4 Port IEEE-1394 FireWire PCI Card with Digital Video Editing Kit ( PCI1394_4 )
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Product Description

This 4 Port PCI IEEE 1394 FireWire 400 Adapter Card turns a motherboard PCI slot into four IEEE 1394a FireWire 6-pin female ports (1 internal, 3 external) - a cost-effective solution that lets you connect any FireWire 400 device that uses a 6-pin connector to your desktop computer.The card can be installed in either Mac or PC computers, providing a practical solution for connecting iPods, MP3 players, portable drives, digital camcorders and more. The adapter card supports hot-swappable connectivity, allowing you to plug, unplug, and swap your FireWire peripherals with ease, saving time and hassle.The 4 port FireWire PCI adapter card includes a copy of ULEAD's VideoStudio SE Basic video editing software, making it easy to capture and edit video from your digital video camcorder.

  • Easily add 4 FireWire ports to your desktop computer
  • A fun and easy way to make and edit your own home movies
  • Comes complete with a 5 foot FireWire cable (4-6 Pin M/M) and ULEAD VideoStudio SE Basic video editing softwar
  • Includes 5 foot FireWire cable (4-6 Pin M/M)
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Will not fit my Dell 4700
    I can only say that you need to be assured that this card will work with your computer! This card's terminals/slot do not line up with my 4-year-old Dell 4700. In all fairness, however, Dell is known to use suppliers that supply "unusual" configurations. For example, Dell printer ink could only be purchased from Dell because other cartridges would not fit/work....more info
  • Easy to Install and works like a charm
    Took 15 minutes to setup and works smoothly without any issues....more info
  • Good Product
    One of the few plug and play products I bought that really was plug and play. I installed the card in a few minutes and the software worked the first time right out of the box. Nice product for both the beginner or if you know a little about video editing....more info
  • Works fine
    FireWire & Card works just fine, XP found new hardware and installed with no problem. The Unlead software doesn't do a thing for me, I have a much better progam already, Unlead program that came with it's just Soooo basic. ...more info
  • Great Firewire Unit
    I purchased this unit to attach several large hard drives we use in the making of Audio Dramas and Film applications.
    We needed to utilize the one PCI slot we still had open and do it in a way that created enough Firewire plugs. This unit gives three external and one internal slot. If you have a PC I highly recommend this unit if you use multiple cameras or hard drives. Installation was easy and was up and working for us within five minutes....more info
    Received today and took about 15 minutes to install on my Dell Dimension 4000 Series desktop. The hardest part was trying to figure out how to open up the computer (I'm no computer genius), but once I figured that out, installation was a breeze. As soon as I turned on my computer, Windows XP automatically recognized the new hardware and I didn't have to download any drivers. I hooked up my Panasonic DV recorder with the included firewire cable and immediately transferred video to disc, with no loss in quality of the image. The only reason I did not give this 5 stars is because I found the Ulead software to be a little more confusing than the software I already have on my computer. All in all, you can't beat the price for the pci card, cable and software. This is a great unit and I'm so glad I found it before I purchased one of the more expensive cards out there....more info
  • Great Value, Minor Software Issues
    I recently installed this card on a system running Windows Vista Home Premium. Installing the card and included ulead version 10 software package takes less than 15 minutes.

    In General

    First, this is a great value for the price. The card, firewire cable and software is a great starter bundle if you need to transfer video to your computer.

    Second, the video editing software is very simple to use. Just connect the firewire cable to your camcorder and your ready to rock and roll. The on-screen controls let you view, fast forward, reverse, pause, play and pause your camcorder. Users simply scan through the video to find what they want to capture, then click on Capture Video. From there you move through your miniDV tape to the next section of video, click on Capture and subsequent clips are recorded and stored in a media library on your computer.

    Once you have a few clips captured, users can easily drag and drop the video clips onto a timeline, insert a handful of transitions, add titles, include background music and perform other basic editing tasks.

    After the user has finished adding the effects and other touches you can export the video to formats such as mp1, mp2, vcd and so forth. The program also has a Share Online feature that will export your project to a nicely compressed .wmv file that you can upload to youtube or insert into a web page or blog.


    Hey, for the price of a complete package, there is nothing much to complain about. However, I want to point out a few things. First, I recommend that if you are using a miniDV camera that you use the cameras video controls to locate what you want to capture then pause the camera. Next, click on the Capture Video button in the program and it will start from the paused location and record until you press Stop Capture. Using the software to control a miniDV camera can be done, but, it is easy to go forward or reverse too much while waiting on the tape.

    The only other issue that I have, again with the software, is that it doesn't let the user export to .FLV (Flash) or Quicktime formats. As a web developer I prefer the .FLV format since 99% of every personal computer has flash already installed.

    However, if your only concern is uploading video to youtube, remember, you can upload .wmv files to youtube and it will convert them to flash files when it places them online.

