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Polk Audio RC80i 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair, White)
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Product Description

frequency response 50-20,000 Hz (-3dB) * 8-ohm impedance * sensitivity 90 dB * handles up to 100 watts * moisture-resistant materials allow safe use in bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, and under outdoor eaves * paintable white matte grilles * cutout: 9-3/8" diameter * mounting depth: 3-1/4" * warranty: 5 years

  • Pair of 2-way in-ceiling/in-wall speakers timbre-matched to the Polk Audio RTi Series for seamless imaging
  • Equipped with one 8-inch dynamic-balance, mineral filled polymer-composite cone
  • Frequency response: 35Hz - 20kHz
  • Equipped with one 1-inch dynamic-balance, metalized soft dome tweeter with 15-degree-swivel mount
  • Constructed of durable, moisture-resistant materials for use in bathrooms, saunas, or under outdoor eaves

Customer Reviews:

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  • These speakers rock!
    I purchased these speakers online from amazon. Thank GOD the order was stress free, since you can't see who you are dealing with. However reading these comments really help me in deciding to buy these speakers and others products. Now I feel obligated to other potential buyers to pass on a trusted solid opinion. These speakers really kicks hard for the money I paid for them. Unlike when I purchased mines for 113.00/pair they are now 147.00 or so. I am not an audiophile but with these speakers and a top of the line receiver, such as the Pioneer elite or any quality yamaha receiver you should be satisfied. My set-up was in my great room{living room} size 24 x 20 with 13 ft. ceiling. With three running up front, the middle one as my center channel and the two end ones for my front channels and three running in the back as my rear and one yamaha sub. All I can say is WOW!!! I can watch tv or movies all day, also the music isn't bad either out of the set-up. My only regret that I saved 35.00 dollars a pair on 8 other pairs I purchased for other areas throughout my home on another name brand. They are alright but I should have spend that extra 280.00 dollars to get these throughout my home. But when you don't know,you don't know! So I'm writing this comment so the next individual will know, and not go cheap after the wedding....more info
  • Love it
    I absolutely love it. I paired this with with Polk audio: CS2 center, 60 towers, RC85i wall souround, and RC80i in ceiling for back surround. With a large living room and cathedral ceilings, and an ONKYO SR805 to push them, these speakers provide an excellent home theater/music experience.
    CONS: Make sure you get a subwoofer seperately (not really a con, more of a requirement) ...more info
  • Easy to install and great sound.
    I installed these in the ceiling as my rear surround speakers. Speakers were easy to install. I had no problem removing the grill as others have mentioned. Following the instructions, I inserted a paperclip and used a slight prying action around the perimeter of the grill near the edge. These speakers are a very nice complement to my existing front, center and sub. I called Polk to for technical assistance before buying as these speakers are 8 ohm and my front and center speakers are 6 ohm. Polk was very helpful making the decision to buy and easy one....more info
  • Very impressive speakers
    I recently completed the install of Polk's RC80i speakers. I purchased them based on the good reviews on this site.

    The template that comes for cutting the hole in the ceiling drywall was right on. Use the small "inner" circle of the template to trace your cutting line. The outer circle is for masking the speaker grille for painting. Use a drywall jab saw to make your cut, after making sure the attic space is clear of obstacles.Cut on the outside edge of your pencil line, then the speaker will fit the hole perfectly. If you hold a vaccum up near your cutting, the drywall dust will be sucked up and the mess is almost a non-issue.

    I built speaker boxes from 1/2" plywood and lined them with acoustical foam and put them in the attic to protect the speakers from the blown-in insulation as well as improve the sound quality.

    Removal of the speaker grilles were much easier than I had read in the reviews. Take the speakers out of the shipping box, holding them in your hand, you can flex the edge of the speaker just enough that the grilles will pop right off. However, I left the grille off after installing them in the ceiling until I could check to make sure my tweeter was aimed properly. Removal of the grille once the speakers are installed in the ceiling would not be as easy. Once everything checked out OK, I popped the grilles in place. I painted the grilles to match my ceiling, using a 4" foam roller. Go light with the paint and the small holes in the grille will not clog. A needle can be used to open any holes that do clog. The grilles blend in very well, some people have not even noticed them.

    I am very pleased with the sound quality of these speakers. We decided to go with ceiling speakers to free up floor space. We had rear speakers sitting on the floor prior to this. I am amazed at how much more sound we hear from the speakers mounted above and behind us rather than on the floor. We have them located about four feet behind us and about four feet outside our setting area. With the tweeters aimed at the center of our listening zone. It's a great setup.

