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Monster ScreenClean Display Cleaning Kit (New alcohol free formula) (TV CLNKIT)
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Product Description

If you're like most home theater enthusiasts and multimedia users, you want the best possible performance from your equipment. Yet when it comes to cleaning your TVs, camcorders, camera lenses, high definition monitors, and other video displays, you may actually be damaging your equipment and harming performance - especially if you use an ordinary window cleaner. While these cleaners can remove most dirt and fingerprints, they usually leave distracting streaks - and even permanent scratches. Window cleaners can also drip all the way down a screen and into your equipment's moisture-sensitive electronics before you can wipe it off. This can cause expensive damage, and even total equipment failure.With Monster ScreenClean's advanced, drip-free cleaning solution, you won't have to chase cleaning fluid runs to prevent damage to your expensive TVs and equipment. ScreenClean conveniently stays where you spray it until you wipe it off. ScreenClean is designed to clean without leaving annoying streaks, while the included scratch-free microfiber cloth polishes screens and lenses for ultimate clarity and color. Instead of residue, haze, and scratches, you'll see a clear, vibrant picture with ultra-sharp definition.Get all the performance you paid for from your home theater and multimedia equipment. With Monster ScreenClean, you get the brightest, most vivid picture possible. Try ScreenClean, and see what you've been missing.

  • Powerful cleaning solution removes dust, dirt, and oily fingerprints for ultimate clarity. 6.76 Fluid Ounces
  • Advanced formula cleans without dripping, streaking, or staining like ordinary cleaners.
  • Includes a high-tech reusable MicroFiber cloth that cleans screens without scratching.
  • Delivers clear, vibrant picture with ultra-sharp definition
  • Cleans TVs, camcorders, camera lenses, HD monitors, and other video displays

Customer Reviews:

  • Works just as advertised!
    My laptop screen was dirty and monster screen cleaner did the trick. You dont have to use very much of this stuff at a time for your screen to look totally clean. I couldn't recommend this product more....more info
  • Monster ScreenClean works!
    I can make this a very short review and get right to the point - This product works great on my Samsung HD LCD....more info
  • My monitors look new again!
    This cleaning kit is the way to go. For one there isn't the hassle of trying to find the spray and the cloth seperately it's all included. The cloth is very soft and I have microfiber cloths- this beats them hands down. The spray is so gentle on all of our screens- HDTV to Laptop to the Monitor with our desktop PC. The screen comes out very clean, new and shiny. It's almost like it has a protective coating after this. I'd recommend it to anyone and it seemed like a great price....more info
  • Not worth it
    I purchased this product last year right after I bought my Samsung LCD. Last night I tried to clean my screen and I was surprised to see that this spray did not work as expected. There are clear streaks left after I applied the solution. The streaks will eventually be gone if you keep rubbing the product while the microfiber is slightly damped. Instead I just ordered OmniCleanz from radtech. Moster products are overrated :)...more info
  • Squeaky Clean
    I tried so many times to clean my LCD's using a soft cloth and water/iso mixture without any success.
    Thought I had better try this product. I was not disappointed.
    There's no streaking or build-up.
    I would highly suggest this cleaning product if you are having the same issues....more info
  • Works for the most part
    I bought this to help maintain a shiny LCD screen on my 40-inch Sony Bravia XBR4. It works for the most part eliminating fingerprint smudges and cutting back on the dust, but it leaves some very awful and apparent streaks at times, causing me to stand there and rub away for minutes longer than I'd like to. If you wipe the spot enough, the streak eventually goes away. However, I was hoping this product would be a lot more efficient than what I've had to do already. It's not an excellent product, but pretty good considering the price. Recommended if you don't mind a little "wax on, wax off" action....more info
  • My LCD TV looks new!
    I was VERY pleased with this product when I used it on my Sony LCD TV. Even though the product is advertised as "dripless," I sprayed it directly on the cloth and then used it to gently wipe the TV screen. I was amazed at the results! My kids touch the screen -- no matter how many times I remind them not to -- dog hair and dust seem to be attracted to it, and yet this cleaner wiped it all away! I then used the cleaner on my scanner, an flat panel computer monitor and my son's laptop screen. In each case it did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend this cleaner....more info
    Aplly it and back to the past! heheheehehe
    Make my monitor look like day 1(new)!
    obs. Good for keyboard and mice to!!! heheehhe...more info
  • Good and Bad
    I bought this so I could take the glass cover of my iMac LCD and clean underneath because some tap water got under there and left some residue. So after cleaning with the solution and provided cloth I saw how many hundreds of tiny fibers it left behind. So after cleaning with the solution and the cloth I used the non-fibrous rag provided from apple. It was able to get rid of 90% off the fibers and clean the mineral deposits.

