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Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman (USB/PS/2)
List Price: $59.99

Our Price: $47.84

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Product Description

Cordless Optical TrackMan is Logitech's most advanced trackball yet: a comfortable, cordless, finger-operated trackball that works where you need it. Save space and eliminate desktop clutter! Take advantage of extra buttons that help you navigate around Windows and the web more easily. And with Logitech's patented optical technology, you get virtually maintenance-free precision and smooth tracking.

Logitech's cordless optical TrackMan lets you work where and how you want with the freedom of a cordless mouse, the comfort of a trackball, and the precision of optical technology. It's Logitech's most advanced trackball finger-operated trackball mouse. Save space and eliminate desktop clutter. Take advantage of extra buttons that help you navigate around Windows and the Web more easily. And with Logitech's patented optical technology, you get virtually maintenance-free precision and smooth tracking.

Logitech's patented Optical Marble technology ensures smooth cursor movement, while 27 MHz cordless digital radio technology gives you reliable cordless freedom. The product offers advanced navigation features in a form-fitting, right-handed design. Its special drag-lock functions let you move text and images with ease, while Cruise Control scrolling lets you scroll rapidly through Web pages and documents by merely pressing a button. With conveniently located thumb-operated forward and back buttons, you can easily move through applications and Web pages without having to move the cursor to the browser's onscreen buttons. Two AA batteries (included) keep you powered for six months or more.

  • No cord, no clutter, no hassle: cordless freedom, optical precision
  • Comfortable, right-handed shape with a large, finger-controlled trackball
  • Advanced buttons for easy navigation, plus a scroll wheel
  • Smart power management keeps battery working for months
  • Digital radio technology requires no line-of-sight; patented optical technology maintains smooth tracking and superior precision

Customer Reviews:

  • A bit overpriced
    This is the only cordless trackball I could find, compared to the cordless mouse it is overpriced as are all trackballs. It works well, may be a little touchy at times and is slower when the computer is downloading something....more info
  • Trackman Review
    I like the functionality of this Trackman. It allows me to do many different types of functions from a single source. The only drawback is that it does require a reset every once in a while which was aggravating until I figures out what was going on. Now that I have gotten use to it, it is not a big deal and just something to work through. For my purposes, a wired Trackman would work just as well, and would not require the reset. Oh well, Logitech has another fairly good quality device on my desk. Thanks Logitech....more info
  • Not too good.
    Found it difficult to use. Poorly designed. Poor button locations. I returned it after a few day trial....more info
  • Logitech does it again with their Cordless Optical Trackman
    Logitech does it again with their Cordless Optical Trackman. This is the second such unit I've purchased. I've had the first one for over 5 years. Now I have one at home and one for travel. The size of this Trackman is larger than the traditional portable trackballs, but you need a full-sized device in order to have correct ergonomic hand placement. My right hand sits perfectly over the unit so that I can use all of the function buttons. These buttons perform forward, back, scrolling up and down, and continuous scrolling functions with ease. This device enables you to reach every available area of your monitor/laptop screen. You can't get much better than that. The cost is the only "con" but you do get what you pay for!...more info
  • Worst Uninstall I have ever encountered
    The install and Trackman worked fine, until I realized that the install had deactivated the mouse and keyboard of my laptop docking station.

    The uninstall was a nightmare. After the uninstall ran and I tried a few things to get my other keyboard and mouse working again, I called customer support. We finally figured out that the only way to reactivate my devices was to uninstall my USB port, and then reinstall it as well as all the numerous devices that were attached to it. The process took about 3 hours. Amazingly, the automatic reinstal of all drivers worked without a hitch, but this very complex process should not have been necessary.

    Something was wrong with the uninstall, and Logitech had not tested this important part of the product, at least not thoroughly!!!...more info
  • Make the leap!
    I originally got this mouse because of pain in my wrist. The first day I used it, I felt really akward and like I didn't have good control. But by the second day, it was starting to feel good. Be the third or fourth day, it works way better than your regular mouse ever did.

    My wife started using it, after long opposition, when she had to borrow my computer. After that, we ended up buying two more for her home and work computers. You can move your mouse faster because you can "spin" the marble to where you want the mouse to go, rather than having to move the mouse the entire distance by hand. You also need less space for your mouse on your desk because you don't have to mouve the mouse to move the cursor.

    What you can't tell from the review is how handy all the buttons on the mouse are, especially on the web. The scroll wheel also works as a clicker, and if you click it (by pressing directly down on it) it opens a link in a new tab automatically. But don't worry, scrolling still works exactly as you would expect. The web back button is right by your thumb.

