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Memorex White CD Labels, Matte Finish. 300 Count (32020403)
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Product Description

A package of 300 white CD-R labels / Printable on most any inkjet computer printer

Create custom designs for your CDs and DVDs on special white, matte finish Memorex CD Labels. Work with inkjet of laser printers and your favorite design utility to ensure that all your disks have accurate, eye-catching labels that show off true, vivid colors and sharp details. The three-in-one functionality of these labels gives you extra creative control.

Memorex White Matte Finish CD Labels offer:
  • A 3-in-1 design for versatility
  • Colorful, custom CD labels
  • Professional presentation options

Create colorful, professional labels.
Create Versatile, Professional Labels
Each disc label provides the option of standard, full-face, or center-only disc coverage, giving you three creative choices for identifying home-burned CDs and DVDs. Designed to work with the Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio software, which helps you design your artwork specifically for disks, these labels can be used with your favorite design utility to produce vivid, custom labels. These CD labels are perfect for sharing photos and videos with friends and family, or adding a truly professional edge to business presentations.

It's easy to print rich, true color and sharp detail on these ultra-white matte labels using most kinds of inkjet or laser printers. Memorex recommends using heavy color saturation for best results, and notes that printing in full color with your text reversed will give fonts a unique look and make them appear to stand out even more.

What's in the Box
300 CD labels.

  • 300 premium-quality, white matte labels
  • Compatible with most inkjet and laser printers
  • Labels dry completely in approximately 10 minutes
  • Organize and personalize CDs and DVDs
  • Ideal for full-color printing

Customer Reviews:

  • Great!
    These refills are incredibly inexpensive compared to many other places and work very nicely. I downloaded the free label maker from Memorex and they work very well with that software....more info
  • Great Product!
    Love this product - most useful and flexible label set I've ever purchased. I've been making sets of DVDs for friends and fellow volleyball parents for about 4 years now and have made hundreds of labels for DVDs in addition to printing directly on inkjet ready DVDs - and these particular labels have shown themselves to be the most useful I've yet purchased. My latest projects involve making skills videos for players so I found the feature of having a unique label for the 8cm disks built into the existing full size label really useful. And unlike other reports I reviewed before buying these, of the 2 dozen disks I've produced using this new label stock none of the labels have had any separation issues - all have separated cleanly and easily and adhered without issue. I use the SureThing CD labeler for full size labels but had issues getting it to work with the 8cm disk labels - although I did like the fact that the Memorex labels required no adjustment to my existing printing calibration. Downloaded Memorex's free exPressIt software package to work with the 8cm labels and that solved my 8cm label problem. Tremendous value considering that at the time of purchase these were the cheapest labels I could find! Highly recommend them!...more info
  • Very Pleased
    As described, fast shipping. I have never had a problem with these labels. They are getting hard to find in stores. Thanks. ...more info
  • Great, easy, quick!
    I have used these labels on various projects, most of which are DVD's that I create for the company I work for. They have proven to work great, they're easy to do, and it's a quick way to spruce up the outward appearance of the disks!...more info
  • Memorex CD/DVD labels
    Labels work great. Just stick together sometimes when going through the printer. Use these all the time on DVD's with no problem on playback. ...more info
  • Buy these labels!
    Even if you use other labeling devices - I use Fellowes Neato - these labels are a steal at this price. The best part about these labels vs. the ones I used before is that they can be used for "full" or "partial" coverage. They have two perforated circles in the middle so you can punch out the small hole or the larger "neato sized" hole. This is not available on the more expensive neato labels I traditionally bought. So far I've used about 100 of these labels with no problems at all, I'm very happy with these labels....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I'm on my 4th package of 300 ct labels. Every label program I've used has a ready made template (Nero, CoverXP, etc.). The labels give the option of standard or full face labels ("big hole" or "little hole"). They have a matte flat finish as opposed to a slick, glossy finish. Consequently, they are better for text-intensive applications. Graphics do print beautifully. Those who intend to print photographic images best choose a glossy product. ...more info
  • Best Value, Vibrant, Full Face Matte....
    I have found, for the money spent, these are the best value. They have vibrant, full face printing, and I have always had a consistant batch. They peel easily, which is something I have found to be a problem with other brands. I haven't tried them all, but I have tried quite a few, and I always come back to these. I always find the best price thru amazon. I would definitely give them a try....more info
  • Great Labels
    Great labels!! Arrived quickly and as described. Great seller, highly recommend. These labels are better than the Avery ones....more info
  • Work great and easy to use
    These are great, I use them at work to burn all sorts of plain cd's and make them look very professional. They are super cheap and easy to use. Recommended...more info
  • Great price
    This was a great price for a good product. We have a business account with Office Depot, and this price beat theirs by far!!...more info
  • Memorex cd labels
    Very smooth transaction and received very quickly. Great to deal with and will definately order from again....more info
  • Excellent product and super great price!
    These lables work great. I have used several different brands with my CD Stomper Pro program and sometimes certain brands do not stick or the printing looks shoddy. These stick very well to the CD/DVD's and the matte finish is great. I especially like the fact that you can print two different ways either close to the center hole or further away. I haven't used the labeling program very much as I am so used to the one I already have. All in all a great product for a great price with free shipping. ...more info
  • Memorex CD/DVD labels and all products one could need
    Stores no longer carry these CD labels, or if they do it is in a small quantity pack. When I need them it is usually 300 at a pop, so my only alternative is on-line. Amazon has them and offers the best price -- even better than I use Amazon not only as a price comparison point (they usually win), but also with the knowledge that when I order from amazon I will have no hassles and I will receive the product as ordered. I remain a loyal amazon customer -- they picked a business model I have been advocating for a decade, and it works very well!...more info
  • Memorex Labels
    Excellent price and no wait on the product - received less than a week from order. Thanks!...more info