Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
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In Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, you play a guy out to fulfill his family's legacy, an become a aster thief -- by stealing from the people who stole from him!

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus puts the player in the role of a raccoon named Sly Cooper. On Sly's eighth birthday, he is given the Thievius Raccoonus, an instruction manual passed down through the Cooper family for generations on how to be a great thief. But ruthless villains bust in and steal the manual, split it amongst themselves, and then vanish. Sly, along with his two friends Bentley and Murray, must embark on a platform adventure to recover the pages of the book and prove to the world that Sly Cooper is the world's greatest thief. Different skills, such as stealth tactics and platform jumping, are required throughout the game. You'll also pilot vehicles, play minigames, and fight bosses as you proceed.

  • Sly Cooper was born into a family of thieves. On his 8th birthday, he was supposed to recieve the Thievius Raccoonus -- the family guide to theivery. But it was stolen, broken into pieces and spirited away. Now, ten years later, Sly will fulfill his destiny and get the Thievius Raccoonus back!
  • With the help of his friends, Bentley the inventor and Murray the muscleman, he'll go on a quest to restore his family name
  • Use your stealth and smarts to sneak around, duck security, and jump through windows & doors without being seen
  • Great minigames, hideouts, and vehicles are here for an adventure kids will love!

Customer Reviews:

  • A game my son returns to over and over
    Once you have experience playing this game, you could play it in one day (just the regular game, not including the timed runs, etc). But my son still enjoys playing it anyway. He hasn't been able to beat all the timed runs, but he has fun trying. The first time we played it, there were parts that were frustrating, especially the last level, but we finally figured out how to get through the tough parts....more info
  • The Thievius Raccoonus!
    "Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus" is a moderately fun platformer, where players take the role of Sly Cooper (the raccoon). The story is very cartoonish and kid-oriented so this isn't a bad game for those younger gamers. But how about for everybody else?

    Well, "Sly Cooper" does have it's moments. A number of fun, platforming "missions", which (while doing nothing new for the genre) are usually fun to play.

    Although there are a number of things that are in "Sly Cooper" that are just downright terrible. A number of weak missions, a story only really enjoyable for younger gamers, and some difficulty issues, all hurt this game's appeal.

    Still, "Sly Cooper" can be fun, and if you are looking for a game to play with a younger gamer, this isn't a bad choice. Just keep in mind if you are older, you probably won't be a fan....more info
  • fun for kids and adults alike
    This was a fun game, not too hard for the little ones, but challenging enough for the big ones....more info
  • Fun, but at times FRUSTRATING.
    The premise for this game is very unique. I like the comic book renderings of it as well. The game play and controls are tight. The only fault I have with this game is that you don't have unlimited lives and 1 hit kills you, most of the time. Lots of cheap shots that kill you, making you start from the last checkpoint, unless you run out of lives, then you start the level ALL OVER. On some levels, this means going back and working another 20 minutes to get where you left off, only to die the same way a few times until you figure out the trick. There isn't enough time to find out how you died sometimes! That made me put the game away for a while. I will try Sly 2 and see if it's any better. If you have high blood pressure, I wouldn't recommend this game. LOL!...more info
  • One of the most enjoyable, colorful, wonderful PS2 games, ever...
    Okay, caveat emptor right here at the beginning, my eyes and vision, as well as other related physical and psychological limits are going downhill fast, in this, mad world, and I don't have nearly the time or ability I'd like to playing video games more often. While I still think video game technologies and advancements have come a long way indeed, in barely a decade, a lot of the newer, FPS (first person shooter) games for the up-to-the-minute game consoles and PC, so popular these days (unhappily), leave me cold. Rare is it these days, that a video game shows any imagination besides the same old tired shoot everything that moves genre. With lots of gratuitous blood and guts and lots of very unpleasant events (GTA, et al), and silly music games offered with silly fake instruments and even more ridiculous results (folks, buy a cheap, REAL guitar, sheesh, learn a few chords, and let your imagination take you wherever), I wonder, even with PSP and Nintendo DS confusion, whatever happened to having FUN playing video games?

    I remember in the early days of the PSP, which I had considered buying at one time due to my vision problems, where early on, there were cracks and hacks out there, and even pushed by hosts of G4TV, back before G4TV turned to crap and got rid of most of their best shows, which allowed me to actually play Mario and countless other SNES and Sega Genesis, and other games. I don't know if it's even possible to buy PSP's hackable version to play old SNES and/or Sega Genesis classics, "THEY" probably put an end to that a long time ago.

