Johnny Dangerously
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This dispensable 1984 comedy is a mostly humorless parody of '30s gangster movies, the kind of thing that might work reasonably well in a five-minute sketch on Saturday Night Live but which nearly beats a viewer to death over the course of a feature. Michael Keaton and Joe Piscopo play rival Mafia bosses, but once the novelty of that is introduced, it's already old. There's plenty of sustained effort from the rest of the cast (Marilu Henner, Danny DeVito, Maureen Stapleton), with Griffin Dunne getting special points. Amy Heckerling (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) directs as if this were indeed on television. --Tom Keogh

In Amy Heckerling's hilarious send-up of 1930s gangster films, Michael Keaton stars as Johnny Dangerously, a devoted son who turns to a life of crime in order to pay for his mother's operation. As a dapper kingpin, he manages to provide support for her never-ending medical problems while romancing a steamy torch singer (Marilu Henner), battling arch-rival Danny Vermin (Joe Piscopo) and exposing a corrupt D.A. (Danny DeVito). It's a zany, wild spoof that's riddled with as many gags as bullet holes.

Customer Reviews:

  • All these years, and I still laugh so hard.
    If you've never seen this movie, you don't know what you're missing. It is a classic must-see comedy. This is one of Michael Keaton's best roles, as well....more info
  • I love this movie
    It's frankly silly, and won't appeal to a lot of people, but when it came out it tied with Love at First Bite as my favorite movie. It still makes me laugh. ...more info
  • One of a kind
    This movie is Funny!! A great romp for adults young and old. ...more info
  • Anyone Who Doesn't Like This Movie Is A Fargin' Icehole!
    Okay, maybe that's a little harsh,b ut I do think a lot of the reviewers (especialy the editorial review) are taking this film way too seriously. Okay, so "Johnny Dangerously" isn't a comedic masterpiece like, say, "Young Frankenstein" or "Monty Python & The Holy Grail". But is certainly a hilarious romp that most people, if they're in the right frame of mind, will indeed enjoy.

    Michael Keaton, in pre - Batman mode, turns in a dynamite comedic performance on par with "Beetlejuice" and "Mr. Mom" as Johnny Kelly, a young man trying to support his constantly sick mother (Maureen Stapleton). With no other option, he establishes himself as a notorious mob kingpin named Johnny Dangerously. Soon, everyone in town knows his name, and Johnny's raking in the dough. He also manages to woo a sulrty nughtclub singer (Marilu Henner), make his brother Tommy (Griffin Dunne) the new D.A., and support his mom. But there are some people in town intent on bringing Johnny down. Especially his arch rival, Danny Vermin (Joe Piscopo, fresh of his last seas on on "Saturday Nigt Live"). So when Johnny decides to go legit, Danny naturally strikes. It's a gaggle of laughs and loads of fun from here on in.

    The film is actually nowhere near as bad as msost people say it is. The writing is expertly done, and the set designs are fantastic. The thing that really drew me in, though, was the cast. Michael Keaton puts on one of his best pre - Batman roles here. The rest of the cast delivers as well. Henner, Stapleton, Dunne and Piscop provide ample support, while Dom Delouise, Richard Dimitri (butchering the English language as Boss Moronie), Ray Walston, Peter Boyle and Danny DeVito all pop up for some hilarious cameos. This is a movie I'd recommend to most people who love comedies. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • I saw this movie in theatres once... ONCE!
    I went to see this with m'pops at the local mall's mini-multiplex back in the day. Sadly, we were in for a rather rude- and stunningly stupid- awakening. This roll of wall-to-wall lameness is one of the dumbest and most unfunny attempts at parody I've ever had the misfortune of viewing! Well, aside form `Spy Hard', anyway. The only saving grace: mob overlord Maroni's pathetic mangling of those beloved English-language cuss words. They're pretty close to the mark, too, yet far enough away from sounding like the actual four-letter words to keep the movie PG-13. I often use these naughty substitutions nowadays when bantering back & forth with my fellow geekoid fanboy buddies, usually whenever the `rents are present.

