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Gothic II
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Product Description

Gothic II is a hybrid RPG with a massive 3D world waiting for you to explore it!

  • Enter a medieval world where magic, alchemy, monsters and intrigue all coexist. You'll go seeking treasure while you navigate hidden threats, tenuous alliances and powerful enemies.
  • Gain in experience and power as you face monsters in combat with medieval weapons
  • Collect the circles of power to give your character supernatural abilities
  • Interact with over 400 different NPCs as you seek clues and help to earn the treasure of a lifetime!

Customer Reviews:

  • Hidden gem, considerable depth, unique aspects, adult themes
    One of the best RPGs that virtually nobody played. One of those games that you will not get until you put a considerable amount of time in to it, sort of like a science fiction book that takes a 100 pages before you get it and then you don't want it to end, that is what Gothic II is like. To think you can get this game for the price of a fast food meal. It is an amazing value! Graphically the game is a little dated but in no time you won't even notice the outdated graphics. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Stellar game - exceptional replay value too.
    Gothic 2 is a bit frustrating at first but it catches speed like a rolling bolder about half way through. In fact, once you get the hang of the slightly annoying interface (which, kudos to the design team for making it UBER-realistic) it is just one of those games where your character can stand in one place and just look around and that alone is entertainment!!!

    But the real fun begins when you beef up your abilities enough to stand a chance or better yet - lay waste to the masses. The worlds are rich and amazingly detailed. If you pump it up with some 6.1 sound, it will raise the hair on the back of your neck when monsters attack or you get caught out in the wilderness in the middle of the night without shelter in site.

    I must admit, I paid full price for it $49 and would gladly pay that full sum again - it is good enough that I have City of Heroes sitting on my desk staring at me longingly and wishing I'd finish this. It may have to wait for me to go through and play as a mage (you develop your characters into 3 VERY different heroes as the game progresses.)

    Overall - you simply cannot get over 60 hours of better entertainment for $10!!!!...more info

  • insanely addictive and fun
    Surprisingly, i obtained this game through a casino in Vegas. I wasted $40, and got a ton of tickets. So im looking at what to choose, and my eyes fall upon gothic 2. I love RPG's, so i thought i would give it a try. I didnt get to it until 2007. I slammed it into my PC and played. FOR HOURS. AND HOURS. I started at 10 pm and literally played until 6 in the morning. At first, like most fans of this game, i was frustrated with the controls. But in a couple of minutes, i had the controls down and immersed myself into the world of Gothic 2. Man, i love this game. The world is huge, its pretty realistic in some sense, (like if you kill someone in the city, they go after you, etc), and overall its just a great game. this is really one of the only games that i can sit and play all day. Ive played it through 4 or 5 times, and im still not tired of it. I try to get other people to play it, but they usually play it for 2 minutes and say "i dont like the controls" and give up on it. and that sucks, cuz they dont know what they're missing. also,alot of people just say that the graphics arent PS3 quality and refuse to play it. its just a shame. If you give this game a chance,i can safely say that you will be on your way to exploring the vast and immersive land of Khorinis....more info
  • Fan-f*****g-tastic!!!
    Okay, let's get this straight: a guy, a few rows down, states that he doesn't like this game so much because there are swear words, and according to him swear words didn't exist during the Medieval times, when in actuality, they did. The "F" word was used (and there's proof in Medieval and Salem documents) to describe unlawful fornicication between witches and devils. It was a term the church itself used. AS FOR THE GAMEPLAY: Take it from an avid RPG player, this game ROCKS! I'm hooked. Usually, I hate games that make me use so much of the keyboard to make moves, but the controls in this game are the same as Hitman. They take some getting used too, that's all. It's true though that you can't really defeat more than one enemy at a time though, but that only because they're stronger. Given time, experience and a better weapon, even dragons don't stand a change. Oh, and when you're up a against a troll, lead them to a boulder, go on the opposite side, and attack, for some reason they can't attack over obstacles. I don't think this is a glitch, though, so take advantage of it. This game doesn't have any glitches/bugs that I'm aware of. Be prepared for hours of gameplay though. I'm only on chapter 2, and I've been playing for about 50+ hours already. I can't wait for this company to make more games. Oh, yeah, and you can pay hookers in brothels for a night of pleasures. and the games shows it, thus, the "Mature" rating. This game rocks, no complaints whatsoever, except I don't want it to end. Later, I gotta get ready for work....more info
  • one of my favourite rpg
    this game is all about atmosphere and it does the best job when compared to others. other rpgs might have better graphics or controls in combat but this game is the one that you wont forget. and of course if you are too lazy to give the game a chance and you are really into fast paced games that u finish in two days then you wont like this game and you shouldn't be playing rpgs....more info
  • ??
    Are u pay by the company? The game is pathetic....more info
  • This game Deserves 5 Stars NOT 1!!
    The reason why this game deserves 5 stars is for one its not like any other RPG, you'll enjoy up to 40 hours of gameplay and you'll never stop finding things to do in the game.

