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Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical
List Price: $19.95

Our Price: $6.50

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Product Description

Microsoft Optical Technology replaces the old-fashioned mechanical mouse ball and works on virtually any surface. With a convenient scroll wheel and comfortable design, Wheel Mouse Optical is a great value. Wheel Mouse Optical brings the precision and accuracy of Microsoft optical technology to an affordable mouse.Move through documents quickly without clicking on the scroll bar. Accelerated scrolling reacts to how quickly you roll the wheel, saving you time and effort. Whether you control it with your right hand or your left, you'll appreciate the way Wheel Mouse Optical is shaped and styled for your comfort.

Microsoft has replaced the old-fashioned mouse ball with the Wheel Mouse Optical, featuring an IntelliEye optical sensor to provide smooth and precise motion. Without a mouse ball, there are no moving parts to clean or wear down. The IntelliEye optical sensor is sealed in to keep out the dirt and lint that can cause a traditional mouse to skip or jam.

The Wheel Mouse Optical comes with a scroll wheel for scrolling and zooming. Move through documents by simply rolling the wheel forward or backward instead of clicking on a scroll bar. Use the wheel to see either close-up or big-picture views without having to use menus or toolbars (in compatible applications). The mouse also features an ambidextrous design for comfort. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, have a large or small hand, the design of the Wheel Mouse Optical feels comfortable.

The Wheel Mouse Optical's IntelliEye optical sensor scans the desktop 6,000 times per second, delivering smooth, precise motion on virtually any surface, even through dirt, dust, and fingerprints. The IntelliEye sensor performs best on surfaces with detail to track. It will not function on surfaces without visible detail (e.g., glass) or surfaces where it will see its reflection (for example, mirrors or glossy surfaces). The sensor may also have difficulty tracking on highly repetitive patterns (for example, some printed photographs from magazines or newspapers).

Microsoft offers a three-year warranty on the Wheel Mouse Optical.

  • Designed so it can be used by right-handed people or southpaws (that's left-handed people)
  • Fast Scroll Wheel - Zip through those documents & webpages!
  • 3-Button Design - Yep, the wheel is also a button (cool huh?)
  • Color - White
  • USB Connection (PS/2 adapter is included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Unwieldy yet too light
    The mouse works fine; all buttons function as they should. I use it on a Mac as a much cheaper alternative to the Mighty Mouse or Mac's other overpriced options. Yet the MS mouse doesn't fit the hand well, despite its molded shape. And it's light, almost to the point of feeling cheap and insubstantial. But again, it works fine. And the price is a bargain....more info
  • Dependable and cheap optical
    You can't go wrong with this mouse. I recently bought one to replace the other I've had for several years which finally gave out. The price had dropped to half of what it once was. The buttons and wheel have about the right sensitivity for my hand....more info
  • my kitty and I love this mouse!!
    Well, kitty just tries to sit on it, not eat it, but I found this a great mouse. I have it on my PC, and it is so easy on the hand and wrist. I have a bad wrist, surgery twice, so a mouse not constructed for comfort can be a real PAIN. The ease and response was super, I could work four hours and not have my wrist stiffen up. I love ease of scrolling, letting the mouse do the work.

    It was easy to install and nice not to have to worry about tangling cords....more info

  • Computer Parts
    product received was as advertised, and in great condition. Would buy from this vendor again....more info
  • All I will ever need
    Wanted a mouse I would not be aware I'm using. This is it. It does what its supposed to do without drawing attention to itself. Purchased this mouse as a replacement for a new, fancy $60 mouse that was so frustrating to use I wanted to throw it against a wall. For what I do with a computer, a simple mouse is a good mouse. I hope this product is never improved....more info
  • Very simple, very durable.
    After wearing through three or four regular roller-mice within a year (each one's interal rollers wearing out distressingly quickly with normal but intensive usage), I finally tried out one of these optical mice (i.e, no moving parts), and was very pleased with the results. My first Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse lasted me almost two years, and another two years later I'm still using the second. Beyond an occasional dust-wipe, I've never needed to clean it at all. The mouse motion, buttons, and scroll wheel are all still very responsive, whether I use a mouse pad under it or not.

    I've used this mouse extensively with both Windows 98 and Windows XP, and had no problems with either. It also works just as well using either the regular PS/2 connection or the USB plug (although the USB plug is more easily recognized by the computer if the mouse is connected while the computer is already running).

