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The Sopranos - The Complete Third Season
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Some suburban households have two cars. Some have two houses. But Tony Soprano has two families. This could be why the FBI is going to such lengths to wiretap his home. Why the son of his dear late friend Jackie Aprile is causing him such agita. Why a Russian housekeeper is searching for her missing leg. Why his son is vandalizing school property and his daughter is getting her heart broken. Why his wife Carmela is both consulting a psychiatrist and confessing to a priest. And it's also why Tony Soprano is still seeing Dr. Melfi for his anxiety attacks. It isn't easy heading-up the mob in New Jersey. But that's what puts dinner on the table for the two families of Tony Soprano.

"So," Tony Soprano asks analyst Dr. Melfi in the wake of not-so-dearly-departed Livia's death, "we're probably done here, right?" Sorry, Tone, not by a long shot. Unresolved mother issues are the least of the Family man's troubles in the brutal and controversial third season of The Sopranos. Ranked by TV Guide among the top five greatest series ever, The Sopranos justified its eleven-month hiatus with some of its best, and most hotly debated, episodes that continue the saga of the New Jersey mob boss juggling the pressures of his often intersecting personal and professional lives. The third season garnered 22 Emmy nominations, earning Lead Actor and Actress honors for James Gandolfini and Edie Falco for their now-signature roles as Tony and his increasingly conflicted wife, Carmela.