    You are in a huge open world where you can go where ever you can reach, theres no invisable walls or nothing like in alot of rpgs

    Every NPC Player has their own personality and can be talked to, every thing that can be talked to has a voice

    The controls are GREAT they arent messed like that idiot said on the first page, The game is meant to either use the Keyboard for all controls or combination of keyboard and mouse so you can get a complete view of the world from any angle.

    The gametime goes through like real days, Start when you wake up in the morning every NPC will be just waking up, they'll act sleepy and walk to where ever they go in the morning (Work, a bar, fixing house) All NPC Players eat and drink and live. No NPC just stands around and does nothing, they are doing things throughout the entire day, some will be exploring the land, or hunting, other will be farming, some will be patrolling the cities. At night they go to bed, if you wake them they'll act sleepy. All NPC Players talk to eachother in the game, you will overhear them in the game, if you get in a fight with an NPC all other NPCs around will yell "A FIGHT!" and run over to watch you fight. If you steal from an NPC theyll call you a thief and attack you.

    This is why the game is so good, its perfectly life-like its not like one of those really crappy rpgs people say are good where all NPCs stand in a single spot doing absolutely Nothing.

    The game does not crash over and over like the idiot from page 1 said, This game cannot be put down until its finished. The game sometimes crashes if its not updated, or your computer can only run graphics at low.

    I would give this game a thousand stars if i could, you seriously have to buy it, you wont ever regret it, it will make you want to buy Gothic 1, even buy Gothic III when it comes out...more info
  • Ultima7 Reborn in 3D, a Perfect RPG
    Gothic 2 is perhaps the greatest 3d adventure game that I will ever play. I have been waiting awhile to write this review b/c I first wanted to finish the game. But this is no game, it truly is a virtual adventure. The environment of the game is incredible. Everyone's life is scripted, the computer characters really live out their lives. I have read that you can even catch a townsman pissing on a wall in an alley, though I never caught anyone in the act. I did, however, have my virtuous Paladin visit the brothel in town (tee hee), in the "Red Lantern District".
    The many reviews written on Amazon do the game justice, so I will not critique the game here. But I will tell you of the fun that I had.

