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2port USB KVM Switch With 2-cables Non-osd
List Price: $75.99

Our Price: $56.41

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Product Description

The Master-IT USB KVM switches serve as KVM/USB hub units allowing users to connect different computers and share peripherals. The main feature of the Master-IT USB KVM switches is their cross-platform compatibility. Besides connecting both Windows and Mac OS systems, users can take advantage of the Plug and Play simplicity of USB standard.

  • Connects 2 USB computers and shares 3 USB peripherals
  • Easy front-chassis button switching
  • All Hot-Swappable/pluggable ports
  • Two -year warranty on the switch & lifetime on the cables
  • Free lifetime technical support & pre/post project consultation

Customer Reviews:

  • Good KVM switch
    I bought this switch last week. The installation was as easy as plug n play. No major problems so far. This switch is worth its price....more info
  • A Very Capable KVM
    Solid construction and function. This KVM switches between two computers with just a minor lag. I prefer manual switching to having a key-combo hot switch, so this device met my needs. Comes with a pair of cables that are really high quality. As a result, the video through the device is clear and has no problem meeting the bandwidth requirements for my 24" Samsung LCD....more info
  • This one works
    After struggling with the D-Link DKVM-2U and reading thousands of reviews, I finally bought this one and have just one comment: It works. I have attached to it 3 USB devices: MS std wireless mouse, MS comfort curve keyboard 2000 and a HP deskjet (by the way it is extremely useful that 3rd USB port if you want to share a printer as well). It is just plug and play. The case is metal made, robust, heavy, really good stuff. Looks much better in your hands than in the pictures. I'm using the provided power supply. I'm very satisfied and recommend this product. It is worth the slightly higher price. Don't risk with other USB KVM from other brands, most of them have compatibility problems....more info
  • Easy tests to see if this switch will work for you
    This is an excellent product. But first, my thanks to Miguel Grinberg, who reviewed this product here on Amazon and saved me a lot of trouble. I visited tech support for a number of other KVM switch manufacturers and they all verified the remarks made by Mr. Grinberg. Read his review first!!!!!!!

    I'm running two different Dell desktop systems with Win XP on this switch. I have a Sony 21" monitor. The results are excellent.

    TO TEST WHETHER THIS SWITCH WILL WORK FOR YOU - simply disconnect your usb keyboard and mouse from your current systems during various activities and reconnect them and note the results. If you are happy - this is the switch for you. This switch simply connects and disconnects your usb mouse, usb keyboard, and a third device if you choose from one system and switches it to another. Obviously it also switches your video but there are no problematic technical issues in doing that. I've switched 2 times just while writing this review.

    The switch also comes with two high quality cables which saves you a great deal of money.

    The beauty of this device is you can test various scenories to your heart's content and know the results long before you place an order....more info

  • A well constructed KVM switch
    This KVM switch is very solidly constructed - metal case, high quality cables and a push button switch (in my opinion, push button switch is better than soft switch). Because of its weight, it doesn't get dragged around by the cables. It works with the power drawn from the USB connections, but it also comes with its own power, which is nice. It also has an additional USB port which you can use to share another USB device such as a webcam or USB microphone. What's really nice is that I actually connect this USB port to my Dell monitor which has a built-in USB hub, so now I have 4 extra USB ports. I had "blue screen of death" for a few days when switching between computers after installing this KVM switch, but the problem went away after I disconnected an old webcam connected to the switch. If you're using Windows, it takes a few seconds for the mouse and keyboard to become active after switching. For Linux, it takes almost no time. If you find video quality low (e.g. fuzziness), try adjust your monitor settings. When I first plugged it in, the resolution wasn't good, it looked fuzzy. But after an "auto adjust" on my monitor, it became very sharp. The tech support from ConnectPro seems responsive. I emailed them about the "blue screen of death" problem a couple of times and got replies promptly. Their tech support also is on Skype, although I never tried to talk to him. The only real shortcoming of this KVM switch is it's USB 1.0 instead of USB 2.0. Windows XP complains about this everytime you switch to it. I give this switch a 4-star because of this.

    BTW, does anyone know why the indicator button shows half-red and half-green when it's switched to it? It's against common engineering practice....more info
  • Works perfectly
    It just works. Hook it up and switch between Windoze
    laptop and Linux box. Couldn't be happier. ...more info
  • Perfect Right Out of the Box
    The quality of this unit is obvious when the box is opened. The included cables are excellent. The box is well constructed and weighs enough that it doesn't slide around on the desk. Operation was perfect from initial hook-up. This unit does allow a USB hub to be attached- in this case a 7-port Belkin, which also worked perfectly. Connections include: 2-XP computers- one desktop, one laptop docking station, wired USB keyboard and wireless mouse. Great product....more info
  • Great KVM
    I have used a few other KVMs, but they were all your standard PS/2 port KVMs. I got a new mouse/keyboard combo that was USB, and my computers didn't recognize them correctly because they were connected via PS/2. After much searching and reading of reviews, I purchased this KVM and it works great. Both my machines, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, recognize the mouse and keyboard as USB now, and I've been able to use all the advbanced feartures of them because of this. The only reason that I've given 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the fact that there is no hot-key switching. Other than that, I would recommend this KVM to anyone....more info
  • Works well, but tricky to set up
    First of all, this KVM is very well-made, with high-quality video and USB cables. The enclosure is actually metal, and feels very solid. Once it's hooked up and working, it works very well.

