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Green Day's 2001 singles collection, International Superhits, was nice, but now these San Francisco East Bay punks are really spoiling us. Shenanigans sweeps up Green Day's assorted rarities, oddities, and B-sides into one surprisingly coherent package. The poppy "Suffocate" is just as good as anything that showed up on the previous compilation. "I Want to Be on TV" is unruly American pop punk at its best. And the smart surf-guitar instrumental "Espionage" will already be familiar to anyone who owns the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack. Meanwhile, the straight-faced cover of The Kinks' easy-listening favorite "Tired of Waiting" is truly something to behold. Sure, some of these tracks would have benefited from withering in obscurity forever--but the rest capture Green Day in fine style. --Aidin Vaziri

A collection of 14 rarities from the modern rock superheroes, including B-sides, import-only and vinyl singles from 'Dookie', 'Insomniac', 'Nimrod' and 'Warning'. Then covers of the Ramones' like 'Outsider' & the Kinks 'Tired Of Waiting For You'. 2002. Reprise.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Album, but Too Short
    Listen, Green Day is my favorite band, and I was really looking forward to this album. I thought the songs were excellent, but the C.D. was way to short. It was only like 30 minutes. I really wish the album could have been longer, because the 30 minutes that it was was really good. I could have gone for an extra 30 minutes....more info
  • Green Day is no sell out
    People compare this album to cds of the pre-dookie phase such as kerplunk! and complain that Green Day became sell outs just because their music is now appreciated by a larger crowd and their style is not as raw as before. I'm not putting 1039/smoothed out slappy hours or kerplunk down, I love those cds, but just because the style isnt the same doesn't mean Green Day still doesn't kick. Sick of me, Scumbag, and Suffocate are my favorite tracks on the cd. Green Day surprised me with songs like Tired of Waiting, even tho it's a cover. Billie Joe's voice really has gotten better and he proves it with songs like Rotting and Tired of Waiting. Anyone would love this album, Green Day fan or not, but I think Green Day fans will better appreciate Shenanigans....more info
  • It's Green Day. What else could you ask for?
    Green Day puts out a great b-sides album that is actually worthy of being a regular release album. Songs like "Desensitized" and "Ha Ha You're Dead" could easily be radio hits. Some things that I was disapointed in was that it didn't include all of their b-sides. They took "DUI" off and put it on the UK release only, they didn't put "The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink" on there, even though it's only 30 seconds long, it is still a great song. They also didn't put the original version of "Good Riddance" that was a b-side on the "Brain Stew/Jaded" single. Well, even with that said, it was a great album. It was just too short and could have had 3 more songs on it....more info
  • Surprise! This CD is Terrific! Ha Ha!
    I wasn't really expecting too much from this CD, reported to be "B-Sides" and out-takes, but it's got some awesome, memorable, and fun cuts, many of which could easily fit into "Dookie," "Nimrod," or any of Green Day's other well regarded releases.