The Sopranos continued to upend convention and defy audience expectations with a deliberately paced, calm-before-the-storm season opener that revolves around the FBI's attempts to bug the Soprano household, and a season finale that (for some) frustratingly leaves several plot lines unresolved. The second episode, "Proshai, Livushka," confronts the death of the venerable Nancy Marchand, who capped her career with perhaps her greatest role as malignant matriarch Livia. A jarring scene between Tony and Livia that uses pre-existing footage is a distraction, but Carmela's unsparing smackdown of Livia at the wake redeems the episode. "Employee of the Month," in which Dr. Melfi is raped and considers whether to exact revenge by telling Tony of her attack, earned Emmys for its writers, and is perhaps Emmy nominee Lorraine Bracco's finest hour. The darkly comic "Pine Barrens"--another memorable episode, directed by Steve Buscemi--strands Paulie (Tony Sirico) and Christopher (Michael Imperioli) in the forest with a runaway corpse. Other story arcs concern the rise of the seriously unstable Ralph Cifaretto (Joe Pantoliano) and Tony's affair with "full-blown loop-de-loo" Gloria (Emmy nominee Annabella Sciorra). Plus, there is Tony's estrangement from daughter Meadow (Jamie Lynn Sigler), his wayward delinquent son Anthony, Jr. (Robert Iler), Carmela's crisis of conscience, bad seed Jackie Jr., and the FBI--which, as the season ends, assigns an undercover agent to befriend an unwitting figure in the Soprano family's orbit. Stay tuned for season four. --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • Sopranos Season 3
    Bought this as a gift and own it myself. Enjoy the Sopranos on DVD and would recommend it. Amazon has great prices for these DVD's...more info
  • Oddly compelling despite subject matter
    The third season of HBO's acclaimed Sopranos continues the established tradition of this film-quality television series. The Sopranos are a fairly normal suburban New Jersey family except that the father, Tony, is the head of an organized crime organization. In the third season, Tony's mother Livia dies (as did the actress that portrayed her, Nancy Marchand), daughter Meadow goes off to Columbia University, son Anthony, Jr. struggles to stay in high school, and Tony's mobster friends continue with their regular business ventures. James Gandolfini's portrayal of Tony is always at the heart of the series' success. He is able to pull off the difficult task of being likeable as a suburban father while simultaneously cheating on his wife and killing people. People I know who don't usually care for onscreen sex, violence, and foul language are irrestibly drawn to this series because of its compelling performances, professional direction and screenwriting, and long-spanning story arcs. There is a large cast of supporting characters whose stories progress as the audience becomes more familiar with them, as in a daytime soap opera. Of course, some of them get whacked. Actually, the third season has considerably less killing and nudity than the first two. But the profanity continues in full force. This is not material suitable for the kiddies. To me the best aspect of the content of this series is the way it examines the themes of integrity, responsibility, and especially loyalty. There is a perverse sense of justice when a disloyal mobster is "disappeared" by the collective efforts of his mob family. The DVD extras are very slight. The featurette is very short but does offer a chance to hear the actor who portrays Furio speak without his Italian accent. The audio commentaries by actor/screenwriter Michael Imperioli, director (better known as an actor, though not of Sopranos) Steve Buscemi, and creator David Chase are among the least informative I have ever heard. Buscemi, one of my favorite actors, is entirely too humble and deferential to the set-in-place Sopranos powers-that-be to deliver any sort of authority on his commentary. But despite the lack of substantive DVD extras, this package is well worth watching to those who like competently delivered episodic television. But do definitely start with the first season!...more info
  • One of the best shows
    If you buy any entire season collection it has to be the sopranos which is on of the best televisions shows i have ever watched a must have if u can afford them...more info
  • Sopranos Season 3
    Bought this as a gift and own it myself. Enjoy the Sopranos on DVD and would recommend it. Amazon has great prices for these DVD's...more info
    You can't have better entertainment. I don't get HBO or cable, so I was going through withdrawal - I had finished the entire 1st and 2nd seasons renting at BLOCKBUSTER (and with the $8 overcharge fees, I should have just BOUGHT) until the third season got released. And then I watched them all over three weeks. This DVD package is pure heroin without the terrible side effects. If you're on the fence - BUY IT!...more info
  • Perfect
    Its the sopranos, its #1, its perfect. Amazon is the only place to get a good deal on it....more info
    I didn't want it to end, undoubtedly the best TV series ever made. Different from Series 1 & 2, a bit more humour as well
    as unpredictability.
    Cant wait for series 4....more info
  • Wonderful acting
    This show is not for teh sensitive type. It is for people who can appreciate a darker side of New Jersey mob life. The actors are superb- you will not believe how goo dthey are until you see this. This is the best season, the most drama occurs here- the second season was rather slow....more info
  • The Best Season Yet
    Having never had HBO, I never stumbled upon The Sopranos while surfing channels. Last year I watched season 1 & 2, enjoyed them immensely, and just never got around to watching it again. Now a year later, I've finished watching the show. The show really hit its creative stride in its third season and despite one really weak episode ("...To Save Us All From Satan's Power..."); It's a solid season. This season showed the departure of Tony Soprano's (James Gandolfini) mother and the entrance of Ralphie (Joe Pantoliano, who is terrific in the show); A made guy trying to make his mark in Tony's family. There's no point in me getting into the plot much (I call it the plot, because I think of The Sopranos as one long movie and not separate episodes), but everything is superb here. The writing, the acting...And there's some real surprises here. Probably my favorite episode here is "Pine Barrens" in which the newly made Christoper Maltisanti (Michael Imperioli) and Paulie whack a Russian they have a problem with. The problem gets worse when they drive into the woods to bury him and find him alive in the trunk. The episode is directed by Steve Buscemi (who would later become a regular on the show) and seemed to me like an extended version of a sequence in Francois Truffaut's "Shoot the Piano Player." I don't remember enough of the previous two seasons to say which one's better, but any person who has seen the previous two seasons will not be disappointed with this one. It has plenty of action and quick, snappy dialogue that people look for when they're looking through mob-associated features, but this season takes a lot of time exploring the sensitive, humanistic sides of Tony, his wife Carmela (Edie Falco, who is superb this year) and their children Meadow (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) and A.J. (Robert Isler). Even one episode ("Employee of the Month") explores a much darker topic than seen on previous episodes and has Dr. Melfi (Lauraine Bracco) serving as the main character, essentially. Main point that I'm trying to establish; This is amazing and I highly recommend you check it out.

    GRADE: A-
    ...more info
  • Great Value
    Great value for money especially in comparison to other stores. Intend on ordering the other seasons from this website. package arrived on time and in good condition....more info
  • Excellant Service!
    Excellent service! I recieved my order quickly. I am very happy with this seller and will buy from them again!...more info
  • Without doubt the greatest show to ever grace the small screen...three's a charmer...
    Again, I struggled with penning these reviews because the series is really just too brilliant for words. With each passing season `The Sopranos' perfected itself and left us with utter brilliance time and time again. Each plot twist was so intricately woven into itself, so expertly crafted and engineered and most importantly delivered with such gusto and bravado that it feels so silky smooth against our eyes. If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, there is no television show before or after that has ever nor will ever amount to the effortless excellence that was `The Sopranos'. Now, season three is lauded as one of if not the best season `The Sopranos' has ever experienced, and while I can't say that I wholeheartedly agree (I'm torn really since they were all so good) I can understand why there is so much love for this particular season. Sadly we lost Nancy Marchand but we gained so much that her absence does not leave the void that could be expected.

