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STARTECH.COM DVIMM6 6' Digital LCD Monitor Cable Replacement DVI-D Male to DVI-D Male 4.95 GBPS
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $0.98

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Product Description

This 6ft DVI-D Digital Flat Panel Display Cable features two male DVI-D (single link) connectors, providing a highly reliable, purely digital connection between high-end video devices (DVD players, HTDV monitors, DVI out Video Cards, etc.).This durable DVI-D cable is designed to provide a high quality digital video experience. Play-compatible, all-digital connection is also ideal for connecting laptop computer to digital projectors for crystal-clear presentations.By interfacing two digital signals directly, you'll experience faster, higher-quality images. This single-link cable works with virtually any digital, flat panel LCD monitor and allows high-speed data transmission of up to 4.95 Gbits/sec.

  • Works with all Digital Flat Panels and Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Signal attenuation is stronger and faster than a standard monitor cable
  • Provides high speed digital transmission of up to 4.95 Gbits/sec
  • Backed by's Lifetime Warrant
  • PC and Macintosh compatible, lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Works just like it should
    Cable works just like advertised. Picture looks great. No reason to spend big bucks on these cables...more info
  • Good and cheap
    This cable is completely adequate. It works and does a good job, build quality is a little down as the screws on one end of one of the cables (I ordered two) does not quite line up with those on the video card. The picture quality is not at all sub par so stupid screws do not detract from this product....more info
  • Great and cheap
    Great cable, and at an excellent price. This is a huge improvement over my old VGA cables....more info
  • Works great, great price!
    Best DVI cable I could find for the best price. Hooked it up to my dual output video card to power monitor #1. Works great....more info
  • misnamed product
    the name of the product does not include "cable", this is not a "flat Panel Display". I don't have one of these yet - so my 5 stars are pending....more info
  • Usable product
    Reasonably priced DVI cable. It meets the specs to be DVI after that it's just flair. Has been working without issue for over a month now....more info
  • Throw away your crappy Apple DVI-VGA adapter... Maybe.
    I bought two of these cables since I have two Mac Minis, which have only a DVI port (not a VGA port) and my LCD has both VGA and DVI ports. I wanted to avoid having to use the crappy DVI-VGA adapter supplied by Apple. Upon connecting these DVI-DVI cables, I had issues with the monitor recognizing that the Mini was connected and powered on. I finally was able to get the monitor working, but each time I rebooted, the monitor had issues recognizing the Mini. I ended up going back to using the DVI-VGA adapter (with a VGA cable) and I no longer have the issue of the monitor not recognizing the Mini. This occurred on both Mac Minis (with identical monitors).

    I don't know if the issue is with the monitor DVI port or the cables (or perhaps even issues with the Mac Mini). I'm not impressed with the hardware quality of the Mac Mini, so there could be issues there.

    The cables don't feel cheap and are 6' which gives plenty of length. I'm thinking they are not the issue, but the monitor or Mini may be at fault....more info
  • Buy from Amazon not Stores!!
    Don't Buy form the stores! This cable works perfectly, as does every cable I've bought from It's digital, so as long as my 10010100100110's are getting through what else would I worry about?...more info
  • It's a winner!
    Gotta love perfect digital quality. I'd never go back to analog....more info
  • Great Price and works as advertised
    What is there to say other than that these cables are not as easy to find as one would think and VERY expensive in the stores. They wanted over $50 and Best Buy and $60 at Target! If this cable is what you need, buy it here and you will save yourself a LOT of money. ...more info
  • Works great!
    I purchased a screen which didn't come with a DVI cable. I purchased this cable and it has been working great for about a month. I have a great deal of experience with computers (over 20 years) and have set up numerous LCDs with and without DVI cables, and this cable works just as well as the $20-$50 ones.

    So aside from the "pay more and support better paying jobs here" dilemma that one always face when purchasing almost anything nowadays, I do recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive cable that does what it's supposed to do (and it does it well)....more info
  • Perfect!
    Compared to brand name cables costing $70-100, this is definitely worth it! No problems at all, works perfectly....more info