    However, several years later I decided to check JD out on video. Mayhaps the years of experiences & wisdom I gained since my theatrical experience would change my view of this pathetic mob spoof. Or maybe I'm a masochist at heart. In this instance, I'll opt for the latter; Maroni's silly misuse of expletives are still the only decent parts of this flick! Fortunately, JD star Michael Keaton found some real work to make his mark on (`Beetlejuice', `Batman' I & II). As for Joe Piscopo... well, let's say some actors' careers are not really good subjects for discussion.

    Useful side note: This movie marked the first time "Weird Al" Yankovic sang the opening theme song. Two other movies, the even-more-pathetic "UHF" (starring the Weird One) and the ultra-lame "Spy Hard", also share this common characteristic. Needless to say, if you're watching a comedy flick that features Al singin' over the opening credits, that's your cue to get out of the theater toot-sweet, or change the channel!

    `Late!...more info

  • Michael Keaton at his funniest!
    Michael Keaton is one of the most under-rated actors out there right now, and this movie is undoubtly was one of his funniest. His scenes with Joe Piscopo's Danny Vermin are a laugh riot. I highly recommend this video for anybody who loves off the wall satire....more info
  • tongue stuck in cheek!
    A great satire on several old Gable, Rob Taylor, Cagney black and white oldie 1920's-30's crime stories. Keaton, as always, is hilarious and the story is a smash Funny, and don't eat while watching you may bite the tongue stuck in cheek. Joe Piscapo (whatever happened to him?) is great....more info
  • Uproarious laughs for everyone!
    This movie features an all-star cast and bigtime belly laughs.Michael Keaton is fantastic as a gangster who is forced into a life of crime to help his ailing mother pay her medical bills.(The funniest part is that he's now trying to go straight).Joe Piscopo had me laughing throughout the whole movie- Danny DeVito,Marilu Henner,and Dom DeLuise all were perfect for their roles.But the best scenes involved the ones featuring Roman Maronie,the Italian clubowner.His butchery of the English language will have you laughing so hard you'll have to pause the tape-he steals the show!Also look for a cameo from former NFL star Dick Butkus.Watch this movie-you'll howl with laughter!...more info
  • Ante Meridian, Uncle Meridian, and all the Little Meridians
    Please ignore the review up top by the Amazon critic. This is one of the funniest comedies to come out of the 80s. I would liken it to fellow 80s alum Better Off Dead in its ability to take the absurd and make it not only totally believable but downright hilarious. My entire extended family has been quoting one-liners from this movie for 20 years. If you enjoy comedy for the sake of comedy, you will enjoy Johnny Dangerously. And remember...

    My sister hung me on a hook once......more info
  • Oldie but Goodie
    Michael Keaton is amazing and absolutely hysterical! This is an all time classic must see!!!

    Farggin Icehole!!! hahah! ...more info
  • Coudln't stop laughing!
    What a fantastic combination of music, comedy and good old fahioned gangsters! Will never forget Marilu singing on the piano. Also came up with quite a few catchy words to use in place of the "naughty" ones! Watch the movie -- you'll see what I mean!...more info
  • Painfully bad...
    I guess comedy must certainly be different for all of us, in evidence by all the glowing reviews here for this DOA film. Never has a 90 minute film seemed so long. I almost shut it off a few times, as the jokes in this film were just too pain-inducing. Example many times did we need to see the newspaper man get hit on the head with a bundle of papers, and have him state that his eyesight was restored or lost. It appeared the writer and director of this train wreck were imbibing in some serious drugs during the production of Johnny Dangerously, to think this was funny. With fine actors like Keaton, DeVito, and Piscopo...what a waste of talent.

