3M Privacy Filter PF14.1 Notebook Privacy Filter for 14.1" Screens
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Product Description

3M Privacy Filters poke figurative sticks in the eyes of nosey neighbors. Not that sharing doesn't give those involved a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. But shoulder surfing is just plain annoying. Working on a notebook computer in public leverages the portable computer's value, makes constructive use of time you spend passively waiting to travel and traveling, and reduces or eliminates boredom. But chances are you'd prefer what's on that 14.1-inch LCD screen to be "For Your Eyes Only," to borrow an espionage phrase. That's where 3M Privacy Filters come in!

  • Notebook privacy filter to help you keeps confidential and private information private
  • Designed for 14.1-inch laptop screens; stays in place even when monitor is closed
  • Only persons directly in front of the monitor can see the image on screen; passersby see only a blank, dark screen
  • Allows 65 percent normal brightness for notebook user
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • 3M Privacy Filter
    This product was purchased for my work computer. It functions exactly how it was intended too. Recommended for anyone looking to get a little more privacy over their work engagements....more info
  • Exactly what I needed, but pricey
    Exact fit
    Fairly narrow viewing angle
    Good solution for what I needed

    Pricey for a thin piece of plastic
    Cheesy plastic tabs to hold it on the screen
    Doesn't protect so well in the dark

    This is something I had been wanting for some time now. I do a lot of flying, and hate it when the person next to me reminds me that the red eight plays on the black nine. A year or so ago, these were in the $60 price range. Woah, too steep for my blood. When I saw the price drop, I ordered. It showed up quickly, and installed easily. They send two types of tabs to attach the filter to your screen. One method (the one I ended up using) are plastic tabs that extend from the frame outside of the screen in that kind of "catch" the filter if it tries to fall off, and the other are a few pieces of what appears to be thick double stick tape. I wasn't impressed with either one of them.

    I found the viewing angle to be adequate, but somewhat wider than what I expected. When I move my head to the side, I can start to see the edge of the screen darken, but part of the screen remains visible until almost a 45 degree angle.

    Can the traveler in the seat on the plane next to me see what I'm doing? well, sorta yes and mostly no. Unless it is nearly pitch black, at best all the person next to me could see was vague outlines, however when all the lights were out, the screen was *VERY* dim but still visible. He couldn't read what was on the screen when I had my email up, but images with a lot of contrast were identifiable.

    Overall, this was a good solution for what I wanted it to do. I would have given it a 5 had the viewing angle been a bit narrower, and the protection been better in dark environments....more info
  • Best for what it is...
    I'd give it 5 stars if it was cheaper - hard to believe I paid $40+ much for a piece of platic but 3M found a niche with a captive audience. I travel 100k plus on planes and this has allowed me to be much less wary of someone seeing confidential information on my screen. I asked my wife sitting next to me on the plane one time of she could see my screen with this filter on and she said no, only if she leaned over into my part of the seat. I do dim the brightness a bit as well and use the side with max protection. So I'm confident that I'd notice someone leaning over for any extended period of time and now work comfortably absorbed in my work rather than having to be aware whether someone is watching. I also use it on my normal train rides to/from city....more info
  • A Must have if you are concerned about privacy
    This Filter works great. The viewing angle is so slim that you won't be able to see what's on the laptop until unless you are directly in front of it. Everyone keeps asking me about this. Hey, it even reduced the glare and stress on my eyes.

    Cons: A little bit pricey....more info
  • I don't like this product
    It works slightly when someone is next to you but not completely. I m not crazy about it. I may return it....more info
  • love this privacy screen
    would not travel without this on my computer. it really works well and keeps snoops off your screen....more info
  • great product
    the privacy filter does what it says. although it doesn't totally black out your screen from an angled view, it is dark enough not to be able to tell what you're doing. the only minor drawback is that it decreases the brightness of your screen. otherwise, a great product....more info
  • ineffective, with drawbacks
    Three big disappointments. Biggest is the viewing angle is WAY too wide. It darkens at 45 degrees, but you can still clearly see what someone's up to, even if it's *kind of* harder to read precise text. It doesn't blacken until your near a 90 degree viewing angle. Pretty lame.

    Also, though it's "matte" it's a lot more reflective than a regular LCD flat screen. Maybe it's less than an old glassy CRT, but the reflectivity is terrible compared to an LCD. You can actually make out your own face and highlights in the screen, even highlights coming from a side window (which I was hoping would be reduced by the microlouvre, not increased). Bright environments are 5 times harder to work in than they would be with a regular LCD screen.

    And lastly, looking at it straight in, it darkens the screen enough to be distracting and eye-straining. So it's the worse of both worlds - it darkens too much for the user, and not enough at odd angles.

    The method for sticking the frameless kind on clutters your screen with cheesy plastic adhesive disks.

    Plus, it's pretty expensive for a sheet of plastic.

    Wait until the tech gets better. Or decent, at least.
    ...more info
  • Very Poor Product Description
    I never did manage to order the correct size of screen for my computer screen. Why couldn't 3M provide a length and width dimension in their product description. It would have helped a knucklehead like me. After ordering and returning this product twice, I decided I had wasted enough time on this item....more info
  • Best sollution for to get some privacy
    no matter where, (airplain, meeting, office) ther are allways some people watching interesting at your screen.
    The filter gives you some more confidence no one is watching you.

    I can recommend it...more info
  • decent but viewing angle still to wide
    I have an IBM T42 laptop with a 14" LCD and the Filter fits the screen well. However, I have noticed that most of the sticky tabs provided with the package are necessary for the screen to stay in place.

    The viewing angle is still too wide. Someone sitting right next to you can easily see everything on your screen - unlike what is suggested on the back of the package. ...more info
  • Increases glare
    On an Inspiron 8000, this product actually manages to increase the glare both indoors and especially out. Different viewing angles and flipping it over doesn't improve the situation....more info