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In Battlefield 1942, you're a WWII soldier on a true-to-life battlefield, equipped with weapons that look and sound authentic, able to storm the beaches on foot or seamlessly jump into and out of any of 35 vehicles of war. The depth is incredible. While on foot, you play as one of five specialized classes (assault, medic, scout, antitank, or engineer) with varying equipment and abilities. The choice of vehicles ranges from a selection of tanks, jeeps, and other fairly standard mechanized land vehicles to exotic craft like battleships, submarines, and dive bombers. Best of all, you can pit yourself against your fellow man in objective-based online battles in four distinct WWII theaters of war: North Africa, South Asia Pacific, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe. This is everything that World War II Online should have been. This is Tribes 2 with better code, graphics, control--everything, and without the cheesy sci-fi trappings. This out-WWIIs Medal of Honor and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. This game is like the ultimate sandbox, with all the best toys.

In Battlefield 1942, you'll experience the danger and heroism of battling for survival and victory in the days of the Second World War! Unlimited action with several multiplayer modes - Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Conquest Arm yourself for action and experience the agonies and victories of World War II, in Battlefield 1942!

  • This game has a cmbination of exciting single-player missions and massive online play -- up to 64 players can share a map
  • Use authentic recreations of World War II era weapons, and pilot 35 accurately-designed vehicles
  • Fight the war on land, sea, and air during some of the most famous and pivotal battles of WWII
  • Enter combat as an American, British, German, Japanese or Russian soldier
  • Wage war across Africa, Asia and Europe as a medic, scout, engineer, or other specialized soldier

Customer Reviews:

  • "The War to end all Wars " Times Two (2x)
    This game is a great multiplayer game that I have personally played continuously for about 1 1/2 months now and still going strong. Its got all the core ingredients of a good fps and a lot of elements that some some games for one reason or another leave out. Like for instance the use of vehicles, the ability to use ladders, ability to swim, and an open sandbox environment to name a few. Granted many multiplayer games use open maps yet battlefield 1942 does a good job of keeping the maps interesting yet uncluttered for easy movements and tactics, which increases the fun factor for online games dramatically.

    The graphics in this game are slightly ahead of its time(for its time), if that makes sense. The game was made I believe in 2002 and the graphics and overall mechanics make it seem like it was made in late 2003 or early 2004. So expect for a slight downgrade in visuals when compared to modern games. Yet dont worry since the gameplay more than makes up for it.

    All in all, this is a top notch EA game made by guys that know there WWII(medal of honor). So expect only the best, and don't hesitate to buy it.

    -Sir Josh...more info
  • The best game EVER!
    I have played this game for 3 years and it still fun. the Single player isnt to good but multiplayer is fabulous...more info
  • great multiplayer game
    like i said it is a good multiplayer game but the singleplayer part is really short. i beat the singleplayer missions in less then 6 hours. and don't get this game unless you got more then 256 megs of ram or you will feel like a flickery light bulb.

    but if you like multiplayer games then get this one :)...more info

  • NOT that great
    I heard this game was really really good so I bought it. I liked at first, but after a few days it got boring. Not only that but it takes forever to respawn. Another thing is that its TOO realistic that the gun moves up when you shoot. They should just keep the gun straight so you could shoot more accurately. After a while the battles start becoming the same. ...more info
  • Very Nice
    I've owned Battlfield 1942 for over a year now, so I've had a lot of experience with it and can say it truely is a good game. It has it's shortfalls, but usually you won't even notice them compared to this game's strengths. I'll list some of the shortfalls first, just to get them out of the way.

    First of all, the original lack of variety in weapons was annoying. Being Japanese with an STG44 was rather unrealistic, especially at Wake Island (since the Japanese invasion of Wake took place roughly 2 years before the STG44 was created.) When I'm Japanese, I want to use Japanese equipment. Same with Russians. Eventually patches brought some variety which helped a lot. Either way, it really has very little impact on the game if any, it's just annoying.