    I would recommend that you use the solution with the provided rag then clean it off with a better quality rag......more info
  • Left streaks/warps on my LCD TV.
    I completely agree with P. Smith's review; he or she is dead-on with my experience with this Monster Screen Cleaner. This product left streaks that do NOT go away on my Sony Bravia XBR3 LCD TV. I've had the product since May 2007 so if it's January 2008 and they're still not gone, then I'm assuming they're permanent. You can see them when there is a lot of light in the room and especially when you focus a lamp/flash light onto the TV. Yes, I did follow the instructions to the T according to the Monster pamphlet, so it's not a case of using the product incorrectly.

    Also, the picture Amazon shows for this product must be outdated because I got a clunky and tacky looking blue bottle instead of that seemingly cool small metal gray color bottle they are displaying. It still says Screen Cleaner on the bottle so I'm assuming it's just a redesign of the bottle and Amazon hasn't updated the picture to reflect the change. My only guess why others aren't complaining is due to them receiving the smaller bottle, which may be higher quality fluid than the big blue bottle which may have lower quality fluid.

    The provided baby blue microfiber cloth is horrible as well. It is too big and obnoxious in use; I have to fold it just to use it properly and even then it's too thick to really use properly. There is an annoying Monster tag on one of the sides that should probably be cut before you use this.

    I absolutely would never recommend this product to anyone based on my experience. I should have known better than to use this item... Monster is notoriously overpriced but I thought their screen cleaning products (which people swear by) were different and you were getting the quality you deserve for the money you are spending. Guess not.

    July 2008 UPDATE:
    I have found a different screen cleaner product that has removed the streaks the Monster ScreenClean left on my Sony XBR3 LCD TV. It's called the OptiMist Prime made by ShaggyMac (yes the name sounds goofy but don't judge it by its name). It removed the Monster ScreenClean streaks that were on my TV for almost a year, and made my TV look like it did on day one. It's perfect. And it's less than $10. I also used their ShaggyMac Microfiber Swipers which are (1) Much smaller and (2) less "rugged" and no chance of leaving any particles like the Monster cloth does. Just thought I'd help others who also had the same experience with this product and save some frustration by updating my review. I've tried so many screen cleaners and the OptiMist is the only one I've found that doesn't produce streaks....more info
  • the new tv windex
    This is the new tv cleaner we need to use, now that we have lcd tvs. Although the price is a bit steep for a small product, it performs well. This was one of the least expensive I have found online. It comes with a microfiber cloth which does not leave any fabric dust at all on the screen. The spray bottle is also convenient and sturdy, making it durable and reusable. The Seller sent this in a timely manner and not disappointed at all in that category. I would have given it a higher rating but the price kept me from doing that....more info
  • Excellent product -- can remove anything!!

