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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 10/04/2005 Run time: 267 minutes Rating: Nr

Though followers of current science fiction television series may dismiss V: The Final Battle as a quaint relic from the pre-computer animation days, the six-hour miniseries about an alien invasion of Earth was a ratings juggernaut for NBC in 1984 and should still provide some entertainment for hard-bitten devotees and fans of '50s-style sci-fi. The Final Battle picks up four months after the shock conclusion of the 1983 prequel miniseries, with a small group of humans known as the Resistance struggling to convince their fellow humans that a fleet of seemingly friendly visitors from space are in fact bent on world domination.

Executive producer Kenneth Johnson (who oversaw most aspects of the first series) only supervised the sequel's script (which underwent several changes before its airing), and the writing occasionally suffers due to the lack of his attention. But the series still delivers its share of action and intrigue, as well as one showstopping gruesome moment involving the birth of interspecies twins. Acting is again a stumbling block, with leads Marc Singer and Faye Grant as bland as any performers from the American International Pictures stable; character actor Michael Ironside makes the strongest impression as a tough Resistance member, and a pre-Freddy Krueger Robert Englund is amusing as a kind-hearted alien. The miniseries was followed by an inevitable weekly series featuring most of the same cast, which was demolished in the ratings by Dallas, but a faithful Resistance-like following remains to this day. --Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • V-The Final Battle.........
    True, V seems ancient by today's standards but, in its' day, it was a ratings powerhouse for NBC and stands as, perhaps, the greatest television miniseries of all-time. The sequel was created to tie up loose ends that was left in the original miniseries(basically a retelling of the rise of Nazi Germany, the Holocaust, and the Third Reich, with a science fiction cover)with the Visitors trying to take over Earth.

    V - The Final Battle picks up where V left off. The resistance are still fighting the Visitors, and they finally uncover just exactly what it is that the Visitors are here for.

    While it is a great sequel(no doubt about that), it is pretty evident that Kenneth Johnson left in its' early stages as the sequel isn't quite as strong storywise as the first. All the actors from the original series reprise their roles. Still, it's one I highly recommend to all SCI-FI fans. It stands the test of time as a great Science-Fiction achievement....more info
  • Good Serie, Bad DVD
    The serie is a favourite of all time; but, what happened with this DVD edition? Double side? Mono sound?

    The European edition is much better: The Complete Collection (V-The Original TV Miniseries, V-The Final Battle, V-The Complete Series) is in Dolby Surround, Multilanguage, Double Layer, Print Disc...

    Why don't in America?

    I'm waiting for a new DVD release or the Blu-Ray edition....more info
  • V-The Final Battle
    I liked this show very much when it first came out on TV. I was very excited when I saw that it was on DVD. I am glad that Amazon had it. I looked on other sites and they did not have this movie. I was impressed with the quality of the DVD. The story plot is typlical of a show from the 70's but it was still very good. I am glad I bought it....more info
  • Re-Visiting a classic mini-series.....
    Back in the 80s, V and V: The Final Battle were huge hits on television. The story of mankind uniting and fighting back against an intergalatic menace is still an appealing storyline and a welcome addition to my dvd collection. Though you will notice (after seeing movies such as Attack of the Clones, for example) that the special effects are a bit cheesy, it is the story that pulls you in and delivers a good sci-fi treat. The reason I didn't give this dvd 5 stars is that it has no extras. I was hoping to see some TV commercials, maybe some commentaries by the director and actors, deleted scenes---any of these would have been welcome. That being said, if you were a fan of this 80's hit or if you are a sci-fi fan, you'll enjoy this dvd. I have to add that Jane Badler is an excellent villain. She was my favorite character in the series....more info
  • Whats old is new again
    I remember the ads for this program and I remember thinking how great it was. I think it has lasted the test of time. My kids enjoy it too....more info
  • V-The Final Battle
    I got V and V-The Final Battle and look forward to getting V- The series that went on for one year on tv after these two! I had them all on vhs and was pleased to see them on dvd there is so much more on them that it is worth getting!
    1. How the special effects were done!
    2. Interviews with the cast
    3. The commentarys
    PLus so much more!
    Plus the fear of losing them in a vcr is gone!
    The original cast returned and that made it worth while!
    4. Seeing how they made shuttle crafts larger and smaller in the show for real was amazing. With special tips like this that was never ever on the vhs format!
    It is well worth getting in the dvd format!...more info
  • No extras, so sad!!
    It costs more than the original, yet doesn't offer as much as the original :-( Maybe Warner Bros. is trying to get the fans to back down in wanting a resolution to the TV series by showing us how much they don't care about V. It ain't happening.