    To see a spoof film that really works, check out Airplane or any of The Naked Gun movies....more info
  • a classic comedy!
    i dont know why all of the movie critics bombed this movie! leonard maltin only gave it one and a half and said it was barley funny. to this day me and my family still recite memorable lines from this movie! 'you shouldnt shoot me garndmother shot me once....ONCE!" its is and allways will be a great classic comedy for me. i only wish they would put it out on dvd...but they wont... :-(...more info
  • Fantastic Movie
    This movie is a fantastic comedy from the first time to the 10th time that you watch it!...more info
  • Fargin' Iceholes!!!!
    This movie is a classic. Love it, and will watch 'til I burns a hole through it. All of you some of a bastages will enjoy it!!!...more info
  • Funny movie
    Don't listen to these farging bastiges. This is a movie on a par with any Mel Brooks film or even Monty Python. I am never disappointed when I watch this movie, and always find time to watch it when it comes on. ...more info
  • fab movie
    this is a hard to find unopened movie. i was totally happy to find it and give it as a gift. awesome...more info
  • The funniest movie EVER!!!
    I happened to see this movie in the late '80's and laughed until I split a seam. Michael Keaton plays the title character magnificently, and Moroni, has ridiculously funny stand in words for his cussing. The whole movie had me laughing so hard, I had to watch it again to see what I missed the first time around. If you want to see a good "spoof" this is the one to see. It is hilarious....more info
  • Another Gem for Michael Keaton!!! A real Scream!!!
    I thought that this was a WONDERFUL takedown of all the mob films. The scenes with Dangerously, and Vermin were a riot! Micheal Keaton gave yet another outstanding performence as Johnny Dangerously... This film will keep you laughing from start to finish! The guy who messes up the english language is a real bust in the gut too! Look for a cameo by Alan Hale. (Skipper on Giligan's Island) This film is about a young boy who decided to go into the crime buisiness to help pay for all the operations that his mother had. He even tries to help his brother through law school. Later on Johnny Dangerouly is found to be the brother of Tommy Kelly the DA... I will not spoil the rest for the readers, but the laughs come a mile a minute! You will not be disappointed!...more info
  • Sure it's silly, but...
    I freely admit that I'm not into "silly" movies. I didn't expect to like this one, but I was bored and the DVD was cheap, so I brought it home. I was truly surprised; this is not a half-bad flick. Sure it's silly, but it's entertaining, and it works as a spoof. This is a great movie to keep handy for Friday night veg-out time and for bill-paying, tax-doing, paper-grading nights when a little diversion in the background is needed. It's a keeper....more info
    If you like parody movies you'll love this one. Excellent casting with numerous cameos and a good story line make this a fun movie to watch. This is the type of comedy Michael Keaton excels at. ...more info
  • A classic, nonetheless
    Not up there with Young Frankenstein or Blazing Saddles, as some have mentioned, but a funny movie. Also a very bad movie. It is so bad in spots, it's funny. Worth seeing just for the the taglines, especially the mangled cursing that is useful in so many situations, and the aforementioned Ma Kelly's "I go both ways " line. ...more info
  • Classic fun 80's slapstick comedy
    This is a great fun comedy with a great cast. Michael Keaton is at his peak in his carrer and is just hysterical, sharp and full of wit. Marilu Henner is the stunning female lead. Also, look for a classic and funny Joe Piscopo. Too bad this bright comedian disappeared off the big screen. For a good laugh, this is the perfect movie. ...more info
  • Satire at the very best
    Johnny Dangerously has many many big names in comedy. This is a satire of gangster movies. It's been one of my favorite movies for a long time. Michael Keaton does a great job as Johnny. I recommend it for anyone who has a dry sense of humor....more info
  • Just as funny as Airplane
    Johnny Dangerously is a cult classic. I have seen this movie at least 10 times over the years and it is still hilarious. If you are a fan of "Airplane" you will love this....more info
  • Severely funny
    This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I saw it when it first came out, and I watch at least once a month. It gets funnier every time. Don't believe what the "critics" say about it - remember, they are the ones who say American Beauty is great. Rent it - you'll want to buy it....more info
  • Johnny Dangerously
    An excellent get-away-from-violence type of movie. There is some violence but compared to what we see on TV, this is nothing. It was shot to look like a 30's movie but the humor is modern. I would not have a problem watching this with my nieces and nephews of any age. We love to watch it when there is no intelligence on TV....more info
  • A little rough for PG
    I remember this movie from TV. Yup, still funny, but some scenes had been cut for TV or I didn't remember them.
    - An older lady responding to "Do you wanna make some money":
    'One at time or both of you together?"
    - Johnny's mom talking to his brother:
    'All you care about is humping...."
    Sometimes the movies you remember aren't quite like you remember. Memory lane has a few potholes....more info
  • An 80's CLASSIC!
    I saw this movie when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Ever since then, I have always loved it. I finally found this movie....not in Beta format, and I watch it constantly still!!

    The great grammer of Roman Moronie, helps me out when I can't be a potty mouth! "Search The Somunna Betch!"...more info