    Awesome product! I think it can remove anything safely off of an LCD screen. Like the other reviews, it does appear to keep dust buildup down, eliminating the need for frequent cleanings. Definitely worth buying - and the shammy is an extra plus!!...more info
    I got this because of the past positive reviews that I had read on Amazon as well as other reviews on other websites. I had bought my first flat panel tv back in 2007 and I learned from these reviews and from the SONY manufacturer not to use anything like everyday glass cleaners or multi purpose cleaners on the screen of a flat panel tv. This Monster ScreenCleaner does keep the screen cleaner and it does keep dust from collecting on the screen longer....more info
  • it works
    I use this this product on a plasma tv and i constantly get comments on how good my tv looks...more info
  • This Stuff Really Works!
    When I bought this, I was a bit skeptical. All of the rave reviews seemed just too good to be true. Well... believe it. This stuff is incredible. I have no idea what's in the bottle, but whatever it is, it really works like they claim it does. ...more info
  • Works great!
    I cleaned all the LCD's, laptops, etc., (5, in all). in the house in a matter of 3 minutes. Product cleans completely, and leaves no streaks. Good product...more info
  • Seems to work good
    I have been looking for something to keep my 52" LCD tv owners manual says to not use anything to clean it except the cloth they provided....well its about 6" x 6" and I have been using it for a I took a chance on this, it worked very well, I didnt use alot of the cleaning fluid the first time out to make sure it wasnt going to damage my screen, it didnt and it left the screen streak free! Cleaning these high end TV screens seems to be a problem these days.

    The product worked well, I only gave it 4 stars because the pic describes and shows 2'll only get one cloth, which is ok as long as it last a while. You will prolly wear the cloth out before you run out of cleaning fluid. ...more info
  • Does the Job!
    I've been a long-time user of the iKlear product, and used it exclusively on my computer monitors and LCD TV for sometime. After a year or so, I started to hear about the Monster ScreenClean. After reading the reviews, I decided to give it a try.

    While, here I am, reviewing a spray, it works, and works well. I'd say just as well if not better than iKlear. Best part it, it's significantly cheaper and provides more solution compared to its competitor. The included micro-fiber cloth isn't as great a grade as its iKlear counterpart, so I continue to use that cleaning cloth, but use the Monster spray.

    With my 2 year old always touching my unmounted Samsung 32" LCD TV, I find this to be the perfect companion to ensuring I can enjoy my HD programming streak free....more info
  • Monster ScreenClean Display Cleaning Kit: Review
    I'll keep this short and simple:

    Everywhere I ask about keeping my LCD screen clean, everyone tells me "Yeah, you should get the Monster version of the LCD screen cleaner"

    I did and not only did the picture look just like new but I know I was using a brand name that I could trust with my HIGHLY expensive LCD screen.

    If you cherish your HDTV and want it to last for years to come, do yourself a favor and buy this screen cleaner and after cleaning it, sit back and watch it like you were watching it for the 1st time.

    ~*~Special Note~*~
    Before actually buying this product, please PLEASE look in your user manual about using this type of cleaner because on some HDTV it actually messes them up and since it was ur fault that you messed up your screen, that is NOT covered on your warrantee!! So look before you buy!...more info
  • Well worth it
    I was pretty hesitant to use this on my new telly - lcd screen & new lap top, but, alas, I smoke, so I felt I would eventually need something more than h20.....after reading the reviews, I thought I would give it a try. I must say that this works perfectly. No smears, streaks, nothing but crystal clarity. The bottle will last forever. Just a spritz on the included cloth cleaned my 46' set. Glad I tried this. To repeat what a previous reviewer wrote, just buy this. ...more info
  • ScreenClean damages the LCD glass
    I purchased the Monster-brand ScreenClean product with Microfiber cloth shortly after I purchased a state-of-the-art HDTV (Samsung 1080p LCD). I had been pleased with the quality and performance of my prior purchases of Monster-brand cables, and thought I could rely on receiving a similar quality product.

    I begin using the ScreenClean product with the accompanying Microfiber cloth, as directed. I was shocked to discover that the product left a visible chemical residue on the entire LCD glass. This is a brand new, expensive HDTV, which has been damaged by this product.

    In its present condition the TV is not usable, and has been rendered worthless. If I cannot remove this residue, I will need to purchase a new HDTV.

    I contacted Customer Service at Monster, but never received a response to my complaint. I believe this product is defective both as to the design of the formula and cloth, and the manner in which it is manufactured. The product should be recalled and either re-formulated or discontinued....more info
  • Works well
    This product worked well for me. It took toddler handprints and smears off my 52" LCD HD TV....more info
  • Exelente
    Es muy buen producto, rinde bastante, con muy poco de liquido queda limpia toda la pantalla y la deja como nueva, sin huellas digitales ni polvo....more info
  • Safe, but you'll need your elbow
    This product can SAFELY be used on your LCD TV screen, and that's the most important thing (scratch your screen, and your viewing pleasure is toast).