    The infantry combat also needs work. It's really awkward, I don't really know how to explain it. The bolt-action rifles are terrible. I was also displeased with the fact that it took them forever to add the M1 Garand, and even after they did only on Pacific maps and it sucks. However it's tolerable.

    Connecting to multiplayer games needs work too. Navigating the menu is cumbersome and irritating at times. However once you get into a game you'll soon forget.

    The things I like about this game surpass what I don't by far. Just the sheer possibilities of what you can do makes this game so adaptable. The possibility of opening up an attack on an enemy point by bombarding them with artillery and fighter bombers followed by an armored attack supported by infantry is just something you just can't get in most games (even though it never happens because players rarely want to act as a team.) It's fun to deflate the egos of arrogant players in tanks by crashing your jeep into them, killing them and yourself if you fail to bail out. Of course there are players who do the typical multiplayer behavior, like just take off in tanks, apcs or jeeps without offering anyone a ride (even if you ask for them to stop) park vehicles on runways, drive right into their own infantry, killing them without appologizing and those who contribute nothing to their team, just waiting for planes to respawn and kill any of their own teammates who might get the plane before them. Make no mistake, multiplayer games are usually full of immature, arrogant, self absorbed bigots who tell you how to play, yell at you for no reason, whine about any little thing and spew forth homophobic remarks. Even so, Battlefield 1942 is still a fun game even with these annoyances. Very few things are more rewarding than blowing up an enemy tank with your own panzerscreck or bazooka. Spectating skilled pilots can also be a great show.

    My conclusion is Battlefield 1942 is an excellent game despite minor issues and the other players. It's very adaptable and is full of options, opportunities and fun. As a gamer I highly recommend it....more info
  • This game rocks
    This game is fantastic. You get to play in every imaginable WWII vehicle and then some. The views are excellent and changable. There are a number of character types a person can play with a multitude of their own weapons and abilities. This game is great and the expansions just keep on coming. Download the free Desert Combat...Helicopters are a blast.

    The graphics of the game can be changed to both your computer's ability and your satisfaction. This game is the greatest war game out there for first shooters. Buy and enjoy the endless action....more info


    GET IT NOW OR ...!!...more info

  • Slow and Jumpy
    This is one of the slowest games I have. If you have Windows XP don't buy it. The games is sligtly confusing if your a kid. But all in all it's an okay game. Except that the graphics jump like mad.

    Bottom Line -don't buy this game if you have windows XP-...more info

  • Good...but no missions really
    This game is for people who just want an arena to fight in. The game contains no real mission and therefore no scripting. The absence of scripting can be good because it basically deletes predictability. I, for one like having a mission. I know I gave it 4 stars... but it's closer to a 3.
    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...more info
  • Great, can't wait to buy it
    I recently downloaded this demo as a celbration when building a new computer. One of my nerdy friends brags about BF1942 all the time. So I decided to try the demo, after half an hour of downloading, then installing i fired it up. This game is swweeet! It works great on my Athlon 2000 overclocked to 2400, with 1 gig of ram and a geforce fx 5200. I managed to get this stuff off of New Egg for 200 hundred dollars, what a deal. Thanx newegg. But besides that this game is killer, real physices and graphics keep you coming back for more, but make sure you have dsl or a cable modem, if you have dial-up just play off-line since you just ruin the game. And anyway single player is still fun. But the real treat is multplayer. My bro has a Pentium 2 Geforce MX 440 and 128 megs of ram. It is still very playable on the low settings, but it takes a while to load. So you really don't need a high end system, just a good connection and your set. Plus I never thought I'd get this comp before the doom 3 launch. Thanx dad for lending the money :p....more info
  • Worst single player imaginable!!!
    Simple, where i used to live i didn't have internet, DONT BUY THIS GAME FOR THE SINGLE PLAYER!!! The AI's are more stupid than my mom's dog, litteraly. I know i have a great machine. In a single player game the bots usually just sit in one spot and twitch! or they will pick you off from across the battle field. There is nothing to the single player game.
    It sucks!!!!...more info
  • Battlefield 1942 Is Sweet
    This is the best game i ever bought. I play it every day and i cant belive how relistic it is. It beats other games because in most games like Medal of Honor your health is way to high and you dont die very fast. I played Allied assult and dident die after a german fired three rifle rounds in me. But In battlefield I took one shot and was down for the count. That is what I look for in a WWII game. Also You can drive subs, ships, planes, bombers, tanks, jeeps, apc's etc. and run around with a tomson and blow the heck out of people. That is what sets this game apart from others.

