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Chicago II (Repackaged)
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Chicago's sophomore album includes the hits \""\""Make Me Smile,\""\"" \""\""Colour My World,\""\"" and \""\""25 or 6 to 4.\""\"" Bonus tracks include the single versions of \""\""Make Me Smile\""\"" and \""\""25 or 6 to 4.\""\""
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Media Type: CD
Title: CHICAGO 2
Street Release Date: 07/16/2002

Customer Reviews:

  • Never understood the "flat" sound of this album
    One of Chicago's greatest efforts. I still love the album today from an artistic standpoint. However, ever since 1970 I've wondered why this album has such a incredibly distant, super-compressed, mid-range sound with absolutely no bass or dynamic range? Was it intentional?...more info
  • Chicago at its best--even their rock opera is worth the cost
    This is Chicago at the real beginning of their career...and this second album is by far their greatest. Compared to all their later material (even without Terry Kath), this is the group's finest hour. The centerpiece of the album, James Pankow's rock opera, "Ballet For A Girl In Buchanon" (which spawned the hit singles "Make Me Smile" and "Colour My World"), alone is worth the cost of this album. Pankow's cantata, written after The Who's "Tommy" but before Webber/Rice's "Jesus Christ, Superstar", may have been Chicago's only attempt at a rock opera, but it is an example of Chicago's innovative sound. All praise, however, should be given to Pankow, and not the group, for propelling this album to great heights. If you're looking for an album to start your Chicago collection, this is it....more info
  • One of the Top Three Chicago CDs
    When I was in college in the early 70's this and their first album were all the rage. It seemed that every dance you went to played "Colour My World" as the slow number. I actually got sick of it but have never tired of most of the other tunes, especially "25 or 6 to 4".

    I'm listening to the 2002 remastered CD and have to agree with one of the previous reviewers that the sound does seem a little "compressed" or mid-range only and I too always thought that about the vinyl LPs. But, it's still great to listen to and well worth it. Stereo separation is great and tape hiss is not too bad except I did notice it at the beginning of track 19. Some of this is very daring and experimental. Just listen to the 2nd movement of "It Better End Soon" (Track 20) - WOW!! It's clearly one of their top 3 albums. I prefer the album versions but it's great to have the single versions of "Make Me Smile" and "25 or 6 to 4". Total time of the CD is over 73 minutes.

    By the way I saw this band recently and they were great!! So go see them if you can. Robert Lamm and the brass section are still first rate. I also have to compliment the new guitar player - can't remember his name (seemed 30 years younger than rest of the band!) but he did an incredible job on "25 or 6 to 4". It rocked like I have NEVER heard it before - thanks for keeping it a guitar-dominated song.

    The "It Better End Soon" Suite is much better than I remember it. And, unfortunately, it's as relevant today as it was in 1970. ...more info
  • Remastered = Rediscovered
    I recently picked up the Rhino remaster of this amazing album and it sounds great. It's strange ... when I go back and listen to albums like 16 thru 19 (which featured some great Chicago tunes in their own right), that material sounds dated to me, yet on this masterpiece the music does not. In my opinion, side one of this record is one of the best album sides ever. I still get goosebumps sometimes listening to songs like Movin' In and The Road....more info
  • remastering is not remixing
    i'm sorry but i have to give my two cents. i haven't bought these remastered versions simply because the original vinyl releases are superior. this is not to say i won't eventually though. analog is the most accurate in that it reproduces the full spectrum of sound. as far as the presence of tape hiss being on remastered cd's, that's a good sign. the older the recording, the more hiss in most cases. it still being there is a sign of the engineer not messing with the mix with noise reduction or re-equalizing, which cannot be done without taking some of the "musicality " away. for me, i have no problem with tape hiss, or the pops and crackles of vinyl; i listen to the MUSIC and therefore any background noise is blocked out. Rhino is usually very good at preserving the orginal sound, as opposed to Motown for example, which when remastering Stevie Wonders classic albums, sucked the life out of the music with obvioius re-equalizing. I praise Rhino for having what i call respect for the original engineers and their hard work(much moreso than today). Long live tape hiss!!!...more info
    If you already own the Chicago catalog on CD from its original Columbia release or it's Chicago Records release don't bother picking this up. While the packaging Rhino came up with is wonderful, that money would have been better spent on ACTUALLY REMASTERING this classic album.