    The only bad thing about this mouse is that the you have to plug a wireless receiver into a USB port, and the wireless receiver is bulky and on a perhaps 3 foot cord. No problem at all for a desktop, but for a laptop, it is kind of a pain when you wnat to move your laptop around.

    ALso, strangely, on the 5 computers we have installed this mouse on, we have had full functionality from the mouse right away, without having to install the driver software. So nice and convenient install, but we have no idea why it comes with a driver at all.

    The batteries last a really really long time....more info
  • Poorly designed, poor support
    Drivers do not allow you to remap left and right buttons. Technical support required two pages of forms to submit a simple question. Could be a decent mouse but overpriced and does not allow adequate customization. ...more info
  • Great durability!
    I was carrying my trackman balanced on my laptop downstairs when I fumbled and nearly lost everything that I was carrying. Thinking in terms of $, I saved the laptop and the trackman went flying. It bounced off the stairs and over the edge of the landing where it fell 8 feet to the hardwood floor below. After gathering the trackball, body and batteries (which spilled out on impact), I put it all back together and it worked fine! No damage to the body or parts! I just wish the floor faired as well LOL.

    It also has good range (as needed), sensitivity and the battery consumption is great as well even with NiMH batteries. I like the fact that I can swap out the batteries and that they are not sealed within the unit. Once the batteries have run their life, I won't have to buy a new mouse.

    5 out of 5!...more info
    I prefer this to standard-type mouse, but no comparison to its predecessor, Logitech Track bALL Marble-FX, which is now obsolete, and incompatible with new Windows Vista (terrible!!!)No downloads available to upgrade compatibility. Pity! This Track Ball is not nearly as ergonomic, nor as smoothly running as its predecessor. Also, some of its functions do not work on Vista. ...more info
  • Great
    I looked all over for a trackball with the ball on the right side instead of in the middle.More than pleased with this product.Don't know why for some of the bad reviews.Solid well made piece,very customizable....more info
  • Graphics Design Mouse
    I run dual mice on my PC...plug-in base mouse, Logitech Marble Mouse, for gaming, and this one for graphics design. I've had a Logitech Marble for about 5 years and I loved it, but too basic for minute work required for graphics design, thus the second mouse purchase. I've tried using this cordless for gaming, and just doesn't do the job. Batteries run down quickly for the constant button clicking and use of the mouse, so I set the movement speed on this one much slower for exacting work and has been great for my graphics work. The ability to preset all the buttons makes my job easier and faster, and the minute detail I now get with the slow speed makes this great for baseline computer work and graphics. I do not recommend this for constant gaming though. Having two mice, one multi-button use and one base mouse, both set at different speeds, has been a great addition to my work. I gave this a 4 vice a 5 as this didn't seem to work well for me for gaming, but baseline work on my PC has been wonderful....more info
  • Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman
    I have been using this mouse for about 6 years now. It prevents wrist pain more that any other mouse I have used. I have ordered it for others in my department and they seem to like it also.Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman (USB/PS/2)...more info
  • Excellent trackball!!
    I have most of the trackballs out on the market right now and this is my favorite. Easy install and quite configurable. Very accurate trackball as well. Very, very well made. Solid as heck. ...more info
  • An inexpensive but effective solution to hand fatigue
    I've used this product for at least 3 years and outside of it being one of the least expensive, it is one of the best. My experience is as follows:
    I do computer aided design work for at least 10 hrs a day, I've been doing this for 23 yrs. I developed RSI in my left hand first, as this is my strong hand, and when I moved the mouse to my right hand I started to develop the symptoms there as well. I've used at least 5 other trackball products, all ranging in price from $$ to $$$ and had varying results from them all. I also realized that having to use my thumb for the trackball movement was also causing discomfort so I tried this product and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was and how easy it was to use. Since then I have had no discomfort and I highly recommend this product to my co-workers (note that having the same product in close proximity to each other can cause mouse interference which can be annoying) and friends. I spent so much money on more expensive products and though there may have been one that was as comfortable it was costly and did not have the amount of buttons that this one has. I have one at work, at home on my desktop and I carry one with my laptop. It is the best trackball mouse that I have ever used and I recommend it to anyone with RSI problems....more info
  • The only trackball I have ever been comfortable using
    I liked this trackball so much, I now own two of them -- I use one for my iMac at home and the other on my Windows computer at work. I had tried several Logitech trackballs in the past, but never stuck with them because I couldn't get used to using them over a traditional mouse. However, after reading some reviews of the Cordless Optical Trackman on [...], I decided to give one a try and found it immediately easy to use and very comfortable.

    I give it four stars instead of five because a couple of the buttons (particularly the track lock) are a little hard to get to without putting a little more effort into it than I would like.

