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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
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Product Description

A series of grisly murders brings Lara into conflict with a sinister Alchemist from the past, and a secret alliance of powerful individuals shrouded in mystery. At the center of these mysteries are the Obscura Paintings - five 14th century pieces of art that the Alchemist is desperate to repossess. Accused of the murder of her one time mentor, Werner Von Croy, Lara becomes a fugitive on the run. Pursued by the police, she follows the Alchemist into a dark world of blood, betrayal and vengean

  • Character evolution - improve Laras abilities and witness her adapt to how you play the game. You are rewarded for puzzle solving and exploration in the form of improvements to Laras jumping ability, brainpower, upper body strength etc.
  • Character interaction - for the very first time in a Tomb Raider game, Lara has the ability to talk to characters. The choices you make in conversation will affect Laras route through the game.
  • Take more direct and fluid control over Lara with an entirely new control system and experience new levels of gameplay with hand-to-hand combat, stealth attacks, last chance grabs and more.

Customer Reviews:

  • It's ok...
    I've always enjoyed Tomb Raider games. But I bought this game, and it did not work on my computer. My computer didn't match the maximum requirements (which they don't show you until AFTER you open the box), but it did match the minimum requirements. I didn't buy this from, but I bought it from a different store. They had this stupid policy that you can't get a full refund if you opened it. How the heck are you supposed to know that it doesn't work, if you can't open it?!

    Anyway, after a while, I got a PS2. So I decided to try it on PS2. It worked, but it's not that fun. It's almost impossible to control Laura. There are certain points in the game that you have to be at an exact angle to jump onto a ledge, and you can spend like a half hour trying to jump onto the stupid ledge. It's also not that fun because one of the "cool new features" is that she can only hold on for a certain amount of time. If you want to stay on a ledge for longer, you need to break a window, or kick a door down. Then she looses her strength again. ...more info
  • Better Than The Others
    This game is definitely better than the other Tomb Raider games. Graphics are better and there are cut scenes to keep the story interesting. The controls default was just plain sad. No one uses curser keys for the PC, we use WASD...hello! I had to change almost all of the default keys for the control key pad. It is difficult to manuver Lara as she does not slide left or right, only turns. If your character is in the crouch position, you are unable to slide left or right and I found this very frustrating. If your gun is drawn, it is terribly annoying to run up stairs because although you are telling her to go upstairs, she inevietibley wants to go back down....though it is very funny to watch Lara run like a bow-legged guy up a flight of stairs. I don't care for game play that forces you to hit a function key to "pick up" an item, I prefer just running into them. Your character will be in the heat of a battle and you'll have to hit a function key to pick up an'll watch your character in S L O W M O T I O N bend down and pick up the much needed item and then SMACK! you're dead, because it took too long!!! There is no cross-hair for aiming, so that's no challenge. sigh. Your camera view is constant and so very difficult to view your surrondings and impossible to see anything when you are in that crouch position. Game needs work, but has the basic core of the interesting story line, fun kick-butt characters, and good stategy. Check out No One Lives Forever 1 or 2, and Star Wars, Jedi Outcast for some great gaming!!!...more info
  • Best Tomb Raider ever!
    When I first got this game I was disapointed. Both with the grafics and the game play. But I got a new grafics card and it looked amazing! I had no idea that a small update would make it look so good! And the controls are confusing at first, but within an hour they're almost second nature. The story is very involving, and the characters are cool. The enimy in this TR is a perfect villian! The levels are well detailed, and I only got stuck twice in the game through the whole time I played it. But I was able to get past those hard spots in the levels.
    The music is awesome in this game, it even has a sound track!
    This, the first tomb Raider (Classic) and the fourth tomb raider are the best. But TR6 is probibly THE best tomb raider ever! It's very fun! The grafics reminded me of Enter The Matrix, but the cutsceens in tomb raider are much better. And some levels reminded me a bit of Resident Evil. I think that any fan and non-Tomb raider fan, should get this game!!! It's awesome!!!! :D

    There are ups and downs to this game. You decide:

    Glitchs/bugs that you'll find: If you don't find bugs in games a problem then you'll be able to play this game and be happy with it. If bugs bother you alot avoid this game.
    Diffrent computers will handle this game in diffrent ways. You'll probibly get at least one or more of the following when you play:

    -Some times you fall through the world, this mainly happens in Paris.
    -when you turn around really quick or get too close to the camera you'll see a flash of the inside of Lara's head (Or if your playing Kurtis the same thing will happen).
    - When in Prague sometimes Lara's leg or hips will strech and dissapear in some angles. This only happens a few times.
    - As Kurtis you have one gun, but when you punch sometimes his glave will flash into his hands for about 2 seconds. But you can never use it.
    - The sound effect for the shot gun won't work. (Patch will fix this)
    - The FMV's disapears.