    I, the humble, lower economic class owner of my beloved PS2, thus offer the following.

    While XBOX360/PS3/Wii fans may either live in nirvana of the new dayz or even long for a better (?) time, some of us older others remember and applaud when the GAME and PLAYABILITY was all important. For us, so many of the "next-generation" efforts in the way of graphics, are amazing but it's "in the game" beyond graphics, and so is the case with earlier efforts such as this, Good old Sly Cooper, in his original adventure.

    Dazzling graphics are one thing, and this game equals anything found on the newer (post-PS2), if I many say so. The colors and graphics here are second to none. And while deep down, I still believe the first three original Super Mario games, and Mario World, all for the SNES, still define the height console video games ever reached, this particular game, perhaps like Mario 64 and other such, questions that theory/belief. Not that other platform games, 2D or 3D haven't tried. Witness Spyro, Rayman, and Crash Bandicoot, etc., for examples. Take these general opinions and my personal philosophy of video games, for what its' worth. But for any platform game lover, this is a must buy if you have a PS2 or PS3 capable of playing older PS games.

    While I cannot talk of the Gamecube or Wii endeavors with Mario, since I've never owned those gaming systems, I do own and have for some time, a good ol' new version of the PS2 (which may never die, Thank God), and of all platform games I've played for the PS1 and PS2, this has to be closer to one of the best platform games of all time, and will I'm sure, not let down any casual gamer of any age. Experienced gamers might find it a bit easy, but that is to be expected among most gamers.

    Sly Cooper is a sly fox, yes he is. If one gets lost early on, as I did, I suggest you delete your saved profile(s), and start anew. Because there can be frustrations early on if you don't watch and listen to your help characters, from beginning onwards through each completed stage. Regardless of similar such games as this, this is fun and easy for all ages, and remains the best SLY COOPER game ever, and probably always will. For any PS2 game player not familiar with Sly and his merry bunch of accomplices and beautifully drawn and colored graphics, and especially for any true fan of platform 3D games, this game remains one of the finest and most excellent overall platform games ever.

    If you can still play PS2 games on whatever system(s) you own, and want a good, old-fashioned platform game, which is actually relaxing (no real timers hurrying you along) and easy but still challenging and quite cute at times without being unnecessarily frustrating, with superb graphics and replayability, you can't go wrong here. This is definitely one of the PS2's finest efforts, and still holds up to this day, for both young and old gamers alike. Dinosaur gamers like me with failing eyesight or cerebral ability to keep up with dozens of commands to make your onscreen character work, will love this, though advanced gamers, may find it the equivalent of one who mastered the Super Mario games trying to play Pong.

    Come to think of it though, Pong was, I still protest, a pretty cool game, and still are the Super Mario games, and Tetris, and I'll just stop for now before I start discussing Ecco......more info
  • A great game for someone who is really crappy at video games
    I'm really bad at video games. This game was easy and really fun. The graphics aren't too bad;They're slightly better than the graphics for the game TAZ:WANTED. I probably beat this game in 5 days. The game doesn't have much of a character choice.There's only a few levels where you get to be someone rather than Sly, and you can barely see that character. I saw a preview for the sequel,Sly 2: Band of Thieves, and it looks so much more fun with better graphics, better character choice, and difficulty. I hope it's not too difficult because out of the 13 games I have I've only beaten Sly Cooper.hehehehe. I hope you have as much of a good time playing this game as I did. I'd reccomend this game for anyone....more info
  • Refreshing
    As a huge fan of first person shooters i found this an excellent game for a refreshing change of pace. Any fan of platform adventure games should enjoy this one. Very pretty graphics fast paced and humorous. If you enjoy the likes of Crash Bandicoot your sure to love this one....more info
    The idea for for getting this game is from the tv show x-play. thank you morgan and adam. At first for getting this game i thought this would suck. Man was i wrong. Very wrong.this game was the best. You get to steal stuff and get back the pages of the thievius raccoonus. My favorite page was the slow motion jump.[kinda like the matrix]well dont take my word for it,go out and by it. Its only $20....more info
  • best thievery game ever
    This game is get to go all over the world with your two best pals,bently and murray.You get to break into peoples houses,dodge lasers,steal stuff.and get back pages of the thievius raccoonus.You be fighting five members of the fiendish five.sir raliegh on the isle of wrath,mugshot in mesa city,mz ruby in haiti,the panda king in china,and clockwerk in russia,i think.this is a great game,buy it....more info
  • One of 2002's best games!
    Words cannot describe and intricate and innovative Sly Cooper and the Theivius Racconus is. Released in the last quarter of 2002(a great year for games) Sly brought a lot of freshness to the once stale platforming genre.