    Worth the side-trip!!!...more info
  • As Good as a Regular Album? YES!!!
    While this is in fact a collection of Green Day's B-sides, rarities, and covers, it isn't. Such collections can be sketchy and hit and miss at best. This however is most certainly not. The songs here are all strong and fit suprisingly well together. I'd compare it to a really unified mix-tape. Remember the rules of High Fidelity, start of great (Suffocate) and then step it up a notch (Desesitized), then take it down a notch (You Lied) so as not to peak to early, and I assume the rule is work towards a low point, but great nonetheless (I wanna be on TV) and then gradually climb towards the mind blowing finale (Ha Ha You're Dead). Yeah excellent work, not ephemera at all....more info
  • Shenastic
    this is a wonderful CD.
    not many bands make these kinds of CDs
    but theres no surprise that the world's most
    famous band since at least 2004 with american idiot
    the only modern band to make a real rock opera and basically a good rock CD worth listening to--or even before then--has made one. the songs range from reg punk green day, to some diff more mellow sort of, all of what a green day cd would have. what would this world be without green day? exactly. some of the highlights i especially enjoy are do da da, and tired of waiting for you. my favorite is rotting, it is excellent and its like no other green day song ive ever heard, actually unlike any other song ive heard period. melancholy sorta? its amazing....more info
  • Everyone who says this is bad - You Lied!
    Shenanigans isn't American Idiot, but it's a great set of songs. I love all the songs on this album. I can't really use specifics, but the first few I think are the best. If you want to get into Green Day, you have to listen to this album a few times at least....more info
  • good b-sides
    i got this cd with the intention of another cd to thier sound of what they sound like when they grew up on warning. but i was suprised to hear once again that good old green day almost punk rock that we all know. This cd has a mix of dookie sounding with some new green day sound from warning. Highlight songs are you lied which is one of the only oringanal songs of theres on the album might i add. the first song on the cd which is suffocate is a very cathcy tune it will have you singing for ever and it wont get out of your head. they also did over a classic the kink song tired of waitong for you. They did this perfectly. and they have a classic ramones song outsider as well which doesent sound so much as the ramones but still greatly done. another great and young song is i wanna be on t.v. all in all this is a good cd but not the best but if ur looking for some great catchy tunes to listen too buy this if not buy warning or dookie instead....more info
  • "Ha Ha We're Not Dead Yet!"
    You could fill 3 discs with the shenanigans of Green Day, and I'll admit they left a lot out on this album, but this is the ultimate prelude to the operatic, arena-rock smash hit to follow. Remember the good old punk days of Green Day with "Shenanigans".
    Here's a run-down of the tracks...

    01. Suffocate
    A song about living under influence with a driving beat, SOUNDS LIKE GREEN DAY! It took me a few tries to appreciate this song, but it really is good. 3/5 stars

    02. Desensitized
    A surreal, Smiths-esque beginning soon explodes into a driving song about the Internet, reminicent of "Brain Stew". This song spent a few weeks at the top of my iPod's Top 25 Most Played list. Fantastic, with lyrics that ring so true (why do you think you're online right now?) 5/5 stars

    03. You Lied
    A song with a good beat and fairly bland lyrics, "You Lied" never got far. It's not a highlight, but it's not filler, and good to listen to while driving. 4/5 stars

    04. Outsider
    My mom liked this. A Ramones cover, done pretty damn well too. 4/5 stars

    05. Don't Wanna Fall In Love
    I love this hyper little song about hating love (ironic, isn't it?) A creative guitar solo for this Green Day era too. 5/5 stars

    06. Espionage
    Green Day's second-ever instrumental (the first being "Last Ride In" from Nimrod), and their only good one. I love this James Bond-esque tribute to suspense movie music. Note: They used this for the movie "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me". It's either that or "Scooby Doo". 5/5 stars

    07. I Want To Be On TV
    Now, what's the point of doing a cover if it wasn't a good song to begin with? I don't like this song much, not very good music, a little funny, though, when they yell "Then the world WILL BE ALL MINE!" 2/5 stars

    08. Scumbag
    A short song of hate written by the bassist Mike Dirnt, not very great, but okay. 3/5 stars

    09. Tired of Waiting for You
    Now THIS is a good song! A cover from The Kinks, and relatively quiet and easy to listen to. Sure, it rambles a little bit, but it's still far from filler! 5/5 stars

    10. Sick Of Me
    Now, this is what you would call a filler song. An uncreative anthem of failed relationship, not really worth listening. You hear the first line and you've heard it all, really. 2/5 stars

    11. Rotting
    An uncharacteristically morbid song from Green Day, sung in a lower octave, giving it a rich, tired sense. I don't know what happened to Billie Joe to prompt him to write this, but I like the result. 5/5 stars

    12. Do Da Da
    Okay, another filler, but one good thing about it is you can hear Billie laugh at the end. "Do Da Da" was meant to be the original title for "Stuck With Me" from Insomniac, and vise-versa, so that's the shenanigan factor of it. 3/5 stars