    It all started with a nostalgia to play Ultima7, a HUGE 3-d Legend-of-zelda perspective computer game released in the early 90's that had such immersive and detailed world/plot/character development such that I have never seen in any game since. So anyways, there I was trying to load up this DOS game on my windowsXP system and it just wouldn't run. So while still in the mood for adventure, I loaded up Final Fantasy 7, Outcast (a brilliant PC game), D&D Planescape Torment, Betrayal at Krondor, even Zelda for N64 and Gamecube. But none of these games gave me the satisfaction of Adventure...except Outcast. But even Outcast is not a huge living world like Ultima7. I turned to our good friend google and searched Ultima7 and up came a review of this game, GOTHIC 2, to which it was compared. I bought Gothic2 with low expectations, for a measly $20, and it turned out to be the greatest most epic adventure I have ever had (on the computer). The gaming world is HUGE. It is basically separated into two areas: a medieval island, and an old mining valley. While loading a saved-game, or jumping back-and-forth between the two areas, will take about 40 sec of hard-drive crunching, the wait is well worth it! When I say the world is huge, it is all continuous and smooth. Once it is loaded, you can walk from the castle village in the south to the pyramids in the north without any computer delays. The run from south to north takes about 20 minutes!, assuming you have already killed all the monsters along your path. But still more amazing than the size of the world is its detail. The detail of the ground reminds me of HALO. Blury from a distance, but blades of grass at your feet. There is night & day (which cycles about every 20 minutes), snow in the mountains, rain-storms, bursts of lightning that illuminate everything around you, dense fog in the cemetaries and haunted woods, Even earthquakes. Another favorites about the environment are CAVES that do not look like boxes, but really caves. Some deep, others not-so-deep. Some have been used as tombs, others as stashes for the thieves. Early on in the game I came across a cliffside path with blood leading to a cave and found a stash of gold which I pounced on, and was shortly there-after pounced on and mauled to death by a shadowbeast (a big bear/lion animal). Suffice it to say, just walking around in the game world is a game in itself, with all the little details to make you feel that this island is modeled after a real place, and you are reinacting a real story.

    There are many many characters in this game. Some rich, some poor, heros, villains, cowards, liars, etc. About half the people seem to enjoy getting high by smoking "swampweed" every night. In fact with the brothel, and the bloodfights, you can pretty much act out a medieval Grand-Theft-Auto. Fight with anyone in the game, knock them unconscious, steal their belongings, and then even draw your sword and finish them off. But unlike GrandTheftAuto, murdering people in cold blood will make you ostracized by all of the "good people" until you confess to a priest or militia leader and ask for forgiveness.

    The story is very well done, and believable. It is almost as good as the immortal Betrayal at Krondor. Considering the game was created in/around Germany, the script translates very well. There do seem to be about 6 people doing all the voice-acting, which is embarassing at times since the dragons sound like the priests; the voice acting IS well-done, and you seldom have to read anything in the game.

    Finally, I want to share with you one of my favorite things about the game: the ability to carry anything and everything imaginable: ie, Mary Poppin's bottomless carpet bag. I love picking everything up in the game and keeping them: old keys, old coins, notes, books, plants, and my favorite...swampweed. Many games today implement a "weight-limit" to what a character can carry. That just doesn't fly with me, b/c it is annoying when you have to drop an essential item in spot A when you run outta space in your pockets, only to find you need it to get past spot B.