    The game itself seems very complex at times,but you get a feel right away and there is tons of things to do. In addition to the little mini-games strewn about,you go through levels and uncover pages from Sly's family book of theiving that was stolen from his family at a young age. Sly's pals,Bentley and Murray,aid you in your quests as well,sometimes involving themselves in the action.

    Even though,retail-wise,the game wasn't a roaring success,this game still is one of my most treasured in my Playstation 2 gaming collection,and one you will gladly purchase for your own gaming collection....more info

  • An entertaining diversion
    I was lucky enough to pick this up used at Blockbusters for a very reasonable price. I bought it based on the reviews I had read here. My 7 year old daughter immediately began to play it and has been going at it for a few days now. She has reached 40% completion now, so it has not been a terribly difficult game up to this level, but she has had to replay several sections more than once in order to continue. The game save works very nicely and you can start your saved game up quickly with a minimal load time. The fastest I have seen so far. It also hasn't sent her back to the beginning after Sly dies, avoiding frustration. We also have Ratchet & Clank as well as Jak & Daxter, but this one seems to hold her attention more. It may be that this is a more linear game, where she doesn't get stuck wandering around on an island, wondering where to go next. With this game, you just keep going forward and the obstacles appear right there, sort of like the old style Crash Bandicoot games. This game is also a pleasure to watch as the graphics are so nice. Put this on your list of games to buy, but be patient, find a good deal on it to make it all the more enjoyable....more info
  • He's One Cunning, Devious, Thievius Raccoonus!!!!
    In my opinion, Sly Cooper has to be one of the most remarkable games I've ever played. First of all, Sly is a thief on the run in search of his long-lost family heirloom--the "Thievius Raccoonus" book. When he was only eight years old, some ruthless thieves stole the book. Ten years later, Sly's out to find what is rightfully his! He and his pals, Bentley the turtle and Murray the hippo are out to find the book. But then there's the bad guys, the Fiendish Five who try and stop Sly--not to mention Carmelita Montoya Fox who's been on the lookout for Sly for a very long, long time.

    Anyway, Sly is very easy to maneuver, the scenarios are astonishing and vibrant (not to mention extremely realistic), Sly's moves are sneaky and slinky, the storyline is excellent and well thought about, and the bad guys are humorous and well, bad.

    For all you picky gamers out there, saving is almost perpetual, loading time doesn't even take a split second, finding anything else you need to get to or do is a cinch, and everything in the game moves smoothly and systematically, so don't worry about this game being a "maybe" or a "what if...?" You will definitely and seriously NOT regret purchasing this game. It's hours of some serious thieving!!! =)...more info

  • best game ever!!!
    This game is sooooo awesome!!Sly is easy to move and gameplay isn't hard. i haven't gotten stuck in this game once. And, the graphics are awesome!!! I definatly recomend this game....more info
  • Sly Cooper is a really cool game
    What I think is really good about Sly Cooper is that it loads very, very fast and the scenes are really cool. Some parts of the game are hard and some parts of the game are easy. But don't get too excited about finding all the clues and opening all those vaults. And another thing, it gets a little bit tricky on the third level. Buy this game if you get a chance!...more info
  • WHAT A GAME!!!
    It all started when I went to my friend's house. He asked if I wanted to play Sly Cooper and I answered,"Sure!" So we started on the level when you are first introduced to enemies and bottles. I started to love it the more I played. I asked my mom if I could get it. She said "Yes" and I got it! Six months later,I beat the game! My Favorite part was beating the Panda King. I thought that the hardest level was when you fight the Master Mind of the Raid on the Cooper's House. I also like this game because when you get a certain amount of bottles, you'll get cool moves. My favorite move is the stun attack. This game is also very good with graphics. And Boy! It seems like I am inside Sly Cooper's body!...more info
  • Bad Game
    I rented it a couple months ago to see if it was as good as Sly 2 and 3. But after realising that you die in one hit, the plot was dumb and the graphics were bad, I thought it was a dumb and horrible game. Don't even rent it or the thief will steal you're mind and stop you from playing better games. I HATED IT TO DEATH!!!!!!!...more info
  • Sly Cooper 1 The Theivous Racoonus, The Best Games of The Years!
    Overall, I have produced to you readers a shorter review than
    the Ratchet and Clank one, Sly Cooper...