    The last three issues that I have are with the software and windows Vista. The software that came with the order included Ulead 10 SE. 1. When you run the program, Vista will "downgrade" your display settings (a software update should fix this). 2. I could never get the Auto Update to work. I suggest that after you install the software that you go to uleads support web site and download the updates. If your a novice computer user you may need help downloading and installing the updates from ulead's web site. If your comfortable with downloading updates and installing them, then, this should not be a problem. 3. The Ulead SE program will pop up advertisements from Ulead from time to time. From what I could tell it only did this whenever you finish exporting your final project.

    In conclusion, this is a great package for the price. If you can operate a camcorder and get around in Windows you shouldn't have a problem getting started capturing, editing and exporting your projects to a DVD, the web, or for other uses.

    I rated this product at 4 stars. I deducted one star for the minor inconveniences when using it with Windows Vista and for the nagging pop up ads....more info
  • Installed easily and works well
    This card slipped into my PCI slot easily and was recognized quickly by my PC. However, upon installing, there was a software glitch (I use XP), which was resolved when I removed the hardware and reinstalled it. I did my first download using the Firewire card and it was quick and without issue....more info
  • Works great
    I'm currently running Windows XP on my computer and it recognized this Firewire board without any trouble at all. I've used the card for downloading movie files and it works great. Also, the software that came with it (Ulead VideoStudio 8.0) is excellant!!...more info
  • Great product I am happy
    Before ordering this item i was hesitating about its quality. Then I ordered anyway. Because I knew that if i do not like it I can return it and get a new one.

    But after getting this card, the result was amazing. The card worked with WinXP without any difficulty. I did not need to install drivers. Because WinXP did it for me.

    And also you do not need to buy a firewire cable.

    Box has everything you need. And the price is very reasonable.

    I use this card for transfering the video from my camcorder to the PC. And the result is excellent. No hassle at all. The quality of video in ideal without any loss of frames

    I am completely satisfied.

    ...more info
  • Firewire card
    Needed firewire to get video from video camera into new computer, works fine, even use the software that came with it for editing....more info
  • Good product!
    The hardware was very easy to install and using software i already owned I did not have to install the software it came with. I used Adobe Premier Elements to import and edit the video....more info
  • Works Great!!
    Works great!! Up and running in under 10 minutes. Did not load Ulead software. Used Windows Moviemaker that came with XP. I had no hardware recognition problems at all. Installation was smooth, turned on the computer and XP took over. ...more info
  • good
    never have a chance to test or use it. Easy installation with windows XP....more info
  • Excellent Service
    I ordered an IEEE-1394 PCI card. Its price was much lower than any regular store and arrived sooner than I expected.
    Excellent service
    ...more info
  • Easy install, works as advertised.
    Not much more to say. It doesn't dust the keyboard or keep the dog quiet, but it does everything it claims it will do....more info
  • IEEE-1394 FireWire PCI Card with Digital Video
    Excellen product, really I obtained results mas of what was waiting, besides the included software it he is easy and rapid to do a domestic movie, I connect my camcorder Sony Digital8 to this card IEEE-1394 and the quality of video in ideal without any loss of frames. very good

    Exelente producto, realmente obtuve resultados mas de lo que esperaba, ademas del software incluido es facil y rapido hacer una pelicula casera, yo conecto mi camara Sony Digital8 a esta tarjeta IEEE-1394 y la calidad de video en optima sin ninguna perdida de frames. Se las recominedo....more info
  • Great! includes Firewire cable!
    You could spend more than twice the cost of this card buying just the cable at some stores. The card installed flawlessly in my new Dell P-4. No problems connecting to my Sony and Panasonic cameras and my Apple external hard drive.

    James Hatsis info
  • Buyer beware!
    I selected this product because the item is described as a PCI card with cable and Ulead video editing software. To my disappointment the Ulead software comes without a user manual. Nice! I bought this product for my son but now he's turned off by it because he doesn't have a "how to" manual. The card works great! I recommend the card but do not buy it for the software. I contacted Corel/Ulead and they refuse to offer me a copy of the documentation. Seems this version of the software is deemed by Corel as "Not For Resale" so they provide zero support for their users. This important piece of info is not being provided by StarTech for it's customers....more info
  • Card & cable - good....Software - useless
    I bought this particular package (4 port) because it came with the Videostudio software even though I didn't need a card with so many ports. I was quite irritated and frustrated to discover on my first attempt to transfer video from my Canon MiniDV to my computer in order to burn a DVD that this software package is NOT the full program. I only learned this after spending an hour and a half on hold (not to mention hours searching for answers online) with Ulead trying to figure out why I couldn't burn to a DVD! (Also, you'll find that once they find out that you didn't purchase the full retail version, they will tell you that you're not eligible for phone support!) So, if you're buying this particular product thinking that you will be able to burn a DVD after transferring your video to your computer, SAVE YOUR MONEY! From some of the reviews that I've read, I can apparently use the Microsoft movie software that came with my XP operating system in order to accomplish this. I have not tried this yet, but I'm hoping it's true. Now I'm afraid to uninstall the software because of a previous reviewer's problems with it. As for the card and cable, yes, the installation was easy and everything worked (at least I was able to transfer my video to my computer). However, I think I would have saved some money and purchased a card with fewer ports (and no software) as the software will not do me any good....more info