    13. On the Wagon
    A slow, driving song that is gently sung strikes home as an alternative love ballad. This is pretty good, and kinda catchy once you hear it a couple of times. 4/5 stars

    14. Ha Ha You're Dead
    This is the other song Mike wrote on the CD, and widely regarded as the best song on the whole thing. And regarded correctly! The music is great, the lyrics are great and it's so happily hateful I play it over and over again. The chorus is the best part. Viva Hate! FOREVER! 5/5 stars

    So, buy "Shenanigans", my friends. Buy, buy and reminice (sp)
    about the good old days of Green Day, but celebrate the splendor yet to come! Cheers. ...more info
    i have always loved green day; my favorite cd being dookie untill shenanigans. shenanigans is a collection of b-sides and out takes. every song is good on this cd. my 2 favorites are ha ha you're dead and you lied. but every track is worth it. the only downside to the album is its short. but its still worth the money....more info
    Great Green Day cd! I would rate it 4 and a half if I could. Almost five!

    1. Suffocate - Great song, and great lyrics! This song's about a guy that's drunk, and he's tryig to "Get Off."

    2. Desensitized - 2nd best on the whole cd!

    3. You Lied - Catchy tune! After a while, it gets boring though.

    4. Outsider - Cover of The Ramones. Green Day's version is way better!

    5. Don't Wanna Fall in Love - Heart pounding, hed smashing song! Really fast. About a guy trying to not fall in love!

    6. Espionage - It was in some spying movie...

    7. I Want to be on T.V. - Only a minute long. Similar to "Take Back" from Nimrod. A five star song! Rock On!

    8. Scumbag - Me and all of my friends love this song! My favorite off the whole cd! On ITunes I noticed they wrote S*****g.

    9. Tired of Wiating For You - Cover by the Kinks. Shows the slower side of Green Day.

    10. Sick of Me (or Sick) - 5 star song!

    11. Rotting - Pretty twangy guitar! I would have made the words a little different...

    12. Do Da Da - There's a long story on this song! While recording the "Insomniac" cd, Thsi was one of the B-Sides. The Songs "Stuck With Me" and this one were mixed up. This then became named a stupid name for a song, the present "Do Da Da."

    13. On (off) the Wagon - Great song.

    14. Ha Ha You're Dead - Awesome!

    Maybe I'll rate this cd 5 stars instead!!!...more info
  • Sweet!
    This CD is absolutely awesome. With the exception of 1 or 2 songs this CD contains songs such as Ha Ha Your Dead and Scumbag that are just amazing. Green Day has shown yet again that they're on top of their game. This CD is probably their 2nd or 3rd best, cause I mean come on what could have beatin' Nimrod, but that's besides the point cause this is a flat out bang your head can't stop listening kinda CD. Rock on Green Day! I'm gonna rate each song 1-5, 5 being the best.

    1.Suffocate:Gotta love this song, which I do, I give it 5 out of 5.
    2.Desensitized:Another great song! 4 out of 5.
    3.You Lied:The beat to it and the vocals are so damn catchy. 5 out of 5.
    4.Outsider:If you haven't seen The New Guy, you might as well see it just for this sweet song! 5 out of 5.
    5.Don't Wanna Fall in Love:Not the best song on the CD, so sorry guys, but 3 out of 5.
    6.Espionage:Normally instrumentals can be a little tedious, and this one is, but in an insanely awesome way! 5 out of 5.
    7.I Want to be on T.V.:Great song to rock to. 4 out of 5.
    8.Scumbag:Let's go American Pie, and let's go Green Day! 5 out of 5.
    9.Tired of Waiting For You:A remake, but a great one! 5 out of 5.
    10.Sick of Me:Pretty good. 4 out of 5.
    11.Rotting:Another fairly....AWESOME song. 4 out of 5.
    12.Do Da Da:Amazing! 4 out of 5.
    13.On the Wagon:Great, simply great! 4 out of 5.
    14.Ha Ha You're Dead:Tops this sweet CD off with a bang! This song if either the best or 2nd best on the whole CD, way to go Green Day! 5 out of 5.