    weapons are cool
    can drive any vehicle
    lots of guns

    Need good grafics card
    loads kinda slow

    Buy it there are more pros than cons. If you like WWII and dont buy this your Insane!...more info

  • Broundbreaking FPS
    This game is very fun. It has very open game play that allows you to do something different each time you play. If you want to drive tanks, fly planes, command battleships be one of 5 different types of infantry troops (Assault, Engineer, Medic etc.)and relive World War 2 this is for you. The Expansion packs are cool but what is really cool about this game is that EA has put out free maps and is coming out with the 1.6 patch that has more added content and 2 more maps completely free.Including the Expansion packs there is about 35 maps total to play. There is also the Desert Combat mod which is just like a whole new game based on the current war in Iraq which is free to download. I'll stop rambling on about this masterpiece, however I will say one more thing, If you are playing CS or any other FPS its time to evolve....more info
  • good game, but laggy
    My computer meets AND exceeds the system requirements for the game, yet, it is laggy. I play on fast servers (GameSpy Arena) and yet, it's slow. I exit almost every other application running before I run the game, and it lags....more info
  • awesome, awesome, awesome
    Incredible graphics and missions, awesome online play, and neat as far as the history is concerned. I downloaded the Desert Combat edition and that is really great too. The only problem I have with the game is that it takes forever to load (2.53Ghz P4, 256 meg RAMBUS). It is much quicker on my 1.6gzP4 with 512 DDR ram. So, I recommend 512 meg ram to run this game.

    By it and you won't regret it if you like first person shooters....more info

  • Please understand what you are buying!
    Battlefield 1942 is an excellent online game, however there are faults:
    -Horrible Single Player
    -You need DSL or cable to play online
    -You need a fast computer to play fluidly
    -Need a large monitor to use the sniping mode perfectly
    -This game will literally take away 4-6 hours of your day.
    -If you have a wife, she will be mad for the lack of attention

    The main point: If you have the time, money, and power you will be addicted to this game. I am 19, my brother is 28, and we both fight to play this game. Anyone who plays the game will be blown away. I am not a crazy kid who is blindly in love with BF 1942; get the demo, and you will see why this game is the #1 online game out in the market. IF you HAVE THE RESOURCES, then buy this game....more info

  • This is my favorite First Person Shooter!
    My name is Christian Hunter, and I'm a complete gaming physco. I've played every popular first person shooter since Doom and Rise of the Triad (I spent collectively 2 years of my life playing Quake 2). Yes I'm sick, but you can probably trust my opinion on gaming...This one has been my favorite FPS for the past year.

    There are 2 very important reasons you should buy this game:

    1. It's an exceptional WWII FPS

    Jaw dropping graphics (that don't crush the average players system), the ability to be infantry of various unique types, then jump in any one of numerous vehicles, then jump into any number of different aircraft. Totally flexible, insanely fun, very popular too (good for multiplayer gaming).

    2. It's an even better modern-day-warfare FPS!

    What you say! Yep, Battlefield 1942 has the most popular "mod" (game modification, meaning the game has been redesigned around a new theme, etc..) of 2003; Desert Combat. Desert Combat uses the same fantastic engine as 1942 but is set in modern time. Helicopter Gunships, SCUD missile launchers, A-10 Tank Killers dropping naughty explosive goodness!!!! Why am I writing this review, I should be playing!

    Ok, once you own the game, you can go to to download the free mod for it.

    Hope this review was helpful.

