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Cyber Acoustics CA-2022R 2.0 Computer Speakers- Black
List Price: $24.99

Our Price: $18.99

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Product Description

Cyber Acoustics is the technology leader in affordable computer audio and speech recognition/voice interactive microphones and headsets. Its goal is to provide the consumer products that offer the most features, superior design, and performance for their money.PRODUCT FEATURES: Studio Series 2-piece speaker system; High excursion, efficient drivers provide extremely good clarity and greater dynamic range; Low distortion, high power amplifier technology; Bass reflex ported enclosure; Magnetically shielded satellite speakers; Convenient power on/off switch; Convenient desktop volume control; Headphone output jack; Power output 24 watts; 3" high excursion dynamic driver; Power adapter included.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Acoustic speakers
    Speakers arrived promptly and in good condition. The sound is fine for their size. They seem a little "soft" over the front and may not hold up as well as I would like. Time will tell. So far hey are just fine and doing the job I expected. BHamilton...more info
  • Happy with my speakers
    I purchased these speakers for myself and I am very happy with them. The sound quality is great for music and videos. I like the volume control button on the front of the speaker and the size of the speakers is great for a small space. There is also a headphone jack so you can listen in the middle of the night without bothering anybody. ...more info
  • Cant get any worse !!!
    Cyber Acoustics CA-2022R 2.0 Computer Speakers- Black

    They are terrible ...

    1. The bass and speakers starting cracking at 60% volume.
    2. NO clarity in sound
    3. The Product Box was not even sealed when I got it

    I would really recommend that if you like music even a wee bit ... please do not buy them.

    ...more info
  • Excellent quality, low price
    I recently purchased these speakers when my old ones died. The price was great and the performance of the speakers is better than I expected. I did not experience any problems when using the headphone jack, as one reviewer did. The speakers are sufficiently loud and they look great with my computer. I also like the fact that the power indicator light is a large bar rather than a small circle. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend these speakers....more info
  • Some Interference
    I think these are good sounding speakers overall. They're not expensive and don't take up too much space. I tried out by listening to you-tube videos and did get some static interference. I found it annoying enough that I'm returning. I'm also not into the bright blue light that stays on. Seems people like bright lights on their computers, monitors, speakers, electric toothbrushes, and everything else. I perfer not to have it but thats just me.

    If your looking for a decent set of speakers for a low price and don't mind some interference these will make the cut. ...more info
  • Great for the price, makes a fine gift.
    I bought these as a gift for my brother for Christmas for the mac in his computer loft. Every time I talk to him he tells me how much he likes the full, rich sound and that I shouldn't have spent so much. I don't intend to tell him what I paid. As he lives several states away, I haven't heard them yet, but since he has a good ear for music, I respect his opinion. ...more info
  • Nice sound. Huge piercing noise.
    These have a nice range. Sound is crisp & clear except for this annoying high pitched sound that eminates from them. I tried a ferrite bead and adjusting my software and bios, none of which helped me. I also had a little trouble with the wire -- had lost sound in one speaker 'til I wiggled it again. When headphones are plugged into the jack on the speakers, I can only hear sound out of one earpiece. Am trying to get Amazon to exchange them. Hopefully, it's just a problem with this pair....more info
  • Nice computer speakers
    These speakers are great. The sound quality is above average. For those of you who are wondering what the height and width of these speakers are (I didn't find this mentioned in any of the information before I purchased them), they are 8 1/2" high and 3 3/4" wide. The price is very reasonable too....more info
  • Love them
    I searched and read reviews for several speaker sets. These seemed best, and I have to agree. They have a very loud sound, which I love. I hook them up to my iPod and the work great! ...more info
  • A Good Buy
    These speakers have good sound and do not distort the sound at high volume levels. Much better sound than I expedted for the money. Well worth the price....more info
  • Excellent product for price!
    So I'm a poor college student who knows nothing about speakers, and bought these for around $20. Totally worth the price! They make A LOT of noise, and it's pretty clear (it starts to sound like $20 when a song with a strong bass plays with max volume). People have told me that they can hear my music from outside my building. So, they make me happy! And they were cheap!...more info
  • All they said it would be
    The speakers sound great and they are all that they were said to be!
    Now when my two Grandson's (ages 13 and 11)play there games and music there Mom doesn't have to strain her ears to hear what they are up to because the sound comes thru nice and clear....more info
  • Great Sounding Speakers!
    These speakers have an awesome sound for the price. I also love the stylish design and the blue power light that stays on. I would definitely recommend these speakers to others....more info
  • Fairly Decent Speakers
    I use these at my job, so I don't have the opportunity to really blast them. But they work well and help me enjoy my golden oldies as I work on my computer. I probably could have gotten a cheaper pair, but had a gift certificate and splurged. I'm not a sound snob, so I may not be the best person to judge, but they seem to have a nice sound and the blue light is fun....more info
  • The Best Inexpensive Speakers You Can Buy
    I wasn't sure what to expect with these speakers. Based on reading other customer reviews, I chose this inexpensive set because they were supposedly the next-best-thing to a speaker with subwoofer set. That assertion was entirely true! I've never had a set of computer speakers that sounded this good, and I've always had two-speaker sets. My brother has a subwoofer set, and the sound quality on these is strikingly close to it if you don't consider the throbbing bass of subwoofer. I haven't tried blasting these at full volume though, and I doubt that could possibly sound as good as a subwoofer set, but if that isn't your intention, what difference does it make?

    I can't believe how inexpensive they were because the sound quality is the best I've heard on little laptop speakers (excluding Bose, of course). The balance between the two is really what sold them for me - the sound here seems more balanced than the speakers on my Sony stereo (try listening to something in mono)! I highly recommend them to anyone who can't afford a subwoofer set, or anyone who would like more room on their desk....more info
  • A Monkee could do it!!
    These computer speakers are just what I wanted. First off, the installation was quick and easy, the speakers were shipped and packaged perfectly and the sound is superb for the price. Equipped with a manual off/on button on the right speaker, as well as a headphone outlet. Customer service was prompt, efficient and polite. That said, I strongly reccommend this product, for even if you have limited knowledge of electronics, a Monkee could do it!!! Peace....more info
  • Just as advertised!
    I am very happy with the Cyber Acoustics Computer Speakers! They work just as well if not better than I thought. I would purchase again....more info