    This gives the CD a grand total of 62 out of 70. Or also in simple terms about 90%. 5 stars for this CD baby!...more info

  • This is their Best!
    Didn't think it could get any better than their Greatest Hits album, but I was wrong. They call this a B-Side album, HA! These "B-side" songs are much better than any of their songs they have released on previous albums. This is the CD to get. They are not sell-outs, these hardcore punkers can't stand the fact that the preppy girls and the in-crowd kids were carrying around Green Day Cds. That's there phylosophy, if the popular people like them, then they must be sell-outs. There is no substitute for good music, and Green Day produces some mighty fine music. Un-Written Law, Eve 6, The Offspring, and American Hi-Fi are sell out groups, but Green Day is not. They are punk and always will be, but keep in mind there are much better punk bands out there like Rancid, Propagandghi, and The Vandals....more info
  • Very Good CD!!
    This CD is one that is short and sweet. There are 14 tacks on it, but its only about 30 min. This is a great collection of B-sides, and i'm suprised that suffocate, as well as some others, didn't make an album and are B-sides. There is only one track on there that i didn't like too much, and that's only because it didn't have any lyrics in it (Espionage). Other than that, this is a must buy for any Green Day fan....more info
  • Shenanigans is petty good.
    This cd was pretty ok, most of the songs were catchy and punk style, but i also wish they could of put the lyrics to the songs in the booklet! Oh well, pretty good album to add to your Green Day collecion!...more info
  • Green Day Shenanigans Review
    Well, The album is a collection of b-sides and other songs never released - most of which were better off that way .
    This is not one of Green Day's better cd's, simply put. Only buy this CD if you are a hardcore green day lover, because otherwise its really not worth it. I would really recomend buying Green Day's "Nimrod" release before you buy this. The last song on the Shenanigans album is the only one that truly seems to be a consistent Green Day song, its called "Ha Ha You're Dead," it is more of a true-punk form and is a reminder of why there was Green Day to begin with. You may buy this if you enjoy listening to the stuff that wasnt good enough to put on thier other albums....more info
  • this rules!
    I didnt belive my friend when he said that this was good,so
    to shut me up he burned the cd for me. Almost Instenly i fell in
    love with it has wonderful songs especially DESENTIZED the intro is the best this guy is screaming and trashing this place and it kind of makes a beat I wouldnt have cared if that was the
    whole song. i want to be on tv is my favorite with the drum aND the hook i wounder why it never made it on the other cd's? Tired of waiting for you is a calmer song but it fits in with the wa
    y the songs are set up. it still rules. oUT SIDER (IM singing that part)is rebelions song someone looks at me like im krazy when im skateing i sing it!if this doesnt help SUCK IT MAN!Green Day shenanigans deserves 20 stars...more info
  • Shenanigans (a.k.a. awesome CD =)
    This is one of the best Green Day CD's and overall one of the best CD's ever! The best tracks are Espionage (Track 6), Scumbag (Track 8), Tired Of Waiting For You (Track 9, which is originally by the band Kinks), and Ha Ha You're Dead (Track 14). The last track (Ha Ha You're Dead) is the by far the best track and one of my favorite songs. The cover and the inside artwork is amazing; the inside artwork is a collage of all of the Green Day albums since Dookie. Plus, Billie Joe Armstrong is REALLY cute, which to me is reason enough to buy the CD! :D...more info
  • Best Green Day album
    Even though Shenanigans didnt have any hits, I'd have to day that this is the Best Green Day album ever. Also to mention there's a Romones cover too. (Outsider)...more info
  • The best b-sides album ever
    Pop-punk followers like Blink-182 may have eclipsed Green Day in the past few years, but the Bay Area trio's 2001 greatest hits collection, International Superhits, was an excellent reminder of how seductive this band can be when pumping out those Modern Rock radio gems. Shenanigans is the flip side of Superhits, collecting Green Day's b-sides and cover tunes into a compilation that jells. It kicks off smashingly, the boys cranking out "Suffocate", "Desensitized", and "You Lied" with all the energy and snottiness of their biggest hits. The covers of the Ramones ("Outsider") and the Kinks ("Tired of Waiting for You") are faithfully executed; but the next two ("Don't Wanna Fall in Love" and "Rotting") are uninspired filler; and the surf instrumental "Espionage," seems out of place amid the bubblegum punk and hardcore. That's not to say there isn't plenty of fist-pumping fun here, particularly for die hard fans; the fast and furious "I Want to be on TV" thrashes like the band's pre-Dookie performances on Berkeley's Gilman Street punk scene. "Sick of Me" and the previously unreleased "Ha Ha You're Dead" are both very solid anthems; "Ha Ha You're Dead" along with "Desensitized" are my two favorite tracks on this album. Even the shuffling "On the Wagon Again" is a surprising countryish charmer. This collection of odds and sods proves Green Day were every bit as passionate as their first generation punk heroes....more info
  • Pretty good but still a b-side collection
    This is a collections of B-sides they have done since 1994-present. It also contains one new track
    1.Suffocate - its an alright track, nothing that special. Pretty catchy, memorable lyrics, typical green day.(6/10)