    Enjoy...!...more info

  • Great game
    This game is amazing!!! I have noticed people complaining that this game slows down your PC especially if you have Windows XP.
    Not true at all. I have WinXP and I have not experienced any problems whatsoever. Perhaps if you have old computer that doesn't support newer games that need to meet specific requirements, but if you have newer computer you should be fine.
    I have P4 at 3.06 Ghz with a 120 Gb hard drive and 1 GB of memory and the game is running SMOOTH.
    This game is so realistic. It includes all the major battles of WW II. You can use all the military equipment from the Tiger, Panzer tanks through Messerschmits and the Junkers bombers to BMW motorcycles and VW Kubelwagens. You can also sit and operate the anti aircraft guns.
    But the best thing about this game is that you can choose which side to play on. You can play as the Allied forces, but that's boring. I like playing as the Nazis. It was so sweet blowing up American, British and Russian tanks.
    But anyways, this game is great and it is worth the money.
    I give it a 5 star rating....more info
  • Excellent
    In a tide of WW2 based games, this one stands above all others. The one difference: you can fight as the Axis, which makes it a more flexible game than others.

    Graphics are good, sound is excellent, controls are extremely simple and easy to learn, and gameplay is second to none. Best computer game in a long time....more info

  • Wonderful
    Hi all,

    This the best game EVER. Get it now or else

    J-nf...more info

  • Best online WWII game
    Battlefield 1942 is a great game, you get to fly planes, drive tanks, ships, jeeps,and use alot of weapons. This game is best when played online. The single player isnt that good because the enemys and your soldiers are all dumber than rocks. If your looking for single player get Call of Duty....more info
  • Finally a WWII online
    The dream game has come. Battlefield 1942, a WWII game playable rather online or single player. And it's better than that other junk: BAM BAM - uh oh my life is halfway down. This is actually REAL, 1 to 3 normal shots from maybe a pistol will kill you. Besides the pistols, there are possibly any war weapon or vehicle you can think of. Let's take a look.


    Outstanding. 8/10 maybe? Really good grpahics that make the game look absolutley real.


    The guns firing and walking and everything else gives me one word to say: REAL


    This is the best can snipe people or run and kill them. (hmm, I want to blow up this guy....BOOM!! muahaha you dead)...more info

  • One of the Best WW2 Games Ever
    This game is so cool for a lot of reasons:

    many battles- there are over 20 different battles to choose from including Omaha Beach, Battle of the Bulge, Battle of Middway and MUCH MORE!!

    many wepons- there are a millon weapons (exagerating) like the thompson, springfield 04 sniper, and A lot more.

    drive vechicles- drive tanks, jeeps, rocket launchers, aircraft carriers, landing craft, airplanes and many others

    really good graphics- this game has upto date graphics

    I recomend this game to all war/action gamers...more info

  • Armed Combat Multiplayer
    Excellent online WWII battles.2 teams combat up to 64 players at one time,(32vs32)In this game there are tons of armor to choose from.You will be able to fly airplanes,helicopters,Drive tanks,missle lauching armored vehicles.And much more.I guess everyone knows a little something about the battlefield series.I think that this game is great not only because it is a nice,fun game to play,but you do not not a $400.00 video card and the newest,fastest computer on the market in order to play.The graphics are pretty good when you first install the game.But if you download the free mod (DesertCombat)The graphics improve and the game is very similiar to battlefield 2....more info
  • Oh My Goodness
    This game is the definition of....FUN!!!

    I cant stop playing this game! This game has everything. You can fight on ground, drive jeeps, drive boats, fly planes, man anti-aircraft guns, big cannons, and much more! Plus you get to do it all under complete freedom just about! And the maps are HUGE! This game is just like a real war. Pure awesome! This is the best online game Ive ever played. Just be sure you have a good rig that will hold up this monster game :)...more info