    The included software, which I've found works well on both operating systems, allows you to customize the button functions, which I've done to make it a little easier to navigate tabs in Firefox....more info
  • Very good
    Great product. I have arthritis and this makes using my computer much easier. I also edit video and use 3D animation software and I like having a trackball that I can operate with my fingers. Battery life is long. Easy to clean.

    I would give it 5 stars except the software to operate this trackball is lacking compared to the Windows version. Logitech should update the Mac software. ...more info
  • Good but not the best
    I had a microsoft explorer before i wore it out and just couldnt justify spending the 250 for a new one. Yes i said 250 dollars. So i started looking for a replacement. This is the closest thing to the explorer. Unfortunatly it's not the same, I like the wireless thing but the buttons are not in a good spot, when u click the mouse u move the curser. And that gets annoying. I just really love the explorer and wish microsoft would bring it back. Overall it's a good mouse but i think i'm gonna spend the money and get another explorer....more info
  • Tracking ball mouse
    The tracking ball mouse has been extremely helpful to a pain I acquired from using the standard mouse...more info
  • Good Product
    The mouse performs all of the tasks that it is designed to perform and I really like the Setpoint software which allows you to program the buttons and even change the direction of the axis for the trackball....more info
  • Chipped ball
    Made in China
    It's my favorite mouse.
    Battery life is pretty good (couple of months of heavy use) but would have preferred a power cord. Nice sized ball with enough weight to spin with two fingers. Unfortunately mine came with a small chip that occasionally hangs the balls rotation. I also have a corded model but the smaller ball is not as comfortable (but at least there's no chip). ...more info
  • Free At Last!
    I simply cannot understand why people go on using the standard Mouse. This Trackball is wonderful and frees me from the machinations of trying to stay on a mouse mat. The Service was great and the cost reasonable.After buying a Laptop, it does not take too long to realise that the onboard touchpad is limited and annoying. Similarly, the use of a standard Mouse becomes equally annoying until at last the cordless Trackball frees you to enjoy the freedom from wires. Leave the technical specs to the Geeks and just buy one and enjoy! ...more info
  • Nice
    It has great features. Really like it! It is a tad big - had to get use to it to access all the buttons. After that break in period, love it!...more info
  • Logitech Goodness
    I love this mouse! Received one as a present years ago and the only reason I had to buy one now is because my cat somehow managed to destroy the receiver (imagine a rube goldberg setup) and those things are hard to replace. While I did find that Logitech's customer service was a bit below par (I did reach them after a couple of disconnects but they do not sell the receiver for this mouse, they did offer 20% off a new one through them) but when you have a great product you don't need great support. Had I the funds, I would have gladly purchased the programmable version. I prefer Logitech and I love this mouse. If you are looking for a great trackball, this is it....more info
  • Comfortable and useful
    I used to have the Logitech optical marble mouse, the wired cousin to this trackball. I've used and loved finger trackballs since I had an old Microsoft IntelliMouse Trackball, and this one is no exception. Honestly, it does take a little getting used to, even after using other trackballs, and especially if switching from a standard mouse, but once you make the transition it is much easier to use.

    Comfortable. The layout is designed with ergonomics in mind.

    Precise. Despite what some might say, a finger trackball is ideal for gaming. This mouse provides decent resolution and precise fingertip control that I cannot get with a standard mouse. Plus, it is very easy to spin the ball and turn around quickly with a flick of the wrist. Also, no picking up a mouse and putting it back down.

    Price is actually fairly reasonable for the quality of the mouse. I know people who spend twice as much on an "ergonomic" mouse this is much less comfortable than this one.

    The wireless works just fine. I'm able to use the mouse anywhere in my room without problems.


    The scroll wheel is somewhat awkward. Having a scroll wheel on a finger trackball is unique enough, but the positioning here isn't great. My old Microsoft IntelliMouse trackball had the scroll wheel under the ring finger, which was much better. The right mouse button could be right above the left mouse button, forward and back could be omitted.

    Speaking of the left mouse button, it should be larger and require less pressure to click. This becomes apparent in intense games with a lot of clicking, e.g. during a L4D zombie rush when trying to shoot the autoshotty as fast as possible.

    Overall, there are a few design changes I would like to see, but it is definitely the best trackball still being manufactured....more info
  • Won't sit still.
    My Logitech MX500 mouse is failing. The MX500 has served well and has caused me to become thoroughly addicted to its 8 button configuration. I need a new mouse with all those buttons but I use Windows 2000. Logitech doesn't support that old OS with its newest hardware. I had to try this trackball because it's got the button configuration that I like and it supports Windows 2000. Other Logitech mouses (yes .. mouses is plural for computer mouse ... mice is incorrect.) have 8 buttons but don't support Windows 2000.

