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Motorola External Cable Modem (SB4200)
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Product Description

The latest addition to Motorola's SURFboard Cable Modem family, the SURFboard SB4200, has been redesigned with the consumer in mind. The Motorola SURFboard SB4200 features a user-friendly, convenient, top-mounted stand-by switch. The stand-by switch disconnects the USB and Ethernet connection to the CPE without disconnecting the cable modem from the RF network, providing security and flexibility. Competitively priced, the SB4200 includes all the features of previous SURFboard Cable Modems, including USB connectivity, software upgrades available over the network, advanced RF design, top-notch field reliability and high-performance processors. It offers both Ethernet and USB interface connectivity to help ensure compatibility with almost any PC or Macintosh network-ready computer system. And its 10/100BaseT auto-sensing Ethernet lines allow for seamless communications.

The Motorola SB4200 SURFboard cable modem supplies both Ethernet and USB interface connectivity to ensure compatibility with almost any network-ready PC computer system. It requires only a standard HTML browser on your computer, making it virtually platform independent. With the SB4200, most PCs, Macs, and other computers can be easily connected to any network. The SB4200 supports the 64 and 256 QAM link technology that is the heart of the DOCSIS data network, providing up to 38 Mbps of raw data transfer rates in a single 6 MHz channel.

The SB4200 simplifies installation with USB connectivity, and provides enhanced security with its top-mounted standby button. The button disconnects the USB and Ethernet connection to the computer without disconnecting the cable modem from the RF network, providing security, flexibility, and performance. An easy-to-use standby button has been relocated to the top of the SB4200 for additional end-user security and convenience.

Note: If in doubt, contact your cable Internet provider to verify that this modem will be compatible with their system.

  • DOCSIS 1.0 CableLabs Certified (upgradable to DOCSIS 1.1)
  • New user-friendly, top-mounted stand-by button for additional end-user security
  • USB and Ethernet connections
  • Ethernet and USB are bridged allowing LAN traffic between USB device and Ethernet LAN
  • Compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, NT, XP, Mac, and UNIX operating systems

Customer Reviews:

  • Good
    I had read the excellent Amazon reviews on Motorola SB4200 and decided to go with one. After I bought it, I plugged my cable service to my USB outlet on the modem, given my MAC and SN id to Comcast and voila within 5 mts, i was up and running. Its been excellent so far. Although, the only glitch (that i have yet to figure out) is that the Activity LED for some reason will stop blinking and my internet connectivity will enter a "freeze" state upon which i have to power off/on my modem. I cannot seem to ping my DHCP gateway during this state. Not sure if this is the Comcast or a Motorola glitch. Upon powering back on though, service is restored. I have had to do this atleast once a day. This is regardless of whether i use the STANDBY feature. I am hoping there is an easy fix for this....more info
  • Motorola SB4200 does work.
    Initial attempt to register this cable modem failed due to one reason or another. The MAC address would not update onto the network via the automated online registration. The old MAC address from the previously used cable modem persisted. However, after I cleared out the internet browser's cache and the cookies, shut down the cable modem and the computer, and finally restarted the cable modem and the computer, I was able to proceed with the online registration.
    A couple of attempts should be made if unsuccessful.
    Anyway this cable modem works fine now....more info
  • Motorola SB4200 ---an excellent cable modem
    I read the good and the bad reviews before I bought this modem. Since most of the reviews were above average and being an approved modem for Comcast I decided to give it a try. After hooking it up to my computer(2min.) I called Comcast (Used to be AT+T)and I had it up and running in a few min. .Now I don't have to pay the leasing fee for the Comcast cable modem. I have been using the new cable modem with no problem for a couple of weeks and I am getting the usual fast surfing speeds.The standby feature I like because it disconnects you from the internet but still keeps the modem on and ready. What can I say....its a great product!...more info
  • Great Modem - No Problems
    I had this modem delivered to me when I signed up for Cable Internet with my provider...while it's true they performed the initial installation, I have uninstalled and re-installed the modem numerous times. (I often format my hard-drive, add new components etc...)

    I've installed the modem via an Ethernet Connection on Windows 98, ME, and XP Pro. And via USB on XP Pro. I have not once had a single problem with the installation. I've had the modem for around 6 months now, and well to be honest, it's been treated quite badly. I've dropped it...banged it...and well...sat on it (lol) but despite the horrific bashing it's taken, the little guy just keeps on goin'. In fact the hard plastic casing means it still looks as good as new!

    And to think all this from a low priced modem. The SURFboard 4200 seems to do the job quite sufficiently, and I thoroughly recommend anyone interested to go ahead and purchase it. It excels in every area and I haven't had one problem yet.

    But remember, be sure to check with your ISP to verify that they support this modem. Most do, but some can be a bit niggly....more info

  • Good modem
    I have had this modem for 5 years now - easy install, great speed and never a problem....more info
  • Trustworthy modem
    I bought this modem over a year ago as an alternative to giving the cable company even more of my money via renting on of theirs. Ever since I plugged it in and got it activated it has given me zero problems. The only time it hasn't worked, it was because the internet itself was down.
    I like the button on the modem that disconnects you from the internet. It takes maybe a second to connect/disconnect you and protect your computer from any unsavory types who are lurking out there.
    I bought a new pc a few months ago and plugged in the modem and it was ready to go right then.
    If you're forgoing the $5/mo. rental from your ISP, this baby pays for itself in about 18 months ... or less. And if you move, you can keep the thing, you don't have to give it back to the cursed cable co....more info
  • Recommended.
    I purchased this modem when I signed up for broadband Internet (cable) service. I have been using it for about two years now. I have never encountered any problems and it has never failed to function. The security "disconnect" function button on the top is a good idea. As a security precaution, I usually "disconnect" when I am not actually using my connection....more info
  • Works Great!
    Like many others, I was looking to replace my leased modem with my own modem. I purchased the Toshiba PCX1100u based on many reviews here and elsewhere. The modem worked great, but after about 2 hours it would drop out and quit working. Reconfigured it several times with the ISP, but same problem showed up. Returned it and bought the Motorola SB4200. Hooked it up and was off and running within 2 minutes. It has never dropped out and I'm experiencing speeds that are faster than the old leased 3Com modem....more info
  • Works Flawlessly w/ various O/S's
    Got this modem over two years ago, and have not had a problem with it in those two years. It's been up and running for most all of those two years (save power outages).

    Took me about 5 minutes to install, including unpacking it and connecting it to my Linksys wireless router.

    It's worth noting that I primarilly use Linux, and it works just fine in that environment (it also works just fine under BSD and Solaris). Other family members use Windows (God only knows why), and have not had problems.

    Above all else, this modem will QUICKLY save you money over your local cable company's lease rates (five dollars per month for an obsolete sharkfin model with Charter Communications in St. Louis). Well worth the purchase! ...more info
    This place was the most cheap i found in the entire web,even ebay,price,description and offcourse the shipping is very fast

    i really recommend this guys...more info
  • Hassle Free
    I was renting the Motorola SB3100 and replaced it with this model. Installation was as simple as calling the cable company with the new MAC address, plugging in the cables, and turning on the computer.

    Now that I will not be paying a monthly modem rental, this modem will pay for itself in just a few months.

    This modem also has a couple features that the SB3100 did not. It is upgradeable to DOCSIS 1.1 and it has a standby button that allows you to cut your computer from the internet without powering down....more info