    This is still a great movie no matter what the DVD does not offer!! So when does the TV series come out on DVD?...more info

  • Still Holds Up!!!!
    I saw V when it first aired. It was a long wait between the first mini-series and this one, especially for a kid. I, personally, have always liked "The Final Battle" better simply because there is more Diana! She's so wicked. I love her! Faye Grant's "Julie" is also given some great lines and plot-lines in this second one. You see how she has really grown from the frightened, inexperienced med student in the first mini-series to the confident and gifted resistance leader in TFB. Marc Singer's Mike Donovan is as arrogant as ever, but there was a nice chemistry between he and Julie. The most positive casting addition in this second series is Michael Ironside as Ham Tyler. His sarcasm and bad taste are an excellent antidote to Donovan's heroism. Not that I don't like Mike, Ham just adds a bit of much needed salt. ;)

    As far as the special effects go, you have to remember that this series was made nearly 20 years ago on a television budget. We have been "Lucas-a-fied" since then. So don't expect "The Phantom Menace" or "Attack of the Clones". That kind of technology was not available in 1985. I still love this series as much as I did the first time I saw it. The characters are captivating. The resistance fighters are easy to care for because they are written very believably. They fight amongst themselves, make huge mistakes, and learn in the process. There is someone in this group that everyone can relate to. Diana, Steven, and the despicable Brian are back and badder than ever! There's also excellent "girl fight tonight" chemistry between Diana and Pamela, Diana's superior. Worrisome Martin and lovable Willie return as well. Yes, Freddy Krueger CAN be nice!

    I really can't believe they didn't put extras on this DVD. Behind the scenes, interviews with the cast, even as someone else mentioned the commercials that aired at the time. That's the only reason I withheld that 5th star. What gives? And when is the series coming out on DVD??...more info

  • not the final battle
    A classic from the 80's,but only for die hard fans.The disks are a little hard to take out, so my advise is be very careful(lift the dvd from the top only)The only problem is that it is not the final battle cos' there are still 19 episodes that have not been released on dvd or vhs(come on warner bros. do us a favour and release the real final battle)The quality of the dvd's are very good.If you have the first dvd do yourself a favour and get this one as well....more info
  • It is a Series stupid!
    I keep reading, "it is not like I remember!" Well of almost any series ever made this is perhaps the most fragmented and spread over the most time! Heck "V" spread itself thru most of the 80's! You can get the TV series which follows the TV miniseries and "V" The Final Battle thru 3rd parties. It may be released someday as well. The 3 parts to "V" need to be viewed in order and as a whole for this is a puzzle that like the memory of myself and others os fragmented at best! Please remember to see the whole series before judgement is passed! Thanks!...more info
  • V - The Final Battle
    WOW memories flood back when this one was aired in Australia in the 80's
    This is one of the series make me into the sci-fi addict I am happily am today, Poor effects, sloppy acting, lizzards, hunky actors and fantastic spaceships. What more can you want?.
    A top series in my book.
    Glad It became avaliable on dvd
    ...more info
  • Enchanting
    I've seen this series again now after 15 years. The first time I saw it on TV, and today I was surprised on how much tension it still creates and how much impact it still has. It is not outdated at all and very fascinating....more info
  • Once you walk out that door, there's no turning back.
    In "V: The Miniseries" we see a band of unlikely brothers forge together to stop an indestructible group of aliens determined to rid the world of water and subsequently transform the human race into a combo meal at McDonald's. The aliens eat fuzzy creatures, they like to copulate with humans, and their voices cannot be trusted, yet this group of rebels continues forward. Half homage to past science fiction films, and half an allegory of the events surrounding WWII, "V: The Miniseries" wasn't perfect, but it provided hours of nostalgic entertainment. Now, with "V: The Final Battle", the gloves are thrown off, the symbolic references are destroyed, and the game is transformed into merely a battle between human and alien. It is about resistance, standing up for beliefs, and plenty of fictitious science all rolled into three hours. Our band of outsiders is down, but not finished. They deliver several swift blows to the alien objective and finally one "final battle" that leaves doors unopened and plot holes uncovered. "V: The Final Battle" was a swift ending, but where it built onto action, it lacked that panache that the original episodes did. "The Final Battle" assumed that characters were already developed, and instead of taking a humanistic direction, director Richard Heffron placed his bets on the special effects. This was a completely different ending to a decently sharp beginning.