    Frusterating things:
    -You have to have goofy power ups. Basicly Lara is not strong enough to do much anything, so she'll move a box and say her chessy one liner "I feel stronger now". After that she can open a door or something.
    -Some area's are hard to get past, like trying to take the painting out of a statues's hand while being attacked endlessly. It took me 5 hours to get past that and I've only gotten it to work once.
    -Another chessy thing is that you often have to fight two bosses in a row. Boaz mutant 2 and then right after that Boaz mutant 3. And the dumb thing about that is you're character get's stabed and you just leave him there and got back to Lara. Fighting two more bosses in a row happens again at the end of TR6 too.

    The really cool things:
    -The story line is involving and you get sucked into it and want to find out more.
    - The lip sync is perfect.
    - It can be emotionaly grabing at times, very cinimatic. It's like playing a movie!
    -The motion it great, some games they don't look right when they walk. This game has great motion.
    -Characters are good, Lara and Kurtis are the main two, and the bad guys a really evil and you want to defeat them.
    - The textures and the whole world you play in looks beyond awesome. Great lighting too.
    - Good gameplay and fun. ...more info
  • Robocop dressed like Lara Croft
    I was expecting Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness since last year, with a similar performance as Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, but now when I receive the game, I saw this little girl that walks like with an umbrella inside of her pants.

    The graphics and sound are great, but Lara rotates like a robot and when I try to make her run, she doesn't agree with me and moves extremely slowly.

    I have a 2MHz PC with 500Megas RAM and GeForce4 Graphic Card, and there is no possibility that only this game needs to practice Ctrl-Alt-Del each 15 minutes in order to play it.

    I'll find the way to sell my game and suggest Eidos to make a research in order to define how many of the customers are really satisfied with this game and determine if a refund to the customers is the better way to maintain the good image of Eidos until today.

    It's a shame....more info

  • Bad Eidos, Bad!
    Oh. My. God. I remember when Tomb Raider first came out, and my husband and I got it on the original PlayStation. It was great, for 1995. We got Angel of Darkness for our computer, and WHOA! It looked like Eidos had REGRESSED! The animation is choppy, jumps (basically all moves, in general) are hard to control and judge, and I read on a review for the PS2 version that you'd better come to love the phrases "save successful" and "load successful" because that's what you'll do, over and over and over! It's completely ridiculous how bad the game looks and plays. Holy cow, and the Glitches! At one point in the church, if you move Lara to JUST the wrong spot then the game gets stuck on the two boxers in the ring fighting, and you have to reboot the computer to get out of it! This game wasn't even worth the discounted price I picked it up for. Don't buy it, it's a trick......more info
  • Total waste of money
    The developers at Eidos really blew it this time. The game is so full of bugs it makes me sick. First of all, the box says nothing about laptop compatability problems, but upon checking the Eidos tech support page, you learn that they won't support laptop systems.
    Anyways, I installed the software on my desktop. The game crashes every several minutes. I have installed all of the newest drivers and my computer excedes the recommended hardware profile in every way. Gameplay is tolerable, but nowhere near as good as I had hoped it would be. In fact, Chronicles was more fun and was more of a challenge.
    I ended up returning the game because it is not only not worth the money, but it is also a waste of time. If you do take the gamble, make sure you buy this game from a store that accepts software returns. Good luck!...more info
  • Okay, so its not like the old TR games...
    but that doesn't mean it's not good. I mean, the game, like a lot of things in life, must evolutionized some times or other. And Tomb Raider is doing exactly that. So it is different. Lara also no longer runs, but walks for the most part. So what? I think it's a nice change. Sure it will take some time to get used to the changes, but it isn't bad. And for all the people who are complaining about how slow the game is, you know what? You need to get newer computers. Just because your computer fulfills the minimum requirement needs doens't mean it will be good. I have a fairly new computer and it runs perfectly. ...more info






    Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness is one of my favorites. The plot is very interesting, the graphics are good (but kind of shakey, at least on my computer), and it's pretty cool to be able to play another character (although Lara is always the best). The environment is very dark and grimacing though, and I find that if I play the game to much, I get a little depressed. It's still one of the best, though, and an awesome addition to the Tomb Raider series....more info
  • Lara croft, angel of darkness
    The graphics on this game are really really good.
    A big downer is the controls, it used to be really easy but now you`ve got no choice but to use the anolog buttons and i hate them!
    The locations are very detailed and the interaction of friends and enemies is very impressive.
    But, i`m not sure that it was a good idea to bring in another character.
    overall, a very good game worth the money, v.good graphics and locations. The only set backs to this game are the controls, and the extra character....more info
  • Come on here people...
    This control sceme made Tomb Raider 1 unplayable. This control scheme kept me from passing the TRAINING levels of TR: Last Revelations. This control scheme was horrible but barely useable when I played Resident Evil. This control scheme caused me to die like a thousand times on the first level when I played Fear Effect. This control scheme is still compleyely horrible in this game.

    Would someone please tell Eidos to change the controls in any future Tomb Raider games. I really want to like this series but every one of these games has been unplayable due to the control scheme....more info

  • STOP. We waited 8 months for THIS ?
    I was so looking forward to Tomb Raider: AOD coming out in November 15th 2002. Then it got delayed, then delayed again, and again, and again, and again. When it finally came out (8 MONTHS LATER) I was really excited. I put the game in my PS2. And was really shocked at how bad this game was. I was expecting something incredible. But no. Lara moves like a robot, it is very difficult to control her, loads of bugs and its boring. No fun. I am a huge Tomb Raider fan and have played them all. But I think this one might be making a trip back to the shop for a refund. However, the graphics are incredible (best i've seen in any game), lara looks amazing and the music is great. But overall I am very dissapointed. EIDOS, get it right next time....more info
  • Looks Great - plays horribly
    This game has absolutely gorgeous graphics and sound, but it is incredibly hard to play. The controls are demented, the camera viewpoints imbecilic. If they had spent a small amount more on making this game playable, it would have been a smash hit. As it stands, this game is not worth the sticker price. I am a long time Tomb Raider fan and I will probably still play this game, but it is just not much fun at all....more info
  • worst game I've ever played probably.....
    I actually got the oem version of this game with my soundcard a number of years ago. I don't remember too many issues running the game, and it looked good enough for me. The sound design and voiceover and music and what not, all that stuff was passable, though nothing to brag about by my standards. Even the story was good enough I guess. And for all of that stuff the game sounds decent and I would have played through it. However, the main problem with this game is a very serious issue. It looks fine yea, but its completely unplayable. The framerate was fine on my pc however the the controls on this game as well as the camera are completely and utterly intolerably bad. There might be a few people who can play it but I don't know anyone like that. the directional keys control your character from their perspective only, it doesn't care what direction Lara is looking or what direction the camera is viewing things, it still moves her according to her orientation, which is incredibly aggravating, also the camera is sometimes sluggish or hypersensitive, which is horrible and usually gives a bad angle resulting in me making guesses and blind jumps. Also whenever your in a firefight, good luck as you must align Lara perfectly with an enemy before the autoaim function activates and allows you to shoot them, move slightly and the lock is might be interested to know that your enemy doesn't have this problem and allows you no mercy. Some Lara fans might like the game, but I strongly suggest against playing as no matter how cool it may seem, an unplayable game is still unplayable and unplayable games are terrible by definition. Also, if anyone wants a reference point as to the aggravation factor, I actually punched my old crt in sheer aggravation and i think probably caused real damage to my hand and my monitor seems a bit skewed now too but i have an lcd now anyway, but ouch stay away from this game.
    This game might of been decent, but to do so they would of required alot more time to develop it and the controls and camera need to be thrown in the trash and remade from scratch. So yea I think I've rambled enough and made my point pretty clear, only buy this game for someone you hate, and even then don't spend more than like 10 dollars, as even for a gag gift or whatever thats pushing the max of what the game is worth, for personal pleasure, its not worth one dime. Sorry to be insulting to the product but I'm completely serious its terrible. Now I must return to far better games now.......more info
  • Don't bother
    This game was nothing but glitchy on my PC. I have no problem with a dozen or so other games from other companies (including Deus Ex 2, also from Eidos), but this one is a turkey. It's glitchy, the controls are too clunky, and whenever I exited the game my PC restarted. The built-in EAX support didn't work with my Sound Blaster Audigy 2 (which uses the EAX 4 drivers), I had to install the EAX 3 drivers that came with the game, which was essentially a downgrade for me.