    With the passing of Livia Soprano some worries are set at ease but some serious inconveniences take their place. Tony can rest easy that his mother won't flip on him to the feds but with her gone his sister soon moves into her home and starts demanding and expecting things that Tony is not ready to give her. Janice moves herself into her mothers home all but manually removing Svetlana, the Russian nurse Tony hired to take care of his ailing mother, from the home. Janice continues to make problems for Tony with her actions, but Tony also has issues a little more close to home to contend with. His daughter Meadow has a new boyfriend, an African American boy named Noah whom Tony cannot accept. He has no desire to see his daughter making a life with a non-Italian, especially not an African American (and part Jewish) boy. Differences of opinion cause Tony and Meadow to clash on more than one occasion and threaten to destroy their relationship. This also causes Tony to suffer more of his blackouts and a startling discovery is made as to the root cause of them.

    There are changes that take place within the business as well. Christopher finally gets his `made man' status but soon realizes it's not as glamorous as he expected. He starts butting heads with Paulie and continues to do so throughout the season. An episode in particular placing Christopher and Paulie lost in the wilderness in pursuit of a botched hit really fleshes out their tense relationship. His promotion also affects Adriana, who at this point is working for Artie Bucco at his restaurant. With Christopher prompting her to quit Artie is left to deal with his emotions and true feelings for Adriana. With the end of his tense and unhealthy marriage he struggles with letting someone like Adriana out of his life. There's also the issue of Ralph Cifaretto. Ralph really becomes an essential character throughout this season, mostly because of his temper and his ability to illicit pure unadulterated loathing from the audience. Ralph begins dating Rosalie Aprile, the late Jackie Aprile's widow. Ralph's sporadic and uncontrolled actions though cause Tony to distance himself despite the families close relationship to Rosalie and to her son Jackie Jr. An incident involving Ralph's stripper girlfriend alone nearly brings Tony to the point of murder.

    This season also introduces us to Johnny Sack, a New York City mob boss who's moved into town. As the seasons progress his relationship with Tony will grow, but at his arrival Tony is curious and maybe even skeptical of his presence.

    The season brings a lot of turmoil and new revelations throughout the Soprano `family' in every meaning of the word. Meadow grows as she leaves for collage and her relationships with both Noah and eventually Jackie Jr. are tested. Jackie Jr. himself becomes the cause of most of Tony's grief as he struggles with a commitment he made to the boys late father and protecting his business and his family. Jackie Jr. is insistent on being part of what his father helped helm but Tony refuses to allow him to ruin what he has going for him. He wants him to finish school and get a respectable job and although Jackie Jr. agrees to try he fails to deliver. Tony's relationships with women outside his marriage also take a turn for the more adventurous. He finds himself a new girlfriend in Gloria Trillo, a fellow patient of Doctor Mefli's who also happens to be a Mercedes Benz saleswoman. She's fun and exciting not to mention utterly gorgeous, but she is a little crazy and this puts a strain between her and Tony. Tony's relationship with Doctor Melfi also takes a turn and this is apparent more in Melfi than it is in Tony. When she is brutally attacked while leaving her office she becomes introverted and afraid and when given the opportunity to have someone like Tony take care of the problem her eyes say it all. I won't go into much detail, but when you see it you'll know what I mean. She is changing, especially in her feelings towards Tony and what he does, and this becomes very apparent.