    I compared the "remasters" of CTA, Chicago (II) and Chicago III to the earlier Columbia CD issues. After adjusting the levels to be even the only difference between the 2 CD copies was that the "remasters" had a very blary in-your-face mid range feel that actually buried the vocals and drums at times in the mix. On some tracks it actually became annoying. Not a hint more bottom on the toms or bass guitars, not a hint brighter on the cymbals or other perscussion. There is ALMOST NO increase in overall dynamic range from the original CDs.

    If you're into the liner notes and / or packaging then this CD is worth it. HOWEVER if you actual buy CDs for the MUSICAL CONTENT, you are simply wasting your time and money. You can find my copies on [local store], I'll stick with the "[poor]" packing of the originals....more info

  • When Chicago was at their best...
    "Chicago II" takes the momentum created by their first album, "Chicago Transit Authority" and raises their crisp, clear "sound" to a higher level. The album flows naturally from one song into the next. The listener will get a better feel for "stand-alone" singles like "Make Me Smile", "Colour My World" and "24 or 6 to 4" when they listen to them in the sequence in which they were recorded.

    The six song set called Ballet For a Girls in Buchannon is reason alone to get this album. What great songwriting and orchestration!

    Earlier reviewers panned the remastering of this album by stating that the "hiss" in the original recording hasn't been improved by 21st Century technology. Don't let a comment like that keep you from purchasing this album. The sound quality is fine and the music far outshadows any recording shortcomings.

    For longtime Chicago fans, the remastering of "Chicago II" will be like receiving an early Christmas present. New fans will gain immediate respect for one of the 70's pioneer "brass-oriented" groups. Either way, no one loses with this great album! Enjoy!...more info

  • Chicago's sophomore effort soulfully rocks!
    Fans of the band originally known as Chicago Transit Authority have doubled their listening pleasure with their 2 LP debut album. This sophomore effort is a 2 LP set as well featuring 2 Top 10 hits like 25 OR 6 TO 4 and COLOUR MY WORLD. Tracks 7-12 on this CD is a series entitled "A Girl In Buchannon". CMW is part of this series. Track 12,NOW MORE THAN EVER features a reprise of Track 6,MAKE ME SMILE(toward the end of track 12). I also like MOVIN' IN,THE ROAD,FANCY COLOURS and MEMORIES OF LOVE which is a nice,easy listening piece where you'll hear strings,a harp and a flute. Side 4 of the LP(tracks 19-22 on the CD) features another series entitled "It Better End Soon". The tracks are entitled,1ST MOVEMENT,2ND MOVEMENT,3RD MOVEMENT and 4TH MOVEMENT. The other songs are great....more info
  • Chicago
    This album is possibly Chicago's best ever, and that's saying quite a bit.

    Chicago was unusual in that they had a horn section in addition to the usual lead, rhythm and bass guitars and percussion. Their lyrics were singable and understable, and their rhythmic and harmonic progressions were to die for.

    I purchased my copy just for the "Ballet For A Girl From Buchannon" but the other tracks are well worth listening to as well.

    Over the years, I've grown to appreciate much of the excellent rock and roll from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Chicago has certainly stood the test of time, and this album especially so....more info
  • A great follow-up album with strong writing/performing
    I remember this being a strongly anticipated release when it came out on LP. I also remember the disappointment at the quality of the audio on side 2 (the "Ballet"). When I picked up the CD release in the 80s, sadly the quality had not been improved in the transfer. Of course, I had to give the 2002 remaster a try, in the hope that someone had taken the time to do a proper transfer from the original multitracks.

    It's not bad; in fact, I do believe it's an improvement over the 80s release. But the "Ballet" still sounds as though it was taken from a copy of a copy of the original tape. The rest of the album sounds just fine; in fact, it looks like the mastering team took plenty of care with the tapes and backed off the aggressive noise reduction used in the 80s. I wish it sounded as good as the first album, but if you listen to the music you won't be disappointed with what this group created!