    On the other hand, this game looks great and when the sound worked it was terrific. The story is pretty cool, and I was looking forward to see how it played out. The cutscenes were good, and I felt like it was as much an interactive movie as it was a game.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't take the bugginess, so I didn't finish the game. Avoid this one and spend your money on one of the earlier Tomb Raider titles....more info
  • Just Made it to the end.......
    Well, I've played every Tomb Raider in the series. The story line is great and if you can stand to play it for a few hours it will eventually suck you in. The problem is with the controls and the numerous bugs in the game. Controls wise the game sucks. In the first several Tomb Raiders, I became accustomed to the controls but over the years as they have added new features, they keep layering the control keys with too many functions. I probably died as many times due to the controls as I did from the bad guys. Truly infuriating at some points in the game. Eidos really needs to come out with some decent patches to make this game viable. I'm still a Tomb Raider fan, but fix the controls for the next one please.........Oh, I almost forgot, save the game at every possible point and use multiple save slots. It helps cut down on the agony and might keep you from putting your fist through the monitor............more info
  • No Game Play Problems On My Machine
    Game A+ On Sound Track
    A+ On Graphics
    A+ On Story Line

    I haven't had any of the problems that other's have reported like Slow-mo Lara, Audio drop out, Lara Falling out of the game World. To sum it up Tomb Raider AOD is a Best-Buy ...more info
  • big disappointment
    After waiting months for this game to be released I find that its is essentially unplayable. Although I have a reasonably fast PC 3.06 Ghz and a fair video display, the game is slow and jerky and it crashes or hangs up constantly. Having played all the TR games this is by far the worst. I will be trying to get my money back on this one. If you haven't already bought it don't waste your time or your money....more info
  • Play this game to practice PATIENCE >:(
    Okay, so I'm not a gamer but seriously there cannot be a more frustrating game out there. Well, maybe...Here's the thing: Tomb Raider is such a big stinking deal among gamers I figured since I have a pretty good PC I'd invest in some cool (used)games for my past time. I got very lucky or so I thought when the price was marked down to $4.99 with an additional 30% off. This is more of a challenge than I care for. Ditto to most reviews that I read.

    The one thing that I would say is if you Google this game for tips, walkthroughs and cheats it may help immensely. I got a few walkthroughs from various sites. I really like not having to go to doors that are locked. Very annoying!!

    If you decide to buy this make sure of a few things:
    1. You are not tired or in a bad mood.
    2. You don't mind a challenge-although not mind boggling fun as it is cumbersome-then you may enjoy it after all.

    I'm going to tough it out for at least 3 levels. There are 29 levels to this game. It's almost risky to continue but I refuse give up this early.

    GOOD LUCK!!...more info
  • Who cares what other people think, This is the best game!!
    The only reason people dont like this game (PC) is because they dont have a good computer, I only had one problem, no big deal. Some one wrote a review that said it was too easy, NO WAY, I have been playing since 1996, and this one was the best because you have to think!! Just because its not perfect dosent mean its a bad game. its the best one in years, I injoy playing it!! if you have a problem with PC get it on playstation. This game has great graphics and the game play is great! So if your planning on buying this game make sure have a good system- (your PC), if not get it on playstation. And if your a big tomb raider fan dont read the reviews with one star, because they dont know what there talkng about!!!...more info
  • Worse than I had previously thought
    Spare yourself. Dont waste your money or your time with this game. It's too easy. 30 minutes and I was on the 5th level and never fired a shot. If this is the product they put out after an 8 month delay in release. I cannot imagine how bad this game was before they decided to rework it. I want the original Tomb Raider back. I wasted $... on this game and I know others paid more that I did.......more info
  • Have some patience.
    This game requires one thing before all other things. Patience. We all seem to be pre-programmed to believe that a tomb raider game will obviously [stink]. This game only [stinks] if you are not willing to put in a little time to get used to the somewhat-touchy controls. Once you do, you will find an engaging story with clean graphics and very few glitches. I have yet to find a game-stopping glitch anywhere *i've been on this about 8 hours.* The player must learn that the controls are to be handled gently. Whether with a keyboard, mouse, or pad. Slight movements are the best way to go. Once you get the hang of that you'll begin to realize that it is a VERY good thing that the CORE team changed most of the concept of Tomb Raider. At last, this one feels fresh and competeitive with some of the highly acclaimed tactical games currently on the market. Lara, please don't take these people's criticisms to heart. They all still love you. I know I do....more info
  • It's a great game
    I bought this game 4 days ago, and I haven't stopped playing. It's a great game, the graphics are incredible, the music is fantastic, the plot is cool, but the only problem of this game, besides a couple of bugs (sometimes Lara has a brown stick instead of a leg) is the control, when I'm in the menu, sometimes I take 3 minutes to choose, the health, weapons, save game, load etc. Besides that I think it's a must have if you're a TR fan and if you like great graphics and the best video games....more info
  • not bad
    The game's good, probably better on a ps2 or xbox, sometimes a little harder to control on the PC. i have a game console for PC, but it takes a little getting used to. Great graphics, fun game....more info
  • As bad as advertised
    Was this a serious attempt at a Tomb Raider game, or a desperate attempt by a developer to be fired? CORE Design went from a creative, ambitious group ten years ago to one of the most passive-aggressive developers ever.