    I could go on & on about this game, b/c there is SO much to talk about. Suffice it to say, the game is breath-taking, the depth almost unimaginable, and you will get one heck of a long adventure out of this game. This game stands out among the rest in that the value of playing it is the EXPERIENCE. Not high points, and not killing as many demons/aliens/etc as you can. I recently played Half-Life2, a game that is receiving kudos from everyone under the sun. Having played and beaten Half-Life2, I will say that it is Addicting and fun, but it leaves you completely empty. There is no sense of adventure or accomplishment. HL2 is like riding through the Universal Studios tour. Gothic2 is like taking a Vacation to another land, another place, as you do when you read a good novel. By the way, HL2 took me 3 days to beat; Gothic2 lasted me 6 months!! No game that I have ever played comes close to the depth and realism of Gothic2. If your PC is strong enough to handle this game, it will be the best $20 bill you've ever spent on gaming. And you'll live happily ever after....more info
  • One of the best RPG's to ever hit the gaming world...
    For true fans of role-playing games who are tired of linear worlds where actions are determined by the no-choice plots of profit-minded programmers, there is good news.
    Like Gothic (1) before it, Gothic 2 invites the player on a journey into a gaming world where NPCs actually care what happens. Unlike most RPGs, the path of the game is not easy to see from the beginning. From the start, there are decisions to make that will alter the way the world reacts throughout the game. When the character rises in the ranks of a guild, instead of the dull "Yes Guildmaster" that many gamers have come to know and despise in RPGs, the world actually seems to notice that he is still alive.
    Among Gothic 2's major victories, players will find the no-nonsense gameplay to be refreshing. The controls have been much improved over the controls of Gothic (1) though the option to stick with the original controls is left to the player. When the character draws his sword in town, he better have a good reason. The locals get very upset. When a player enters someone's house whether innocently or to rob them blind, they notice and come on the war-path promptly. The player will sigh with relief even at the beginning of the game. Instead of spending needless time trying to decide what race and class to choose for maximum punch, the player is thrown nameless and immediately into the world not knowing if they can kill the bandit attacking them or the wolf close behind. There are no natural abilities in this game. Skills, of all sorts, must be learned and refined.
    Gothic 2 can take anywhere from 30-40 hours to beat and offers great replayability with different quests depending on the player's choices. It is well worth any gamer's time to find this game and give it a few spins.
    At an average cost of $20 (US) this game is a bargain and though a few years old, the graphics still amaze anyone with a decent system. If the gaming world is truly lucky, Gothic 3 will not be too many years away from becoming a reality. This game earns 5 out of 5 stars....more info
  • One of the best RPG ever - at a great price
    I will echo what others have said that Gothic 2 (and Gothic 1) is really unlike anything else out there - for better or for worse. Take a bit of time to read all the reviews for Gothic 1, Gothic 2, and also Gothic 2 Gold and it is literally smack-in-your-face obvious that those who can get over the beyond-description frustration of the bugs, the akward control, and the extreme realism (in this case, the absolute wimpiness of your character in the beginning - a fly, albeit a good-sized one, will kill him) and actually finish the game, will have their whole perspective on gaming changed forever. On the other hand, those that cannot will despise this game more than their mother-in-law (anyone notice that you can get woman-Hitler by rearranging the letters?)

    At any rate, it is absolutely true that the gamer must goes through his/her own trials before this game can be enjoyed. Yes, combat is hideous in the beginning, but get use to it and you will have Conan peeing in his leather breeches. Once you use to the control (and level up accordingly), the fighting movement is almost comparable to those sleek fighting game that's only available to console gamers. The cool thing is that you can defeat much stronger enemy based on your wit and dexterity rather than by character level. For instance, one of the ways to kill a giant troll in the game is by circle-strafing it rather that hacking it head on, because no matter what level you are at, this troll will just tear up your behind if you take it head on. By the way, enemies, especially those smaller than you, will also circle-strafe you, as they have impeccable AI. This is why the Gothic nuts love the challenge so much.

    Beside the good story (Gothic 1 has a better story though), one of the best thing about Gothic, to echo another reviewer, is that it's so immersive it literally gets under your skin. It won't be long before you automatically save game before combat without thinking - because the anxiety is almost too real. It won't be long before you learn to dread the dark and fear the night - and the night is long in the Gothic world (a day is a little over an hour long - that means about 30 minutes of darkness - and if you are out in the wood - you tread very carefully, if at all). Those who did not play or finish Gothic will think I'm off my rocker. Those that did will probably lol and remember their own fear of dying mixing in with the adrenaline rush before combat. For me, once I got over the frustration, it's simply too awsome to stop playing. (Pro: I worked hard at work so I can go home and play Gothic again. Con: I don't do anything at home beside paying Gothic ...again. By the way, Gothic 3 is a very decent game (and very pretty graphically), but it tried too hard to please everybody; therefore, as the Righteous Brothers (if you remember who that is) would said, it "lost that loving feeling" that Gothic fanatics ecperienced in Gothic 1 and 2.