    I would defintiely reccomnd these speakers to anyone wanting a quality speaker for a reasonable price....more info
  • Exactly what I expected
    Installation was a breeze. I have a roto-zip which made cutting the holes a bit easier than the traditional sheetrock saw. The outer rim had enough overlap to cover for my less than perfect ability to cut within the circle I traced using the provided template. I had an old Harman Kardon Receiver I used to power these and they sound great! They have enough range for me to be happy as they are but some may want to pair these with a sub if they like feeling the low end range more intensely. ...more info
  • Great speakers!
    I have 2 pairs of these speakers which I use for my rear surround and have been very impressed so far. I also have RC85i's and RC6s from Polk Audio and they all sound amazing together. As other people have noted it is easier to use the screws to pop off the grills the first time as the grills are very difficult to remove once installed so make sure you have the tweeters aimed were you want them when you put the grills back on them.

    They are very easy to install. Since the color is so close to my ceiling color I didn't bother painting these, but I did paint my RC85i's and they were very easy to paint if you need to. These speakers are well worth the cost....more info
  • polk system
    Really goes with my TSi-400 fronts and CS10 center... now time for a sub that can keep up (my current sub is from a theater-in-a-box system from college)...more info
  • Quality Product for a GREAT Price
    These speakers were upgrades for the builder grade in ceiling speakers. Even though they are rear speakers there is a noticeable difference in the quality, preciseness, and crispness in their output. They are not over priced and they are a quality product, a combination that cannot be beat. I plan on replacing all of my in ceiling speakers with these. I can't wait!!!...more info
  • improved my setup and easy to install
    First, they were very easy to install. Second, I enjoy good quality sound, but I'm also not dumb enough to take out a second mortgage to get it. They are a great compromise for someone on a budget, yet wants something more than the cheap speakers can offer. They are much better than what I had.

    I like them so much, I'm thinking about installing in-wall speakers for the front and center too.

    ...more info
  • Great add to a Home Theater System
    I purchased the PA RC80i speakers just about a week ago. I expanded my home theater system over the Holidays with a Blu-Ray DVD and an Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver. With the new capabilities provided by the receiver, I was getting a lot of clipping from my existing JBL 6" speakers that were in the ceiling. I had four of the JBLs (fronts and surround speakers) with a Klipsch center channel and a Yamaha powered subwoofer. I tried to watch the Dark Knight and the clipping in the front speakers (mainly front left) was very distracting. So, I came to Amazon and read all the reviews on alternate ceiling speakers. These rated high so I made my purchase.

    Speakers arrived in about 4 days after ordering which was very timely. I only ordered one pair and used them to replace the front speakers. As I already had 6" holes in my ceiling, I took my reciprocal saw and widened it based on the template provided. For those who are wondering about the questions on the templates... the speakers come with a cardboard sheet that has two two perforated circles. the smaller (inside) one is for painting, the outside is for cutting. So, I pulled out the inside piece on the cardboard leaving only the larger circle in the cardboard and outlined from there. When I cut, it was dead on.

    Installing both speakers took only about an hour, and that included pulling out the JBLs and the vacuuming up of ceiling debris.

    Once they were in, I ran the automatic speaker setup on my Onkyo receiver, then put my Dark Knight BluRay DVD in again. It sounded amazing. These speakers are larger than the ones I had previously (8" vs. 6") and you can tell. They sound much more alive and all the action jumps right out at you. I watched several other movies over the weekend, and really love the Polk Audio speakers!