    In their seventh (and final) attempt to kill off Ms. Croft, CORE rebuilt the graphics rendering engine for new platforms, but managed to retain and intensify every infuriating staple of gameplay inherent in Angel of Darkness's predecessors. Control input, regardless of gamepad or keyboard, is delayed and sluggish. Lara's movement engine is as slow and graceless as ever. CORE always had trouble distinguishing between the importance of clever pre-rendered animations and actual controller response. Despite the bloodcurdling screams of gamers and reviewers, they refused to rethink their control schemes. And poor Lara dies a thousand deaths because of it.

    The highly anticipated new game world engine drops the old grid-based environments that made old Tomb Raiders somewhat predictable. At first, this sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, CORE retained their love of brutally difficult jumping exercises that now rely solely on guessing horizontal distances. Combine that with the complicated and clumsy 3 types of forward jumps, a slow-responding "grab" button which is now timing based, and a cruel placement of tiny ledges and instant-death laser beams, and AOD is an exercise in quicktrigger quicksaving.

    I will assume that CORE spent most of their development time on world building. Because the puzzles and combat are so laughably bad that they can't be the result of a good effort. The ease with which all enemies can be killed, bosses included, has to be the result of some last-minute difficulty sliding before release. With the awful autolock and camera, enemies with any armor would be impossible and the whole game unbearable. A complete lack of AI makes Tomb Raider I's T-Rex look like Stephen Hawking. The puzzles sadly haven't evolved, athough pushing levers and pulling switches is still fun in the right environment. There are occasions where a complete lack of sense is evident: Did you know that on one level, steam from a broken pipe is a harmless animation? Did you know that on the next level, identical steam from an indentical pipe is an instant death trap? Play AOD, and you will!

    Graphics would be the one area of criticism I can't agree with. AOD on the PC is a sharp looking game, inarguably. There are a few visual missteps like the broken distance blur rendered by the "post-processing" option (I was able to fix it by setting it to "on" instead of "high"). But mostly AOD's enviroments are well-detailed with nice color and lighting, and reasonable shadow effects. Tombs and derelict apartments are dark and spooky, and underwater scenes sparkle with a clarity not available on the old Playstation. The settings themselves are largely inappropriate for a Tomb Raider game, but that's more of a criticism of the story concept.

    Sound design is exceptionally good. Weapons sound great, voiceovers are passable, and enviromental effects are really suberb. Moody scores pop in at the right moment, and overall the acoutics of the game set a beautiful atmosphere. I even hear Martina Hingis supplied Lara's grunting effects.

    A build 52 patch is available which fixes the worst of early release problems like crashing. There is no fix for the bad design and crushing gameplay, though. Angel of Darkness is for diehard Tomb Raider fans only. And you will die hard, over, and over......more info
  • Great graphics but no!
    I must say when i first heard that TR angel of darkness was coming out i wanted it so bad but after when i beat the game it turned out to be a stupid adventure and im a true fanatic on tomb raider. So far TR 1 TR2 are the best but i hope tomb raider legend will be good i saw the previews it looks good! she actually explores temples i mean whats the purpose of calling it tomb raider when your not in any tombs like tomb raider chronicals! another thing in tomb raider angel of darkness- what the hell happened to her pistols? the only weapons you use are just one pistol gun not 2 , eidos better get it going because the tomb raider franchise is going to the dumps!...more info
  • I've played them all so I know what I'm talking about.
    So, here is the deal. I have played and beat every Tomb Raider game out there except for the Game Boy Advance one. Anywho, I ordered this game in September of last year, and delay after delay made me mad. So I cancelled my order and waited until the game was OFFICALLY released for PC(since i dont have a PS2). There are quite a few new things that I like about the game:
    >Lara looks awsome. New clothes and makeup, with a whole new personality that you actually get to control when she talkes with people.
    >The new moves are pretty sweet too. Stealth sucked for me at first b/c i just like to get out my guns and take em out. In the beginning, you dont even have ammo for your weapon(no unlimited signature pistols). But you get to use stealth a lot so you'll get good with it.
    >I also like that you get a nice peaceful break where you can collect yourself and gain some money and valuable information, after your initial run from the police in Paris.