    Another quirk with Gothic (both 1 and 2) is that it may not play on Windows XP if you have anti-virus running, as I have experienced. And also remember to clean up any spyware. Other than that, Gothic is more than a game, it's an experience to be felt, for those who knows that patient really meant: if first you don't succeed, reload, reload, reload... and keep on reloading the damn thing till you do. And just like my Drill Instructor used too say, "If it didn't hurt, you didn't do it right."
    PS. in case you want to know, best RPGs ever (that I played): Gothic 1 and 2, Baldur's Gate series, Morrowind (not Oblivion, which is like Gothic 3 - it tried to please everybody, and Deus-Ex 1. Honorable mention: Daggerfall, Neverwinter Nights and its Hordes of the Underdark expansion, Vampires Masquerade - Bloodlines, and also Star Wars Knight of the Republic series.
    ...more info
  • Not bad, diverting
    I got this after I picked up Gothic on sale and found it was playable.

    Gothic 2 is better, a bit plodding sometimes but you generally get your money's worth.

    My computer, a 1.4 Ghz Dell, .75 Gigs mem running W2K with a 32MB GeForce would freeze on occasion, the only cure being a reboot.

    Even so, the game design is good, graphics are interesting. But I found the ending a tad disappointing....more info

  • A few glaring and sometimes annoying errors, but fun all aro
    Its a fun game, the Artificial Intelligence is excellent, they go home at night, have a schedule, drawing your weapon close to one causes them to draw their own weapon and command you to put yours away. On the downside, there is ALOT of 'modern' swear words, something you probably wouldn't hear in Dark Age-Medieval times. But the graphics are great, alot better than I expected after playing Morrowind. The controls are my biggest complaint, if your attacked by a group of enemies, you are going to die, its very hard to fight more than one enemy efficently. You can forge your own weapons, thats very limited though, you can't forge every weapon, and you can't forge armor. The game isn't very glitchy, and pretty stable. As I mentioned above, the Graphics are great, not very high end, but look good none the less, the Envirorment must have has an IMMENSE ammount of work done on it, the people involed are very dovoted to making everything look believable and different. In the end, the swearing does cause me to take a star off, not because it offends me, but because it doesn't seem right to have in a Medieval Fantasy game, and the controls another star, but if your looking for an interesting RPG to play, this is it. Weather you like it or not is up to your style of play....more info
  • Exceptional game, with some irritating flaws
    Aside from the Elder Scrolls series, few games offer the degree of freedom you enjoy in Gothic 2. You can explore a vast, realistic world at will, meet a host of strange and unique creatures and individuals, and (naturally) kill them. There are numerous quest paths to take, and options available for class customization. The graphics are exquisite, and the sounds and soundtrack well done. Though voice acting is a bit bland, it's at least understandable and doesn't detract from the experience.

    The actor and monster AI are quite well done, though it tends to work better outside of combat rather than in. Monsters often get stuck if you're up on a rock or ledge, though I'm half convinced this is a feature rather than a deficiency (more on that later). Town citizens react in a realistic manner if you try to steal from them or act aggressively. Of particular note is that drawing weapons is considered a hostile action- something strangely absent in many RPGs. The realism is enhanced by excellent modeling (though human characters and expressions are somewhat uniform) and occasional cinematics.

    The first thing you're likely to notice about Gothic, however, is that the controls are very odd. Strafing makes you go perpendicular to the direction you're facing- it doesn't allow you to move diagonally. This will certainly throw anyone familiar with FPS controls. You click to target an enemy in combat, and then use directional keys to perform attacks or a block. Your character tries to track the target, but more often than not hits something or someone else. Additionally, the controls are sometimes very unresponsive. Accessing your inventory causes you to put away your weapon, and you have to run through your presorted items (which can be massive in number, since there's no encumbrance limitation) and select, say, that healing potion. Most of the time if you need healing in combat, you will die.

    Couple these problems with the fact that early on, most enemies will be able to smack you down with ridiculous ease, and you have a pretty harsh initiation into the world of Gothic 2. It doesn't help that most of the vermin out there come in packs. I found myself doing a lot of running until I hit about level 15. It's a good thing guards lend you a hand if you happen to lead some monsters by. This also makes that occasional rock or ledge extremely useful, provided you have a ranged attack.