    The acting again this season is beyond brilliant. James Gandolfini is again at the top of his game delivering Tony to us with such conviction and true vigor. I swear with each passing year he got better and better. Why he doesn't have seven Emmys to his name is beyond me. Edie Falco, Larraine Bracco and Aida Turturro all shine this season, especially Turturro as Tony's meddlesome sister, but its Annabella Sciorra who really takes the cake for me here. Her performance was just so memorable. That, and she is unforgettably beautiful. Jamie-Lynn Sigler ups her game here and only continues to shine as the seasons come and go, and towards the end of this season Robert Iler is also given a chance to grow. Michael Imperioli is perfect here, as is Dominic Chianese and Tony Sirico, but those are give-ins. Joe Pantoliano really delves in his character of Ralph, and does so brilliantly, and Sharon Angela is fantastic as Rosalie. Vincent Curatola's Johnny Sack eventually becomes close to my favorite character on the show, and in this season he has his moments, but his true genius comes in seasons to follow. John Ventimiglia does a great job as Artie, and I feel I must mention his as I have failed to do so in my previous reviews. His character keeps growing with each passing season, but it's here that he really begins to flourish.

    I could go on and on but who has the time to really read all I have to say. Just know that season three is a definite high point in the evocative series known as `The Sopranos'. The get everything right and deliver non-stop thought provoking entertainment that is sure to enjoy just about everyone. There is really nothing negative to say about this show for from its conception till its death (is it really `dead'?) it has proved to be nothing short of spectacular. Until season fours review, I hope this has proved helpful....more info
  • Excellent show!
    Excellent performances of the actors, incredible stories and the same good quality of the earlier seasons make this one a great add to the show. Absolutely recommended!...more info
  • The Sopranos As Greek Tragedy
    The role of the therapist in the third season of The Sopranos is one of moral observer without the power to intervene effectively.
    Similar to the role of the Greek Chorus in ancient tragedies, the
    position of the psychiatrist is one of an observer who knows more than the individual characters. In one example, an elderly
    psychotherapist refuses to take "blood money" from Carmela, who continues on with her life unaffected by his admonition. Tony refuses to listen when his therapist wants to explain the real reasons for his actions. Much like Oedipus, Tony is doomed to compulsively act out his unconscious destiny. Not simply a cultural icon, the therapist reflects on the entire process and explains it on a deeper level to the audience....more info
  • Entertainment
    This is one very entertaining show. Like Ozzie and Harriet only they kill people. The characters are all bad guys but you like 'em anyway....more info
  • Best Season Yet!
    Judging from the sluggishness of Season Four, this season may be the best of the best. What is there not to like about The Sopranos? The direction, editing, and camera work are exceptional. The acting is supreme...James Gandolfini is amazing. Very best episode: Pine Barrens, directed by Steve Buscemi. A must-buy for any Sopranos fan!...more info
  • Sopranos
    An excellent series. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two seasons of the sopranos and wasn't dispointed by the third....more info
  • Sopranos Season 3
    Package arrived in great shape,no problems and in the delivery time given. Would do business again.

    DNC ...more info
  • Stroke of genius
    Wow, season 3 of the Sopranos is a memorable one for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the previous 2 seasons, but by season 3 every storyline, every line that was muttered by a character, every shocking or subtle development, was a stroke of genius.

    In this season, the cast and writers alike, SHINE. Here we really start getting to the meat of things. And it's nothing if it's not like riding a fast-paced thrilling rollercoaster. One you will not want to get off of.

    I highly recommend the Sopranos series. I am not a big action or mafia movie goer, nor am I big into the violence...but something within this show is bigger than all of that. Something about family and a persons will to survive. Much of what these characters go through, we all experience on some level or other. Don't miss out on this fantastic show!!...more info
  • Third Time's A Charm
    I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the third season of THE SOPRANOS. The first season was brilliant, but the second seemed transitional, at best. The talking fish, the side trip to Italy, the mini-rise and major fall of Richie Aprile--season II didn't seem to add up to all that much. It was still better than 90% of whatever else is on television, but the question remained, was the bloom of the rose, had the Sopranos gone flat?

    The third season laid all doubts to rest. In short, it was the best season yet. Emmy winner Edie Falco got the screen time she unaccountably failed to get in the second season. The sub-plot involving Melfi's rape and subsequent inner turmoil was much more solid dramatically than anything the writers came up with for Lorraine Bracco in the series' sophomore year. And while some have complained that the loose cannon storyline involving Ralphie Cifaretto (Joe Pantoliano) was a replay of the Richie Aprile storyline, it was actually a much more satisfying plotline (better developed with more twists--didn't Ralphie's doom seem inevitable after he "disrespected the Bing"? Well, surprise!). Aida Turturro's Janice is used to better effect this season. And the storyline involving Meadow and her two profoundly different romances was just about perfect. And how about Christopher and Paulie lost in the Pine Barrens? A classic episode.