    Heffron isn't Kenneth Johnson, and it is obvious that this is a second part to an idea, not a continuation. Not only have the overall themes changed, but the influx of special effects has lead us down the path of horrid dialogue, randomly placed action scenes (i.e. the fistfight over the powder), and the lack of developed storylines. Johnson may have taken longer to get to the point, but at least there was a point. Heffron went in a completely, some may say bold, direction - but it didn't work. Investing over five hours, one could easily demand a conclusion, but none could be found here. The introduction of Elizabeth (the child of an alien and human) was exciting, but nothing happened. The idea of quick growth was introduced, but then easily forgotten - same as Mike's son being changed as a spy. Again, another strong and vexing idea that was mentioned, and then forgotten. It was these smaller nuances that seemed to be clearer in "The Final Battle" than in the original.

    In addition to the lackluster plot, the acting seemed to be progressively getting worse. Our original characters were not the same as in this final set - the excitement seemed to have dissipated and with too many small story arch's never being fully developed, it was no wonder our characters seemed to be lacking that pioneering gumption. Marc Singer's Mike was more a meathead than a leader, the annoying child who gave birth to the spawn seemed more annoying than helpful - and Ham seemed to be unreasonably angrier. This wasn't the same set we stopped with on the miniseries. The resistance was going to win; it was inevitable, so why did it have to be so mismatched to get there.

    What was kept? What worked? It was somewhat like that feeling of seeing "Star Wars" for the first time. When the villains finally get it, one cannot help but feel that moment of excitement swell in the throat, but there needed to be more. The alien baby is worth the price of the DVD alone, a cross between originality and a "Ghoulie", it provided at least an hour of laughter. The fist fight between Ham and Mike seemed reminiscent of the film "They Live", so it received some points for that, but overall it just felt cheap. The sets were bigger, the acting was weaker, and the money was tighter. While you should watch this after "The Miniseries", don't expect the same quality.

    Grade: ** ? out of *****
    ...more info
  • Not Like I Remembered........
    If you're even bothering to read these customer reviews, chances are you plan on buying this set no mattter what anyone says. I admit, nostalgia colored V and V:The Final Battle all sorts of wonderful colors in my mind, but I'm sad to say that The Final Battle doesnt quite stand the test of time. There is a serious drop in writing quality in THe Final Battle when comparing it to the Original Series. All of the timeless themes have been watered down until V: The Final Battle resembles a soap opera more than an Outstanding Piece of Science Fiction. The action is Saturday Morning Serial-like and the major plot points feel contrived at times. After all these years, V: The Original Miniseries still hit home with the themes of Loss, Love, and Rebirth associated with people going to war. These themes are traded for Action and 'Dallas' style Drama in V: The Final Battle. Without the depth of the themes portrayed in V, this Set just resembles a tired 80's mini series....more info
  • V
    We looooooooooooooooooooooooooved this when we 1st saw it in the 80's & we love it now!!!!!!!...more info
  • TO V OR NOT TO V...
    Anyone who has seen "V" will want to see this sequel, as well. "V" was one of most original made-for-television movie of its time. It spawned this sequel and its very own television series. It was able to do this with a cast of virtual unknowns because of the strength of its story line. "V" is simply great sci-fi, and "V - The Final Battle" is a must have DVD for all those fans who enjoyed the original mini-series.

    As those of you familiar with "V" already know, human looking alien visitors landed on Earth, led by an alien innocuously called John (Richard Herd), who gave Earth a benevolent message that fooled many into thinking that the visitors came in peace. Some humans even ended up working collaboratively with them. There were some, however, that were skeptical of the visitors' motives, and mistrust turned to fear when scientists and doctors began to be rounded up and mysteriously disappeared.