    Incidentally, I've heard some fulsome praise for the DTS (DVD-Audio) release of this album. Don't be deceived; while the DVDA is a bit cleaner than the CD, someone got the bright idea to compress the living heck out of the dynamic range, resulting in another victim of the "loudness war". The remastered CD at least has more dynamics and (again, except for the "Ballet" which benefits from any increase in clarity) is probably your best choice.
    ...more info
  • Chicago II
    This album/CD was along with the original Chicago Transit Authority work the very best of CHICAGO. The music will transcend not only decades but perhaps many many decades to come!...more info
    this cd is faboulous in sound and quality among being one of the best ones they made. great selection and value for the money. extremly satisfied. they are one of the best groups of the 60's and 70's....more info
  • I'm disappointed
    This album has always been my favorite by any group. The sound quality on Rhino's "remastered" edition is pitiful. My belief is that they played an old 33 1/3 and recorded it, since there are even skips in the CD version!...more info
  • Great Songs with Bad Filler = Mixed Bag
    So, why do you want to purchase this album? Have a scratched LP copy? Interested in the wonderful music Chicago produced? If so, then here's the plusses and minuses of this purchase. This review is *not* designed to pass judgment on the band as a whole, just about this purchase.

    This album has great Chicago songs: Wake Up Sunshine, So Much to Say, So Much to Give, Colour My World, Fancy Colours, 25 or 6 to 4...and over the middle stretch of this originally four sided LP, the album has a thematic structure like a rock opera. Unfortunately, the entire first side (from Moving In to In the Country) has no redeeming value. One boring song after another. Side four (It Better End soon and Where Do We Go From Here) isn't listenable either -- both make lame excuses for Vietnam era songs. If you can't get the great songs any other way, then get this CD....more info

  • Colour This A Hit
    Chicago has always had the ability to make solid, entertaining music. They aren't going to make any major musical statements or blow you away, but they make well crafted pop songs that are spiked with jazz influences. Chicago II is one of their best efforts. "Colour My World" is a sweet ballad with a beautiful, lilting melody and on the other side "25 or 6 to 4" is a rocker with a buzzing guitar. The most impressive part of the album is the musical suite from "Make Me Smile" to "Now More Than Ever" (which was side two of disc one on the original album). Songs slide into one another and the playing is effortless. The band combined the above two songs for a single release that hit the top ten as did "25 or 6 to 4". Chicago had a run in the 70's of five consecutive number one albums, but II which is arguably their best album, only managed to reach number four....more info
  • Great Album, Unnecisarily Horrible Sound

    Not satisfied with the sound on this CD? Pick up a copy of the DVD-A version of Chicago II. The sound is amazing. In fact, the sound is so good, you will wonder why rhino even bothered to press these CD's and waste their time and materials, and our money. Basically, all the LP's and CD's pressed up until now were made from a horribly done stereo mix of the original multi-track tapes. The original multi-track tapes were there all along, but it took more than 3 decades for someone to come along and create a new master from the original tapes. So I thank Rhino for that. But all these years, we have been listening to this horrible version of Chicago II, not even knowing a better sounding copy was even possible. You have never heard these songs sound so well, even from the original LP!

    Unfortunately, your MP3 player (or in my case, iPod playing apple lossless) will never have the joy of containing a proper sounding version of this title. Rhino refuses to use these original tapes to give us a CD of similar quality... wich of course would not sound quite as good as the DVD-A, but would still be loads better than the current CD version. But I hope and pray they change their minds....more info
  • Chicago II Review
    I have owned many versions of this recording. I am afraid to purchase the new Rhino one though because all of the others were substandard. Chicago II is a great album musically, and I have enjoyed it for years. It just isn't up to their own standard, recording-wise. I have tried to find out why Chicago II was not recorded well, but have been unable to get any information. Even Chicago I was recorded better, much better....more info
  • Good, though not as good as the first album
    A great sophmore effort by Chicago, though it doesn't compare to their debut. The best songs to be found here are 25 or 6 to 4 (My personal favorite), To Be Free, Poem For the People, and the It Had Better End Soon suite.
    However, I have one major problem with this album, and that is the overly-long Ballet for a Girl in Buchanan. A twelve-part suite consisting of mostly either brief instrumental bridges or uninspired lyrics describes it quite nicely, at least in my mind. In fact, there are only four good parts of the suite; 25 or 6 to 4 (A hard, head-banging classic and, as I said, the best song to be found on the album), Now More Than Ever, To Be Free and Color My World. Even then, Color My World scores in the mid-sixes, which is another way of saying "Just barely good". The antiwar suite It Had Better End Soon is a lot stronger.
    Where's all the jamming? They should've definitely ditched most of Ballet for something along the lines of Poem 58, South California Purples, or I'm A Man from their debut album. But both Chicago and Chicago II should belong to any classic rock fan.
    ...more info
  • Their Best By Far
    Chicago made three decent albums and then went downhill fast after the death of their best songwriter. The "Make Me Smile" suite is a highlight, as are "Fancy Colours" and the other single, "25 or 6 to 4." (Hey, it only took me 15 years to get that this song is about a guy who's awake at 3:34 or 3:35 a.m.) I also liked the closer (of the original record), "Where Do We Go From Here?" But in retrospect that songs sounds a little too much like their future singles, most of which are abominations on the face of the earth. Anyway, get this if you want a little meat to go with your cheese....more info
  • Rhino finally gets it right
    Recently I reviewed Rhino's remastered CD of this album, as follows:

    I have always loved most of the music on this album (though I do find "It Better End Soon" to be pretty tedious). I was hoping that Rhino's remaster would work a minor miracle with the sound, which was bad even on the original LP that I bought when it was first released. Alas, the latest version STILL sounds lifeless and flat -- a real shame, considering how well some of these songs ROCK. I actually wrote to Rhino and they assured me that the remaster was done from the original master tapes. I'm sure they did as much as they could to improve the sound.

    Anyway, this disc is still worth having for the quality of the music alone. The creativity and energy in most of these songs is phenomenal. One great musical moment, often overlooked, is in track 4 when the horns blend seamlessly into Terry Kath's vocal for the final chorus. Sweet!

    I'd like to give this four stars, but it loses one for its marginal sound quality. (end of original review)

    Well, I just acquired the DVD-Audio version of this album, and to my great delight, it really is significantly better than ALL other versions of this album that I have bought. That includes the LP, which I always thought sounded horribly compressed and distorted.

    This disc will never sound quite as clean as I want it to, but I think I have finally bought Chicago II for the last time. The multichannel mix really does open things up, and the whole thing sounds much richer, with deeper bass and less distortion. Thanks, Rhino!...more info

  • Great CD but poor sound
    After hearing the debut CD Chicago Transit Authority with it's amazing drum sound I was shocked to hear the poor mix they did with the 2nd disc, I am surprised they didn't re-mix this one.
    Chicago 2 has a classical influence and is very non-commercial. A nice change....more info
  • As Fresh Today As When It Was Released
    "Chicago II" is Chicago's masterpiece, and it is as vibrant today as when it was first released. The horns are solid, the songs are dynamic, and the vocals are unbelievable. Every song is so tight, so well constructed, that it is nearly an emotional experience listening to it. Actually, it is.

    "Movin' In," with Terry Kath on vocals, is an upbeat proclamation of Chicago's intents on the album. "Poem For The People" carries Robert Lamm's social messages from "Transit Authority" a bit further, and his vocals are extraordinary. "The Road," and "In The Country" add to make "side one" memorable. "Wake Up Sunshine" is one of the best ballads Lamm ever came up with, and it is a great lead-in to James Pankow's "Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon," which includes "Make Me Smile" and "Colour My World." What more can be said about this? Kath at his vocal best, and just fantastic song-writing.

    "Fancy Colours" and the classic "25 or 6 to 4" lead off the "third side," both of which are Lamm compositions, showing him at his song-writing best. Kath's guitar work on "25 or 6 to 4" is legendary and well deserved so. The surprise is Kath's "AM Mourning" and "PM Mourning," which lead into his soulful "Memories of Love." The strings and horns in these insturmentals are so finely designed that they can bring one close to tears. Outstanding.

    The album closes with the opus "It Better End Soon," and Peter Cetera's first composition, "Where Do We Go From Here." "It Better End Soon" is Chicago at its finest. Again, Kath on vocals, and tight horns, building up and punching the listener to and fro... it never got any better than this. Cetera's song is a mite weak, but it is acceptable because it ties the fury of "It Better End Soon" into a hopeful prayer.

    This album, in my opinion, stands up to the scrutiny of time just as the best Beatles' albums do. The only down factor of listening to it is knowing what the original Chicago seven was capable of... and how sad it was that it all culminated into sappy pop ballads, and Bill Champlin. Listen to "Chicago II," and you're swept back into the magic of the best of the early 70s....more info