    This trackman just isn't heavy enough to stay put when I hit the left mounted buttons with my thumb. I try to stabilize it with the remainder of my hand but it's no use. I have to set speed and acceleration really high in order to cover all the screen real estate of a large widescreen with minimal trackball rotation so the slightest nudge of the ball while I try to hold the trackman steady while I click the left mounted button forces me to move the cursor ever so slightly and miss the shot. I have to constantly clean the trackman's mounting feet to keep it from sliding around because the slightest dust accumulation makes the feet slippery on my maple desktop.

    I can control a mouse a lightening speed but this trackball is just too dangerous in my clumsy paw. If only it was heavier or if only it had some substantial rubber non-slip feet I think I'd have a chance. Or, maybe if it had a place for me to rest the heel of my hand I could then hold it in place? It just won't sit still.

    Oh well ... when Windows 7 hits the market I'll be upgrading and then maybe I can get an 8 button Logitech mouse from their newest hardware lineup.

    In the meantime, I found the discontinued Logitech MX510 from a Korean seller at an auction site. It has a Windows 2000 driver. I'm waiting for it to arrive. It's supposed to be new and in the product carton. Where did they get it? I don't know and I don't care. It will, at least, give me a Logitech fix until I can get the good Logitech stuff after Win7 is released. ...more info
  • Finger cramp
    Not sure who was the designer of this trackball, but it causes finger cramps and my discomfort in the button locations lead to more hand aches. Would not recommend this....more info
  • corded usb transmitter/receiver
    trackman is cordless, but usb adaptor has a corded transmitter/receiver. the cord is about 3ft.long & t/r catches on everything when you move laptop around. I had to reel t/r in every time I moved computer from my lap to table. there is no mention of corded usb adaptor in description. cord (wire) has a substandard connection to t/r.
    when I called logitech customer service & explained my problem to representative I was informed trackman was not for laptop use & was not warranted for laptop use, desktop only. when I tried to argue my case the rep. disconnected me.
    on second call I asked for supervisor, explained my experience of first call. the problem was promptly resolved & I received a apology. I am awaiting delivery replacement.
    this is the fourth logitech wireless that I have purchased. the first 3 are flawless. it was a suprise to find a corded usb adaptor, t/r with the 4th. I realy like working with trackball, the rest is questionable. ...more info
  • Love this trackball!
    Installation was very easy, response to movement is excellent. I've dropped it a half dozen times with no damage. This is a great solution for our living room computer we use from our easy chair....more info
  • Finally!!!
    I have, for the longest time, been using Logitech's Marble Mouse. I since have been wanting a wireless version to work with laptop or for sitting on my couch with a wireless keyboard to do gaming/browsing/media related stuff on my TV.

    This mouse is the solution! There is practically nothing I don't like about this mouse. The buttons are mostly in the right place... having a scroll wheel is amazing. So happy I found this product. A TRUE Trackball, wireless. Screw all those with thumb-balls... they just cause me to have a stroke!...more info
  • Cordless is good, but this isn't Logitech's best design
    I upgraded to this model after finally having to shelve my Logitech TrackMan Marble FX Trackball.

    I like this model because it is cordless and has a USB connection. I have larger hands, so the size isn't a concern. However, I can understand how users with smaller hands would find this design unworkable.

    I don't like Optical Trackman as much as the aforementioned Marble FX because:

    1. It doesn't stay as clean, so the ball jumps and skips;
    2. It doesn't have the finger-and-thumb control of the old version, so the movement isn't as precise;
    3. It isn't durable. I've worn out two models in three years. I'm on my third and I won't buy another when this one breaks.

    I'll be looking for a new trackball soon. Hopefully, Logitech will return to form....more info
  • cordless trackball
    Since MS stopped making their trackball this is the closest trackball out there that has the same functionality. I prefer a thumb ball that MS version had but the ergonomics of logitech's makes it easy to convert.
    ...more info
  • Great mouse
    A colleague at work has one of these because she had had carpel tunnel surgery. Four months ago I severely fractured my right wrist and had to have surgery to insert a metal plate, in addition to having carpel tunnel surgery simultaneously. Now I have limited range of motion in my hand and wrist and this mouse has been a life saver. I recommend it for anyone with hand and wrist problems; or perhaps to even to help prevent them to begin with. It's comfortable to use because it keeps your hand in a neutral position, especially using it with mouse pad that has gell-filled wrist rest. Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman (USB/PS/2)
    ...more info