    This KVM is actually a USB hub; the "switching" part simply moves the computer connection from one machine to the other. The good news is that you can hook up any USB keyboard and mouse and all of their functions work. I'm using a Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro, an Intellimouse Explorer, and a Contour Designs Shuttle Express with it - the KVM has USB type A connectors for three devices on it - and all three devices are fully supported by my Athlon/WinXP system and my Powermac G4 running OS X. Like one of the other reviewers mentioned, if you test your devices beforehand by disconnecting them, then reconnecting them, and they still work correctly, then this switch will work for you. Devices like USB memory cards, which have to be "stopped" before they can be disconnected, won't work.

    The video quality is also very good; I'm running at 1280x1024 and it looks as good as it does with the monitor plugged directly into the Radeon cards in both machines.

    This switch does not switch audio. It also does not have any keyboard-based switching ability, so place it somewhere you can easily reach it.

    Setup was tricky, however, and involved some e-mail back-and-forth with Connectpro's support people. It turns out that what you have to do to get the switch working right is this:

    1. Plug the power into the switch.
    2. Plug the VGA cables for the two machines in. Do NOT connect the USB cables for the two computers!
    3. Connect your monitor to the switch.
    4. Connect your keyboard and mouse directly to the first computer.
    5. Power up the first computer, and log in.
    6. Now, connect the KVM's USB cable to the first computer. If you're running Windows 2000 or XP, the computer will detect the KVM as a generic USB hub.
    7. Connect your keyboard and mouse directly to the second computer.
    8. Press the "select" button on the KVM to select the second computer.
    8. Power up the second computer, and log in.
    9. Connect the KVM's USB cable to the second computer. The computer will recognize the KVM as a generic USB hub. (In MacOS X, it will show up in the Apple System Profiler.)
    10. Now, move the keyboard and mouse to the KVM. You should be good to go at this point.

    I'd have given this KVM five stars, were it not for the poor manual (like another reviewer said, it seemed to be for some other switch), and the need to contact tech support to get the proper connection instructions. To their credit, Connectpro's e-mail tech support person was very helpful and courteous, and responded within a business day to all of my inquiries....more info

  • I love this KVM switch!
    It's not often that I take the time to write a review about a product, but I just have to express how happy I am with this KVM switch. I previously bought IOGear switches, which are good for their price, but they use 26 gauge wire, which is very thin, and I was having problems related to cross-talk or interference caused by other components. For example, I had interference in the audio whenever I moved my mouse. It was too much for me to tolerate. All of the positive reviews for this ConnectPro switch convinced me to buy one. I LOVE IT! It does exactly what it should perfectly and I had NO problem setting it up. I'm very happy with this switch! Everything about it is very high quality. At first I thought I'd be bothered by the non-keyboard hotkey switch, but now that I've used it and realize the benefits, I would not want to use a KVM switch that relies on keyboard hotkeys. Thank you, ConnectPro for making such an incredible and reliable product!...more info
  • works with Macs, PCs, oddball keyboards, and a Wacom tablet
    I have used a number of KVM switches, and there are often problems with them. In my experience, the fancier they are, they worse they work. Avoid KVMs that require proprietary cables, or that rely on driver software for "hotkey switching" instead of having buttons.

    The ConnectPro is no nonsense, and works with everything I've connected it to. I'm upgrading to the four-port version soon....more info
  • Works as advertised!
    This is a great product. My two computers are an Apple iBook G4 and a Linux workstation running Red Hat 7.3. I use a Logitech Internet keyboard and Logitech mouse. The switching is done on the unit itself, no keyboard switching so place it within reach! All of the keyboard special functions work on my Apple. I have had miserable luck with the iBook and usb hubs, but this kvm switch works great with the iBook.

    One thing to keep in mind, however, you MUST connect the cables in the following order: power first, then keyboard and mouse, then the computers. Linux was initially unhappy as it wouldn't see the keyboard and mouse because I didn't read the manual!...more info

  • Swich works great
    I have a PowerBook and on old Mac G3. I use the laptop for work and the G3 is a family computer. Becasue I have limited space, I wanted to use the G3's monitor and keyboard for the laptop when I have extended or complicated tasks to do. The switch works great and allows me to use monitor spanning and an extended keyboard when I am working on large Excel spreadsheets or on PowerPoint presentations. Yet a simple push of a button allows the rest of the family to use the G3.

    I prefer mechanical switching betweeen computers to a screen/keyboard based switch, because the former works with lots of different systems -- not just Windows.