    "Less is more" - spray just a very small amount on the provided soft cloth, and use long back and forth strokes on the screen (short strokes will leave smudges and drive you nuts).

    Bottom line, 1)it works, and 2) you have peace of mind that you aren't doing something that will damage your window to the world....more info
  • excellent product!
    i searched for a lot of cleaning products before i settled on this one and boy, was i right!

    i have a sony laptop with an x-brite LCD display, so i was wary of using some unknown product.i bought this and used it, and my screen became very clean and glossy. (it was glossy before too but with a lot of dust and fingerprints).
    i highly recommend this kit!...more info
  • No Streaks
    Works great, no streaks left on the screen. Nice soft cloth that won't scratch the tv. I use it practicly everyday, thanks to the kids, and i've barley made a dent in the spray....more info
  • Those Damn Streaks
    I was recommended this product by a friend and when i tried it on my 47" Samsung LCD 1080P I was not all impressed. It leaves streaks where you wipe the product with the microfiber towel. Cool! I would rather have dust then streaks. Many say you can get the streaks gone if u continuously wipe forever, guess i will try that. Also the solution isn't blue...WTF the plastic bottle lies to you, hehe......more info
    Monster ScreenClean Display Cleaning Kit (New alcohol free formula) (TV CLNKIT)
    This is great stuff. I'm an occasional smoker and noticed a residue forming on my 42" LCD TV. I've had the set for a year and had never really cleaned the screen for fear of using the wrong product and making matters worse.
    I applied this stuff and the results were astounding! Of course it's not as easy as it sounds. It left some dull streaks, but all it takes is a little elbow grease to buff them out. I think the next application will be easier because I won't be waiting a year. Anyone who's ever used Rain-X on their car windshield can relate to the experience. It's worth the effort
    I used the soft buffing cloth that came with the TV to finish off with.
    I was so impressed that I gave my glossy PC monitor the same treatment.
    The best part is that the local Staples is selling the same product for twice the price (plus tax). With free 2-day shipping this is a great find....more info
  • Streaks and Lint
    I'm sorry to report this product leaves streaks and considerable lint.

    Not recommended!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Works, but expensive
    Does the job well, but if you get a bottle of 50% Isopropyl Alchol and a microfiber cloth from your local Smith's/Walmart, it will do the same job for a lot less money.

    However, this is a an 'alcohol-free' formula and I have no idea why that's helpful. Most LCD manufacturers recommened 50% isopropyl alcohol anyway....more info
  • its A ok!!!
    It works... and it didnt leave any streaks or residue behind which was my big concern...more info
  • No Streak Cleaning Kit
    Usually using eye glass cleaner, I was looking for a little more powerful of a cleaning solution to take care of my LCDs without streaks. I figured I'd buy a cleaning kit hoping that a display cleaning kit could clean up some of the dirtier spots of a screen. This kit has done this perfectly.

    Not only does it work on LCD screens but I use it on everything else including my mobile phone and sunglasses. It dries extremely quick and cleans everything in a couple passes with absolutely no streaking. The bottle size is quite large as well so you may not have to buy this again for a while. The cloth that comes with the kit is a standard microfiber cloth you could find at any retail store.

    The only downside is this kit is expensive. Monster products are always overpriced and this one is no exception. However, if you want a product that is going to clean the toughest spots on your electronics without streaking then this is the product the spend a few extra dollars on.

    I may try cheaper brands next time but this one was reviewed highly for a reason....more info
  • good
    The spray punch botton is a little tight. However, the clean solution is very good. It removes dust from the screen and keyboard effectively.

    ...more info
  • Good, not amazing
    Given, some of the other reviews here - I thought this stuff was a miracle worker. In reality, it took care of fingerprints and other obvious dirt, but it left streaks. I tried up and down motion which most people say to use and then circular motion which the box says, but I still had streaks.