    I wish my employer would buy a nice big supply of these for the office, so I could stop having to bother them for replacement roller-mice every few months....more info

  • great
    its good.. its microsoft.. the only mouse that has the least amount of button problems.. buy it.. stop lookin at ne more reviews.. only con is that its a lil bulky.. not great for laptops...more info
  • We'd buy another...and another...
    We've bought four of these mice on separate occasions over the past 20 months. We use them daily, some of them in USB mode and some of them in mouse-port mode. We've had no problems with them. We rarely even think about them....more info
  • Good Price, Quality Product
    This positive view comes grudgingly because I'm leery of the M$ monopoly, but I bought this as a replacement for a G4 iMac mouse that died and I haven't looked back.

    I love Macs but hate their mice (I like using the right click button without having to figure out the right key click in OSX). I didn't want a wireless mouse because that means that I would have to deal with replacing batteries.

    I tried out various types and manufacturers at a local office supply store and chose this mouse because it felt was the best fit and easiest to use. The cord is sturdy and the mouse is well-built and works flawlessly.

    Two years later and they still work perfectly ...

    One caveat is that I bought it for someone as a present and they didn't use it because they felt that it was too big for their hands. I think my hands are medium-sized and it fits perfectly. I'd suggest trying them out at an office supply store to see what feels/fits the best. ...more info
  • Works great till it dies.
    Honestly I really like this mouse. Does its function and feels right. Only problem is the connection of the cable to the mouse. It is very spotty and has a good chance of breaking.

    I have bought two of them. First one lasted one year, the second lasted two months. So it does work, till poor quality-control sets in and it dies. Really would just buy a more expensive one. It gets really annoying to have your mouse die on you sporadically....more info
  • I came back..........
    I've had a lot of problems with wireless down thru the years. No problems here so far................more info
  • Trouble-free mouse
    The optical mouse installed automatically on Windows XP. The mouse wheel is especially responsive. The tracking has been consistently good when I use the mouse on a mouse pad or something similar. Not as adaptable to other surfaces as I expected. But a great buy....more info
  • Optical Mouse Review
    I bought this product a month ago but now the left mouse button is not working. I felt great initially while using the product but one of the buttons suddenly stopped working....more info
  • Glides easy
    The perfect Mouse, because it glides so easily, and doesn't require a stinky rubber mousepad that smells forever like a tire store.

    Christmas brought me a new computer from Texas with their standard mouse, which wouldn't slip left and right, had extra buttons in the rim, and a 5 position adjustment switch on top that lit up white. Ach! Disfunctional! Blah! It kept sticking, wouldn't glide on the surface of my paper blotter type desk surface.

    Thank Goodness this old standby mouse is still available.

    5 years ago when this mouse first showed up on the shelves at computer stores, I had never used the scroll wheel and was at first baffled by it, but today I couldn't live without it. The little red plastic part under the side toward you is lit, which tells you the computer is on. That feature at first annoys, until you start depending on it. Today, with two computers connected to the same monitor, the red light tells me which computer is turned on.

    I"ve had probably a dozen mice over the years at work and this is by far the best. Totally perfect. ...more info
  • Excellent
    I bought this mouse due to the rave reviews here at Amazon. Prior to this I was using the smaller brother to this mouse, the basic optical mouse. However, the basic optical mouse has major problems. You have random skipping when you don't even move the mouse and it was just a PITA. I finally decided to invest in three of these. I plan to invest in three more. This mouse works without any drivers. I use these mice on laptops since I dislike using the actual track pad. I haven't had any issue so far. You won't be sorry by investing in this mouse. Stay away from it's smaller brother, the basic optical mouse....more info
  • Lacking Features
    For a couple of dollars more, you can get one that fits in your hand more comfortable, has back and forward buttons on the sidem and doesn't make an annoying sound like this one. Its called the Microsoft Intellimouse Optical. Its ten bucks more, but its alot better than this one. I have both of these, and i prefer that one. You will notice the differnce. But, this is still a great basic mouse....more info
  • Cheap and Works Great
    This mouse is nice for the price and it works great. I don't use this for myself but my wife uses it on her laptop and its really simple to use. The feel is just right and even though it feels like cheap plastic with nothing inside it does the job its made for nicely. Overall worth the price....more info