    And of course, James Gandolfini was just great. Never a false note. When you consider all the two-bit thug roles Gandolfini was consigned to prior to taking on this master thug role (and role of a lifetime) as Tony Soprano, well, you're just grateful that this remarkable actor finally found a project that allowed him to demonstrate his full range.

    About the only thing Sopranos 3 lacked was Nancy Marchand (except in that awkward digitally generated scene in episode 2). That couldn't be helped, of course, but her absence was at least somewhat compensated by marvelous turns by all the other female leads (and I would include new comer/special guest star Annabella Sciorra among them).

    I stopped getting cable two years ago, so I had to wait until the third season became commercially available to see it. I had read plenty of good things about year 3 and was looking forward it. Turns out it was well worth the wait. Word on the fourth season is that it's a lot weaker. I've learned to reserve judgment myself, but it does seem possible that the even numbered years may prove to be, as noted above, "transitional" and less powerful dramatically. If so, the planned fifth and final season, scheduled for 2003 or 2004 may still take the series out with a bang... Or several....more info

  • Great Season
    What can I say except that this season is as good as the preceding ones.
    The cast of characters, the stories and the dialogs are on the spot.
    Especially the moments of black comedy make the difference to me.
    My favorite episode is "Pine Barrens". Paulie (Tony Sirico) and Christopher (Michael Imperioli) get lost in the forest in the middle of winter by the attempt to get rid of the body.
    You cant help but develop sympathy for the leading craters, even though most of them participate in the "Waste Management Business".
    I give the season five stars and can't wait to watch the next one (which I already ordered).
    ...more info
  • Season 3 = beginning of the end
    Season 3 of the Sopranos is where the show slipped into soap-opera mode and became dull. If you enjoy the tension between Tony and his wife, you'll love this DVD set. I find myself wishing they'd just stopped after the second season and went out on a high....more info
  • Addictive
    I ordered the 3rd season to be shipped to the Netherlands since I was addicted to the show during my stay in the US. I allready had the first two seasons and this one is as addictive as the others. Couldn't stop watching! Awesome show and I hope it will last a couple seasons more....more info
  • Blown Away !
    Am watching this magnificent story on DVD box sets for 1st time . Truely unbeleivably good .Brought up on quality BBC Docs/Dramas but these Sopranos are as good as anything I've ever seen on TV or cinema before .

    All i want to say is thank you HBO for saving us from Reality TV shows & morons earning millions from avewrage interview shows . This is worth seeing again & again .

    Just let me share one master comic line with you - AJ junior saying to the Westpoint like Military Scheool Commander - So why do you military & spy types put the '0' in the time ?? This after queryingwhat 05.30 meant on the Whiteboard' . Fabulous ....more info
  • The Sopranos Season Three: Got Yourself a Gun...
    I'm glad I bought this for my dad for Christmas, the season is rich in excellence, especially the episode "Pine Barrens", being the primary highlight of the season. Very good season, won't go into crazy detail so as not to spill spoilers, but I will say that the opening sequence has a caertain eerie touch to it (the image of the World Trade Center, as these episodes aired only months in 2001 before the September, 11, terrorist attacks).

    Plus, the golden cigar-box-like case is a great motif....more info
  • YES!
    Ya Know I am so glad that Sopranos have come to DVD for a 3rd season that I could just poop my pants. Because I missed so many episodes from the third season, becase my son has practice on sunday nights. But I really enjoy the Sopranos and am very glad that its on DVD. GNGMMTS....more info
  • Another Great Season
    I wouldn't rank this quite as highly as the first two seasons. Some elements that were highlighted became a bit shallow, a bit soap-operaish. But make no mistake this is another great season worthy of the show. If you're going in order you've already seen the first two seasons, and you don't really need any convincing from me that you should see this. I find the last three episodes especially strong, really astonishing, and of those the "Pine Barrens" episode is probably the best and most entertaining of the show's run....more info