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NETGEAR FS605NA 5-Port Fast Ethernet Switch
List Price: $41.99

Our Price: $16.49

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Product Description

The Netgear Netgear FS605NA - Jump start your network with a simple design that delivers fast lane performance, without leaving your legacy computers and peripherals abandoned on the shoulder. This plug-and-play switch connects at 10 or 100 Mbps, and makes it easy to link as many as five computers to your Ethernet network. Dimensions - 1.1H x 6.9W x 4.6D; Weighs 0.61 Pounds

The Netgear FS605 is a powerful plug-and-play switch that connects at 10 or 100 Mbps and makes it easy to link as many as five computers or peripherals to your Ethernet network. You'll experience maximum performance for 10/100 Mbps devices with five ports that automatically sense the correct speed, and Netgear's Auto Uplink feature adjusts for different types of Ethernet cables. The FS605's sleek case has lights on the front for easy monitoring. Installation into your home network couldn't be simpler and, once connected and turned on, it begins cool and silent operation--without an internal fan.

  • Switch
  • FS605NA
  • 5 port
  • 10/100
  • Networking

Customer Reviews:

  • True plug and play
    This is the little box that could!

    Pros: It works right out of the box. No setup required! Plug in a network source, plug in your computers or network devices, and plug in the power adapter. That's it! You're done and it works! Small form factor is great for small spaces.

    Cons: Lights stay on indicating connections. I find this a helpful feature but it you put this in a room you or someone will sleep in you may want to consider pointing it toward the wall or covering the lights with a piece of vinyl tape. Not a big deal or much of a concern but you may just want to be aware of it.

    Overall: Great little way to spread your network for a very reasonable price.
    ...more info
  • Works flawlessly
    I needed this switch for my entertainment center, which had no network connectivity.

    I first bought the Netgear HDXB101 Powerline HD Ethernet Kit to send networking through the electrical lines of the house, and to my entertainment system.

    Then I connected the Powerline to this switch. Then I plugged my LX BD300 Blue Ray/NetFlix ethernet into the switch, and I plugged the Dish Network HD Receiver into the switch.

    All work flawlessly!...more info
  • Works right out of the box
    Set this up yesterday, and very happy with it....more info
  • Perfect!
    This router works perfectly. The one I was replacing was loud and annoying. This new one is small so it is easily placed out of the way. It is perfectly quiet (which is how they should be). It is a great product for the cost and I would recommend it to everyone!...more info
  • Incredibly simple set-up. Yet it works like a charm
    I got my NetGear FS605NA Switch today, and i have to admit that it is probably one of the simplest and well designed switches ever.

    I got it basically because i wanted to split my Ethernet connection (im in college right now). One end to my laptop, and the other one for my Xbox 360. And when i did set it up , i was just amazed how everything work fine. Speed wasn't even affected BTW


    It was confusing at the beginning since i wasnt sure if what i needed was a Router or a Switch (yea, they are DIFFERENT). But let me clear this up for you, if the wall output of the internet connection is for a CAT5 cable right away (also known as Ethernet cable)then you should get a Switch.

    Routers require the extra DSL and modem's connection.

    Bottom line: I would highly recommend everyone this little switch.
    It is also cheap! so why not?
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  • Works great
    When you review a switch either it works or it does not. I have the Netgeat FS605 installed two switches down stream from my cable modem and it works without a hitch. The next issues with a switch is noise and heat. In these categories the netgear FS605 is awesome. It is operating 24 hours a day and cool to the touch. Best of all I cannot hear anything when it is turned on. I have some netgear switches with fans that let you know when they are on. Not this one. Great for the home theatre area where you want quite. I use it to pass the ethernet from my playstation to my server that uses QCast to play avi on my TV. Netgear FS605 is a keeper....more info
  • Overabusive college student
    I have had my xbox 360, my laptop, and my two friends' laptops connected to this hub at the same time and it handled it no problem. None of them experienced any problems, and their connections were just as fast. This works great....more info
  • works well, runs a little warm
    This switch is as advertised. It works out of the box, without any problems, setups, uplink switches, or anything else. Just plug and play.