    Mike Donovan (Marc Singer), a hunky cameraman, had his own misgivings about the aliens, but once he observed the visitors literally shedding their skins, revealing that that they were not human at all, but rather, nothing more than reptilian looking aliens, his misgivings were reinforced. Mike also discovered that they meant mankind harm and were hell-bent of the conquest of Earth and divestiture of one of Earth's most important natural resources without which humans cannot live.

    Mike joined the resistance, headed by beautiful medical doctor, Julie Parish (Faye Grant). As the underground resistance battled the visitors, many humans were still convinced that the visitors were benevolent and being misjudged by these so-called freedom fighters. As fascist rule supplanted democratic government throughout the world, under the pretext of law and order and at the direction of the visitors and at the behest of their human puppets, the viewer cannot help but be aware of the allegorical implications.

    This two disc DVD provides three episodic treats. The resistance continues its struggle against the visitors with the assistance of an alien fifth column, working secretly together, side by side. Mike Donovan and Julie Parish are now joined by irascible and laconic Ham Tyler (Michael Ironside), a former special forces agent with a chip on his shoulder and the military strategy necessary to coalesce the resistance movement into a lean, mean, fighting machine.

    This sequel mini-series is action packed, as the visitors and the resistance fighters duke it out for control over the Earth. The exquisitely beautiful, evil alien, Diana (Jane Badler), stops at nothing to secure her ambitions. Not content with being the science officer for the invading forces, she seeks military glory at all cost. She is the one from whom both humans and aliens have much to fear.

    The allegorical thread also continues, as humans begin to be rounded up routinely and trucked off to a processing plant. After all, it is the visitors fervent desire to serve man...literally. It seems that in addition to the Earth's water, the visitors are secretly looking to humans as a food source.

    There are some interesting special effects for its time, as well as some cheesy ones. There are also some key performances. Most notable are those of Jane Badler, in the role of the diabolical Diana, and Michael Ironside, as Ham Tyler, the alien hating resistance fighter. Look also for Robert Englund, who would go on to Freddy Kreuger fame the same year as the release of this mini-series sequel. He continues in the role of Willie, a peaceful loving visitor who allies himself with the resistance.

    This film has everything, suspense, action, thrills, a gripping story line, a moral message, and an inter-species birth. How can anyone resist? This is sci-fi as it should be. Bravo!

    The DVD provides a crystal clear, widescreen picture and perfect audio, but little else. It provides none of the interesting extras found on the "V" DVD. Instead, the buyer will have to be satisfied with the usual interactive menus, as well as scene access, and subtitles available in English, French. Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Bahasa, Thai, and Korean. All in all, notwithstanding its shortcomings, this is a DVD well worth having in one's collection, if one is a sci-fi diehard.

    It is unfortunate that the television series based upon this highly successful mini-series did not fare well. The knuckleheads in charge of programming sentenced it to death right from the beginning by scheduling it opposite the then number one television show, "Dallas". The series never even had a chance coming out of the gate. I only hope that a DVD collection of the series will be forthcoming....more info

  • Alien Appetite
    I remember seeing V back in the 80's. I thought that the premise was excellent. At that time we were all caught up with Star Wars, ET, Star Trek and more. The Final Battle brings all of the characters together. There is a lot of action here. I liked it better than the series. Special effects by todays standards is bad. But for the 80's it was fine. Enjoyed the story because it can take place anywhere and at any time. I WOULD DEFINATLY BUY IT.
    ...more info
  • A science fiction epic
    I concur with the majority of the prior ratings. I own both V and V The Final Battle. When the original series aired on TV in 1984 (I believe it was a marathon 4 nights), the series consisted of not only V but also V The Final Battle. For those of you that remember the original mini series, you need to buy both CDs to see it as you remember it (it's still just as great as it was almost 20 years ago)...more info
  • Best of the 2 miniseries & TV show!
    Just as I remember, only better! Budget was great, lots of (for then) state of the art special effects along with a great story line! A must see for anyone! My husband is playing it for the students at his boarding school and they LOVE it!...more info