    I would definitely recommend them, and factoring in the price, I doubt they can be beat....more info
  • Polk Audio Celing speakers
    Polk Audio RC80i 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair, White)
    I replaced my BOZE 141 rear speakers with these in ceiling speakers and am quite pleased with the results. I had not used Polk Audio before and was concerned that they would not preform as good as the BOZE. The BOZE were not bad but only had an 80 watt handling range where the Polk have a 120 watt range. Now the sound from the rear speakers is a lot richer than before. I am well pleased....more info
  • GREAT!!!
    These are installed in my bathroom. I LOVE them. The sound is fantastic. Rich, deep bass, crisp highs. If your not sure if you should buy these, well all I can say is buy them. ...more info
  • Just remember what you're buying
    I purchased 4 of the RC80i for surround sound in my living room, lefts and rights for both front and back speakers. My rationale in purchasing in-ceiling speakers was the desire not to have a room filled with visible speakers. The mounting was very easy. Just cut the holes via the template and slide them in. The grilles fit snug and I'm sure will be a challenge if I ever have to remove them. The directional tweeter design is great and a must with in-ceiling speakers. Unfortunately, I was hoping for a little better fidelity. The speakers lack the high frequencies. They're good when listening to movies but you can hear the difference when listening to music. I set my expectations too high and have to remind myself of the price. ...more info
  • fantastic speakers!
    I don't know if Polk made changes to these speakers, but the complaints I see here have all been addressed. These speakers couldn't be easier to install,and they sound awesome!!! The template provided was perfect in size and the grills were simple to take off. I had both speakers installed and hooked up in less than 20 minutes. If you are looking for a great deal in ceiling speakers, you can't beat these! I love them and have ordered another set for my bedroom. Thanks to Polk for a great product and thanks to Amazon for incredibly fast service. I had them 3 days after I ordered them. Great job!...more info
  • Great product
    We purchased these speakers on the recommendation of our daughter and are very pleased with the product. ...more info
  • Average sound quality
    I'm giving these speakers a 1 star only because there are so many 5 star ratings that isn't deserved. Otherwise I'd give these speakers a 3 star.

    I purchased a set of these from Amazon for a surround sound based on the many recommendations. Because they come in pairs I stopped off at the local Fry's store to buy a single center speaker to complete the set. Fry's had all of the Polk series setup in their sound room so I compared them. After listening the RC60i, and then listening to the TC60i I have to say I regret buying the RC60i. The TC60i makes these speakers sound flat and the quality approaches that of a mid quality boom box while the TC60i sounds fantastic. The salesman told me that the RC60i are Polks entry level ceiling speaker.

    If you can afford the extra money and are installing into the ceiling, buy the TC60i. If you are mounting in the wall stay with the RC60i as they are not as deep.

    Another consideration too is that if you are putting these in the ceiling and have blown insulation you will want to handle that somehow. I wrote Polk audio and there solution was the insulation doesn't matter but if I'm really worried about it I could put a stocking around the speaker. I was surprised with that response. It doesn't deal with the "dead" sound you get when the speaker has insulation all around it. If you clear the insulation away you defeat the purpose of having insulation in the attic. Other speaker manufacturers offer enclosures designed to fit their speaker with the correct volume and sound baffles, Polk audio does not. I also noticed that if I didn't "box" the speakers that the sound carried into the attic, out the house vents and into other rooms through the ductwork.

    You will definitely want to build an enclosure to house the speakers in the attic. I did that then buried the box in insulation.

    You also want to use a good twisted pair speaker wire instead of ordinary speaker wire. This eliminate the 60 hz hum that will be picked up from the 115 house wiring that is probably all over your attic. I used Monster Cable 16-Gauge In-Wall Speaker Cable UL-approved for in-wall use and THX-certified.

    Check your wire run lengths and if they are longer than the spec you may want to get 12 or 14 gauge wiring....more info
  • Excellent speakers for the price
    Don't spend thousands of dollars building out your surround & surround back channels - these speakers get the job done! Installation is a snap - I had four speakers installed in the back of my living room in less than an hour. Sound is phenomenal - I just can't see paying hundreds of dollars PER SPEAKER when you can get this great-sounding pair @ such a low price. These are great for surround or whole home sound - definitely a good buy. ...more info
  • Sound great for the price - well constructed
    We were surprised that in-wall speakers could sound so good. Installation was a breeze and we will probably use more units in other rooms now. It was nice to find a good solution that met with the aesthetics committee approval so easily....more info
  • Man-Cave Installation
    Opened the box ... read the simple instructions ... cut the hole ... ran the wires ... attached the speakers ... connected the wires to the amplifier at the other end ... DONE!

    As adveritized ... EASY-PEASY!...more info
  • Great speakers
    We needed 3 pairs of speakers for our home. I wasn't sure whether they would work for the entire house so I bought one pair to test in the dining room. I tested them before installing and in most cases, the bass was still great. Once installed, the sound was perfect. For the money, you can't go wrong. Great sound quality with all types of music and works great with my 7 year old Sony 5.1 100w/channel receiver. Installation was pretty simple in our drywall ceiling.
    I am going to order 2 more sets to install in the other rooms. ...more info
  • I bought four and am NOT disappointed!
    I bought these RC80i speakers from Amazon as the surround speakers for my new 7.1 surround system. I mainly bought them due to the fact that the tweeters are on swivels. This allowed me to tune my system according to my needs. In this case, I pointed the tweeters at the nearest wall to bounce the audio down to the listening points.