    Silent, fan-less operation. However, it does get a bit warm to the touch. If fully loaded (using all ports at high volumes of traffic) and running in warmer room, overheating may become an issue. Even so, I'll take that possibility over yet another noisy fan in my office....more info

  • Netgear FS605NA 5-Port Fast Ethernet Switch

    We needed more connections for my home/office high speed internet and Direct TV DVR system. Well, this little box did the trick. There is virtually no noticeable difference in the speed and now we can download movies of the internet right onto the DVRs. I would highly recommend this for anyone who needs more Ethernet connections....more info
  • So far, not so good
    I am having trouble getting both computers to work without having to unplug my modem each time. There were no instructions and no disc. I emailed the company but they have yet to respond....more info
  • Incomplete description led to much disappointment
    This is only an adapter of sorts, it does not actually rout signal. So, one must have their high-speed modem connect to another box and then that box can connect to this. Based on its functionality, it is not worth it. I see products similar to this for under $[...] at major electronics suppliers. Amazon, of course, is great as they accepted it back easily! That's why I only buy items that [...] sells themselves.

    One of the downfalls of user-defined tags is the fact that I did a search for a router and got this product....more info
  • Netgear fs605na gotta love it
    Within 7 minutes, it was and is (one month later)working flawlessly. I love the front lights and it tells you when one of your computers is active on the network. I wish all comm devices were this foolproof. Price was right and Amazon shipped very quickly. Would buy this item again.
    ...more info
  • It Works!
    It is a simple "unmanaged switch", and it works. Not much more to say other than it is a great price! Thanks!...more info
  • Nice Switch
    Its a basic but reliable, non-managed switch. Great when you need a simple solution with a good brand name....more info
  • simple and works first time
    Just plug it in and it works. Netgear is always high quality -- can't go wrong here....more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    My roommate and I have been having troubles figuring out a solution to our internet problems for a while now. We both have Xbox 360's as well as PC's. I tried using my router to no avail because of all the security measures set up to use dorm-room internet.

    This switch now has a computer, two xbox 360's, and my HD-DVD player hooked up to it. It works flawlessly! Highly recommended, especially at such a low price....more info
  • Excellent piece of Machinery
    This product is great. I used to have to rotate the cables betwen my Xbox 360 and my computer for when I wanted to jump online. Now with this thing, I can play a bit of Halo online, while my brother is on the internet, and neither interupts the other. Better yet, I can hook up two more items to this. It works, and I recommend it for those that need the splitter....more info
  • Their products have no warranty
    Contrary to their claims, their products have no warranty at all (unless you pay for it). I have a 2 year old gateway router that had a 5 year warranty that stopped working one day so I called their tech support. The tech support person told me that since the product is over 90 days old and they do not manufacture it anymore, then I would have to contact their pay tech support line to get an RMA. If they are able to fix the problem over the phone line, then they will charge me, otherwise they will offer me an RMA number for a return. So basically you have to pay to use their warranty. A friend who is a lawyer is currently handling this situation....more info
  • Worked Great But!!!!! It Is Not A Router
    I bought this two years ago and like the other reviewer I thought it was a router. I set it up to share my cable internet conection between two computers. It worked in this capacity for two years. I recently have a problem with it only allowing one computer to work on the internet at a time. One computer chugs along while the other computer gets hung in LONG wait times. It may be my cable provider changed their settings or the Switch finaly relized it is a switch and won't work without a router. Also I recently changed to Internet Explorer 8. This may have something to do with the problem. I am now buying a router to replace this Switch. ...more info
  • Good price.. been working for a few years now...
    good product as you'd expect from netgear. has been in use for about 3 yrs now so i'd say it's been reliable. Would recommend and use again myself....more info
  • Great value, great switch
    This is a great switch, I use it to share my ADSL, it was just plug an play, no fuss, in three minutes I was running three computers, its also very compact and nice looking, the silver finish is better looking than Lynksys and Dlink. Well worth the price....more info
  • Internet switch
    The product works just fine. Does exactly what I had expected. Nice product for the price....more info