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StarFlyers Alien Space Chase
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Yikes! Pets are loose at theStarFlyer!Product InformationZoom off with the StarFlyers to distant planets and see this problem transforminto an extraordinary space-hunt for Alien Ambassadors ¡ªwho look a bit likepets. Use quick-thinking and logical-reasoning skills to uncover clues andcollect galaxy seeds. Celebrate by trading galaxy seeds for astro-prizes¡ªamusinganimations and printable activities. The Alien Ambassadors are depending on youin this smart fun-packed adventure.Children build critical thinking skills in a planet hopping adventure!?In the Real WorldWellingdon School students expect a great Show-Your-Pet Day . . . untilVictor Wexler strikes and all the pets get loose.The Fantasy WorldAlien Ambassadors are missing! StarFlyers to the rescue! Solve puzzles torescue them - and save the intergalactic election.Fly the SnoozeCruiserCollect tools and valuable galaxy seeds. Stow them in the dashboard andtrade your galaxy seeds for prizes at the Astro-Prize Center!Skills Learned Critical thinking and problem solving Hypothesis formulation and testing Spatial reasoning Memory and sequencing CreativityProduct Features 8 brain-tickling games 12 printable activities 3 levels of challenge Kid-friendly help movies Smart arcade-style fun to enjoy again and again! Feel the Adventure with an Immersion TouchSense ¨C enabled mouse.? (mouse not includedWindows Requirements Windows? 95/98 Me 2000 XP Pentium? 166 MHz or faster 32 MB RAM 100 MB free hard disk space* 16-bit color monitor 800x600 DirectX-compatible video card 2 MB Windows-compatible sound card & speakers 8X CD-ROM drive Optional: Immersion? TouchSense? mouse? *An additional 7 MB of disk space may be required to install Adobe? Acrobat Reader?. ?Tactile feedback mouse and Windows? 98/Me/2000/XP required to use Immersion? TouchSense? featureMacintosh Requirements Mac OS 8.6¨COS X

Take off with the StarFlyers on a brain-building alien quest where clever thinking saves the day. It's intergalactic election time, and villainous Vexar is up to his evil stunts. Join the StarFlyers on a colorful quest to find the missing alien ambassadors and foil Vexar's scheme. Along the way kids encounter out-of-this-world challenges, like racing down the universe's largest slide and navigating the twists and turns of Planet Pipeworks. From a rendezvous with the Fun Police to a brush with the bouncing Hairballs, kids never know what to expect on a StarFlyers adventure.

Eight challenging games stretch your child's smarts. Twelve printable activities extend the fun and learning beyond the computer. Three levels of difficulty offer ongoing challenge and lasting appeal, while kid-friendly "help movies" guide kids out of a jam fast. StarFlyers: Alien Space Chase also builds essential skills in logic and reasoning, problem solving, hypothesis testing, spatial relationships, sequencing, and more. Loads of kid-friendly charm make this intergalactic adventure your child's ticket to a universe of learning.

  • Yikes! Pets are loose at theStarFlyer! Product Information Zoom off with the StarFlyers to distant planets and see this problem transforminto an extraordinary space-hunt for Alien Ambassadors ¡ªwho look a bit likepets. Use quick-thinking and logical-reasoning skills to uncover clues andcollect galaxy seeds. Celebrate by trading galaxy seeds for astro-prizes¡ªamusingani

Customer Reviews:

  • Grandson loves it.
    We have had this game for about a month. My grandson (age 5) is here a couple days a week and plays it each time he stays. We have several computer games but I would have to say this is one of his favorites.
    ...more info
  • A Real Treat
    The back story is always grounded in a real disastrous event in Katherine Diane Cadell's life. Quicker than you can say, "Oh, no!" her imagination creates a related adventure with the Star Flyers and her as Katie Cadet - leader of the pack. And the pack includes AJ who has special powers for each mission, Io, a fire breathing dog and Klanker, a very strong robot.
    The actions are basically arcade style - but a very clever and imaginative arcade. The settings are sure to please children - Planet Chocolopagus where you herd marshmallows through chocolate tunnels; Planet Bowlarama where besides jumping and climbing , the player has to make use of the different powers of the team to get past hazards and Planet Ice Cube where planning and mapping skills are needed to navigate mazes. Activities are varied so the pace of the game keeps the interest high without it being tiring.

    Getting from one planet to another requires navigating the spaceship through the Popcorn Galaxy avoiding space food junk and finding caramel power ups. The levels are Tough, Tougher and Toughest, and is just another example of the care and sensitivity that the designers used in putting together this game. As in all of The Learning Company's games there is self leveling and it is set to on but can be turned off. Self leveling keeps track of the players progress and adjusts it according to the performance, so that if you ace a game, the next one will be tougher.

    The current format in games now-a-days is to put the manual on the disk. Do yourself or you kids a favor and read it. The how's and why's and what is good stuff and what is stuff to be avoided and what is to point of it all - is not always obvious - so read the manual. The upper age range for this game is eight, but it is unusual and clever enough to please older kids besides being delicious....more info

  • Fun game that has kept my kids' attention for years!
    We got this game about two years ago and it's still a favorite in our house! My son started playing it when he was about 4. He needed help for some things (especially the end), but loved playing! Now, at 6, he still loves the game and can play the entire thing independently. My 4-year-old daughter loves to play now too!

    I love the educational value of the games. I would highly recommend this one!...more info
  • Excellent game for little girls
    My daughter is almost 6 and still plays this one every month or so. she is in love with Katie Cadet, the heroine of the story. It is fun and simple enough to figure out but there are lots of challenges that can be repeated. To end the game you have to do a more typical arcade-style activity where you are climbing and jumping on a large grid (sorry, there must be a simple description for this) and she couldn't do it at first, I had to do it for her, but now she can do it by herself.
    I wish there were more of these Star Flyers games! I would buy them all. ...more info
  • Wonderful Game for Many Ages
    I found this game while looking for learning games for my children & bought it just to see if it would be a good fit for my family. Turns out to be a wonderful buy. I have 3 children that are able to use the computer 3, 5 & 7 years and they all enjoy this game. My 7 & 5 year olds can play alone while my 3 year old needs help but still enjoys all the colors sounds and being able to collect space rocks (???) to buy goodies from thier little space store. Even though they've completed the game over and over, they still enjoy playing. Great fun for all, we are purchasing the other game from this same line....more info