    I bought these along with the RC stand up line for the center channel and fronts. Polk is right, these speakers DO blend together.

    I am very satisfied with my speaker setups. I consider these "prosumer" which means they are good but I know there are better.

    The build quality is stunning. The magnets are HUGE and I felt that the way the mounts were developed, the speakers were going to stay in the ceiling forever! These are tough units and they SOUND great.

    I have nothing bad to say about them. The manual was clear, the template they come with is VERY accurate and the install was a breeze. What more could you ask for? HIGHLY recommended!

    ...more info
  • Easy trick for removing from grill
    I used an open paperclip to help remove the front grill. It fit into the holes on the grill and made it much, much easier to remove. ...more info
  • Fair to Average Speakers
    I used four of these speakers for part of an in-ceiling, home theater system. Sound is only fair to average. I recommend spending more money to obtain a richer, less tinny, sound. ...more info
  • Excellent value
    As with most Polk products, these speakers are tough to beat for the price. I bought two pair for my 5.1 home theater setup. One pair for the front left and right, and the other for the back left and right. Note that using ceiling speakers for the front surrounds is not ideal. Unfortunately, my home was pre-wired this way with the cables in the ceiling. Bringing them down to the ceiling, cutting dry wall, etc. would have been a big hassle.

    My setup:
    Receiver - Onkyo TX-SR705
    Center speaker - Polk CS2
    Sub - Outlaw Audio LFM-2
    DVD/CD - Oppo Digital DV-981HD

    Your results may vary with different equipment.

    Surprisingly, the sound imaging is pretty good even though the front surrounds are in the ceiling. The directional tweeters do help a bit with this. Bass is ok, but you'll want to pair these with a sub for home theater viewing. They also sound great with music. Overall sound is detailed but warm and never harsh with the highs. I cranked the volume beyond ridiculous levels and the sound remained true.

    Installation was fairly simple. Use included template to draw circle. Cut hole. Remove grill. Connect speaker to wire, push into hole, then screw down clamps. Reinstall grill.

    I did not have problems with taking the grills off or putting them back on like some other reviewers. Maybe Polk fixed the problem? When drawing the circle off the template, you may want to cut a hair outside of the circle. Even then the speaker will fit in snugly. Which is a good thing because that makes it much easier to turn the screws that are attached to the clamps (the clamps that secure it to the ceiling). Otherwise you'll have to hold the speaker and screw at the same time (uh..that's what she said).

    Overall, great product for the price.

    ...more info
  • Buy these speakers NOW!
    Don't wait! These speakers rock! I only have two right now, but soon I will have them for my surround as well. I am very impressed with the sound quality and the mid to lows it can produce. Easy to install, clean look and great sound. What else do you want?...more info
  • Great speakers for finished basement
    I recently installed a few sets of these Polk speakers into our basement. One set was used in a drywalled-ceiling (in a gym) and another set was used with a drop ceiling (Armstrong 24"x24" Brighton Ceiling Panels, sold at Lowes) in the main room of our basement. The speakers were pretty easy to install in both settings and work well. I have them hooked up to a stereo for music surround sound off of them.

    For the drop ceiling, I would recommend these steps for a smooth install:
    1) Use the included template to draw the circle on the back (gray) side of the ceiling tile.
    2) I used a Dremel cutting tool to cut out the circle. Don't cut on the line, cut on the outside of the line. If you cut on the line exactly, the circle will be a shade too small and won't hold the speaker properly.
    3) Once the circle is cut, put the speaker in the hole and use a screwdriver to secure it in place.
    4) If you ran more than enough speaker wire, hook it up to the speaker and then put your ceiling tile back into the ceiling grid. All done!

    The ceiling tiles do a great job of holding the speaker in place, with no signs of the speaker being too heavy. I didn't see the need to go purchase a special bracket that some of the other reviewers have recommended.

    One more tip: at first, I didn't quite follow how the clips on the speaker were supposed to secure it to the ceiling. I kept turning the screws and didn't think I was making any progress. I'd recommend doing a practice run on just one of the clips. Don't put it in the ceiling, but use the screwdriver, and see what moves when you turn the screw. It will help you visualize how the clips work. Basically, there's a lot of turning involved to secure it to the don't give up!...more info