    Although the instructions were not clear on this, the switch comes with 2 cables, each of which includes a monitor cable and an USB cable. Therefore, you shouldn't have to buy any cables other than those that you already have connecting the monitor and the keyboard to your main computer. The 6 foot cables are heavy, which probably reduces signal loss but makes them a little awkward in my confined space.

    The switch is small but heavy, suggesting that it is probably well made.

    Hooking up the switch is so simple that no directions are needed. That's good because the instructions were not clear and seemed written for a different switch.

    All in all, a product that does what is is supposed to....more info

  • No keybard based switching!
    This would be a great product, especially for the price, but it does not offer keyboard based switching. Most of these port switchers allow you to press some key combination (like ScrollLock twice) to switch. But, this one only works with the front-panel buttons. This is very inconvienent and a deal killer for me. Be forewarned. If you do not mind having to push a button on a box, it is fine....more info
  • Highly Recommend - Worth the Price
    I was orginally using a Belkin Omniview 4port KVM for PS2 mouse and keyboard. This worked great when I had older computers with PS2 connections . However, as I slowly upgraded my computers, they no longer had PS2 connections but USB type. I tried using the PS2 to USB adapter but this was flakey. Also connecting this to the older Belkin KVM turned out to be a nightmare. Always having to unplug/plug in the USB devices because they would drop off. Or having to frustrating.

    I decided to upgrade to the Belkin USB KVM. This was not cheap but it turned out to be a big headache. I would get the same problems with the USB devices dropping out and then having to unplug devices to try to re-establish the connections. I also tried different Belkin KVMs at work with the same results - just a big headache.

    After much research I found this device on Amazon. There were so many positive remarks so I bought one. So far it is absolutely amazing!!!! (It's kind of sad when something that works as it is supposed to makes the product amazing.) But I am very pleased with this device. I switch between my two computers and have not lost any USB connection once.

    The one item that I didn't quite understand until I got the device was the USB hub. It wasn't exactly what I envisioned. I thought it was going to have the console ports (VGA, usb mouse, usb keyboard) PLUS 3 more USB ports. It basically has 3 USB you plug your USB mouse in one, your USB keyboard into the 2nd one...and you are left with one more USB port. I've plugged a USB hub into this last port and it's worked fine....maybe that's what they figured the user would do. I just thought it was going to have 3 extra USB ports and then I would plug my 3 printers directly into those.

    The device is solid, seems to be well made and comes with nice cables.

    Doesn't have the scroll lock, scroll lock key combo to switch to another port...but I knew this when I purchased it. I'm already used to just pressing the button on the KVM.

    It says its USB 2.0 but not really sure how to check this out.

    I've only used it a few days so I can't say it worked flawlessly for months. But I switch between computers quite often and it's never missed a beat.

    Definitely going to buy one of these for my work place.

    ...more info
  • Best Darn Switch I Have Ever Found!!
    We have searched and read reviews on so many KVM switches and it seems that there are issues with many of the KVM switches currently on the market. Several we have bought and used were a waste of money. This switch is solid and very simple to hookup and use. One simple feature that I like about this KVM switch is the cables that hook to the KVM switch. The video portion of the cables have extended knobs on the screws that make it very easy to tighten the video cables. Great Job!!
    ...more info
  • KVM Switch
    Great quality. No problems at all. I am using Microsoft Natural Keyboard w/mouse Wireless. It switches between the two PCs fast and does not cause any problems with Windows XP Pro an x64....more info
  • It really works!
    I have tried many KVM switches and this one actually works! It is in a sturdy metal case and usese usb which is really convenient and easy....more info
  • Worked out of the box
    Easy to install - works perfectly with either of 2 Dell laptops and a Dell desktop (all USB). Reviews vary widely on other models on, but this unit seems to be mostly positive....more info
  • Surprisingly Easy
    I was skeptical of all the good Amazon reviews I read for this KVM switch after reading reviews about other KVM switches and how they didn't work or were difficult to set up or were generally frustrating. Even after reading all the glowing reviews, I prepared myself for a fight when I set it up (pessimistic, I admit). My experience with the Connectpro has proven my skepticism and pessimism misguided. Out of the box, it easily shared my Samsung LCD, Dell-branded wireless keyboard and mouse with both machines- one a Dell Windows XP PC and the other a home-built Linux machine running Debian GNU/Linux. I haven't attached my external HD or printer to the switch yet, but I'm now optimistic there won't be a struggle. The lights on the front are slick, too. It may be a little more expensive than other KVM solutions, but it was WELL worth the extra $10-15 to have it work perfectly the first time. ...more info
  • It WORKS!!!
    In as few words as possible: it simply works!! Best KVM Switch ever. The best of all.. it even switches USB ports. It does however, take a couple of seconds to switch all USB devices. Solid casing and high quality cables included....more info
  • Does What It's Supposed To
    Have used this product on both Mac and PC platforms and it works flawlessly. Forget not being able to switch screens with keyboard hotkey combos. That is a small price to pay for being able to have a KVM switch perform how it is supposed to. No issues with losing keyboard/mouse functionality when switching between computers multiple times at close intervals. Would highly recommend....more info