    2.Desensitized - I really like the feeling of this track, it is angry and heavy but the problem is the lack of parts.(7/10)

    3.You Lied - this one is a pretty sly, cool song with a laid back punky feel.(8-10)

    4.Outsider - Originaly by the Ramones, its a good cover but sounds quite a bit like the orginal.(6/10)

    5.Don't Wanna Fall In Love - This song is a fast catchy song with the best lyric, Don't wanna fall in love.(9/10)

    6.Espionage - From the Austin Powers sound track, this is the most non-green day song ever done by GD. A surf rock/spy classic, but doesn't really belong on this CD.(7/10)

    7.I want to be on TV - Great song, maybe buzzcocks influenced?(9/10)

    8.Scumbag - Very melodic, Very well written. Should have been on Dookie.(10/10)

    9.Tired Of Waiting For You - The second cove of the CD, originaly by the Kinks. Good cover more ditortion that the original.(7/10)

    10.Sick of Me - Nice song with catchy lyrics. Reminds me of insomniac songs.(8/10)

    11.Rotting - Yes! I love this song. The lyrics are great, the hook is great, and the guitar work is great. This is a very simple song, no distortion, sounds like it could have been on either Nimrod or Warning. Think of a mixture of the two styles on the two albums.(10/10)

    12.Do Da Da - A sentimental, melodic, quick punk song. One of my favorites.(10/10)

    13.On the Wagon - It seems they've cramed all the best at the end. The title fits the feel of the song perfectly. Good chorus, good lyrics, good song.(10/10)

    14.Ha Ha You're Dead - The only new song on the CD and its awsome. This is a fast pased punk song, but doesn't really sound like any of they're other punk songs. This one is more like a song Billie-Joe would do with his side band Pinhead Gunpowder. I hope their new CD sounds like this!(10/10)

    All in all this is as good of a B-side Collection as anyone can get....more info

  • This CD is the Best
    I love this CD very much that i listened to it everyday.When i'm bathing,I always sing all the song in the CD. i've heard the sale of this album is not encouraging.Try to promote this album worldwide.produce a video clip in MTV especially the song "Ha Ha U're Dead".The song is great.this album is not popular becuase there is no ad or commercial on TV.As Compare to the album Dookie,There lots of ad and commercials.Please dun let Greenday became an underground band.God bye .hope Greenday will release more album soon.e-mail me if there is a new and latest Greenday album...more info