    To business, Graphics...
    B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!! I love them but every world (except Team V-
    an) is a hub world...
    Sound, They are great but not the best in the entire galaxy (so-


    The Isle of Wrath, (Bermuda Triangle)
    Mesa City (Utah Canyons)
    Jungles of Haiti (Haiti, South America)
    China (China, Asia)
    Krav Korov Volcano (Clockwerk's home in Russia)

    yes, very short... approximately 6-10 hours... 10 or more to a-
    cumulate the goods...

    Stay tuned for Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy!
    -...more info
  • full of fun
    this game is fun but i wish i had the strategy guide that prima makes for games. it would be easiser for me....more info
  • It's awesome!
    My original intention was not to get the first one, but only to get the second one. I decided to get the first one just for the hell of it and so I wouldn't miss any story line. I have to admit that I wasn't disappointed. After playing a couple of hours I was instantly hooked on it and I couldn't set the controller down for the next three days. There are a few parts in there that are a little ridiculus, but I don't want to go into detail for fear of ruining the game for those who haven't played it. You'll see what I mean when you play it. This game will seem very easy for those experienced gamers, but it is a great game for beginning gamers. I give it 4 stars!...more info
  • excellent!!!
    sly cooper is great i've played it occasionally in different places and it's a wonderful game you can jump,run and swing the only thing that actually stinks is the inability to swim!! i jumped in the water only to watch helplessly as sly is frantically trying to get out but instead of actually trying he just struggles then takes his hat off and sinks!! and it especially stinks because you can't really stay alive after getting hit he just gives up. you would think if he's a thief he would've learned how to swim!!!...more info
  • Fun, for the whole family.
    We are PS2 fans with 2 girls age 5 and 7. Had our PS2 3 years and love Jak and Ratchet. Although both of these are still too hard for the youngest. Our 7 year old is pretty good at the controls now and will happily play for the younger to watch. They both love the cartoon style of Sly and it was challenging enought without being too hard to keep their interest. Dad can play easily, and it's still fun for mom. We're looking forward to the sequel. There's not too many playable games that don't involve tons of violent moves for girls that dad and mom like to play too. Sly wins for our family....more info
  • Okay
    This game is pretty good. What stinks you have to get all the bottles and that is hard sometimes. If you do not get all the bottles you do not get 100%. the first 3 levels are quite fun but the last two are just cheesy mimicks of the first 3 levels....more info
  • Good game for the younger generation.
    This game is obviously based for the younger generation, but is still pretty fun nontheless. The story is simple: five badguys stole your ancient book and killed your father and now you're out for revenge.

    You gain more "master thief" moves as you go on. You can leap of points, slide on rails, and even later on become invisible. You gain many side powers too my collecting clues in bottles scattered throughout the level until you decipher them and learn the code to the vault hidden somewhere in the level. Then you can type it in and gain another power. These poweres are ones like speed up, slow mo, roll, and other powers that are not necessary to beat the game, but help. *pant*

    Each level is pretty much the same as the next. You go through a starting level to get to the main level from which the other stages branch out of. EAch level exists so you can fight through it and get the "treasure keys." Once you have all the treasure keys you use them to get to the boss in some fantastic way or another, then you duke it out with them and gain a new master thief move. Then you move on.

    Also, sly cooper sports linear mission structure (there's only one way to get through it), so it isn't extremely replayable.

    The cel-shaded graphics do give it a cartoony look that make it friendly to the younger generation.

    Overall, Sly Cooper would make a good present to someone who's six or over. Consider it, it is a pretty good game....more info
  • it is my favorite game
    it is a fun do not kill kill things like monkies and do not use is a realy fun game for kids. ...more info
  • Nice Art, Evil Game
    I spent about 10 minutes playing this game before I realized what a bad game it is. I love the cell shading, and I wish PS2 would have more games, better games that is, with art like this one. However, I found this game to be far too simplistic to be enjoyable. You don't get a health meter. AT ALL! If you touch ANYTHING you're not supposed to (for me, it was a plant) you die instantly and are sent back to the beginning. If you fall into the water you die instantly. If you die three times you start all over, like you did in old Nintendo games.
    True, I didn't get past the first level so I don't know if this situation improves at all, but for a game to have that kind of set up in the first place is pointless. Hasn't gaming come far enough in the past 20 years that have rendered the concept of "how many lives I do I have left?" totally useless? My suggestion: Rent it and see for yourself....more info