    The world itself is actually quite small, as you'll see when you get a map (you have to buy one- no freebies like in most RPGs). However, the developers did a great job of expanding the world vertically, so there's a surprising number of places to visit. Many of these are creepy caverns filled with monsters and treasure, and secret areas lurk in hidden corners away from roads. The different environments have creatures to match, and you can usually tell when you're treading on the territory of some powerful beast (wonder where this blood trail leads...) There's enough NPCs around to make the world seem reasonably populated, and they go about their business like real people would.

    As for more serious problems, I noticed significant game instability during saving. Furthermore, whenever it crashed during a save, the save was unrecoverable (yikes!). I also saw the world reset every time I changed areas during a chapter transition. This led to weird things like people I had killed returning to life. The patch didn't fix these problems.

    Lastly, if your PC isn't relatively powerful, you're going to see some major lag in populated areas like Khorinnis. Reduced video settings might fix this, but playing on low detail in this game is just no fun. One cosmetic gripe I had was the lack of character customization- you have precisely one choice in terms of your appearance and voice. This is for continuity purposes, I understand, and doesn't detract too much from the game experience. Nevertheless, it is something missing that's present in most current games.

    There are scores of quests, most of which work as expected. I did see a few quest bugs, but that's to be expected given the complexity of the game. The main quest is what drives the plot, and although it does have some interesting twists, it isn't exactly brilliant. I suppose the developers spent so much time and energy on the world, the graphics, and the side quests that they had little juice left to work on the main quest. However, there's enough paths to make the game replayable nevertheless. Specifically, you can play as a mercenary, paladin, or fire mage, and each route leads to unique quests and capabilities. If I could resolve the technical issues with the game, I'd likely play it through again.

    In summary, Gothic 2 isn't a perfect game, but it's definitely a great one. For what it costs now, it's one serious bargain for any RPG addict....more info
  • The Best Single Player RPG I have ever played
    I have played nearly every major single player RPG (and some wierd obscure ones for that matter), and this game is the best out of all of them.

    The graphics in this game are very good but not perfect. The world detail is truly amazing and it better than any other RPG I know of. Dense forests, towering stone castles, icy mountain tops, etc etc, this game has it all. The character detail is pretty good to, much better than Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights. I also like the armor and weapon detail too. It is always a treat when I get a new piece of armor or a weapon to try it on and see how it looks, and unlike other games, the better the armors rating is the cooler it looks. The special effects for spells are pretty good, but not quite as good as Neverwinter Nights if you are looking for a comparison.

    The lighting detail could be better. Another thing is I wished they would of made things more reflective. The armor is kind of shiny, but it would be really sweet if they made it so you could see your reflection in someone's armor. Also, the water detail isn't all that great. The animations aren't that great either. They did a good job with coordinating gestures and facial expressions with speech, but combat animations aren't really that great.

    Overall the graphics are very good, and certainly at the top of any RPG, but it's certainly not Doom III.

    This game has the best sound I have heard in any RPG - full surround and environmental effects. Another thing that is awesome is that everything is spoken, none of the dialogue is subtitled. I read somewhere that there is nine hours of recorded speech in this game, and this adds a lot to the game play. The voice acting isn't' all that bad as someone a few rows down mentioned, but I think it is pretty good for 9 hours of recorded speech.

    The controls aren't the best, and there are games with a lot better controls out there, but you get used to the controls fast and it really isn't a problem at all.

    This is where this game really shines. This is the most nonlinear single player game I have ever played, topping even morrowind. I would go so far as to say that this game is more non-linear than some online RPG's out there. The storyline is very gripping and is up there with Baldur's Gate II.

