to do work the Mac crashed -- first time in 4 years. Shocking to say the least. After more than 8 hrs of trouble-shooting, determined that it had to be the SO-DIMM that was at fault.

    Had the memory tested by an authorised Apple repair centre and was told it was faulty. Sent the SO-DIMM back to Amazon for replacement. Installed replacement SO-DIMM and experience same crashing events: The PowerBook would sit there for a few minutes and then, for no apparent reason, crash. This is useless, sub-par memory.

    Ended-up buying Other World Computing memory instead and after installing it, stress-tested the PowerBook G4. No problems after 24hrs of continuous testing.

    PNY is clearly a manufacturer to be avoided at all costs....more info
  • Works great in my iBook G3 700
    It was easy to install and has been working flawlessly for over a year....more info
  • SDRAM PC133 512MB for HP Pavilion N5435
    I need purchase two modules 512MB SDRAM PC133 for HP Pavilion N5435. I would like to know if this models are compatible.

    ...more info