    I prefer the streaks to the dirt and fingerprints, though. So I'm glad I used it. I also believe it is probably safe to use on expensive screens - I don't think it caused any damage. And you can't see the streaks when the TV is on....more info
  • awsom product
    the product works very well does what its supposed to cleans my tc screen and my latop ...more info
  • Wow! Super Screen Clean
    I bought this stuff for my 42 inch LCD TV and it has worked great. Since it worked so well on the TV I tried it out on my laptop display. This stuff is awesome. You will be amazed at how much brighter your display will be. ...more info
  • Not so fast my friend
    After reading all of the reviews I thought man, I have to get me some of this. Well I did and my personal experience isn't that good.

    Tried it on my 50" plasma and initially it seemed to work pretty well, but as I looked closely at a reflection in the plasma glass I saw streaks! So, I got a flashlight and looked over the entire display and sure enough, there were streaks all over. Now I'm not one to just slap some cleaner on and a couple of swipes and I'm done. I meticulously polish the screen.

    Started over doing a very small section, applying cleaner to cloth, spreading on display, turning cloth to dry area, polish, polish polish - still streaks. Mind you I'm doing this with a flashlight in hand, so every little flaw is visible.

    I found that the only way to prevent streaks is to continue working the damp cloth on th display until it less damp, then turn to the dry area for polishing. Which brings me to another problem ...

    After doing the above, I noticed literally hundreds of little fibers on the display, with some seemingly stuck to the screen to where i had to rub harder than i would like to get them off. Even still when i did that there were more fibers. Again, did this with a flashlight.

    Lastly, After getting everything seemingly good to go, I did a follow up inspection the day after i cleaned the display with this product and noticed what appeared to be a subtle film on the glass. I took a cloth and wiped it off easily, but darn if it didn't come back in a short while. It looked like some type of mild condensation. Again this was with a flashlight in hand.

    After all of this, I went back to my old Mirachem Optix cleaner and a true microfiber cloth (the tighter weave type that is used for lens cleaning). I did one half of the display only and left the other side as it was from the Monster cleaner. After several hours I went to inspect it once again and there was the haze on the Monster side, but the side I sued my old cleaner on was clear. When I say haze, it's not noticeable without the flashlight, so most folks wouldn't see it, but with a flashlight it is obvious, particularly on the black band around the actual viewing area.

    I haven't tried this product on my LCDs and it may work great on the plastic surface, as opposed to the glass of the plasma. For me, it's just not worth it. Get a good flashlight and check for yourself ...or don't and you'll never know that it isn't perfect. ...more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent product, even comes with a cloth to use for cleaning your plasma or lcd set....more info
  • Be Careful
    My experience with this product was not good at all, with sony 52 tv, left a lot of streaks, the streaks are clearly visible with a flashlight. The picture looked dimmer after cleaning. I had to wipe it clean with another cleaner to get rid of the streaks, also there were small fibers of the cleaning cloth stuck to the screen as well....more info
  • Finally a cleaner that doesn't streak!
    A must have product! I bought it to clean monitors, notebook display, LCDs, every screen in my house. I have paid ten dollars or better for cleaners that leave streaks, dry up and don't even clean. Monster Screenclean is great and worth every dollar. It is best, though, to read the instructions before cleaning any kind of screen....more info
  • Not such a great screen cleaner!
    It's a good product, but it's not "amazingly good"! It does leave a kind of soapy residual halo on some screens (depends on the material that the screen is made of). The microfiber cloth is also a very cheap one; you should definitely get a better one if you really want to have a fiber-free screen! The issues that "P. Smith" raises are also very valid....more info
  • Good Cleaner, Even Better Cleaning Cloth
    The Cleaner works fine, it just took me a few more squirts to get the 'little' finger prints that so mysteriously appear after my twins watch their movies. But as much elbow grease as I put into it the great(very soft and durable & lint free!) cloth included didn't leave a scratch. I get smudges the first few times I attempt to clean, but eventually it does clean away smudges, just with more product and more effort than was expected(I'm glad it's a big bottle). As a side note the screen on my Samsung is glossy and therefore 'shows' a lot more when turned off. This cleaner worked great on my matte screen laptop. So if you have more of a matte screen flat panel I expect it will work flawlessly....more info