    NPC's have schedules. For example, a potion maker might wake up, get some breakfast, go out in the woods to collect herbs, come back and brew potions, go to the local tavern to get a few drinks, and then finally go back to his house and go to sleep. To give you an idea of how this effects game play, here is and example of a quest I did in the game: for a quest I needed to beat someone up, but I couldn't do it in front of the guards in plain daylight. I waited until night and followed him home from the tavern and beat the hell out of him while he was in a dark alley and no one was looking.

    The character development system isn't as elaborate as Dungeons and Dragons, but it is to the point and gets the job done very well. I actually like it a little better than Dungeon's and Dragons. You can learn different skills like brewing your own potions, making your own weapons, skinning animals, creating spells, etc etc.

    I also like the way they did the economy and items in this game. Gold never loses it's value, ever. Another thing is that you're not always getting a new weapon or armor to look at every two seconds like in Diablo. Whenever you get a new item it is a pretty big thing and helps you out a lot. They did an excellent job of balancing this game in that respect.

    Combat is probably the weakest part of the game play, but it is still very fun. Mainly this has to do with the controls and the graphics, because combat is not nicely animated like it is in Neverwinter Nights. You should mind though, that I am being very hard on this game, and combat is still extremely fun. I am merely pointing out that it could be better.

    This is an excellent game. It isn't perfect, but it's good points are really good, and they more than cancel out the bad points(which aren't very many) and defiantly gets my five stars....more info

  • Gothic 2
    The price is right, and the game play is excellent. It is very hard at first so save often, but you will be swept away, and play for hours and hours....more info
  • When so many things are done right
    Once I was coming back down the beaten country path to Khorinis (the city) early morning after a night's worth escapades outside its walls. The rising sun started to be barely visible through the mist and familiar `Khorinis theme' started playing... I felt like I was coming back home after some long voyage. I stopped playing and just marveled at the moment.

    The story could use more emotional `oomph', yes, but Gothic 2 got so many things right anyway, both in big aspects and little details.
    The world design: labyrinthine multileveled paths throughout the wilderness gave the world more than just 3 dimensions. It has day-night cycle and dynamic weather.
    Movement engine that not only allows free roaming, jumping, or swimming but climbing as well and considering the landscape has lots of vertical diversity it is very helpful.
    Gothic2's NPC scheduling was the part Oblivion tried to unsuccessfully emulate. Here it looks so simple and effortless and every little part of it makes sense.
    This game has Choices and consequences. There are 3 paths of developing your character's profession. Each of them excludes the other, but not completely. Many characters have different attitudes (to the point that quests or goals have to be tackled differently) depending on player's guild affiliation. Quests are fun, require actual thinking and there is no hand-holding.
    The world is scary but the world at night is scarier. Finding yourself in the woods after sunset without a torch can be paralyzing. The main reason is that baddies are not decreased to your level and you can easily stumble upon an Orc or a pack of Wargs or a skeleton in the beginning of the game. However the chances are you'll see or hear them first before they notice you... basically you'll be running away as much often as deciding to put up a fight. Fights can be won easily if you get experience with controls and baddies' behavior. Controls themselves are very responsive, and the better your in-game combat skills the more responsive they are.
    There is a fast travel system, BTW. There are genuine dragons to fight against, not some poor imitations. The game-world has two parts: main island and the Valley of mines. Everything (plants, chests, treasure, monsters, NPCs) is hand-placed.

    Last word: This game is the very definition of immersion.
    ...more info
  • OK, but not great
    I think the other reviews here sum it up pretty well. It is somewhat immersive. The character is difficult to control (it would be nice to be able to toggle between run and walk mode, rather than having to hold down the shift key). There is a lot of detail. However, a couple of things that I didn't see anyone else mention are how absolutely dreadful the voice acting is. It stinks to high heaven. It is the main reason I say the game is only somewhat immersive - because anytime you talk to someone, it seems like some bad high school play performed by Texans... slowly. Also, there is too much foliage that gets in the way and blocks your view of your character. These may not be big problems, but they were annoying enough to me to give it a mediocre score....more info