    There are however some drawbacks which i'll disucss now.

    >There has always been more glitches with the computer version of a game like this. Lara steps up stairs now and is super sensitive to the steps. Example: If you walk up the step and press left or right, she does a full 90 degree turn in that direction. So be carefull or you'll get frustrated very quickly. Or maybe that is just me.
    >There are some points that the game just completely glitches and you have to turn it off and restart your computer. So sufficiet to say "SAVE A LOT!" If Lara herself starts to look funny and glitch up, turn it off. It will only cuase you problems later on.
    >The controls are a little different, and still just as frustrating as ever.

    All in all though I think that the game was worth the wait...for the most part. I'm looking foward to being able the play the Kurtis character 3/4 into the game. Until then though I recommend the game so far. Just so you know, I'm half way thru the game, and I bought the strategy guide, which is well worth the 15 bucks....more info

  • old tomb raider new game
    first off dont get me wrong i love this game but in most of the tomb raider games you get two pistols with infinite ammo you never get those guns in AOD that is the first thing the controls are way different than any other TR game and for two or three levels you play as a guy that really set me off the great thing about other TR games is its not like every othor steriotypical video game you play as a girl thats cool well i think if your gonna buy a TR game buy a game thats like 75 cents and is a classic iinstead of a $30$ game that is gonna ruin the series...more info
  • Explanations Needed
    This 'game' deserves zero stars.

    Can someone explain to me why it took this long to produce such an unplayable piece of junk when games like Max Payne, MOHAA and even Enter the Matrix are pushing the state of the art in playability? Just curious. And WHO the heck tested this game at Eidos? Just curious.

    I won't go into the MANY, MANY problems with this expensive, over-hyped, amazingly, pathetically BAD 'offering', as those have been covered in depth by many other reviewers. Even the folks who claim stuff like "This game is definitely better than the other Tomb Raider games" had almost nothing good to say about it. Obviously they've never *played* the other TRs or they'd know that such a statement is silly.

    TR's claim to fame used to be great playability. Unfortunately, the successes produced by the previous game engine/format led to either big heads, blindness, ineptitude, stupidity or something I've never seen before in a game development company. This game truly s#cks, and I have given it far more than a fair shot. So glad I bought it used at 1/2 price. $50 for this game was robbery, plain and simple.

    Stay away. Stay far away....more info

  • So far, it's not worth $...
    My Tomb Raider game is filled with bugs! Within 10 minutes of downloading it, I had to restart my computer 3 times! When the game does show up, I get a blank screen. I can hear the sounds and all but there are no pictures! Whatever I do I cannot get it to work. I've tried so many websites for help! I've waited a year for this and now I wish I didn't get it. Maybe it's just my game? But other people have been having the same problems too. Well, at least the box is cool. |=(...more info
  • waste of money!!!!!
    Oh man, this is horrible! I'm a Lara junkie, and I'm completely embarassed by this horrid game. The PC controls are a joke, you just seem to spin in circles when you're just trying to make a simple turn. I feel completely ripped off by the folks at Eidos for releasing such a bug filled game. Game locks up at the worst possible moments, cut screnes are too long and dull, just let us play the game without the need to watch a movie every level...put all that energy into fixing the movement controls and lock up issues. Please, don't waste your hard earned cash on this!!! Maybe Eidos will get the message....more info
  • best tomb raider so far
    I am a huge fan of lara, ever since I was like 5 years old and every game has amazed me since, but this one, deserves a trophy, a grammy, it's own hall of fame. In this one there is a lot more for you to do. Lara can now talk to get more information and also in this one you don't have to use lara. there is another character, Kurtis Trent, who I think is sooooooo HOT!!! Anyway, he's a really cool guy. Only thing wrong about this one is, Lara looks a lot different, and some of the levels are weird, especially these skeleton things, but it still is a fun exeperience....more info