  • save your money
    This might be a good game. i'm not sure. i have spent all my time since buying it downloading patches and spending up to an hour trying to connect to a server. and if i do manage to get into a server my ping is so bad i can't even move. i have a T1 connection and the lowest ping i have ever had playing this game is 650. nice try EA...more info
  • Still one of the best war games available
    I still play this game a lot with my pals online. It never gets old.
    Even though the AI is a bit goofy, it is extremely entertaining.
    This game brings in a lot of different elements that you can control - like flying planes, shooting flack guns, driving tanks just to name a few - along with being able to choose unique classes of player makes this a very dynamic game.
    I love all of the mod packs you can buy or download for free.
    I am a huge gamer overall and this rates in the top 5 for me....more info
  • This game is worth it!
    Steven D Reilly, you've got a screw loose! This game provides all the action you could ever want in a war game. Not only does it work almost flawlessly on its own, the connections for multiplayer work just fine as well. There's no more than two minutes of load time, and that's only when I'm playing a large map with secret weapons and multiple players hooked up through a network! I play this game almost every day, and I've never had a problem! From high-flying action to crawling prone against the face of a hill, trying to sneak up on the enemy, this game is the ultimate in first-person war games! A MUST BUY for all you gamers out there!!!!!...more info
  • You May Want to Skip the Expansions and Deluxe Edition
    Battlefield 1942 has seen extroardinary growth in its short time on the PC. Already, it's online numbers have passed up other popular WWII first-person shooters such as Medal of Honor. While it's nowhere close to Half-Life's online population yet, it probably resembles Half-Life's early life more so than other shooters. The game is quickly building a large custom mod community just like Half-Life did and popular themes such as modern desert combat that were never part of the original WWII theme have already built a life of their own. Before you get too excited, there is one important thing to know about this game - it's really only meant for online multiplayer. You can play the game offline by yourself but it's boring with a capital B. And if you truly want to experience the best maps and servers in BF1942, you'll need a high-speed connection such as DSL or cable. If you don't have this connection, don't even bother buying the game because it's not worth it. It doesn't have a typical single player campaign like most shooters, it's basically a platform for large maps and epic WWII shoot 'em outs. Epic as in 64+ player maps, all-out vehicle combat including fighter planes, battleships, submarines, infantry, tanks and jeeps ALL in the SAME battle! The game has never flowed as smooth as other online shooters for me, and I found more lag issues with BF1942 than other recent games, but I hear EA has been busy patching up most of the frequent problems. One unfortunate selling practice with EA though is that they tend to release plenty of expansions for any popular title. Honestly though, I don't know if you really miss that much sticking with the original BF1942. As I stated earlier, there is already a huge custom mod community for this game so even those with only the game itself can experience new maps and game formats. There are already plans for official Vietnam and Star Wars themed games that use the BF1942 engine. This game will be around for a while and if you enjoy the system of play, you'll definitely get your money's worth....more info
  • Great game!
    This the best game ever, one problem is I find it hard to find a sumbmarine, and acsess it, you must get it from info
  • So many ways to play
    Watch out... this one will absorb all your free time and then some. Great 3D engine. You can set how much CPU the AI will take. Don't set it too high or you can't move before you get killed. Great range of difficulty. You can set how many opponents are out there as well as how many friendly units. Several different maps. Each map you have to play differently. It is fun learning how to play each map. You can ride in a tank, shoot from a battleship, fly a fighter plane or be any of four different positions in a bomber. (Not to mention sitting on top of a hill as a sniper. :) Very fun game. Played on AMD AthlonXP 1800 with 1 gig RAM and GForce 4 video card. Multiplayer using 1/2 T1. (Ok, so... I am spoiled)...more info
  • Fun, but only after adjusting to the lameness
    Battlefield 1942:
    Single player:
    * No gore. A disturbing trend in WW2 games: bloodless war. I guess we can't make our kids think war is cool and send them off to Iraq if we let them see war as hell.
    * Horrible enemy AI. Either the bots can't see you and you can shoot them in the back as they run past you, or they see you from so far away that they appear to be only a few pixels high right as they snipe your head off. It seems that the bots have a higher desire to get to the machine gun emplacements than to shoot a potential enemy. If you stand near some machine guns, bots will run past you to get to the guns, and then you can pop them in the head.
    * Horrible ally AI. They refuse to push forward. You end up doing all the work with moving your team towards the next control point, which means you get to die over and over from lack of support from your teammates. It also means you need to have a large number of bots set up to keep your control points defended.
    * No "reload" feedback. There is absolutely no feedback to tell you that you're out of ammo. No click. No nothing. Your weapon just doesn't fire. You also don't automatically reload when you're out, which might be slightly more realistic, but certainly doesn't increase the fun factor. You must keep your eye on the ammo counter at all times.
    * You can pick up different kits, but you can't pick up additional ammo for your current weapon. You have to get to an ammo box.
    * Domination type games only: The only type of game you can play is domination, where there are "control points" that each team must control to gain (or in this case, lose) points. There is no deathmatch, capture the flag, rabbit, assault, or any of the other game types that can be found in other multiplayer FPSs.
    * Battlefields only. There is no clearing buildings in BF1942. You will be fighting on an open battlefield in the outdoors. There are some simple buildings in Berlin and Stalingrad, but the AI refuses to use them. The enemy will always be outdoors.
    * Poor hit detection. I've fired several rounds into an enemy with a sniper rifle and I KNOW I've hit them, but hits aren't registered. Other times, it takes two shots to kill them, or one head shot.
    * Impossible to fly planes. Perhaps this is an acquired skill, but I can't get the planes to do anything for me. I end up flying off the map or crashing; I can't get anywhere near a target. The AI seems to use them well enough though.
    * Some boats seem to be impossible to exit if you're on them by yourself. Frustrating.
    * Disappointing Omaha Beach map. Not even close.

    After a while, you get used to these problems, and the game can be fun with the correct difficulty settings for your battles. It takes a lot of experimentation, but it really gets fun after you figure out how to set up the battle properly for the given map (and you don't expect much from the AI). The graphics are usually excellent, with some minor glitches here and there.

    * Multiplayer:
    Every time I try to play a multiplayer game I get an error message about receiving bad data. I can not join any internet servers. I suspect this is because I have the brand new 1.5 version and most other people haven't upgraded yet. I have yet to try BF1942 at the LAN.

    Overall. 2.5 stars. It's fun, but only after experiencing much frustration and disbelief at some of the poor choice in game design that were made. Requires you to learn how to set up the battle parameters correctly to extract enjoyment out of it....more info

  • nels larson: bf 1942
    nels larson: This game is the real deal lots of hours of entertainment. If you only buy one ww2 game this should be it....more info
  • Great, can't wait to buy it
    I recently downloaded this demo as a celbration when building a new computer. One of my nerdy friends brags about BF1942 all the time. So I decided to try the demo, after half an hour of downloading, then installing i fired it up. This game is swweeet! It works great on my Athlon 2000 overclocked to 2400, with 1 gig of ram and a geforce fx 5200. I managed to get this stuff off of New Egg for 200 hundred dollars, what a deal. Thanx newegg. But besides that this game is killer, real physices and graphics keep you coming back for more, but make sure you have dsl or a cable modem, if you have dial-up just play off-line since you just ruin the game. And anyway single player is still fun. But the real treat is multplayer. My bro has a Pentium 2 Geforce MX 440 and 128 megs of ram. It is still very playable on the low settings, but it takes a while to load. So you really don't need a high end system, just a good connection and your set. Plus I never thought I'd get this comp before the doom 3 launch. Thanx dad for lending the money :p....more info
  • A timeless classic from EA
    Battlefield 1942 started it all for EA and its very popular Battlefield series. I remember some time ago playing the demo for BF1942 and falling in love with it knowing it would become an instant classic.

    In as much as BF1942 is its own animal, I recall seeing so much of what BF1942 and later BF2 are in the Desert Storm mod built for Unreal Tournament. It seemed back then that the marriage of the FPS and the war simulation were meant to be.

    Although I do not play BF1942 much anymore, the game still stands the test of time and it is a worthwhile addition to any EA fans game library. And, I'm sure there are still diehard players out there who continue to play the game on a regular basis.

    For nostalgic reasons I would recommend BF1942 to any current FPS gamer who likes the Battlefield series. And, from the perspective of how a great game should look, BF1942 sets the example by which all others should take heed. Though it may appear a bit dated by current standards, it is still a fun game to play....more info